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How Liberalism Kills Business: Amazon Tax Case
Jerry Brown Destroys California Business


How Liberalism Kills Business: Amazon Tax Case
Jerry Brown and Liberal State Congress Destroy California Business
Hussein Obama and Liberal Federal Senate Destroy American Free Markets

Ahreeman X
July 10, 2011

Socialist Brothers in Arms: Hussein Obama and Jerry Brown

Macroeconomic View: National Level

The new American Democratic Party well infected with the viral infections such as Socialism, Communism, Radicalism, Islamism, Keynesian Economics and Political Correctness along with its leader Hussein Obama (a closet Muslim and an out in open Socialist) is here to change the American Constitution, eliminate Free Market Economy, end American Exceptionalism in the globe, kill business and destroy America.

Liberal Democrats love to destroy America as we know it and turn America to a second rate socialist nation modeled after Europe. With massive funds, backing and support from corrupt labor union leadership in cahoots with Mafia, Media and Special Interest (ex: GE, George Soros and his octopus tentacle grips to control the Obama’s socialist regime such as his 101 front organizations, ex:, etc.), they want to transform America to a Socialist Regime controlled by a Big Government (Big Brother Watches Over All).

According to the upside down Bizzaro Liberal ideology, to avoid a recession to become a depression and to jump start the economic recovery, the government should not cut her lavish spending and balance her budget (like every other American family does), but the government should instead go more gong ho on spending billions and trillions of dollars more to yet add more to our already astronomical 14 Trillion dollars national debt and screw balancing the national budget.

In the Liberal World (infected with the twisted Liberal logic), to fix the economy, we must yet spend trillions of dollars more (even though we are already under 14 Trillion dollar debt), we must forget about balancing our budget, we must declare class warfare and tax the businesses (by referring to them as the Rich) more and more (even though they are already paying up the butt and more tax than any other country in the world) and collect the money to yet enlarge the size of the government (which is already way too large and out of control), so the Big Government can create more and more poor and dependant people on welfare, food stamp, low income housing, government free cheese and Kool-Aid! In today’s America, 40 million Americans do not pay tax (because by Liberal standards they are low income) and the businesses (so-called rich) pay most of the tax, but obviously this is not enough for the Liberal Socialist Regime intended to distribute the wealth and to create so-called Social Justice in America!

In the normal world, the economy gets fixed by cutting taxes for everyone specifically for businesses and corporations (so they can create more jobs), cut the government wasteful spending, shrink government’s size and balance the budget. Even if the liberals take all the money from the rich, they still cannot balance the budget, but they can only bring down the debt a few trillion dollars.

In the Liberal world, you overtax the businesses and corporations and create more regulations for them, so whatever corporations, businesses and manufacturing jobs (along with them) which has still left in America will move to China, India, South East Asia and Overseas! You must make conducting business so difficult in America (high taxation, regulations, environmental codes bull Shiite, etc.), so all the businesses see no other choice but to leave the country. When manufacturing moves to overseas, American jobs will be lost and they will be outsourced to China, India and Asia, so their economies will bloom (at the cost of American economy being destroyed). In addition you must expand the size of the government so there will be more incompetent government employees collecting superb benefits while sitting behind their desks doing nothing but playing with their balls! This is called Liberal Globalism!

Obama’s Step by Step Plan to Transform America to a Totalitarian State

So in a nutshell, the Obama Socialist Regime’s solution to the economic disaster is to conduct a step by step plan:

1. Tax the businesses up the butt, impose Obama care (Heath care) on them and over-regulate them, so they become incapable to operate and create jobs, so they must either go bankrupt or leave America.

2. Declare Class Warfare (Marxist Style) and distribute the wealth by over taxing the middle class and the upper class (job creators) to enlarge the size of the incompetent government and handing more welfare, food stamp and unemployment benefits to the lower class (instead of handing them jobs).

3. Instead of making everyone “Rich”, trying to make everyone “Poor” and dependant to the Big Socialist Government.

4. Destruction of the “Working Class” and creation of the “Under Class” in America as perfect dependant voters for the liberal democrats.

5. Destruction of the Corporations, Businesses, Upper Classes, Middle Classes and Private Sector, so the Big Socialist Government can create a perfect Welfare State and Nanny State (in the image of Europe) to increase the debt and to rule over individuality and the people.

6. Creation of chaos via economic meltdown, so the Big Government can take over. Next comes banning guns (2nd Amendment) to disarm the people against the Big Government; therefore, the government can do as it pleases with people’s lives. This has been the Special Interest’s Desire for decades (George Soros, GE, Media, Liberal Educators, Labor Unions and Socialists).

