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Qazal Shahdousti, Sexy Persian Art Model
Album 4:
Melancholy Blue Album


Qazal Shahdousti, Sexy Persian Art Model
Album 4: Melancholy Blue Album
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Qazal Shahdousti
July 15, 2017

Qazal Shahdousti is a true classic. She is so Retroactive! Qazal looks like a Qajar Female Persian Miniature Painting out of a Nostalgic Black & White Movie!

Melancholy Blue” is Qazal Shahdousti’s 4th Art Photo Album in IPC. In this album we explored Qazal’s:

Dark and Light Sides
Shadows and Mirrors Sides
Blue and Sunny Sides
Yin and Yang Sides
Hidden and Exposed Sides
Untold and Told Sides

Qazal the same as all of us struggles between her dark and light sides. She lives in the shadows and mirrors. She sees herself in the shadows and in the mirrors, but does she like what she sees? That’s why Qazal is Melancholy Blue!

Catayoun captured the exact intention and desire which I had in mind with her photo shoot. Qazal displayed to the point and detail, what I wanted to state. Many dittoes to Cat and Qazal. It is all about Shadows and Mirrors.

Here is Qazal up front and close, enjoy Qazal’s Shows and Lights Show:

Qazal Shahdousti Persian Silk Album
Qazal Shahdousti Lonesome Album
Qazal Shahdousti Persian Free Spirit Album
Qazal Shahdousti Melancholy Blue Album
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