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Bita Qabus, Persian Turkmen Cowgirl Model
Album 4: Free as the Wind Portfolio


Bita Qabus Free as the Wind Album
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Bita Qabus
November 24, 2013

Bita Qabus is Hot and I mean Sizzling Hot! Looks, Brains, Talent, Passion, Creativity, Nationalism, Wisdom, Pride, Soul, Tradition, Feminism, artistic and drop dead gorgeous!

Bita Qabus is an Iranian American graphic designer, animation student and model. Bita was born and raised in Gonbad Kavus Town of Gonbad Kavus County of the Golestan province in north-east Iran. Now she lives in San Diego. This is Bita Qabus’ fourth modeling portfolio in IPC. You can visit IPC Fashion Models index for her other three portfolios (Chic, Cheers and Pink).

“Nothing is like riding my Turkmen horse back home, on the shores of the Caspian Sea.” She whispers gently. “Are you homesick” we ask? “You are homesick, she is homesick (Cat), we are all homesick, how can we not be homesick? It’s a shame that we can’t live a normal and free life in our own homeland” she replied with tears in her eyes and a choke-like voice in her throat! I didn’t even ask her about why we can’t live a normal and free life in our own homeland, because the answer is very clear: The bloody Islamic Regime of Animals (Jomhuriye Heyvani)! “I hate these bastards (Islamists)” she shouted! “Every time I read one of your Anti Islam or Anti IRI pieces, first they make me feel so small and powerless to do anything about these bastards (Islamists), but then they make me feel like burning with passion and dream of one day in the future that us (Iranian women) can give back to these bastards (Islamists) what’s way over due.” she continued. “I live for that day to do to these bastards, what they have done to us (Iranian Women) for decades.” she mumbled!

“Let’s forget the sad things and let’s talk about happy things.” I replied. “What do you like most about America” I asked her? “Freedom of choice” she replied quickly! “What do you like most about Iran” I asked her? “Riding my horse in the jungles, near our village outside Gonbad.” she cried! “What’s the goal” I asked? “To make something of myself so my countrymen can be proud of me and to do what I can to help you, so one day we can kick these bastards (Islamists) out of our country” she replied!

“Many people don’t get it but IPC is the greatest thing that happened to Iranians since the invention of Nun Barbari (a thick but flat type of Iranian bread)! They should appreciate what you do for them” she emphasized and smiled! “Thank you, we all do what we can Bita” I replied.

Bita is the daughter of a traditional Turkmen land owner family in Iran. She grew up on the horseback with a pacifier in her mouth! Bita is an advanced Turkmen horse-rider and that is why we call her the “Persian Turkmen Cowgirl”. She started riding horses back home in Gonbad and now she is a California Cowgirl. She loves riding horses at her family’s large ranch in outback suburbs of San Diego. She is your typical country cowgirl. Bita used to listen to the Persian Traditional and Folk music back home and now she listens to the American Country and Folk music here. Bita Rocks!

Bita’s mixture of Oriental Turkmen and Persian Aryan features are what makes her facial features unique.

Bita stated: Sometimes people tell me that I look oriental and I don’t look Iranian, but I tell them that “I am a Persian Turkmen Cowgirl. I love the reaction on their faces when I tell them that”! “It is amazing that how little do Americans and even Iranians know about the diversity of races, cultures and people that we have in Iran!” “I know, they assume that all Iranians must look Middle Eastern, but they don’t know that we have blonde hair – blue eyes, afro blacks and everything in between these two races in Iran. They think Iran is a little desert! They have no clue that Iran is a huge country with many climates and many races!” Bita shouted with passion!

“Once, I told some people that I ski in Iran and they freaked! You have ski pistes in Iran? They often ask me with wide eyes! And then I tell them: Yes, we have mountains full of snow in Iran, much colder than Rockies or Minnesota!” She smirked! “Don’t you just love how people stereotype all Iranians as Middle Eastern looking people living in a little desert?” I replied and cracked up! “Ignorance is a bliss” She whispered back!

Bita is an artist and a talented student in the field of animation and graphics. The only thing she loves more than her designs, is to pose for the camera! This girl is very chic and a born model! When asked, if she wants to become a full time professional model? She replied: “I want my education and a career in computer science, modeling is just for fun, but I am honored to be an IPC model.” She is so cute when she says that in Persian but with the Turkmen accent. Don’t you just love those Turkmen oriental eyes and eyebrows?

“Even though modeling is not your first career, yet as a model, you have made a large and steady fan base” I stated. “Modeling is not my primary career but I have been doing fashion shoots for various pros, companies and artists. I guess you can call me a Semi-Pro Fashion Model” Bita replied.

Bita’s hobbies are horseback riding, skiing, country and folk music, drawing, art and graphic design.

“Any final thoughts” I asked? “I would love to send my love and regards to all of my fans who supported me for all of these years. Fans are so precious and without them, I could have not made it in the modeling field. I love all of you good people out there” she cried passionately!

Now I would like to send my long distance gratitudes to the talented photographer (Cat), presently in North Africa (Morocco). I would also like to thank Bita for this fabulous photo shoot. I as usual had directed the photo session. This was a fun photo shoot. Hopefully one day we can all go back home and conduct photo shoots such as this one back home. “To live a normal and free life in our own home …..” Bita replied with sparkle in her eyes!

In this album, Bits poses as a free and liberated Iranian woman. Bita is as free as the wind. Please enjoy Bita’s fourth fashion modeling portfolio in IPC, the Free as a wind album:

This would bring us to the end of Bita Qabus’ 4th IPC Album: Free as the Wind ……

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