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Part Two

The Mindless Iran = Miran Bi Mokh
Part Two

May 15, 2008

Miran Air Flag (Graphics by Admzad)
Iran Flags Series
Mullah is riding the Miran (Muslim Iran) Airplane but the plane had crashed in 1979!

Part Two

... Depending on the Persian you listen to, the British have meddled in Iranian internal
affairs without invitation, meddled with invitation but for the wrong side, or failed to
meddle when they should have. … They’ve pledged honor & fair play yet lied &
swindled as if they’d been born in the bazaar.

“Rushdie insulted the prophet; the mollahs insult the prophet every day. They should both
be punished the same,” added Hamid. “We’ll kill Rushdie, if you kill the mollahs.”

They don’t even have any regards for their religion!
They openly admit that the KK mollahs r insults to their prophet & religion & country,
but have put up with them for over 25 years, expecting other countries, that they shout
insults at, remove the mollahs for them, but then leave so that ‘they’ can rule themselves
& fight with other over position & do their gondeh-guzi, just like Iraqis & Afghans.

No country is going to spend billions of dollars to fight another country to change the
Gov & then leave & let the local Gaav/Olaaq to fight each other.

Light of Allah Flag (Graphics by Admzad)
Iran Flags Series
The Light of Allah shining out of Mullah’s …… had replaced the Lion and Sun Emblem, after 1979!

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“Tabriz was a revolutionary as Tehran,” Hosein insisted. “We rose before them in protest
against the Shah. We crushed our own Grand Ayatollah, Mohammad Kazem Shari’at-
madari. Tbarizis feel awful about this now, but we didn’t then. And no one gave more
sons to the holy war against Saddam then us. But Tabriz is ignored now. Tehran & Qom
take the money. Everybody feels cheated. If you don’t hate the clerics, you don’t have

1- Most of the “money” goes to the KK Mollahs.

2- He is saying that they F*ed their own Ayatollah & religion, but he is only upset coz
Tabriz is ‘ignored’? So if Tabriz was given money, he wouldn’t give a shit that the whole
country has been destroyed.

3- Everybody hates the Mollahs, but they just sit back & watch, like they always have.
Such people could not have removed any regime.

Like most clerics, Shari’at-madari had joined the revolutionary cause late & remained
skeptical of clerics who preferred politics to figh ... Like the vast majority of senior
Shi’ite clerics, he feared the corruption of political power. Clerics should defend the
honor of the nation & counsel good government, but keep their distance from the
‘ulul-‘amr , the men who hold the reins.

Very interesting.
Shiit version of Islam has been the underdog for centuries & they did nothing but cry &
mourn the death of Hosein, which was caused by his shiit supporters in Iraq betraying
him (by inviting him to go to Iraq but then turning their backs on him & let him & his
kids be butchered, hence the guilt & the urge to mourn & inflict pain on themselves
during sineh-zani). They never did any an-qollaab.
Saddam was far more cruel than the old regime in Miran, yet shiit Iraqi mollahs never
managed to rise against him.
When the KIR was erected in Miran, majority of the mollahs saw the corruption &
cruelty in their own fellow mollahs who were in power, yet they never did anything
to revolt against the KIR to save their own religion, except a few going under house
Many of the shiit leaders have known that the power will corrupt & deliberately stayed
away form government.
This goes to show that the Miranian mollahs were not ane-qollaabi & therefore their
erection to power must’ve been arranged & planned & paid for by the Masters.

Shari’at-madari loathed Khomeini’s hubris, his dogmatism, & his hunger for new martyrs
for the faith. He realized early Khomeini’s intention to wage war against both the Shah &
traditional Shi’ism, which is forgiving of man’s, especially the ruler’s, sins. He knew
Khomeini intended to overturn the clerical hierarchy, making young unaccomplished
mollahs with revolutionary commitment the masters of church & state. The elderly Grand
Ayatollahs, hitherto Shi’ism’s guardians, who had looked askance at Khomeini’s
scholarship & political pretensions, were to be diminished & not replaced.

Khomeini had astutely put his faith in the masses & not in his peers. With the
Revolutionary Guards behind him, he shredded the consensual nature of the clerical
community & declared himself supreme. In his & his followers’ eyes, he had become the
vice regent of the Hidden Imam, whose return as the Mahdi, the Rightly Guided One,
would finally vanquish Evil & usher in paradise. The hard core of Khomeini’s followers
- like Ahmad - even believed Khomeini to bbe the Mahdi himself. Shari’at-madari, a
measured man who saw no glory in violence, never had a chance. His supporters’
rebellion in Dec 79 was crushed within a week. In 82, after being named as a conspirator
in failed Air Force coup d’ete, he was placed under house arrest.

Khomeini’s political clergy in Iran’s premier clerical seat of learning, Qom, “defrocked”
him, banning any reference to him as a Grand Ayatollah. He died in 1986, still under
house arrest. He’d been the clergy’s last chance to stop the Imam cult evolving around
Khomeini. He’d been Iran’s last chance to stop the rebirth of the death-wish Persian.

What makes an Iranian? … Nationalism is a tinderbox issue in the Muslim world because
it is so at odds with the past. Except for Iran, & to a lesser extent Egypt & Tunisia, no
Middle Eastern state had a “national” identity before the 1918 collapse of the Ottoman
Empire. Present Middle Eastern borders have much more to do with the European
(usually British) inspiration & administration than with precolonial, centuries-old
divisions between distinct people with irreconcilable, unconquerable loyalties.

