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The Sassy Sexy Persian Model: Album 7

Nasrin Carmel Moore Persian Queen of Underground
The Sassy Sexy Persian Model: Album 7

Nasrin Carmel Moore
May 24, 2020

Nasrin is back! “Nasrin Carmel Moore Persian Queen of Underground” is Nasrin’s 7th album in IPC. You can view all of Nasrin’s albums in the Iran Fashion Models Index. Our dear friend Nasrin Carmel Moore (born as Nasrin Alavi) is a British born Iranian English model whom has done fashion, runway, swimsuit, lingerie, commercial, art, nude, print and glamour modeling. Nasrin is a dancer, actress (commercial) and an erotic movie star. Nasrin done it all. She been there and done that.

Nasrin is a second-generation Iranian English. Nasrin was born and brought up in the Eastbourne at the county of Sussex in England, UK. Even though born abroad, Nasrin considers herself Iranian and is very proud to be Persian. Nasrin started her modeling career at age 18 as a glamour model. Next, she moved to Los Angeles for her acting career. She played in commercials, reality TV, B Movies and erotic movies.

At one time, Nasrin was one of England’s top erotic movie stars. These days, Nasrin freelances, plays in a few B Movies and does some modeling. Her hobbies are dancing, fast cars and of course Italian and Persian food. Nasrin is based in Sussex but moves back and forth between Sussex and Los Angeles.

Talking about whips, chains, cuffs, and the whole S&M Underground Scene! Please welcome Nasrin Carmel Moore’s 7th album in IPC: “Nasrin Carmel Moore Persian Queen of Underground”:

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