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Part One

The Mindless Iran = Miran Bi Mokh
Part One
May 15, 2008

The Miranian Cow Flag! (Graphics by Admzad)
Iran Flags Series
Mullah: What great milk it gives!
Mullah is milking the Miranian (Muslim Iranian) Cow, but the cow had died in 1979!

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Part One

The following is from a very good book by Edward Shirley:
Know thine enemy, a spy’s journey into revolutionary Iran

It’s the story of an ex-CIA guy, who worked in the US embassy in Turkey, secretly
going to Iran in the late 90’s, hidden in a small ‘box’ under the front seat of a truck
driven by a Miranian. He spoke Farsi & had been interested in Iran for many years.
He joined CIA in 1985.


Author’s Text = Black
My Comments = Blue


The Miranian Butcher Flag! (Graphics by Admzad)
Iran Flags Series
Butcher: If Miran (Muslim Iran) shall not be, then I shall not be …. (Cheap Nationalistic Slogan)
Butcher is slicing some meat from the Miranian Cow to put it in the KIR pan, but the cow had died in 1979! [KIR = (1) Khomeini’s Islamic Republic, (2) Penis].

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He met Ahmad in US embassy in Turkey. Ahmad was 23 & a Goh Miranian war vet
who lost one leg in the war. He was from a poor family from behesht-zahrah. He joined
the Basij at the age of 16, then became a Pasdar, then joined the KIR guard at 19. He
wanted to die for Islam & K*s Kesh Khomeini (KKK); he also joined up because he was

Now he wanted a visa to go to US, coz his Goh cousin had bragged to him that the best
doctors live in US. He wanted to walk again. He dreamt about women but had not had
sex with any women yet. He also dreamt about America & American women!

Ed tells asks him to help him understand his past & “talk to me because you want me to
listen.” Ahmad said “I’d hoped I would find an American who would want to listen. I
have seen much that you should know about. I want to talk to you, & I hope your
government will appreciate what I have to say.”

In another words Ahmad was happy to sell off his own country & religion so he could go
to US! But “one-legged leftover of the Iran-Iraq war had little value to the CIA.” !

Ahmad no longer loved KK Khomeini, but he once loved KKK more than his father.

KKK “had promised Ahmad & his compatriots enough status to marry beautiful women
- the type Ahmad imagined ayatollahs wed. Ahmad had dreamed that the revolution
would bring him non-stop licit sex, & as many children as he wanted. He would be what
his father never was: a proud man, a virile warrior whose sons would follow him into the

Ahmad is a practicing Muslim, but when Ed asks him how he could be happy living a
non-Muslim country, Ahmad replied “I don’t care”.

Ahmad said “they promised us a better life. ,,, I’m alive & my family weeps for me. …
I was a Pasdar & now I often soil myself when I go to the bathroom. …Look at me. I am
everything an Iranian man should not be.”

Ahmad’s Goh cousin had been against Shah & had protested in US against Shah, but had
not returned to Iran since 78! His cousin “is not scared of the mollahs. He has no reason
to be scared. He loves us, but he has his own business, in computers.”

His cousin “was a committed revolutionary. He was never a coward. I know some of my
cousin’s former friends at Tehran Uni. They went wild when the revolution came, but
they’ve suffered since. Many are dead. Those that are not hang out all day, talking about
how things have gone wrong. How the revolution was betrayed. … Before I joined the
Basij they used to come & see me, but once I volunteered they stopped. They looked
down on the Basij. Too many peasants without brains. … No one comes to see me now.
Except Mehdi, my cousin’s closest friend. He told me that America & England sent
Khomeini to destroy the Shah in order to loose Islam against the Soviets. But he thought
America had tired of the clerics, & without American support the clerics could not last.
My cousin thinks that, too. Maybe he will come home if the clerics fall.”

The Goh Basijeh-Lang didn’t get his visa.

This is so amazingly Miranian:

- a Goh 16 yo, taking the rule in his hands, following KKK, to force a fanatic Shiit
version on Islam on people in a country that had produced Kasravi, Dashti, Hedaayat,
Nimaa, Dehkhodaa, Hoveydaa, etc etc. But now he is happy to sell info to CIA so that he
could go to US to have sex with blond women!

- His Goh cousin, who was educated thanks to the old regime, doing protest against Shah
in US, but doing nothing against KIR for over 25 years, living in US & bragging about it.

The Feb 1990 riot was spontaneous, totally without a leader or manifesto & scarcely
mentioned in the international press. …. What the riot revealed publicly for the first time
was how totally Iran’s revolutionary clerics had lost the hearts & minds of Tehran’s
youth, as well as of the thousands of one-legged Ahmads. The mollahs could no longer
assume that the poor were faithful to the clergy. … Shocked by the riot, the revolutionary
clergy turned the Basij into domestic police & created a special urban riot-control Guard
Corp unit.

Through the Ayatollah, Iranians had hoped to obliterate their own enfeebling
contradiction: to deny how much they dislike hardship & sacrifice. To deny how much
they dislike one another, how much they love life & cheat it for every riyal. In a mystical
trance they’d thrown themselves into the endeavor, through minefields, burning oil pits,
& artillery fire.