Before Reza Shah Pahlavi, the first explicitly westernizing shah, Iran was commonly
known, especially among the clergy, as mamalek ol-Eslam, “the lands of Islam.”

I don’t know many Miranians who really “care” about Iran. Most only care about their
own immediate family & Ego & ”face”/aaberu & “harfeh mardom”.
Even in the old regime, most people would sell their own mothers to bribe the officials so
their sons wouldn’t do military service (in peace time!). I know educated Miranians who
worshiped KK Khomeini, yet bribed the officials so that their sons wouldn’t do military
service, long after the war had ended.

With the Arab conquest in the 7th century, ancient Persia & Islam began to merge. By the
10th century, the marriage was complete.

I disagree with this comment.
It was not a “marriage”, it was RAPE & butchery & slavery & killing in cold blood by
savage Arab Bedouins in the name of Allah.

Ayatollah Khomeini --[ Piss be upon him (PissBUH) ]-- preferred to damn his foes as the
enemies of God & Islam, not the enemies of Iran.

Many Goh Miranians who supported the KK Imam, used to brag that Islam was going to
take over Russia & the then the whole world, rather than saying it would improve things
in Miran & provide better education & health for Miranians. Some of them were khaarej
educated too! Many kept on living outside Miran after 78 & still do!

I had no qualms about certain types of covert action against the clerics . they weren’t
angels. They’d killed & tortured far more people than Shah.

Yes indeed, far far far more, so much more that u can’t even compare them. Yet the many
Goh Miranians still talk about how cruel the old regime was, just to justify their own
Goh-Khori in 78. Miranian Gaav/olaaq don’t rise up against ‘cruelty’, they completely
submit to it, always have & always will. Even Iraqis have proved to be the same.

They converted Islam into an ideology where teenagers toting German assault rifles
became the sentinels of public virtue. They’d sent Persian hypocrisy & corruption into
overdrive. They kidnapped US diplomats, encouraged the bombings of US marines in
Lebanon, sent assassins after Salman Rushdie, & aided & abetted terrorism against Jews

Not to mention killing many Iranian dissidents in the west, most likely with some form of
“blessing” or cooperation form the Western governments. Yet the West has not gone out
of its way to show that the mollahs are cruel, but they did it against the Shah.
And the Goh ‘students’ who protested in Washington in 78, now live in their cushy
homes in US & brag about their swimming pools to their Goh lame basij relatives in
Miran, ignoring the cruelty of the KIR regime & destruction of Miran.

“But more & more Iranians don’t wear beards, to show their hatred for the clerics
There’s nothing in Islamic law that makes you wear a beard, you know.”

“don’t wear beards”?! Big F*ing deal!
Their whole lives have been totally messed up, their economy destroyed, their “religion”
totally pissed on, yet these so called ane-qollaabi, who bragged to bring the big bad
Palang down, all became scared stiff of the killer Monster & started to wear beards &
cover themselves & now after over 20 years of total submission “don’t wear beards”,
while stealing & lying & doing all sorts of shit & K*Keshy just to feed their families!

But the Imam was different from other Muslim rulers. He had transcended earthly norms,
becoming an expression, however perverse, of Persian glory. I knew for a fact that
Iranians could loath the clergy, love Khomeini, & spy for CIA.

Yes indeed, there is no limit to Miranian stupidity. The Goh KK Mollah was not
respected by the majority of the top mollahs, he had Kasravi killed, yet the stupid
gaav/olaaq just sat back & watched the erection of KIR & the rise of Goh to

As for the last part, hell this is nothing, I know Miranians could:
hate the clergy, love Khomeini, bribe the clergy, hate Khomeini, love clergy, spy for
CIA, spy for KGB, spy for Saddam, hate Saddam, love Saddam, hate Bazargan, love
Bazargan, pray 5 times a day, get drunk for a week, shout death to US, sell his mother
to get visa for US, live in US, etc etc etc.

“Should America topple the clerics?” I asked.
“Don’t America & the clergy work hand in hand?” Again Hosein’s question caught me
off guard.
“Do you really think Khamaneh’i & President Clinton are friends?” I asked.
“Do you really think the mollahs could beat America?” he countered.
“Didn’t America put the Shah in power, & Khomeini overthrew the Shah,” I replied.
“Khomeini was better against the Russians,” Fazel interjected. “I remember listening to
American radio during the revolution. They always talked about Khomeini & Islam
scaring the Russians.”
And Fazel was right: the BBC had been sympathetic to the revolution. Good liberals
couldn’t like the Shah. The BBC in particular gave generous coverage to the opposition.
Khomeini’s voice via British airways must have seemed to Persians like the voice of

Only Miranian gaav/olaaq would think the voice of that KK was like God’s.
Same gaav/olaaq who ‘saw’ his holy white ass on the moon.
Not all Miranians were that stupid.
Masters wanted the country to be run by its gaav/olaaq, rather then its educated

“Do you want America to overthrow the mollahs? Shouldn’t Iranians remove their own
rulers?” I asked.
“God knows what to do with the mollahs,” said Fazel. “The Iranian people are too tired to
fight them. But America could easily get rid of them.”
I agreed & let the subject die. I was pretty sure Fazel had supported Khomeini. He’d not
given his soul as Hosein had done: he was too old in 78-79. but when the revolutionary
bandwagon started to roll, when Persians started hearing Khomeini on the BBC &
realizing the Shahanshah, the king of kings --[ the “palang” ]-- , had lost control, Fazel
had joined in.