7. Creation of a “Totalitarian Capitalist Regime” (same as China) with limited desired activity for the private sector (while paying kickbacks to the government) and unlimited desired activity for the Big Government (Liberal Socialist Regime).

Basically liberals are right now reading this step by step plan and developing an erection in their shorts due to juiciness of this scenario! This is what they have been dreaming about in their socialist catnaps!

Microeconomic View: State Level

Now let’s expand the above to the state level, for example California, the greatest state of the union. California used to be the most independent, powerful and blessed state of the union. California is the richest state of the union. With massive size, population and wealth, it can easily be succeeded and function as an independent nation or as we call it the Republic of California. But that was then and before the liberals got the hold of the state government!

Story of California

Massive migration of the American poor from the south and the east, legal immigration from around the globe along with the massive illegal alien migration of the Mexican nationals from the south to California, all three groups in search of the opportunities, better lives and American Dream through hard work, yet ending up as burdens to the state (thanks to liberals) had caused this disaster.

The poor Americans, foreigners and Mexicans came to California to build themselves better lives through the hard work. They came to help themselves and help the state’s economy, but the state liberal government had other plans for them. State Government had turned these new migrants to leeches of the society. State Government had imposed high taxations, over regulations, environmental codes (and now mandatory Obama Health care) on the businesses, from manufacturing all the way to agriculture and services; so many businesses went under, moved out of the state or seized creating new jobs. When State Government killed the business, many of these migrants had lost their jobs or settled for lower wage jobs.

Once their American Dreams turned to Nightmares (via State Government’s incompetence), the Liberal State Government had shown them new solutions and provided for them: welfare, food stamp, health care, unemployment, housing and other benefits. This was all fine and dandy but someone had to pay for all these benefits, so the state government broke the Californian American Taxpayer’s back (such as myself) by taxing us up the butt to pay for the benefits provided for the poor migrants. Once the state government could not possibly raise anymore old taxes and impose any more new taxes on the Californians, they once more tried to seek an answer within the power of the government. There was a little problem with this solution: The State Government had become so large, wasteful and bankrupt that they could not afford to support these benefits anymore!

The State Government did not want to cut down its size, give businesses a break or at least cut down some of these benefits or 101 social programs which they have provided for various groups. Government did not produce wealth and they practically killed the private sector and crippling them so the private sector could not create wealth either! No income and all of these expenses to pay all of these people from migrant workers to students to senior citizens all the way to racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and even sexual minorities! What to do, what to do ….. ? No money, No honey, so how to pay for this massive bureaucracy and dysfunctional system created by liberal policies? There was only one solution left!

Unlike the Federal Government, the State Government cannot print money (with no backup) and devalue the dollar and cause inflation by this print job. So the only thing left to do was to spend more! So the State Government raised the expenditure and went on a shopping spree, spending more and more to pay their bills while creating no revenue! Borrowing added up until there was no more room to borrow and today, California is facing bankruptcy, bailout by Federal Government (which herself is bankrupt) or to at last balancing her budget!

Even now, instead of freeing all businesses to operate, create jobs and revenue and cutting taxes on businesses and people to create jobs and revenue, they are raising taxes on businesses and people!

When you cut tax on businesses, they hire more, create jobs, grow and create revenue. When you cut tax on the people, they have more money to spend, so the businesses create more revenue. But obviously liberals are too stupid to comprehend this fact!

This is how the richest state of the union is now almost bankrupt. Liberals had done to California what they have done to Michigan and Detroit. Liberals destroy societies, lives and business. Government cannot create wealth but it kills business, jobs and destroys wealth.

Are Californians Forgetful or Idiots?

Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to create change but how could he create any change with the liberal house and senate in charge? Maybe he did not try hard, maybe he had to directly take it to the public vote but it was surely hard to create any change when his hands were tied behind his back by the liberal state house and senate.

Then came elections and with total disbelief, Californians have elected Jerry Brown! In other words, Californians committed suicide! Has anyone over 30 years of age voted in this election? Cause if they did, then they would have remembered who Jerry Brown was and what he had done already (once before) to destroy California! Electing Jerry Brown as governor was same as electing Hitler once again as the Chancellor of Germany!