Khomeini had understood the harder, vengeful side of the religious impulse. But life’s
misfortunes can also soften, not harden, a person’s faith. Iran’s innumerable shrines are
all dedicated to poets & saints, not ruling clerics, soldiers, or shahs. What Khomeini
never grasped was that a poet could beat a cleric in competition for a soul.

… in 1501 the Turkish-speaking 14 year old Shah Ismail Safavi (1487-1524) raised his
sword & declared Iran a Shiite state. By the the time his dynasty fell in 1732, the
Safavids spoke Persian & Iran had become the Shi’ite stronghold. The most creative
people in the Middle East had forsaken 900 years of loyalty to Sunnism, the orthodoxy
within Islam, in favor of the exclusive right of the semi-divine descendants of Ali, the
nephew & son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, to command the Islamic world. …
Persian exceptionalism, an unwillingness to be wholly absorbed into the Arabized Islamic
community, had finally found its religious home.

Anyway, on his trip, hidden in the box, truck drivers are arguing with officials who
demand to get more money. Hosein, Ed’s truck driver also had to pay & said “I paid - but
not what they asked. These men are blatant thieve, you can’t give them what they want.
All Iranians have become thieves, but they are real dog shit.”

The revolution unhinged Iranians: with it, exquisitely developed Persian arts like bribery
& deceit had become outright theft. I’d known many honest Iranians abroad, but you
could never assume good intentions. At home, Iranians live in a vicious zero-sum world:
if one man has, another doesn’t. Any Iranian not protected by family & friends is open
game. In a lifetime, nearly everyone gets screwed.

Although they’d secularized themselves far more than Arabs or Persians, the vast
majority of Turks --[in turkey]-- still had a rock-solid Islamic core. To be Turk was to
be a Muslim …
I’d never felt this Islamic solidarity among Persians. Even Iranian holy warriors could
have a lightness in their spirit & gesticulations - a joke, a laugh, a little blasphemy
waiting behind a 30 minute confession of ardent faith. Westernized expatriate Persians
could, chameleonlike, disappear in the culture of their exile home. Find a Turk abroad, in
30 minutes you know what you have. Find an Iranian, it’s a more involved guessing
game. Iranian Shi’ites see history as a long, ugly, deceitful enterprise; Islamic history is,
after all, full of Shi’ite, not Sunni, martyrs. Cheated repeatedly, Iranians cheat back.
Persians have an age-old tradition of wine, women & song, yet under Khomeini they
destroyed their vineyards, hanged their whores, & stopped singing. Thus, now you see us,
now you don’t - that’s what terrified me about Persians.

1- This ‘they’ did this & ‘they’ did that seems to imply that Miranians can think & work
collectively, which is total Bullshit! When the so called ‘educated’ Miranians couldn’t
think & work together, there is no hope for the millions of uneducated savage gaav/olaaq to
be able to think or work together, as it’s been proven: after 27 years of misery & pain
& killing & torture by the KIR government, they have not managed to bring down KIR!

2- Their music & wine industry was destroyed, but it did not die, it went underground!

The tuck driver who took him to Miran was Hosein.
He had fought in the Iran-Iraq war & survived. In 79, he’d worshiped KK Khomeini, but
he was educated enough to change his mind.

No Iranian I’d ever met believed the truth would set you free. Truth depends upon family,
time & place, advantages gained & compromises struck. No Iranian I’d ever met felt
guilty because he’d lied to a stranger.

I find these comments interesting coming from an ex-CIA guy! When did CIA ever tell
the ‘truth’?! When was ever telling the ‘truth’ was encouraged in corporate America, let
alone being practiced?!
In America today, it’s not right or wrong that matters, but “how much u can get away

An Iranian can scream “death to America!” one moment & ask you sincerely a minute
later to help his sister get a visa to the States, a land they both adore. These feelings are
not contradictory; they are sequential. Commitments come & go, then return.

When visiting the West, Persians are like vacuum cleaners: they suck up matchbooks,
brochures, pens, plastic cigarette lighters, paper pads - anything with a label that will
show later where they visited, stayed, or dined.

This is not exclusive to Miranians, I’ve seen many Asians doing this too.
I’ve also seen a few in the west doing this & keeping the stuff for years in boxes with
descriptions & showing them off to their western friends. Usually people who don’t
travel much & like to brag & show off.

Courtesy is what you should expect & demand of a Persian, whose ancient culture
commands respect for the old. But revolutionary Muslims had made war on Persia’s
rules of politeness, hierarchy, etiquette, & charm. Iranian consular officials, showpieces
of a new fundamentalist Islamic order, had become particularly unkind.

When Persians speak well, they enrapture. Turkish Ottoman princes forbade their sons to
study Persian, the diplomatic language of the medieval Islamic world, before they were
15 years old, fearing the beauty of the language would convert their Sunni Muslim sons
to Iran’s heretical Shi’ite faith. The Persian language, rich in repeated long vowels &
hard consonants, can make everyday speech sound like an epic poem.

Iranians started forming small groups … complaining. About the unbearable burdens that
Iranians bear every day. About how Persians had been born to suffer. How no one in the
recorded history had ever suffered more. About the cost of airline tickets, jewelry, & food
overseas. And about officials: how much dumber they were in the Islamic Republic than
under the Shah, but not as dumb this year as the year before.