Yes indeed, once the ‘dead Palang’ factor set in, they all became shojaah & brave &
started shouting & burning & looting & feeling angry & important. Just like Iraq!

Now he probably didn't like living with failure. As a Persian, of course, he didn’t have to.
America Almighty could take the blame. Eventually, inshallah, the CIA would intervene
& make amends for 1953. Persian life is a constant irony, another thing Iranians &
Americans don’t have in common.

… I asked Hosein whether it was wise to publicly trash the mollahs with me in tow.
“everybody hates them,” he said. “You can’t get arrested for cursing the mollahs in the
streets. Everybody would be in jail.”

This, everybody hating the regime & publicly trashing it, was certainly not the case in
77-78! Yet there has been no major revolt in Miran for over 25 years. This goes to show
- the old regime was much more humane thann the mollahs
- the cattle stampede of 78 was engineeredd & planned by non-Miranians

“We all hate them [mollahs]”
“Why do you hate them?”
“They’ve destroyed Iran.”
“How? I’ve never visited Iran before.”
“They ruined the revolution.”
“But what exactly did they ruin?”
“For example?”
“Everything.” She said, raising her voice.
“Have they ruined Islam?”
“I don’t think people believe like they used to. Every time a mollah says ‘Islam,’ I’m
disgusted. Most people are. The most beautiful world is ugly in their mouth.”
“Why? Because of the economy, defeat in war, the mollahs’ corruption?” I asked.
“Yes, everything. Most people I know have two or three jobs. Many work until midnight.
We fought for Islam, the oppressed, & …against America & the Communists. We didn’t
fight for this. Many people believed that through the Imam & the Holy Qur’an we could
hasten the coming of the Mahdi. Just looking at the Imam made us feel strong. Even my
brother who hated Khomeini, mourned his death.”

Here we go again the “WE” shit. Who is F*ing “WE”. Every Goh & gaav/olaaq allows
himself/herself to use “WE” & speak for millions of Miranians. They are speaking Farsi
& so say “maa”, not “we”. But in reality the Miranian gaav/cows don’t say “maa”, they
shout “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

Many real educated Iranians hated the mollahs even in 77.
Even brainwashed young who were babies in 79 would use “mmmmmaaaaaa” as if they
were part of the goh-khori & stampede.

If majority of Miranians were properly educated, they would’ve read Kasrvai & others &
would’ve seen how stupid the shiit Islam was & how the majority of Muslims in the
world laugh at them & do not regard them as real Muslims. They would’ve known that
Islam can not be the religion of a true compassionate God. They would’ve known that the
filthy corrupt KK mollahs could not possibly represent any God.

The gaav/olaaq of Miran only have themselves to blame for the stampede & goh-khori.
Only savage idiots would call a KK mollah “Imam” & see his holy white ass on the
moon. Such idiots can not have a future in the modern global world of 21st century.

“So it was the Imam’s death - not the war, not the economy, not the corruption of the
mollahs - that stopped the revolution & weakened Islam?”
She, not her brother, had been the family’s revolutionary. Hosein [the truck driver] , like
most Iranians, had gone with the flow [after they saw that it was “safe” to do so!]. she
was different, an earlier convert & later repenter. She still had a revolutionary’s
vocabulary - & eyes.
“Yes,” she answered.
“You believed in the Imam?”
“Yes. He & Islam were the same. I loved the public prayers where we were all brothers &
sisters. The shah divided Iranians. The Imam made us all a family.”

Wow, a talking olaaq who speaks philosophy!
This is pure rubbish. Many young Miranians did their dokhtar-baazi (picking up chicks)
in mosques & sineh-zani. What brother & sisters?! Holy Muslim Miranian had lottery in
jails to rape their own ‘brothers & sisters’ & torture them to death. What kind of ‘family’
members would do this?!

“Yet, you don’t believe in revolution now?”
“How do you feel about Khomeini?”
“I don’t think about him anymore.”
“When did you stop?”
“I was at university.”
“Was that before o after your cousin died in the war?”
“I stopped believing before.”
“Because your brother stopped?”
“So why? Did you drop out of university because you no longer believed?”
“No. I dropped out because I needed a job. Hosein had found one in Tabriz. I couldn’t
have found work with a literature degree.”
“You weren’t alone at university in your loss of faith?”
“I think most students didn’t believe. Certainly, all my friends no longer thought of
themselves as revolutionaries. After the Imam’s death, I don’t think we even knew what
the revolution was. We definitely knew we were going to graduate & stay unemployed.”

Isn’t amazing that that the idiot still calls the Goh mollah “Imam”?!
The country had so many capable educated people who knew that ‘revolution’ meant
bloodshed & chaos, who knew what ‘world politics’ was about, yet they were removed
from government & killed so that a bunch of Goh savage gaav/olaaq & hashari sex/power
hungry oqde’i idiot ane-qollaabi 16-25 years old kids could experiment with their
communist/Marxist/religious beliefs & destroy the lives of millions of people?!
And now these idiots going around saying “mmmmaaaa” this & “mmmmaaa” that to
look important, denying it was them who F*ed their country & lives of millions of

Yet these idiots were only part of the rent-a-cattle who were used by their to leaders to
cause the regime change by stampede. The same very leaders who left the country to live
in cushy houses in US/EU shouting cho-Miran-lavaashak & bad mouthing the old regime
for over 25 years, brushing their damn EGO every day, feeling important.

