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Persian Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s The Mahdi

Mahdi: A Thriller (Persian Book)
Persian Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s The Mahdi

Author: A. J. Quinnell
Introduction: Ahreeman X
Translation: Amid Haghighatjoo

The Second Coming of Mahdi
Mahdi comes back to lead the Muslims to Salvation and Glory.
Mahdi comes back to unite the Muslims and restores the grand status of the Islamic Empire.

About the Author

A. J. Quinnell is a pseudonym of a famous English thriller author Philip Nicholson. Throughout his career he has decided to remain incognito and use a pseudonym.

One of the Quinnell’s many famous characters is “Marcus Creasy” who is an American multitalented mercenary, body guard and gun for hire. Creasy used to be a French Foreign Legionnaire and also a former CIA assassin. Creasy Novels are considered “Cult Classics”.

Amongst Quinnell’s famous works are “A Quiet Night in Hell” (2001), “The Shadow” (1992), “In the Name of the Father” (1987), “Blood Ties” (1985) and indeed “The Mahdi” (1981). 

Amongst Quinnell’s famous “Marcus Creasy” Mystery Thrillers are “Message from Hell” (1996), “The Perfect Kill” (1992) and indeed “Man on Fire” (1980).

A number of Quinnell’s novels had also become movies. Amongst them is “Man on Fire” (2004). In this movie Denzel Washington portrayed the character of Creasy.

Quinnell’s thriller, action and mystery novels are masterful, action packed and well written. Some of them are amongst the best seller’s lists and Creasy novels are cult classics.

Amid Haghighatjoo

About the Translator

Iranians are highly intelligent but the way they use this intelligence is all wrong! We must change the way we think! We must expand our horizons and see the big picture, so we can succeed improving ourselves and our nation’s status in the global community.

Reading this novel is a must and it will help us to expand our horizons. It will open our minds. Many of us read English but a great number of us either do not read English or are not fluent enough to comprehend reading a book of this magnitude in English. It was crucial to translate this novel in Persian so the Iranians particularly those inside Iran could also read and inform themselves about the global affairs, international politics and how religion can become a tool to control the human minds and enslave them to become puppets in the hands of global powers. Fanatical blind faith can cause catastrophe.

Reappearance of Mahdi the Absent 12th Shiite Imam
“Ya Ali” is the motto of the Mahdi’s Revolution!

A. J. Quinnell states that:

“This novel is absolutely different than your average history books. These history books tell you this or that king or conqueror started a campaign and attacked this or that nation or empire. He withered won or lost this campaign. My novel is totally different. What I wrote was surely worth of printing, publishing and informing the public! What I wrote is worth the public’s time to read.”

“The Mahdi” is a possible reality. “The Mahdi” is a history or an incident which can be in progress or an episode which will occur in the future. It is up to you how to handle this episode or episodes like it.
Here is the unique Persian translation to this masterpiece. I hope it will be informative and helpful to the Iranian global community.

Amid Haghighatjoo

About “The Mahdi”

“The Mahdi” is one of Quinnell’s bestselling novels. This is a political thriller, full of conspiracy theory, international treachery, multinational espionage, political sabotage and unexpected chaos.

Please note that Quinnell wrote this novel on 1981, way before 9/11 tragedy and Fundamentalist Islam becoming a global phenomenon and rival to the west. Was Quinnell a prophet? Did he predict the future? Or was he just a man with a great vision? You be the judge!

Has the west created a monster named Fundamentalist Islam which eventually got way out of control and caused global chaos? Again you be the judge!

The Mahdi plot forms in this order …… Chaos in the Oil Nations of the Middle East and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism is beginning to form a threat for the stability of the Western World. US and the UK are determined to handle this threat. A British Special Agent who was faded away and had lived off the radar for decades in Asia, resurfaces and comes up with a master plan and then he pitches his plan to the Western powers. This British Special Agent approaches a high ranking CIA director and informs him of the plan. The plot is in this manner:

Many in the Muslim world believe in Mahdi. Some believe he is the upcoming prophet and representative of Prophet Mohamed on Earth. Others believe that he is the absent 12th Imam of Shiite. Once he returns, he will act as the direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed and restores unity and order amongst the Muslims and the world.

Muslims need a miracle to become convinced that the Mahdi has arrived. What if the Western world carries a scheme? Hi Tech lasers, space shuttles and other space-age technological tools can be used to carry out this scheme. A Hi Tech Miracle can be performed to convince the Muslim world that a True Miracle of Allah has occurred by Mahdi; therefore, he is the one and only True Mahdi. Americans and British must go ahead with the plan and create a Mahdi to unite, discipline and control the Muslim world.

To unite the Muslim world, a Mahdi must be created. Mahdi, the successor to the Prophet Mohammed, a new Mahdi to create an artificial miracle in the full sight of the millions of Muslims at the annual pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)! This Mahdi must be fully obedient to the West.

On the other hand, Russians become highly suspicious of the US and UK activities and master-plan. Russians send a young spy with the cover of a ballerina to learn more about the US and UK hi tech master-plan and its secrets to control the Middle East.

Now will the plan work? Will a Mahdi, successor to Prophet Mohammed appear from nowhere? Will this Mahdi be made in USA + UK? Will his arrival unite the Muslim World under one flag? Will Americans and British manage to control him? Will the West control the Muslim world? Will the Russians spoil the plan? Will the Russians create their own counter-plan? Who will the new Mahdi be? Will this new Mahdi remain obedient to the West? How far will the West go to achieve their grand plot? Will this plot ends in an international disaster? Will Russia and the West enter a massive conflict? Will they succeed to keep it secret from the Muslim world? Will Mahdi change the order of the Muslim world and eventually the globe?

Read the novel and find out!

Ahreeman X

Mahdi: A Thriller

Now enjoy reading this best selling thriller novel in Persian:

Mahdi: A Thriller

Amid Haghighatjoo

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