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Persian Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s Man on Fire
(Mard-i bar Atash)

Man on Fire (Persian Book)
Persian Translation of A. J. Quinnell’s Man on Fire (Mard-i bar Atash)
: A. J. Quinnell
Ahreeman X
Amid Haghighatjoo
May 11, 2011

Man on Fire Poster

About the Author

A. J. Quinnell is a pseudonym of a famous English thriller author Philip Nicholson. Throughout his career he has decided to remain incognito and use a pseudonym.

One of the Quinnell’s many famous characters is “Marcus Creasy” who is an American multitalented mercenary, body guard and gun for hire. Creasy used to be a French Foreign Legionnaire and also a former CIA assassin. Creasy Novels are considered “Cult Classics”.

Amongst Quinnell’s famous works are “A Quiet Night in Hell” (2001), “The Shadow” (1992), “In the Name of the Father” (1987), “Blood Ties” (1985) and indeed “The Mahdi” (1981). 

Amongst Quinnell’s famous “Marcus Creasy” Mystery Thrillers are “Message from Hell” (1996), “The Perfect Kill” (1992) and indeed “Man on Fire” (1980).

A number of Quinnell’s novels had also become movies. Amongst them is “Man on Fire” (2004). In this movie Denzel Washington portrayed the character of Creasy.

Quinnell’s thriller, action and mystery novels are masterful, action packed and well written. Some of them are amongst the best seller’s lists and Creasy novels are cult classics.

In the past, Amid Haghighatjoo had translated “Mahdi” in to Persian:

Mahdi, A Thriller

Now, Amid Haghighatjoo will take a shot at “Man on Fire”. At last, the Persian translation of “Man on Fire” is available for your reading pleasure.

About Man on Fire

Man on Fire
(Mard-i bar Atash)

The plot shapes in Italy. Due to constant demands from his wife (Rika Balletto), Ettore Balletto, the owner of the Balletto Mills, one of Italy's largest producers of knitted silk fabric and a textile tycoon hires a bodyguard for his daughter (Pinta Balletto). The bodyguard is no one else but “Marcus Creasy”.

Once a lethal weapon, now Creasy has become a burnt-out alcoholic and a broken man fighting his own demons.

Creasy can barely tolerate the child and her constant questions about him and his past life, yet gradually he becomes attached to Pinta Balletto. Eventually Creasy becomes Pinta’s friend and mentor. Pinta made Creasy to once again become alive!

Suddenly Mafia kidnaps Pinta and injures Creasy. After the incident, Creasy becomes a shattered man!  Guido Arrellio is Creasy's friend and the owner of the Pensione Splendide in Naples. Creasy is badly wounded during the kidnapping, and as he lies in a hospital bed, Guido keeps him informed about the latest news on Pinta. Guido informs Creasy that Mafia had demanded exchange of money for Pinta.

The exchange went bad, and Pinta was found dead in a car, suffocated on her own vomit. She had also been raped by the Mafia. Pinta had brought joy and life to Creasy and now she was gone. Creasy vows to take extreme revenge. Creasy gets out of hospital and takes a long road to recovery and training back to be in shape.

Guido informs Creasy that he can stay at Paul and Laura Schembri’s farm in Gozo. Creasy trains for several months, getting into shape and re-familiarizing himself with the weaponry. He plans a calculated mission of revenge against the Mafia. Later on he falls in love with Nadia (Paul and Laura Schembri’s daughter). Love brings him back to life again. Finally he is ready to roll.

With a great supply of weapons and ammunition, he starts a war against the Mafia. He starts his campaign by engaging with the lowest level of Mob informants and enforcers in Milan and Rome all the way to the head Don in Sicily.

Suddenly Creasy discovers and reveals to Rika that Ettore allowed Pinta to be kidnapped for an insurance money scam! From there, things really get heated up …

Read the book to discover the rest of this exciting story.

About the Translator

This is the second book by A. J. Quinnell translated by the valuable translator and author Amid Haghighatjoo. In this book, Amid Haghighatjoo adds his own blend of exciting action spice to the original Quinnell’s novel. Amid’s translation brings Quinnell’s novel to life in Persian. As usual Amid has done a fine job keeping the excitement alive in this action pact saga.

Man on Fire is an action pact thriller, made to movie and now available for your reading pleasure in Persian.

Man on Fire

Now you can read the complete story of the Man on Fire in Persian:

Man on Fire

Bon Appetite
Ahreeman X

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