“Weren’t there any radical students who continued to believe?”
“You didn’t express your opinions openly to students you didn’t trust. I had radical
friends. Some were ex-Basijis. If you asked them, they would have said the Iranian
revolution was going to liberate the Muslim world. Privately, all they wanted was

“The Imam wasn’t corrupt, was he?”
“No. I don’t think he ever touched money. I don’t think he knew any pleasures --[except
killing people!]--. But most mollahs touch it. They, the revolutionary Guards, the basij,
even the army are on the take. The mollahs always change riyals into dollars.”
“Before Khomeini died, Iranians didn’t worship money as much?”
“Iranians have always been corrupt. However, Khomeini reminded us that there was
more to life than money. Rafsanjani & khameneh’i have thought us Khomeini was

And so it was that the stampede that was supposed to remove corruption, actually
increased it & destroyed the economy & got millions killed as well.
This was the stampede that mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa had to have!

“Did you go to the funeral [of Goh Imam]?”
“Hosein insisted on going. We spent nearly a month with my uncle in Tehran. Hosein
thought something violent might happen. When nothing did, we came home.”

Yes indeed, I know many Miranians who waited & waited to make sure it was safe, then
started going to tazaahorat to bebinim cheh khabareh.

The idiots didn’t have a clue they were being part of the rent-a-cattle to destroy their own
country. These r the same savage idiots all over the Middle East who have such miserable
& boring lives that when they hear a car crash, they all run out of the house to ‘party’ &
to bebinim cheh khabareh, boys doing dokhtar-baazi & girls doing eshveh-bari.

the average Iranians wasn’t even 20 when Khomeini died. His sense of history &
patience was poor. Like his father, he needed a living, errorless man to ignite his soul.
Shi’ites, unlike Sunnis, believe ardently in perfection. An orthodox Sunni cleric looks
askance at the faithful who liken the prophet Muhammad to God. The prophet, the best of
all men, had his faults. Even revolutionary Sunni clerics were uncomfortable with
Khomeini’s impeccable pretensions.

Perhaps influenced by Christian doctrine or the East’s penchant for merging the mundane
& the divine, Shi’ites are tormented by their faults. They adore their Imams who have
none. More than anything else, devout Shi’ites want to be pure.

They follow a religion that most real Muslims regard as pure sherk & not Islam, yet they
want to be ‘pure’?! Their clerics have always been corrupt & filthy. They do anything on
the side in secret, but pretend to be ‘pure’.

“I discovered my faith through Khomeini. I’d known I was a Muslim, of course, but I
hadn’t felt my faith. --[ she means that she was brainwashed as a child, like most people,
to follow the religion of her parents & never bothered to look deeply into Islam ]-
The Imam changed that. Then I went to university & met people who’d studied Islam for
years. Most of them no longer revered Khomeini, but they weren’t traitors or
counterrevolutionaries. They told me Khomeini was a revolutionary & a religious
scholar. --[ how stupid! Most real Muslim scholars didn’t regard him as a scholar ]--
He shouldn’t have allowed us to call him the Imam.”

How about many idiot Uni students & educated ‘people’? They should’ve known better
to follow a Goh mollah, let alone calling him Imam. This loser still calls that Goh mollah
the Imam.

Hazra was living proof the clerics hadn’t successfully Islamicized Iran’s universities.
They’ve fired thousands of teachers & over hauled the curricula. Both professors &
students had to have a razor-sharp idea of the sacred & the profane. Yet Tehran
University remained quintessentially Western: it could still unsettle the mind.

Bazaaris, the Middle East’s historic merchant middlemen, bargainers par excellence, had
earned the reputation of being Iran’s finest liars. Through the centuries, all Iranians have
had to slice away little bits of their souls & give them as gifts to stronger strangers. With
each slice, they have turned inward & lied more. --[ not to mention their ‘religion’ was so
unpractical & unrealistic that forced them to lie & live double lives ]-Prime prey for
both foreign & domestic predators, bazaaris have sliced, turned inward, & lied more than
others. Usually counsels of moderation & compromise, willing to trade with domestic &
foreign infidels, they’ve frequently been among Iran’s worst bigots.

At the forefront of the 1906-11 Constitutional Revolution against the Qajar kings, the
bazaaris bankrolled the Islamic revolution when the Shah tried to dictate their profit
margins. Proud Muslims who often marry their daughters to the clergy, they happily
imported the VCRs & videos undermining the country’s Islamic rectitude.

In other words, they were & are masters of K*s-Keshy & doru’i & chaaplusy &
khaayehmaali & any other negative aspect of Miranian culture.

“Hosein tells me you want to know about the Islamic revolution. You want to know
whether anybody still believes”
“Yes. I’d like to know”
“No one believes.”
“Not the Revolutionary Guards, the basij, the Society of Combatant Clerics,
Khameneh’I? No one?”
“It’s finished. We fight for Iran now, not Islam.”
“Aren’t they the same? Khomeini equals Islam equals Iran. Isn’t that why Khomeini
“Khomeini won because the Shah was weak. The Shah had forgotten both Islam & Iran.
He’d sold the nation to foreigners. In 1978, we were Muslims first, Iranians second. But
the mollahs have put Islam inside their purses. We owe more to foreigners now than we
did under the Shah. With the cursed Shah, foreigners borrowed money from Iran & I had
them in my shop. Now Islam & Iran are equals. Soon we will be Iranians first, Muslims
second. You will see. That’s why the mollahs are scared.”