I can’t help thinking that this is a ro’zeh-khuni symptom. Even a lot of their music is
about constant complain & suffering. As if it’s a form of profile-raising or attention
grabbing: look at poor me, how much I’ve suffered.

Intensely shamed by the ugliness & violence of the revolution, Iranians abroad often tried
to camouflage their homeland as Persia, not Iran, hoping a Western listener didn’t know
both words meant the same country. With luck, an American would associate Persia with
miniatures, carpets, & caviar, not hostages, Muslim zealots, & Khomeini. The millions of
Iranians in exile kept hoping that someone somehow would turn back the clock & return
to them their homes & comfortable pre-Revolutionary lives. … Perhaps another soldier-
shah would arrive or, better, Washington would awaken & unleash the CIA. After all,
they told themselves, … Shahanshah … surely wouldn’t have fallen to lowly clerics if
the United Sates hadn’t taken their sides. The Shah had brought on Washington’s ill will
by becoming too strong & too independent, forming alliances in 1971 & 1973 with
Qaddafi & the Saudis to jack up the price of oil.

I myself used to call myself as ‘Persian’ for a while.
The book I’ve mentioned in MASTER-101 is the best proof that a bunch of Goh Mollahs,
or anybody else, could never ever take over any country in the Masters’ domain & keep it
for long without getting green-light form the Masters.

In many Iranian eyes, Washington had unleashed Saddam Hussein against the Islamic
Republic in Sept 1980 in punishment for the fall of the Shah & the hostage-taking in

This doesn’t make sense if we are to agree with the idea that the Masters removed Shah.
In fact this was done to:
- weaken Miran & get rid of it’s weapons which were sold to Shah
- let the idiots kill each other
- make money selling them both heaps of weapons
- get rid of their own old weapons by selling it to them
- test their own new weapons
- policy or dual-containment
etc etc etc

Revolutionary Iranians would deal with Satan for the right reasons, as Khomeini &
Rafsanjani proved in 1985 when they welcomed Bud McFarlane’s & Oliver North’s little
mixed band of American & Israeli officials bearing missiles & pastries to Tehran. Most
in Iran would assume that an American or European in their midst had an Iranian
guardian angel.

… when I looked at the Iranian officials behind the consular windows, at their
dishevelled, constipated revolutionary faces, …

I just love this term “constipated revolutionary faces”
I’d say “their constipated revolutionary & GOH faces”
They will all beh goh khori khaahand khord, when the Masters bring the KIR down,
saying “Goh khordim” & that they were only following orders.

Some Iranians, even very faithful ones, believe Christians & Jews are more trustworthy
than Muslims. As an American spy, I’d regularly been in the odd position of listening to
Iranians who desperately wanted to confess their sins &, even more enthusiastically, their

But Western women can often loosen the lips, of not gain the confidence, of even devout
Muslim males more quickly than Western men.

“You’re lucky you don’t have an Iranian wife. They are very painful. They demand
much, much more than Western women. They stay home & make Iranian men miserable.
Don’t believe all this talk about women suffering in Iran. They are very powerful. They
don’t respect men like they used to.”
“This wasn’t my experience,” I said.
He paused, shot his eyes left, then right, & moved closer to me. “Iranian women don’t
like to make love. Not like Western women. Not like Russian women. Iranian women
like to control you, they don’t want to please you. We are lucky Iranian women must
wear long dress or chadors, or we would have to look at them. They are very fat, you
“I don’t believe that.”
“Yes, they are fatter than before revolution. Why? Because they control men more. They
control men more. They don’t have to please men the way they did when I was young.”

Divorced women are worth their weight in gold in the middle east. They are sexually
open game. They no longer have naamus in Persian, the family honor that only chaste
unmarried females possess & their fathers & brothers must defend. .... & Iranian men
believe divorced women are the most voracious sexual predators ...

What a culture!
Women r supposed to be sacred & fully covered. Qaajaars kept their women in andarun,
covered their hair but naked bellow the belt, where it counted! And now this, which
shows how women r seen as nothing but sexual objects, left alone only if under
protection of another man, but preyed upon like a wounded animal if not ‘protected’.
Mind u, all this while calling them ‘sisters’!
The worst culprit & the filthiest of men being, u guessed it, the holy KK Mollahs!

“I love America. All Iranians do. ... We have had problems with the American
government, but we love the American people. Personally, I like the government too.
Look what we have. I’d rather have yours than mine. America saved us from Russia. We
will never forget that.”

In my experience, Iranians had almost always forgotten this, a casualty of the
revolutionary impulse to deny the US any positive role in Persian history. In 1946, when
the British & the Americans withdrew from Iran, the Soviets, who had invaded northern
Iran when the British occupied the south in 1941, did not withdrew - until Harry Truman
told Stalin that not to do so could bring a confrontation with the US.

I bet many Goh Tudeh leaders, being paid by the Soviets, would’ve loved Miran to be
taken over by USSR, so that they could be erected to POWER.

