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Interview and Satin Modeling Portfolio

Sisi Azhin, Persian Art and Fashion Model
Interview and Satin Modeling Portfolio

Interview: Ahreeman X
Photography: Catayoun Razmjou
Portfolio: Sisi Azhin
Sisi Azhin
1st Edition: September 22, 2013
2nd Edition: May 26, 2016
3rd Edition: April 15, 2021

Sisi Azhin is a Persian print, catalogue, magazine, nude, art and fashion model. Sisi is an Iranian American who loves the true Persian art and culture. Sisi is intelligent, sexy and owner of a big sense of humor. We sat down for a dialogue:

X: What made you decide to become a nude, art and fashion model?

S: What made you decide to become a controversial journalist?

X: I am making a cultural revolution to change the mainstream Iranian culture.

S: Don’t be so modest, you are making a fundamental social and sexual revolution to break all the barriers and rebuild the Persian cultural standards.

X: OK if you say so. Back to my question, why are you in this line of work?

S: Same as you, I am making a statement, trashing superficial values, destroying theocratic makeup and rebelling against the mainstream Iranian culture, and community.

X: What made you pose in IPC?

S: You are making a revolution in the Iranian media. You are very gutsy trying to break all the barriers. It takes a lot of guts to do what you do. Political, cultural, musical and sexual revolution starts here in IPC. Is there any wonder why I am here?

X: Not at all. It is only natural. How do you deal with the Iranian community?

S: It is very hard. I have to use so many aliases to work, because Iranian community is deeply hypocritical, fanatical, shallow, religious and full of double standards. In our shallow culture and traditions it is forbidden for a Persian women to nude, art and fashion model, but it is recommended for her to become an obedient wife, get temporarily married (Siqeh) or to participate in polygamy and become one of a few wives to a man! It is fine for the man to come home drunk every night after bar hopping or Persian concerts, but if a woman does modeling or entertainment, she becomes a whore! Our cultural values are upside down and hypocritical.

X: Correction: these are not our cultural values, but these are Arabo-Islamic cultural values. Since 1979, we have diverted, deviated and distance ourselves from our Persian cultural values and grasped the Arabo-Islamic cultural values. In fact since 1979, Islamic Republic of Iran has been actively destroying all the Persian values. In our Persian culture, there is nothing wrong with nude modeling. So let’s distinguish the difference between our Persian culture and fad of the day: the Arabo-Islamic culture propagated by the Arabo-Islamic government of Iran. These people are not Iranian.

S: I couldn’t be more in agreement with you. I apologize. There is nothing wrong with our Persian Culture, but today’s Iranians by majority are infected with the Islamic culture distributed by the government of Iran. You are doing your part to trash this foreign Islamic culture and so do I. That’s why I am here.

X: In the future, will you model in Iran?

S: After the government of Allah and Mullahs dies out, I see no reason not to!

X: How Iranian are you?

S: I’m torn between two cultures, western and Iranian. I try to be very Iranian but the Islamic religious traditions turn me off.

X: So would you be more Iranian if we get Islam out of Iran?

S: Sure, who wouldn’t?

X: Hezbollah!

S: Yeh, those dirt bags. I forgot about them.

X: Is modeling how you make ends meet?

S: I am also an administrator, interior decorator and graphic artist.

X: Does modeling pay well?

S: I have no complains!

X: How do you keep fit?

S: Hours of workout at the gym.

X: How long have you been an IPC reader?

S: Since you started the new site. My sister hooked me and now I’m an addict. I check out your site every day.

X: Who reads IPC?

S: Anyone who has independent will and is a free thinker.

X: What’s the future plan?

S: I want to write a book, an autobiography.

X: What hobbies do you have?

S: Showing off my body, …. tsk tsk …. Just kidding. I love working out, camping, traveling and reading meaningful books and sites like yours. I love the music, videos, cartoons, books, articles and everything about your site.

X: Don’t make me blush! What is love?

S: The sincerest heartwarming emotions of a creature towards another entity.

X: What is your future modeling project?

S: What’s yours?

X: You can’t pay me enough to take off my clothes in public!

S: Will you do private shows?

X: Stop being silly and answer the question?

S: I have an art project coming up. It will be an artsy fartsy movie project, an indy film and I will also pose for a couple of artists, one painter and one sculptor.

X: Is there a love in your life?

S: You!

X: I had no idea that you are also a comedian! Seriously?

S: I love true Iranian culture and art.

X: Final words?

S: I want to thank you for direction of the photo shoot and Cat for photography. I want to thank the people. People need people and without people, we are non animated objects with no feelings.

X: Final thoughts?

S: The time has come for “Change”. With political and cultural revolution, also comes art and sexual revolution. Let us break all the barriers. The sexual revolution starts here in IPC. I’m glad to be a part of it.

X: Thanks for your words, thoughts, interview and photo shoot.

S: Thanks for your time which you given me. My best wishes to you. I love you guys.

This would bring us to the end of our interview and portfolio with a wonderful and intelligent woman, the art and fashion model, Sisi Azhin.

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