History of Jerry Brown Failure

Let us take a look at Jerry Brown’s Timeline:

Jerry Brown as Governor of California 1975 - 1983
Failed tries to run for presidency of USA 1976 - 1992
Mayor of Oakland, California 1999 - 2007
California Attorney General 2007 - 2011
Governor of California 2011 - present

In every position, Jerry Brown had miserably failed to dedicate something new, solve an old problem or even smoothly operate and do the job. His first attempt as governor was a disaster (1975 - 1983), then why did Californians elected him again? Californians are either too forgetful or too stupid! Or maybe everyone who voted for Jerry Brown is under 30 and does not recall his first term! Or maybe everyone who voted for him did not live in California 30 years ago! They can be all migrants from East and Southern States, Mexico and the globe! How can a sane Californian vote for Jerry Brown again? During his first term, he practically screwed the complete operation of the state, and now ….

Raising taxes, lavish spending, same old crap, same old Jerry ….

Aren’t the governments of each nation or state, representatives of that nation or state?

If Iranians deserve IRI, then obviously Californians deserves Jerry Brown!

Jerry Brown and Hussein Obama are of the same ilk and flock. The difference is that Brown is screwing up the State of California but Obama is screwing the whole nation!

Hostile California Business Policy

California needs to be business friendly and to attract businesses to California, but instead California has been chasing the businesses out of the state. High taxes, Over Regulations, Environmental Codes and 101 other obstacles make conducting business so difficult and make existing businesses to move out of the state to Arizona and Texas or flatly out of the country! No businesses mean no jobs and this is why we have unemployment, inflation, bankruptcy and disastrous economy in California; however, liberals dare to cut any social welfare program!

Democratic Dependant Voters

Liberals get their votes from the dependant voters amongst the unemployment recipients, welfare recipients, food stamp recipients, benefit recipients and other dependant voters, then how can they fix the economy? Fixing the economy means no dependant voters!

Liberals do not want to cut lavish government spending, government jobs, government size, education loans and grants, social security benefits, healthcare, etc. In fact everything needs to be cut down and sacrifices must be made across the board to balance the budget or else it is bankruptcy because we simply cannot afford to pay our bills anymore.

The Logic

We the people must pay our bills or we will lose everything we own. Why not the Federal or State Governments? We must balance our budget. Why not the Government?

Keynesian Economy and Supply-Side Economy

Keynesian Economy and Supply-Side Economy are basically the two opposing economical schools of thoughts. One adopted and implemented by the liberals (Keynesian) and one adopted and implemented by the conservatives (Supply-side). Now we will discuss both schools of thoughts:

Keynesian Economy

Keynesian Economy is basically based on the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes, the 20th century English economist. Keynesian Economy advocates that various “Private Sector” economic decision makings could lead to insufficient and inefficient Macroeconomic results; therefore, it is the role and duty of the “Public Sector” (Government) to take charge and enforce active policies such as monetary policies dictated by the Central Bank, fiscal policies to stabilize output over the business cycle and other policies. Keynesian Economy believes in the mixed economy yet with the oversee and control of the government over the private sector. Raising taxes, expansion of government and usage of stimulus packages (spending spree) to cure economical ills are characteristics of the Keynesian Economy (European Style Socialism). Keynesian Economical ideas were first introduced and put forward to the world on 1936. They were somewhat used during the Great Depression (1929 - 1938), World War II (1939 - 1945) and Economic Expansion (1946 - 1972) eras.

Supply-side Economy

Supply-side economy was basically developed in the 1970s as a critic, response and solution to the malfunctions of the outdated and insufficient Keynesian Economy. Supply-side Economy was a solution suggested for the Keynesian Economical failures of the demand management to stabilize the western economies during the “Stagflation” (Stagnation + Inflation) which was a situation present in the 1970s (oil crisis) and today in 2011 (Obama Depression) when the economic growth is stagnating (low) and the inflation is high. Supply-side Economics were formed from various Non-Keynesian Economical ideas ranging from Classical Macroeconomics to Austrian School Entrepreneurship all the way to the Neo Classical Macroeconomics.

Roots of Supply-side Economics go back to the great thinkers such as Ibn Khaldun (Tunisian historian, philosopher and economist 1332 - 1406), Jonathan Swift (Irish poet and scholar 1667 - 1745), David Hume (Scottish historian, philosopher and economist 1711 - 1776), Adam Smith (Scottish economist and philosopher 1723 - 1790) and indeed Alexander Hamilton (American founding father, 1st treasury secretary, philosopher and economist 1757 - 1804). The modern thinkers have also contributed to this line of economic thoughts, thinkers such as Herbert Stein (American economist, journalist and economic advisor to Presidents Nixon and Ford 1916 - 1999), Jude Wanniski (American journalist and political economist 1936 - 2005), Robert Mundell (Canadian economist and professor 1932 - present) and indeed Arthur Laffer (American economist and economic advisor to President Reagan 1940 - present).

