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Nasrin Carmel Moore, Sassy Sexy Iranian Model
Album 2: Swimsuit Album


Nasrin Carmel Moore, the Sassy Sexy Iranian Model
Album 2: Swimsuit Album

Forewords: Ahreeman X
Nasrin Carmel Moore
February 4, 2014

Lingerie and Swimsuit Album

This album is our Ashura Special Session dedicated to all of you “Chest Bangers”! Dear pious students, imagine it is Moharam and today’s lesson is Ashura Chest Banging! That’s why here and there, Nasrin is wearing Red! She is Seyedeh of Yazidi! Now let’s instruct you on some Real Sineh Zani (Chest Banging). First we unveil some cleavage and next we start some severe Ashura chest banging for Imam Hussein! OK ready? Ya Ali, let’s start: 1, 2, 3 sing with Ashura Chest Banging rhythm:

In Deserts of Karbala, Hussein was bone dry of thirst,
In Deserts of Karbala Hussein was dying of thirst,
Until he saw Nasrin, wow!
And then Hussein yahbah yuhbah haz kard!
Everybody, let’s do some severe chest banging …
Hussein Hussein, Ya Hussein …
Hussein Hussein, Ya Muslim …
Ya Nasrin, Mother of all Golden Bazookas …
Ya Nasrin, Ya Nasrin, Seyedeh of Yazidi …
Bang them chests boy, bang them hard …

This is Nasrin Carmel Moore’s 2nd Album in IPC. Nasrin is a British born Iranian English model. She is based in Sussex, England, yet moves back and forth between Sussex and Los Angeles, California. Nasrin is a model, dancer, actress and erotic movie star. Enjoy Nasrin Carmel Moore’s Swimsuit Album. For more information about Nasrin, you can visit her first modeling album in IPC, the Leather Album.

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