“America should help us. Your secretary of state was spit upon by Khomeini. He calls
Iran the most evil state in the world, but he does nothing. Unless you want Iranians
thinking that you like the mollahs, you should bring them down. The British put them in,
& America should drive them out. The young Shah, he is like his father, a coward. And
US wastes money on him. Iranians don’t want to fight anymore. They need a sign from

Iranians bitch endlessly about their government; I hadn’t, however expected to hear
inside the Islamic Republic’s consulate an appeal for US covert action.

I find this absolutely shocking.

- The idiots F*ed their own country, but tthen washed their hands completely off it once
they saw that they were all F*ed & were totally over powered by KIR.

- the arrogance of ordering US to do this or that

- the arrogance of “we r tired & don’t want to fight”

The primary players who brought Mosaddeq down in 1953 had been the clerics, not the
Cambridge- or Yale-educated spies. Without the ayatollahs Kashani & Behbahani giving
orders to the mob, the coup d’etat would not have happened. What the clerics did in
1953, they perhaps could have done in 54, 55, or 56 without the American or British
assistance. Perhaps they might have won the elections & then declared future elections
irreligious & unnecessary.

He’s saying that if the Guz Mosaddeq had been allowed to stay in power, the KK Mollahs
could’ve kicked him out & start the KIR much sooner. Knowing how the Mollahs were
& are on the British payroll & how the Brits hated Mossadeq, this could’ve happened.
But one thing is for sure, the Masters would’ve NOT allowed the guz Miranians run the
show in their own region.

“Mosaddeq was a pig!” my friend snapped. “He & his kind are all pigs. They didn’t
understand Iran. Without Mosaddeq, Khomeini was not possible. Mosaddeq started it;
Bazargan finished it. These left-wingers who thought they could remake Iran. Young men
the Shah sent to university in the West - they came home & started the revolution.
They’re dead or back living in Europe or America. But I live in Iran with the mollahs!
Bazargan thought Khomeini would bring freedom. What an idiot! Did Bazargan ever risk
his life to stop Khomeini, to stop all the killing after the revolution? All those teenage
thugs with the German machine guns? Everybody likes Bazargan. ‘A good man.’ ‘A kind
man.’ He was a pig & a coward.”

BazarGOH was worst than a pig, he was such a GOH Muslim that he didn’t know how
KK & filthy the Mollahs were. Even though Kasravi had questioned the SHIT-Islam, he
still lived in ignorance & believed in the shit & brought KK Khomeini to power, even
though that KK had Kasravi murdered.
How can anybody be French-educated & end up being such a Goh?
As for the Goh university educated Miranians, they were not man enough to admit they
did a Goh-Khori. They are either dead or live in khaarej , still blaming the old regime for
what happened.
Like the cousin of the Goh one-legged ex-Basij, living in poz & efaadeh; giving lectures
that the best doctors in the world live where he lives, but never mentioning the poverty &
the crime rate where he lives.

“You know Persian history? We have survived so much. We may not survive the
akhunds. And please forgive me, you are wrong if you think everybody loved the
mollahs. Most people thought the mollahs were dogs.”
“Weren’t there good moolahs?”
“Of course. But not many. We never loved them. We no longer respected the Shah. We
did not think the Shah was a real Iranian. He was owned by the British & the Americans.
He & his family were very kasif, very dirty. Personally, I don’t know if the Shah was
owned by the Americans, but he was weak. He did not kill the mollahs when the mollahs
were weak.”
I’d often underestimated Iranian boldness. Collectively, they’re lambs; individually,
they’re lions. My friend’s mollah-bashing with an American was perhaps the most fun
he’d had in years. Probably half the people in the room were damning the clergy.
“Aren’t people still loyal to Khomeini, to his memory, even though they may hate
Khameneh’i, Rafsanjani, & all the rest? Would anyone in your family want to fight for
the Islamic revolution, if not the mollahs?”
My friend hadn’t liked my question about his family & the revolution. He
eyebrow-clicked me twice. I was fairly certain he’d been a revolutionary as a
young man. By late 79, after the Shah had been repeatedly intimidated by ever-larger
demonstrations in the street, most 30 y.o. men the cities had joined the pro-Khomeini
bandwagon. Had my friend once committed his heart & soul to radical Islam? Had the
fire burned out, exhausted by war, worsening poverty, unbearable clerical hypocrisy, or
simply middle age?

- They said ‘Goh-khori’ happened coz Shah was a cruel dictator, but now they say Shah
was weak?! So Goh-khori must have had hidden agenda & must’ve been engineered for
other reasons.

- If they could rise up against a cruel-dictator & kick him out, but shut the F* up for 27
years under monster filthy Mullahs who destroyed the country & economy & their lives,
then they can not possibly be An-Qollaabi! So the whole thing was engineered.
Shah was a saint compared to the KK Mollahs.

- If Miranians were used as a rent-a-cattle to stage a ‘revolution’ to remove a ‘weak’ Shah
who had terminal cancer, then surely it would be extremely easy to stage another
‘revolution’ to remove the monster filthy corrupt ‘terrorist’ Mollahs who are hated by
most Miranians. So the fact that it hasn’t happened after 27 years is the proof that the
Masters want the Mollahs in power & must’ve put them there in the first place.