The Goh & Mordeh culture of Miran can only produce Goh gaav/olaaq like this MJ.
U name it & this Goh has done it, yet he is now trying to inflate his EGO in front of an
American by blaming others for his own Goh-khori.
It was Goh like him who bribed officials so that his Goh sons won’t do military service.
It was Goh like him who gave money to the KK mollahs.
It was Goh like him who did tazaahoraat (after it became ‘safe’).
It was Goh like him who followed the religion of filthy corrupt mollahs.
It was Goh like him who followed a shit version of Islam, while living dual lives.
It was Goh like him whose wives sang:
maast maast kangar maast, emshab haaji maaleh maast.
It was Goh like him who claim they didn’t know how filthy the KK mollahs were & how
they’d always put Islam in their purse.
“we were Muslims first”? Well, this Goh is too stupid to know how the majority of real
Muslims laugh at Miranian Muslims. He is too stupid to know that he is actually bragging
about following a shit version of Islam & that’s nothing to brag about! Yet this Goh uses
“WE”/mmmmmmmmaaaaaaa & allows himself to speak for all Iranians.
It is Goh like him who don’t see y the F* would the Masters remove Shah, if he’d had
“sold the nation to foreigners”?!

“So when is it going to fall?”
“Only god knows. We are very tired. However, they will fall. Nobody respects them
anymore. We used to always have mollahs for tea & listen to them explain the Holy Law
& the Qur’an. Look in the bazaar! You won’t find mollahs having tea,” he said, offering
me another Coke before I’d finished the first.”
“How will they fall?” I asked.
“Only god knows. Maybe one day they won’t have enough money to pay off everyone &
the revolutionary guards will shoot them. One thing is certain: somebody will shoot
“And then?”
“Only god knows. But the American consulate will open again, & I will have American
customers,” he said grinning.

Yes indeed, so that this Goh will do laas with foreign women & satisfy his shahvat, while
going to the local mosque praying as well! He is more concerned about having
‘customers’ than the damn country.

“You wouldn’t be scared of Americans buying Iran like before?”
“You’ve learned your lesson. Khomeini made you suffer, didn’t he? I’ve completely
forgiven you. Inshallah, my youngest son will study in America. I would love to visit
America, but I’ve heard they don’t give many visas to Iranians.”

Goh-khori at it’s best!
Who the F* is he to “forgive” Americans?!
This small paragraph reveals so much about the Goh culture. It’s all about
nun-beh-nerkheh-ruz-khordan & taking the upper-hand.
He is raising his own shit profile, knocking Imam to get close to US, siding with Imam to
put US down (made u suffer …), sucking up to US so his Goh sons can go to US to
become superiors, …

“No, they don’t”
“Why don’t they? Why doesn’t America realize how much Iranians love America?”
“I don’t know” I lied.

“everyone hates us.” Hosein said.
“Not everyone,” I said.
“But most everyone hates us, don’t they? I haven’t met someone from the West in years.”
The shopkeepers smile disappeared.
“I don’t know,” I said.
“They should hate the mollahs, not us,” continued the shopkeeper.

This is amazing. The Miranian gaav/olaaq claimed that they removed the Shah to bring
the mollahs to power, they even saw the Imam’s white ass on the moon; but now they
don’t want to be responsible for it?!
They blamed the Shah for their own stupidity & corruption & K*Keshy & now they want
to blame the mollahs. Without the support from Miranian gaav/olaaq, mollahs could not
have ruled for over 25 years over them.

“Everyone hates us,” interjected Hosein again. “The Arabs, the Turks, & the Pakistanis.
Our Muslim brothers hate us. Why should Christians like us anymore?”
“The mollahs have destroyed Iran. We cam barely make enough money to survive,” the
shopkeeper added, not wanting Hosein to have the last word.

How do you peer posht-e pardeh, behind the curtains, & separate the Truth from the Lie?
How do you know when Iranians aren’t lying to themselves?

Miranians learn to live with lies coz their religion doesn’t work in the real world. They
have to lie to themselves to ‘live’.

The Safavids had started under shaykh Safi ad-Din (1252-1334) as peaceful Sunni
mystics, two hundred years later, under shykh Jonayd, they’s become gholat, Shi’ite
extremists who worshiped their leader as God. In the medieval Islamic world, after the
coming of the Mongols, nothing seemed secure. … With the Sunni Muslim status quo
reeling in defeat, ordinary Muslims sought refuge in mysticism. Shi’ism is naturally more
mystical than Sunnism. Its numerous semidivine figures, the Imams, are tailor-made for
folklore’s quest for magic men. --[ when every Goh gaav/olaaq could claim to be a
mollah, representing some holy divine saint & the grave of an ass/camel could be turned
Into a holy grave of a divine Imam-zaadeh]-with its tragic essence - Ali & his son
Hosein triumphed through suffering & death - Shi’ism gained coverts in the disorder;
armed Shi’ism gained power.