Supply-side economy preaches that instead of demand management (Keynesian Economy) we must pay attention to the supply (Supply-side Economy). This theory states that Supply (Production) is the primary factor and the key to economic prosperity, while Demand (Consumption) is merely the secondary factor. This theory states that economic growth can be achieved only by tax cuts, regulation cuts and government getting out of the way of the people (Private Sector and Entrepreneurs) by lowering the bureaucratic barriers, so the people can produce and “Supply” goods and services. Down the road consumers shall benefit from a greater supply of goods and services at lower prices. Supply-side economy was used to save and drag America and the western economy out of the 1970s recession (oil crisis).


Reaganomics is referred to Ronald Reagan’s Administration’s economical policy based on Supply-side economics which saved America from the Keynesian economical ideas of the 1970s and oil recession. Reaganomics had flourished the American economy in the 1980s all the way to the present recession (Obama Depression) caused by Bush spending and Obama mass spending.

What Works and What Doesn’t?

Reagan’s Supply-side economics (Reaganomics) had saved the American economy; bloomed and flourished it in the 1980s and this prosperity lasted for decades.

Obama’s Keynesian economics (Socialism) has failed the American economy since 2008 and presently (2011) it is destroying America!

Amazon Tax Case

Amazon like many other businesses conducts business in all states including California. Well at least they used to until the state tried to double tax them.

Typical liberal congressional legislature and Governor Jerry Brown have just inflicted more pain to already massive wound of the Californian economy. To quench the California government’s never ending thirst for spending and expanding, Jerry Brown has signed in to law yet a new tax! Not that the new tax will not bring more but it will bring less revenue to the state, simply because it will make the outside businesses to not conduct business in California and inside businesses to leave California.

Over 25,000 California based associate and affiliate businesses of the giant web stores such as and are now officially out of business, thanks to Jerry Brown and the Liberals' plain stupidity.

The associate and affiliate programs have allowed various websites to act in full or partial as store fronts for a number of online department stores such as Amazon.

The new law clearly states that retailers such as Amazon, effective as now are California companies, despite having no physical presence in the state and not benefiting from any tax-supported services.
Due to the fact that California-based websites (affiliates and associates) do publish image, text and link advertisements in the format of hyperlinks to the out-of-state businesses such as Washington-based Amazon and Utah-based Overstock, those retailers are now required by the law to collect California sales tax.
Amazon responded immediately by cancelling contracts with over 10,000 California affiliates. Unlike IPC (Iran Politics club) most of these associate websites are only relied to their Amazon business as the primary source of income. They will surely lose their sales commission as their major source of income. They will end up not producing any revenue, going bankrupt or moving out of state. State of California assumed that it can collect over $ 200 million dollars of annual sales tax which was not previously collected from online purchases by the California residents. This dream obviously shattered by the Amazon move.

In the past, California law required Californian online shoppers to submit the sales tax (use tax) to the State Board of Equalization (when online sellers did not collect it). This submission was typically more or less about 1 % of the buyers comply but now the state seeks to seize more or less the remaining 99 %.

The New California Law is Unconstitutional

Jeff Bezos (Amazon President) stated that the California law is unconstitutional. A 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling has stated that a company must have a “physical presence” in a state, referred to as a "Nexus", to be required to collect the state's sales tax. The Legislature (cleverly), seeks to expand the definition of nexus to include any in-state affiliate (associate) with a hyperlink to an out-of-state retailer.
California legislature tried to pull a quickie and make some quick fortune but it backfired because the end results of this action causes less income and fewer jobs for countless California entrepreneurs, who up to now have created revenue (commissions) from their affiliation with retailers such as Amazon. On the other hand the online shoppers can easily avoid paying sales tax (over 9 % in California) by finding sellers that don't have to collect it.

Many affiliates will also leave California to continue business, make commissions and remain competitive. In these cases, California not only will lose sales taxes which liberals desired to slush but also income taxes and other revenue which these affiliates had generated as California residents.

This unconstitutional attempt by the California liberal politicians and Jerry Brown will eventually be taken to the court by Amazon, Overstock and other retailers and when it happens, judges will see thorough this scheme.