One of the most historically minded people, Iranians had become averse to accurately
remembering the past. Islamic revolutionary, Communist, constitutionalist, monarchist -
all wanted to hide their failure to make Iran glorious again. A happy Persian had to find
someone else to blame the mistakes on.

“The Shah was dirty, but I did not support Khomeini,” my friend replied defensively, his
rising intonation suggesting more a question than a statement.


“No, no, please, I was not angry. You know how the revolution has ruined our lives. We
have suffered horribly since 79. … business has been very hard for years. It has never
really been good since the revolution, unless you have connections to the regime. …
When I went to a mosque as a boy with my father - & we didn’t go often - I always left
the mosque proud & happy. My father rewarded me every time I could recite another sura
from the Qur’an. … I would not now take my sons to a mosque.
I’m embarrassed. Imagine a Muslim embarrassed to go to a mosque! That is what the
revolution has done. I hate the mollahs for taking from me what my father had. Khomeini
told us Islam would make us stronger. We had lost Islam & the revolution would give it
back. So we made the revolution, the war with Iraq is over, & all we do now is talk about

“It is good to live by the shar’iat. But do the mollahs live by shar’iat? Do these officials
behind the windows who treat me like a dog live by the shar’iat? I don’t think these
officials know anything about Islam

Very interesting, or should I say khaak bar sareh ahmaqesh!
After seeing so much filth & corruption in the clergy, he has not seen the light to question
their ‘religion’, even though many Iranians have & written about it.

Lions & lambs. Persians were always one or the other; usually both at the same time. At
heart, Iranian men are individualists. They all know they could be martyrs or heroes from
an ancient Persian epic if fate would only give them half a chance. Their bravery,
however is usually thwarted by an acute dislike of pain.
The common Western image of Persian men whipping themselves with chains during the
religious ceremony of Ashura, the commemoration of the martyr of all martyrs, Ali’s son
Hosein, belies the deeper & more common strain in the Persian character: a resolute
desire for self-preservation.

Iranians are consummate tacticians with their fingers always in the air. Regularly run
over by Arabs, Turkoman, Mongols, Uzbek, Afghans, Russian, & British armies, Iranians
learned to bend in the wind. The Islamic revolution was in part an effort by Persians
collectively to stand up straight, to check their reflex to compromise, absorb, & survive.

Amen to the first part, but pure bullshit the second part.
- There was NO ‘revolution’ (meaning Miranians collectively rose up against the old
regime) in Miran.
- when it comes to Miran, “collective” doesn’t exist. Miranians can’t do nothing
collectively. If they could, they’d have not been invaded/raped/butchered repeatedly
over & over in their history.
- If they could rise up against a corrupt regime, the Mollahs would’ve not lasted in Miran
for long, not even for 1 year. Yes a minority few tried, but it was not ‘collective’.

My friend had welcomed the revolution - that was certain. He was a practicing Muslim,
but praying in a mosque does not lead to radical Islam; usually, I’d found just the
opposite. In Iran, as elsewhere in the Muslim world, radical & traditional Islam are
enemies, not friends. ... i seriously doubted my friend ever been sympathetic to the
Hezbollah, the fanatical young men who knew little about Islam & started to go to
mosques only when Ayatollah Khomeini called. He’d been too old in 79, 30 something,
with too many responsibilities & not enough energy to have thrown himself into the
collective Iranian death wish that became a substitute for prayer during the war years.
He’d been perhaps been horrified to see the senior Iranian clergy, who traditionally kept
their distance from politics, manhandled & silenced by Khomeini, the self-proclaimed
vice-regent of God. My friend appeared a healthy Iranian: he had as many vices as virtues
& no burning desire to remake the world. He wanted to raise his sons, keep them close,
out of radical Islam’s way.

In other words, he is nun-beh-nerkheh-ruz-khor , like most Miranians.

“Many Iranians believed Khomeini had found God, & if we followed him, he would help
us listen to him. You know, that was Khomeini’s real strength. He told us to be hard on
ourselves & we would find Allah.”

Khaak bar sareh har chi aadameh khareh!
But the Imam told his KK mollahs to be ‘hard’ under the belt & F* the shit out of
Miranians so bad that they could never ever rise up against his KIR regime.
He knew how Miranians would see being soft/kind/compassionate or giving-freedom as
‘weakness’, after all this is how he took over with Masters’ help.

“The mollahs would love to bomb America. If the mollahs could eliminate America, who
would bring them down? America is the only thing that can destroy the mollahs.”

the older man immediately corrected Hosein. “The mollahs don’t want to bomb America.
They want to be left alone so they can rule & ruin this country.”
“Yes, you are right!” Hamid interjected. “The mollahs are scared of America. In the
beginning, they thought they could beat America. Our war with Iraq changed all that.
They learned they can’t even beat Arabs. But the Americans destroyed the Iraqis in
The young man jumped in. “America has destroyed all her enemies! One day she’ll
destroy Iran if the mollahs don’t destroy it first!”
“No! No! the Americans don’t want to destroy Iran. The Americans want to destroy the
mollahs, but I think the mollahs will destroy Iran first,” Hamid shot back.
“No! No! No! the mollahs don’t want to destroy Iran, they want to keep it alive so they
can feed off it. The mollahs are leeches! They can’t live on their own,” Hosein shouted,
almost spitting out a chunk of lamb.
“The mollahs have embarrassed Iran & they have betrayed Islam.”
“The mollahs are thieves. They are worse thieves than the Shah & his family because
they are mollahs. They can hide more money in their robes than the Shah could hide in
his tunic.” Everyone but the boy laughed.

