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Bita Qabus Cheers Album
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Bita Qabus Cheers Album
Persian Turkmen Cowgirl Model and Activist


Bita Qabus Cheers Album
Persian Art and Fashion Model – Political Activist
Photography: Catayoun Razmjou
Bita Qabus
June 1, 2012

Bita Qabus 2: Cheers Album

Bita Qabus is a Persian art and fashion model. Bita is one of the few Iranian celebrities who is not afraid of the word “Politics” and in fact she is deeply involved with politics. Bita is a political activist and an IPC Operations member. Bita is a high tech computer specialist and an athlete. Bita has done various fashion catalogue, magazine, print, pageant, runway, art and photography projects. Bita has posed for a number of painters, sculptors and photographers.

Bita is a solid Turkmen; however, she is an Anti Separatist and deeply against Turkmen Separatists. Bita is a Persian Ultra Nationalist and a lover of Iran. Bita believes that Iranian celebrities should be actively involved in politics and to not speak out their minds is a cowardice way out. It is no secret that Bita Qabus is openly political and pro freedom, human rights, secularism and federalism for Iran. Bita believes that Federalism is the only weapon to seize Minority Separatism in Iran:

History of Federalism in Iran

This is Bita Qabus’ second IPC Album. We call this one “The Cheers Album.” This is the cheerleading album of Bita Qabus. This is the athletic side of Bita. She is a Gonbadi girl from Golestan province of Iran. Back home she was known as the Persian Turkmen Cowgirl, but now over here, she is known as the California Cowgirl. She is a Computer Animation and Graphic Design graduate student. Her hobbies are horse riding, cheer leading, art and graphics. She is a veteran cowgirl and a great horse rider. She is an original Turkmen Farm girl, corn fed and grown up with the horses. When we first met her, we asked her: Where were you born? Bita replied: On the back of my horse in Gonbad! By Gonbad, she means Gonbad Kavus in Golestan. Bita has a solid body and a bright mind. For more information about Bita and to see more photos of her, go back to the Fashion/Models Index and review her first album in IPC: “The Chic Album.” Bita Qabus rocks

Bita Qabus Chic Album
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