& since logic was not part of the culture of uneducated gaav/olaaq, nobody bothered to
- If Ali was holy & divine, chosen by God to take over after the prophet, then how come
he was rejected 3 times by the Muslims & only became the 4th ruler/caliph? Even then he
only ruled for a short time & fought against the prophet’s favorite child-bride. Surely
God could do better than this. To me this is proof that Ali was not divine.

- If Ali & his sons were holy divine Imam,, then how come Hasan gave up (or sold out)
his claim to being the ruler?

- If Ali & his sons were holy divine Imam,, then how come Hosein & all his family were
stupidly massacred? Why would God want another sacrifice after Jesus? Hosein could
not have been divine, chosen by God to rule Muslims.

I could never understand why a passion for God couldn’t come first, & economic &
political calculations second, with no contradiction between them. Thus, shaykh Jonayd
turned violent because his understanding of God changed. Biting poverty, rich infidel
knights, Christian Caucasian women easily raided for harms, the fatigue of preaching
goodwill toward men, narcissism, or some childhood trauma perhaps had led Jonayd to
his conversion. However, in his mind his faith was surely seamless. Muslim true
believers see god undivided everywhere, in everything.

Often, at Middle Eastern studies conferences & in small colloquies with my peers, I’d
heard history inverted by experts trying to be kind. Their sympathy for Islam led them to
treat Muslims like children, not adults. Western civilization was too strong, Islam was too
weak. We shouldn’t criticize Muslims as we criticized ourselves. They couldn’t really
defend themselves; we had to leap to their aid.

Well this may very well be true with the ‘scholars’ but has not been the case with the
Western politicians, who have gone out of their ways to F* Middle East & bleed it to
death so that West could become rich out of it. But the blame goes to the people of
Middle East for being so corrupt & stupid.

[Prophet Muhammad’s] slaughter of the Arabian Jewish tribe was therefore interpreted as
a mundane power play not intrinsically connected to his message. The holy law division
of the world into the dar al-Islam, the house of Islam, & the dar al-Harb, the house of
war, didn’t mean what it said. Similarly, contemporary fundamentalism shouldn’t arouse
much fear. Of course, fundamentalists would probably respect democracy if politically
given the chance in free elections. The Ayatollah shouldn’t have passed a death sentence
against Salam Rushdie, but, really, Rushdie had been mean to Islam.

British have used Islam to control the whole region for over 100 years, so they wouldn’t
like to lose their ‘tool’ by irritating the ‘cattle’, so they are happy to beat around the bush
& pretend that Islam is OK, while milking their cattle to death.
Also, CIA funded Islamic brotherhood in Egypt to break up Naser’s popularity.
Saddam was an informal CIA operative in the 60s!
Masters engineered Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan & Miran, coz it suited them.
Ben Laden was trained by CIA.

An eminent professor of Middle Eastern studies had tried to warn CIA that Khomeini was
not, as senator Edward Kennedy had surmised, the George Washington of Iran. The
professor translated passages of Islamic-government & sent them to Langley, but the CIA
couldn’t confirm Khomeini as the author of the book, even though the library of congress
had the text in its stacks. In the late 78, after the Shah was finished, the CIA finally paid
for the translation of Islamic-government - form the Arabic edition. When I arrived on
the Iran desk, I found numerous unopened copies stacked along the walls.

wow! It’s all there in black & white. Not to mention the top American general going to
Miran & warning Miranian army generals to ensure Khomeini’s safe return to Miran.

The Islamic government doesn’t have one government; it has several . neither
khameneh’I nor Rafsanjani is the Shah. Clerical networks with numerous, sometimes
contradictory, allegiances penetrate every government agency, as they do every seminary
school. The clergy & student mollahs in government maintain loyalties to their extended
families, former teachers & classmates, & to their employers.
Major institutions - the army, the revolutionary guard corps, the interior & intelligence
ministries, the foundation for the oppressed, formerly the pahlavi foundation, a giant
“charitable” organization that succors the poor while illicitly making millions, if not
billions, for the revolutionary elite - have strong identities &, to a lesser extent, power
independent of the revolutionary clergy. Simply put, Iran’s government is a bureaucratic
mess where a wiring diagram makes no sense & everybody gets in everybody else’s

… Persians lie, cheat, & swindle everyone but their mothers --[ but even this became OK
after 78! ]-- ; yet they can lay down their lives for a stranger.

But not just for any stranger. They claim to be mehmaan-navaaz but use millions of
their own people as slaves/nokar/kolfat/amaleh. They are much nicer to “superior”
strangers, the best kind being Europeans/Americans.

… expatriates did a good job of appearing content. Persians are intrepid & chameleonlike
abroad. That was why the clerics had nothing to fear from the expatriates community, &
why they didn’t need to send intelligence ministry hit teams to kill them, as they often
did. Expats loved Iran, had doubts of homesickness, & ran their own Persian newspapers,
radio & TV channels. But they were gradually disappearing into the foreign woodwork.

Saw reports that there r 600,000 Miranians in LA, yet when asked what Miranians r
doing to change things in Miran, the guy in charge of one TV station became sad & said
“nothing”. Yet another Miranian said that America should bomb the nuclear plant in
Miran & help remove the mollahs.

The question is y should they ‘care’? Did the rich Miranians who lived in north of Tehran
care about the poor in the south? No. They moved to the north so that they could live
with poz & efaadeh. After 78, all Miranians, who could, moved out to the rich countries
so that they could live with poz & efaadeh too.