They ‘claimed’ that ‘they’ brought down Shah, but have completely given up on
removing the filthy corrupt mollahs who’ve destroyed their lives, their country & their
religion. They don’t even feel any responsibility towards their God, whose religion is
being pissed on by the Mollahs!
But did u notice the last bit? “Everyone but the boy laughed.” To me this says it all!
Their live & country & religion has been completely F*ed, but they have kabaab & talk
about how terrible the mollahs are but “everyone laughs”, without feeling any sense of
responsibility to do something about the nightmare to improve things or at least to
prevent the filthy Mollahs to piss on their lives & religion of their God!
Damet garm, bikhiyaal, sakht nagir baabaa.

Only an idiot would say that Miranians did a ‘revolution’ to remove Shah.

“Do you know any mollahs? Have you ever met one?” asked the young man.
“No I don’t know any mollahs, & I’ve never met one face-to-face.”
“Then you don’t really know how bad they are. They promised to save our country but
they’re killing it. Do you know why Iranians don’t hate America for blowing up our
airplane in the Gulf?”
“No, I don’t know why Iranians aren’t mad.” Most of my expatriate friends had been
furious, hoping Tehran would terror-bomb a US plane in reprisal.
“Because we were thankful. America stopped the war with Iraq. Khomeini said that
surrendering was like eating poison. And America made Khomeini eat poison. No one
could have made him do that. By God, America saved Iran from Khomeini & from the
“Then America saved the Islamic revolution?” I asked, noticing everybody had stopped
“What is the Islamic revolution?” Hosein snapped. “We make women veil themselves &
we have clerics ruling us instead of Shah. This is the Islamic revolution! In Turkey, some
women wear the veil, some women don’t. I’m sure fewer unveiled women in Turkey
cheat on their husbands than veiled women in Iran. Who really lives by the Shar’iat in
Iran? Only the poor, & they don’t even know what it is. But things are changing. The
poor see the mollahs have 2 Islams, one for them & one for everybody else. It’s all a lie.”

This idiot hasn’t learned that gaav/olaaq always must have a hukumateh chomaaqi!
Uneducated savage gaav/olaaq can’t rule themselves, they must have a “ruler”.
If the ruler ever shows any ‘weakness’ the gaav/olaaq will stampede him out of power.
As for 2 Islams, most educated Iranians have always known this, Kasravi knew this &
was killed by a Goh Miranian (ordered by Khomeini). Goh Bazargan should’ve known
this too.

“I believe in the Islamic revolution,” the older man cut in, his eyes squinting a bit in the
direction of Hosein. “We needed to get rid of Shah. We needed to recover our dignity.

I just fail to see how gaav/olaaq who could believe in filth & shiit version of Islam & not
learn how filthy & corrupt Mollahs were/are, could have ‘dig-ni-tea’! Specially now,
many years after the Goh-khori! There is no limit to Miranian stupidity & hemaaqat!

There was no justice in Iran. No one could speak freely. We were all scared of the Shah’s spies.

But after the Imam started killing, justice turned into just-Piss & Islam became
Piss-lam! This idiot doesn’t talk about free-dom in Miran under the KIR government.
Hell, not only people couldn’t speak freely, they couldn’t even wear their old clothes!
Their Imam said: democracy would lead to prostitution!

The Imam made us feel proud to be Iranian & Muslim. We all knew the Shah was a bad
Muslim. We all knew his crimes, the Imam reminded us that we’d become bad Muslims
by following him. The younger mollahs around him have ruined this country, not the

This idiot gives himself the right to speak on behalf of all Miranians. The Imam made
many Iranians go to toilet every time they saw his ugly face. I have far more respect for
non-Muslims than Muslims, specially the gaav/olaaq variety who blindly & fanatically
believe any shit they are told.
It goes to show how stupid the gaav/olaaq Miranian are who still haven’t learned what
criminal & filth that KK Khomeini was.
But the Goh like him, who supported the KK & helped erect KIR, can’t accept their
Goh-Khori, so have to pretend that they made the right decision & that it wasn’t just them
who got sucked-in & that all Miranians loved that KK Imam.

“I’m sorry, I can’t agree with you,” said the younger man quietly. “Khomeini had an evil

Bravo! Maybe there is hope for the younger generation!

I’d heard Iranians abroad call Khomeini unpleasant things - the more Westernized they
were, the harsher the comments. But to hear a lower-class man in Iran call Khomeini evil
seemed more shocking. For years, I’d known Khomeiniism was unraveling because of
military, economic, & spiritual failures. And here I was finally in Iran, face to face with
poor, hardworking Persians - the mostazafin, the poor & oppressed who Khomeini had
risen to defend - & they were damning the clergy & even the Ayatollah himself with
language they’d once no doubt reserved for the enemies of Islam.

