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Deception Point
Persian Translation of Dan Brown’s Deception Point


Deception Point (Persian Book)
Persian Translation of Dan Brown’s Deception Point (Tazvir)
: Dan Brown
Ahreeman X
Amid Haghighatjoo
May 11, 2011

Looks can be deceiving!
Deception and the Illuminati Eye

About the Author

Dan Brown is a famous American thriller author. His thrillers are mostly set in a format of treasure hunts occurring in a 24 hour time frame. They are full of conspiracy theories, secret orders, secret codes, encryptions, symbolism and action.

One of Brown’s lead characters is “Robert Langdon”. Professor Langdon is a scholar of religious iconology and symbology. He studies historic symbols, religious icons, Christian methodology and religious mythology. He always manages to get involved in global conspiracies and action pact lethal episodes.

Some of Brown’s famous thrillers turned to movies are “Angels and Demons” (2000), “The Da Vinci Code” (2003), and “The Lost Symbol” (2009).

Tom Hanks have played Professor Robert Langdon in the Hollywood productions of “The Da Vinci Code” (2006) and “Angels and Demons” (2009). Hanks will also play the role of Robert Langdon in the upcoming adaptation of ”The Lost Symbol” in 2012. There are also plans for the future release of the “Deception Point” movie.

Dan Brown’s thrillers have been translated in to over 42 languages and sold over tens of millions of copies.

Brown’s thrillers are extremely controversial.  They put forward questions about Christianity, Faith, Spiritualism, Historical Data, Mythology and Secret Cults.

Brown’s works are thrillers full of action. Technology, Science, Religion and Conspiracy are fabrics and foundations of his novels.

Amongst his famous works are:

Digital Fortress (1998)
Angels and Demons (2000)
Deception Point (2001)
The Da Vinci Code (2003)
The Lost Symbol (2009)

About the Deception Point

Deception Point

Deception Point is a Techno-Thriller and an action pact Sci-Fi suspense novel. The story is about a meteorite which is being discovered in Arctic. There is a possible proof of Extraterrestrial life form unveiling; however, there are beyond the curtain forces which are avoiding these proofs to go public!
Rachel Sexton is an intelligence analyst working for NRO. Her father is Senator Sexton who is more popular than the incumbent president of United States. President sends Rachel Sexton to Arctic with a team of experts to study and authenticate the NASA discoveries.

Dan Brown’s Deception Point

NASA's new PODS (Polar Orbiting Density Scanner) as part of the EOS (Earth Observation System) a collection of satellites monitoring the globe for signs of large-scale change, has found an extremely dense spot in the “Milne Ice Shelf”. At this point NASA discovers a very dense meteorite. In the meteorite found insect fossils similar but not the same as, species on earth. NASA claims this discovery as the proof of extraterrestrial life form.

NASA truly needs this boost (due to recent failures). Senator Sexton uses these failures as an example of government overspending to further his campaign; he wants to abolish NASA and direct the funding towards public schools. So the president sends a team of experts including Senator’s daughter to Arctic to get to the bottom of the story.

Then President sends four leading civilian scientists including Michael Tolland (an oceanographer and a TV celebrity) to the Arctic to verify the meteorite's authenticity. A Delta Force team is also observing the discovery, monitoring the NASA staff. Dr. Ming (a paleontologist) observes an irregularity within the pit from which the meteorite was extracted. He reaches into the water to obtain a sample and falls in due to an attack by Hi Tech “Microbots”  operated by the Delta Force team. He soon drowns to the bottom of the pit.
Eventually Michael Tolland also discovers the irregularity. Next, the Delta Force, Special Ops, Scientists and Politicians get involved. The controversy, cover ups and the action pact adventures in the Arctic and States continue. Rachel and the team get involved in an adventure which unveils plots and cover ups all the way to the top.

Rachel discovers plots, cover ups and love. So who is covering up what and why? Who is telling the truth? What is Senator’s alter motive? What is president’s alter motive? What is the truth? Read the book and find out!

About the Translator

As usual Amid Haghighatjoo selects yet another controversial thriller from a controversial author to translate. Amid uses his talent to masterfully translate and adapt this thriller to Persian.  This time Amid chooses a Hi Tech Techno Thriller as the base of his story telling. He does a fine job translating this techno thriller.

Deception Point

Discover the essence of this Sci-Fi thriller and read all about it:

Deception Point

Ahreeman X

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