Most Miranians have never ever cared about ‘Iran’, sure they used it to brag about it if
they could, but never sent their sons to do military service if they could buy it off. They
only cared about their own aaberu/face/status-symbols, which meant making money to be
rich, any way they could. Those who could, became rich, those who couldn’t (after trying
hard to sell their own mothers) would complain about being poor, but even they did poz
& efaadeh to those who were poorer than them.
It’s a very hierarchical domineering & cruel shity culture.

“Do Iranians understand themselves?” I asked.
“No!” he shouted. “But only Iranians know how messed up we are.”
“Do you think things will get better in Iran?”
“Things will get worse. The clergy will feed on us until we’re bone white.”
“And you want to stay?”
“I want to watch it fall apart. One of these days, we’ll start to shoot the clergy. I want to
be here when that happens.”

What’s the rush, it’s only been 27 years!
Those who could leave, left as soon as they could; others are just stuck there.

I couldn’t tell whether my friend had any dreams other than revenge. Revenge can easily
sustain a man for a lifetime. And in Persia a taste for revenge comes with mother’s milk.

Actually, I’d strictly adhered to professor J.B. Kelly’s fundamental middle Eastern law:
every modern regime is worse than its monarchical predecessor. Before & during the
revolution, I’d seen too many mojahedin-e khalq student meetings in the US & Europe to
feel good about the anti-Shah side. Listening to secularized Iranian professors grow
rhapsodic as they described Khomeini’s humanity & democratic nature, I could hear the
firing squads. Given the rabid nature of the hard-core left, I’d felt sympathy for both the
Shah & the clerics.

“We all know it [the Goh-Khori of 78] was a mistake,” Hosein continued. “Iranians are
too proud to admit they were wrong. The mollahs still rule Iran because we’re too
“Are you saying that everybody wishes the Shah still ruled Iran?”
“Yes, I think Iranians say that to themselves. I hated the Shah & I’m glad he fell, but I
wish it hadn’t happened.”

Proud of what?! What the F* do they have to be proud of?
This very book sheds some light on how stupid the savage gaav/olaaq of Miran r.
They F* their on country & then say I wish it hadn’t happen, but deny that it was a big
All this while following a very stupid version of Islam, totally rejected by the majority of Muslims!

I wasn’t sure there was an inconsistency in what Hosein was saying. It was very Persian
to want something your own emotions & actions had killed. Iranians prize honesty, yet
privately deride its practitioners as fools. “Down with the Shah!” & “Wish he were still
here!” could be two choruses in a new national anthem.

Not to mention death-to-America & we-love-America ; half the pee-pole thought all their
female singers were whores but the other half worshipped them as saints; etc etc.
Such proud pee-pole!

“You wouldn’t fight to restore the monarchy?”
“Never!” Hosein snapped. “The Pahlavis were dogs!”
“But you & everybody else wishes they still ruled Iran?”
“Unless you’re a mollah or one of their parasites … ?”

“One of these days, we’re going to shoot the goat-fucking mollahs, or we’ll make them
all go live in Iraq with the dogs.”

This is only the Palang factor talking!
Millions threw themselves at Shah’s feet when he was in power, yet they all turned
against him, when he was seen as ‘weak’. Same gaav/olaaq then threw themselves at the
feet of the killer mollahs. Tomorrow, they will all turn against the mollahs when it is
‘safe’ for them to do so.

I hadn't conceived of national shame as an advantage for the clerics.
fatigue, yes. Iranians were now working around the clock to pay the
bills. the more they worked, the less time they had to conspire. in
the 1970s, when the Iranian economy was comparatively in much better
shape, students, professors, & functionaries had more generous salaries &
scholarships, making it easier both to eat & to undermine the regime.

he means economy before 78 was much much much better, $US was 7.5 toman!
This is interesting, usually revolutions happen when people r suffering,
but not in Miran. Miranians were pushed to stampede coz they had it too
good, so they became arrogant & domineering. Shah gave them some freedom,
but the gaav/olaaq were not used to it & saw it as 'weakness' & the Palang
factor set in.

Persians are proud & haughty. Persian pride had never smacked me in the
face the way the Turkish pride had. Turks give ground to no man. as an
American & the angel, i always had special dispensation among Iranians.
but I’d seen Iranian pride flare at others. what Hosein aid made some
sense. perhaps they were truly ashamed of the mess they'd made. so ashamed
that they might even, perversely, support the mollahs.

This is y Miranians still say bad things about the old regime.
they basically use the old regime as escape goat for their own stupidity &
Goh-Khori. This is y many say that they wouldn't want the old regime back,
but would really wish that they hadn't done the stampede, but they r not
man enough to admit their mistake. When they show anger at the old regime,
it's really their pain & suffering of the last 27 years coming out, their
regret & shame coming out, they r angry at themselves!

I hadn't conceived of national shame as an advantage for the clerics.
fatigue, yes. Iranians were now working around the clock to pay the
bills. the more they worked, the less time they had to conspire. in
the 1970s, when the Iranian economy was comparatively in much better
shape, students, professors, & functionaries had more generous salaries &
scholarships, making it easier both to eat & to undermine the regime.