In a meanwhile, sadly, Amazon has sent e-mails to over 10,000 associates and other partners stating that they would be terminating their contract. There exist over 25,000 affiliates and associates in California. Some of these businesses have over dozens of employees, and if they want to continue using the affiliate program, they will be forced to move out of California. Other states have also seen their affiliate programs get taken away as a result of new internet tax legislation now famous as the “Amazon Tax”.

Illinois, New York, Rhode Island, etc. also had their affiliate programs pulled. Sadly more states are considering such actions.

I believe when push comes to shove, Amazon will push back and the case will go to courts.

Lose Lose Situation

This is a lose lose situation for everyone. State will lose revenue, affiliates end up going out of business or moving out of state and employees will lose their jobs.

IPC Example

Let me bring up an example. We (Iran Politics Club) have been an associate of Amazon for a long time. Amazon was our 2nd largest advertiser. Throughout the years, we have sold merchandise through Amazon. Mostly we have sold Books, Music CDs and Electronics. We have even created our own “IPC Best Sellers List of Books” (same as New York Times best sellers list of books).

Throughout the years, we have used Amazon Associate program and its image, text and link ads as a tool to introduce various Iranian authors to the public. We have provided mass publicity for Iranian authors and related authors writing books about Iran. Iran Politics Club already the largest Iranian website on the net in association with Amazon has provided a great base to publicize, propagate, inform the public and sell informing books to the Iranians. Through the IPC Tribune and Amazon Association, we have mass informed and educated the public about the latest historical, philosophical, fictional and non fictional books about Iran and the Iranian affairs.

Then: Win Win Situation for All

Throughout these transactions:

Authors benefitted because they sold books.

Readers benefited because they read all these books.

State benefitted because we live in California, create revenue and pay tax.

IPC benefitted because we created revenue.

Amazon benefitted because they sold books.

Now: Lose Lose Situation for All

What will happen now?

Authors will lose business because we can’t publicize their books.

Readers will lose information because we can’t provide them with the IPC Best Sellers Book List.

State will lose dollars because no one will pay tax thus there exists no more business transaction.

IPC will lose business because liberals and Jerry Brown killed our book sales business.

Amazon will lose sales because of greedy liberal politicians in Sacramento.

Everyone gets shafted, no one makes money, flow of information is lost, jobs are lost, business died and everyone got screwed because liberals and Jerry Brown killed yet more businesses in California.

Liberals are Anti Business

Liberalism and Liberals are anti business, anti progress, anti energy independence, anti jobs and anti free markets. The perfect example is the “Amazon Tax” case.

Hussein Obama and Jerry Brown both kill businesses and jobs but the difference is that Obama is doing it nationwide but Brown is doing statewide!

Government always Kills Jobs

Government never creates jobs, but it is the private sector who always creates jobs. Government gives you one choice and totalitarianism always fails. Look at all government businesses. All of them are failures: Post Office, Amtrak, Transits, DMV, etc. all of them lose money and all of them are insufficient.

Competition through free market creates business, jobs and revenue. Get the governments off our backs and free businesses, then observe how American ingenuity will bloom again, budget will balance and capitalism will pay!

What will happen to IPC?

IPC (Iran Politics Club) is extremely blessed that Amazon is not our primary source of income or else we would have to either close shop or move out of California. Life will continue but without revenue from Amazon sales.

The problem is that presently I am singlehanded because everyone else is busy with their private lives and business; therefore, I have to go through every web page in IPC and delete Amazon ads. Just imagine how many web pages exist in IPC website and how many ads exist on each web page.

On the bright side, I am taking this opportunity to while deleting ads, also reformat all the old style pages to the new format. By doing so, I have to delete these pages and transform them to the new format.

Doing this task will most likely take me a month; therefore, ahead of time I am informing you of this event. Lately I did not have time to read or reply to all my mail and now with this new catastrophe, I will not have time to attend to my e-mails for a while. Considering we have 5 e-mail accounts loaded with mail and hundreds of mail received on weekly basis, my share is plenty. At this time I would like to apologize to all the comrades, friends and the readers because it will be a while until I will be able to read my mail and reply to any. My primary responsibility is to get all the Amazon ads out of IPC and reformat all the old style pages to the new format. I will check my e-mails as soon as possible and I promise that as always I will read them all.

What shall we do to the Liberals?

San Diego County and Orange County are the last conservative stands in the liberal state of California. Liberalism, Socialism, Political Correctness, Welfare State, Nanny State, Illegal Immigration, Unaffordable Social Benefits, High Taxes, Big Government, Incompetent Government Employees and Corrupt Labor Unions are all scabs, viral infections and “Syphilis Chancre Sores” on the ill body of California.