Yes indeed, very interesting, but not good enough!
Talk is cheap, many idiots said bad things about the Shah too, but they couldn’t do any
goh-khori, until the green light was given by the Masters to remove Shah.
If Miranians hate the Mollahs so much, & they are “revolutionaries” & know how their
country had been destroyed, then how come they only ‘talk’?
They are only good for rajaz-khuni & poz & efaa’deh & k*seh-she’r.
They can’t work together to identify problems & solve them.

"He was a mean old man," said Hosein. “He slaughtered thousands of Iranians in a war
he could’ve stopped. We’d beaten Saddam Hussein in 1982. we’d kicked him out of Iran
& we could’ve made peace. But we didn’t. we became martyrs for what? Our Shi’ite
brothers fought against us in Iraq. Who were the true Muslims of Iraq if not the Iraqi
Shi’a? we were fighting to liberate them while they were machine-gunning us.”

He & Hosein were exhausted believers in an imploded faith. What I wondered was
whether they were grassroots proof that Islam’s historical union of religion & politics
- to follow God’s will as written in the Qur’an & the holy law - was coming undone.
Had the revolution turned into a religious black hole, destroying in under 20 years
identities & loyalties built over 1400 years.

The Iranian revolution, like fundamentalist movements elsewhere, was not a rebirth of
spirit & faith - as Islamic activism developed under the Safavids - but the tremors of a
dying body torn apart by modern life. Iran, always on the cutting edge of Islamic history,
was perhaps taking Muslims where they’d never gone before - to a permanent rupture of
church & state, that awkward division of heart & mind that becomes inevitable when
God’s earthly representatives demand, & promise, more than they can deliver.

A country should not be ruled by uneducated fanatic gaav/olaaq, but by it’s best educated
people. In a country, that produced people like Prof Hashtrudi & dehkhodaa & Kasravi ,
it should’ve been obvious that church & state should be separated & that Goh Mollahs
could not run a country. Yet the rent-a-cattle gaav/olaaq of Miran were used to show the
world that Miranians wanted the Mollahs.

As for “Iran, always on the cutting edge of Islamic history”, I’d say “Iran, always on the
cutting edge of STUPIDITY”. If Miranians were smart they wouldn’t follow stupid
religions, just because one stupid Safavi king told them too. Arabs invaded them & killed
& raped them, so they let go of their old religion & became Muslims. Then a king forced
them to become shit-Muslims & they said OK, as if religion was a hat, to be changed
depending on the fashion of the time. They would speak out only if they thought the ruler
was weak, otherwise they’d follow like sheep, especially if the ruler was too strong!

Hamid, Hosein, & the pickup-truck Persians suggested again that something had gone
very wrong. Iran’s revolutionary clergy had pushed & pulled Islam into an uncomfortable
modern ideology where the recitation of “Death to America!” had taken precedence over
kinder Qur’anic verses as the preferred liturgy of Friday prayers.

Well, the world had to be brainwashed that Miranians wanted the filthy mollahs, that they
wanted the women walk around in black tents, that they wanted to go back in time &
reject proper education & democratic values, that they wanted to destroy their economy
& die by the millions in a stupid war, coz they all loved the filthy mollahs.

In traditional Islamic society, God’s compassion & authority had not been tied to public
health care, sewage systems, affordable public transportation, inflation, oil production,
GNP, or other prosaic dreams.

“O believers, take not Jews & Christians as friends; they are the friends of each other.
Whoso of you makes them his friends is one of them. God guides not the people of the
evildoers.” This Qur’anic injunction had become one of the principal anti-Western war
cries of Islamic radicalism in Iran & elsewhere.

Yet before me were 3 Iranian men, all (I suspected) once proud soldiers of the revolution,
who’d taken infidel quickly into their confidence, without any Persian elusiveness or
timidity. As I’d learned in Istanbul, Iranians had grown tired of being faithful. They
wanted once again to be Persians - imperfect Muslims without guilty conscience.

If Miranians could think & decide what they wanted & work together, they wouldn’t
have gone through hell for over 20 years.
One young guy working for KIR, recently told a Western reporter that Miranians used to
take drugs in the old regime, but after the revolution nobody takes drugs in Miran. There
is no limit to Miranian stupidity & their lies & corruption.

Looking at the younger man, I asked, “Do you think Khomeini has ruined Islam in Iran?”
I looked around to see if anyone was flinching. “Is your faith, your feeling of being a
Muslim, less now than before the revolution?”
“I’m a Muslim. We all are Muslims. Noting can change that.

There is no limit to stupidity & gondeh-guzi of Miranians!
Who the hell is this Goh to speak for all Iranians?!
Not all Iranians are stupid enough to be shiit Muslims, some are Sunni, many follow
different religions, & many are atheist.
“Noting can change that”? Does this mean that he is so stupid that even if God appeared
to him & told him shiit Islam was not His religion, he would not change his religion?
Many smart Iranians have questioned Islam after 79 & this looser Miranian has no right
to speak for all Iranians.

“But we’re tired of the lies. Maybe there are a few mollahs who tell the truth, but who
can hear them among the liars? We’re without hope. That’s why everybody steals. We
steal for our families because that’s the only thing left we believe in.”

Wow, this must be some shiit Islamic logic!
They are scared shitless of the old regime for years & years & years & the opposition
minority can't do much & millions worship the old regime.
But then Masters give the green light to remove the old regime.
Rent-a-cattle is used to stampede & protest & even some Goh ane-qollaabi in US protest
in Washington.
Gradually many Miranians lose their fears, after they see that nothing happens to those
who do tazaahoraat, & go to tazaahoraat, many go just to see what was happening.
Then the palang factor set in & many, not all, started to brag & feel important that “we
got rid of the Shah” & called themselves ane-qollaabi.
Somehow KIR is erected, bless the Masters, but it didn’t deliver & shit hit the fan.
Miranians saw the true nature of the mollahs: filthy corrupt killer dictators.
Mollahs beat the shit out of Miranians & destroy their hope/omid.
So what do the ane-qollaabi Miranians do?

They go around saying “We are all Muslims, Islam is good, Mollahs are bad, but we
can’t do nothing to remove them, marg bar aamrikaa, we’d like aamrikaa to save us,
We are all thieves coz mollahs are thieves, the hell with the country, we only care about
our families, we’ll lie & steal to/from other Miranians for our own families coz that’s the
only thing left we believe in.

Shaash bar Miranian culture!

So many capable educated Iranians lost their lives or were forced to move out or lost their
jobs & retired, so that a bunch of uneducated savage KK mollah would take over the
whole country & dictate their stupid rules & religion & filth on the whole country &
destroy what the old regime had built?

And now Miranians say they hate the mollahs & have no hope, so they have to steal!?

This is not logic, it is MOGIC (Muslim lOGIC), which can be found in all Muslim
countries in middle east.

This is Miran BIMOKH!

As for family being only thing left, not true.
Family in Miran used to mean a big & close extended family called faamil.
After 78, faamil got split often due to politics (pro mollahs, pro Shah, pro this/that party
all hating each other) & bad economy & war & misery. Many took their own cousins &
aunts & uncles to court, mainly over money. Even brothers turned against their own

“Most Iranian-Americans I know aren’t very political. I don’t think they support either,” I
said. “They wish the mollahs would go away, but even if they did, I don’t know how
many would come home. They think about Iran all the time, but they have new lives &
children who are often more American then Iranian. Why did you ask about Shah’s son &
the Mojahedin?”

Many even shout:
cho Miran mabaashad, mollaah be mellat beshaashad,
cho Miran lavaashak, mollaah khosh asto be mellat beshaashad.
Y should they want to go back?
They got it made, they left when US$ was 7.5 Toman, now it is 800 toman. They r rich &
live with poz & efaadeh bragging how rich they r.
Some even brag to their Goh lame Basij cousins who lost their legs in the war!

“Because the mollahs always say that we can’t trust Iranians abroad. They are
counterrevolutionaries who want to give power to the Mojahedin or the wealthy families
who rules us before.”

This Miranian Amaleh hasn’t learnt after all these years how KK & filthy Mollahs r, he
has not learnt that the Mollahs r now the rich wealthy corrupt elite in Miran. Yet he
gives himself the right to speak for all Miranians!?

“And whom do you prefer?” I asked.
“I’m neither for the Mojahedin nor for the Shah’s son. The Mojahedin are traitors - they
fought for Saddam. And the Shah’s son will never come home because we don’t want
that family again. But mollahs lie about everything else, maybe they’re lying about
Iranians in America. I don’t have family or friends abroad, but I know they can’t all be
traitors. Don’t they want to come back & help rebuild their country”

Pure bimokhi at its best!
A Goh amaleh using royal “WE” to speak for all Miranians.
Miranian amaleh doesn’t want the old regime that educated them & built the foundation
of the modern Miran, they don’t want people like Hoveyda & Amuzgar, they want
Kharkhaali & Khaayami & Ahmaqinezhaad, even though they say they all hate the
Mollahs! They even admit that the country has been totally F*ed up by the mollah & that
the mollahs lie, yet they never think that they should do something about it!

“It doesn’t matter what Iranians think, here or abroad! It only matters what the Americans
& the Englisss think. They hold the power. The Englisss have always had the clergy in
their pockets.” Hamid burst in.
“Fuck the Englisss! They’ve always screwed Iran!” Hosein barked.

This is pure Miranian rajaz-khuni & palang-factor at its best.

Miranian guz amaleh trying to look important by shouting abuse behind the palang’s
back. Like Iraqis who put up with Saddam’s torture & cruelty for many years, never
daring to say anything; but after he was removed started shouting & demanding this &
that & complaining & being angry.

Miranians r experts in gondeh-guzi, pretending they know it all, always trying to get the
upper hand, always exaggerating, always trying to raise their own profile & looking
important, in a domineering culture, where if u don’t dominate u’ll be dominated.
Guess what these losers would’ve talked about if this American wasn’t there: nothing but
k*seh-she’r & sex & filthy jokes & how good the kabaab was, laughing off their
miserable lives away, eating like pigs.

They have said k*seh-she’r all their lives, but now they have an ‘American’ in the group!
So they need to raise their profiles & look important shouting ‘WE’ & how they got rid
of the ‘palang’ & getting angry (very common amongst the Muslims), without admitting
their guilt & responsibility in how their country got F*ed up in 78, & how they haven’t
done nothing to improve things for over 20 years!

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