Liberals have taken the richest state of the union and turned it to a bankrupt nanny state. Obviously the majority of the voters are also mentally incapable of making logical decisions or else they would have not voted for Jerry Brown (again)! In California, the taxpaying working class has been supporting this hierarchy of welfare state produced by the liberals to pamper people who do not pay tax, do not work and continuously collect welfare, food stamp, health care, housing and benefits. In California the working class is supporting the bums, junkies, drunks, illegals, free loaders, nincompoops and other derelicts!

I am beginning to think that nothing will ever change in California; furthermore, things will get worst! This used to be the most beautiful state of the union where the American Dream came true for the Hard Workers, but now it has become a Welfare State for the bums around the nation, Mexico and the Globe!

A Prayer for the Dying California Business

Now I am a known atheist but at this point I would like to read a prayer (for a change), thus I am at the end of my rope! So here it goes:

Hello God,

Are you there? It is Ahreeman down here! Would you kindly prove to the world that you do exist by simply committing an important action? Would you kindly please send a 10.0 Richter Earthquake to that Gay, Liberal Infested, Illegal’s Sanctuary Town of San Francisco and the Syphilitic Degenerated City of Angels (A Holes) Los Angeles both massive liberal centers of California. Now I never wish ill on anyone but as long as I am at the end of my rope, allow me to ask you to only wipe out the liberal population (especially Hollywood Liberals in LA and Environmentalist Wackos in SF).

Please spare the Iranian American Liberals because mostly they are not IRI Agents, yet they are politically, economically, historically and generally uninformed. Please grant me a chance to inform this herd of so-called “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls” yet “Uninformed” and “Immoral” Iranian primates and if that doesn’t work, then kill them all and let Allah or yourself to sort them out!

Thank you kindly God


I Truly Believe …

I believe if we wipe out the San Francisco and Los Angeles counties, for most the viral infection of Liberalism will be cured in California. Who knows maybe California turns to a conservative state! This action is not only politically beneficial, yet it is also humane and for the benefit of the mankind in general.
The less liberal population only means more oxygen for the rest of us and it surely means less crowded beaches and more parking spots at the beaches for the rest of us. In formula:

Less Liberal Population in California => More Beach Parking Spaces for the Rest

Neo Imagine Song!

Just imagine a California with more parking spaces, quiet beaches and less noise! Imagine a California with less Hollywood Activist Actors, Lollypop musicians with gay hairdos and surely less tree huggers, animal rights nut jobs and brotherly loved Gay-Las! Now do it with the beat …

Imagine there are no liberals …
It is hard but you can …
Imagine no political correctness …
No creatively created minorities based on sexual preference …
No Tree Huggers, Environmentalist Wackos, and Greens too ….
No Militant Gay Marriage Activists with dildos in hands ….
No fake brotherhood of man ….
No Affirmative Action based on skin color, religion and ethnicity …
No bloody Hollywood Activists too …
Imagine there’s no liberal perverts …
No drooling old faggot liberal senators from Boston giving birth to recession …
While sucking on teenage schlongs hanging out of their mouths as lollypops …
No Senator Barney Fag too ….
No Nancy Old Pussy either ….
And other corrupt liberal officials too …
No condom rights for pre schoolers …
No abortion without parents’ knowledge for 13 year olds …
No Plant Parenthood abortionists, ACORN and Community Organizing …
No Chicago Style Gangster Government …..
With a closet Muslim and out in open Socialist President …
Imagine Washington DC cleansed of corruption …
Yoo hoo, hoooooo ….
You may say I’m a dreamer …
But I’m not the only one ….
Tea Party is here to help us …
I hope one day you will evolve enough to join us …
And we all will be as one free nation ……….
Imagine ….

Free at Last

Free at last, free at last, Free at Last ….
Free from the Big Government Taxes, Rules, Regulations and Brotherly Fragged!

Until then, fight for your 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, and Constitutional rights ….

Fight to protect your rights to own and bear arms so you can protect your rights to practice free speech and assembly …..

In Iran the Government took away the guns from the people,
Presently Iran is a military dictatorship ruled by IRGC.

Don’t allow the Obama Liberal Socialist Regime take away your guns,
Or Liberals will do as they please with you.

And always remember,

Government works for you, not vice versa!

More power to Individualism and Freedom

Dr. X

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