He means economy before 78 was much much much better, us$ was 7.5 toman!
this is interesting, usually revolutions happen when people r suffering,
but not in Miran. Miranians were pushed to stampede coz they had it too
good, so the bullies amongst them became arrogant & domineering. Shah
gave them some freedom, but the gaav/olaaq were not used to it & saw it
as 'weakness' & the Palang factor set in.

Persians are proud & haughty. Persian pride had never smacked me in the
face the way the Turkish pride had. Turks give ground to no man. as an
American & the angel, i always had special dispensation among Iranians.
but I’d seen Iranian pride flare at others. what Hosein aid made some
sense. perhaps they were truly ashamed of the mess they'd made. so ashamed
that they might even, perversely, support the mollahs.

This is y the Miranians still say bad things about the old regime.
they basically use the old regime as escape goat for their own stupidity &
Goh-Khori. This is y many say that they wouldn't want the old regime back,
but would really wish that they hadn't done the stampede, but they r not
man enough to admit their mistake. When they show anger at the old regime,
it's really their pain & suffering of the last 27 years coming out, their
regret & shame coming out, their stupidity coming out.

when I was in the agency ... all of us were proud & most of us knew we were
lying. at the farm, with cheap beer on tap, the old-timers would occasionally
tell the truth. they'd talk about how much money they'd saved, & the great
trips Uncle Sam had paid for. a senior Near East Division officer gladly
recounted tales of the Lebanese beauties he'd banged, less enthusiastically
the meaningful intelligence he'd collected. ...
"It's all shit." an inebriated old Vietnam-Asia hand once declared. "We're all
a bunch of liars in a goddamn paper game. just get overseas & live well.
fuck the rest."

Gush, I thought they joined the agency to "save the world" & spread "freedom"!

Things were awful because this division chief or that chief of station was
a vicious, incompetent cheat. No one wanted to join the dots - the fraud in
all the divisions. if you did, your hope would be gone. also, someone senior
to you might overhear your doubts. no one wanted to admit we were far from
the best & the brightest. no one wanted to wonder why he'd got in & why he'd
made it so far. so publicly you stayed proud & bristled at any outsider's

pilgrims in army cots, we approached the 14 century mosque-mausoleum of Shaykh
Safi ad-Din & Shah Ismail. ... no one was near the tomb. ... I’d been fascinated by
Shah Ismail & the parallels between him & Khomeini. ...
Nor did I see anywhere a clerical tribute to Ismail.
Without him, the ayatollah would have been Sunni, & Sunnis have neither ayatollahs nor
Imams. Not surprisingly, radical Sunni clerics have done far less well trying to rouse the
faithful against westernizing regimes. Sunnis don’t expect an Imam or Mahdi to arrive
dispensing justice. They have rarely seen much justice in any man.

Well it’s because Sunnis are not smart enough to know that a Goh Mollah could become
ayatollah & then call himself Imam. Once he is an Imam, then Allah will be present in his
mind & try to rule through the Imam. Even though prophet Mohammad said he was a
normal human being, Imams are not normal men, they are holy & divine beings, whose
piss can be used as medicine & whose farts smell like roses. Miranians are proud to
follow this shit version of Islams & see the Imam’s white ass on the moon!

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a pussycat compared to Gamel Abdel Nasir (1918-70), the
Egyptian nationalist dictator, who developed the persecution & torture of fundamentalists
into an art. Compared to Saddam Hosein, Mohammad Reza was a human-rights activist.
The Shah had no love of the clergy, but he didn’t deny them a certain reverence. Nasir or
Hussein would’ve killed Khomeini long before his followers called him the Imam.

Miranian gaav/olaaq do not deserve a kind king, they would see him as ‘weak’ & will
walk all over him. They only respect power. Arabs are the same. There is no way a
democrat & kind human could rule Iraq/Iran/Arabs/Afghans. You have to force them to
respect you.
Yet, Miranian Goh oppositions of 78 could never shut up talking rubbish about how cruel
the Shah was & still continue to do so after 27 years of being completely killed &
tortured & F*ed by the Goh mollahs, who’ve destroyed the country.

The Safavids gave the Twelver Shi’ite clerics a very secure home. After conquering Iran,
Ismail & his son Tahmasp imported mollahs from Shi’ite enclaves in Lebanon, Iraq, &
the Persian Gulf, since there weren’t enough clerics in Qom, Iran’s oldest Shi’ite
stronghold, to supply the state’s needs.
Though Ismail probably remained ghali, a Shi’ite radical, in his heart he knew Shi’ite
kingship over a vast newly conquered Sunni state required good administration & level
heads. Traditional clerics were an indispensable part of his program to make Persia
Shi’ite, Safavid, & stable. So he & his successors indulged the clergy, allowing them to
establish schools & networks throughout the country. …. With clerical help, a traditional,
quietist Islam reconquered the Persian soul. By the end of the 16 century, Iranians lay
back, read Hafiz & Sa’di, & enjoyed themselves.

Safavid clerics reserved the right to criticize the emperor if he strayed too far from the
Holy Law. They refused to recognize any Shah as a human representative of the Hidden
Imam. Centuries later, Khomeini pushed the prerogative to a logical if unexpected
conclusion. He cut out the middleman between the mollahs & God.

Not to mention how the Brits bought the mollahs to work for them & that the mollahs
have been bought to change the Law or to make anything ‘Islamic’.

“The Islamic revolution started when you failed in Vietnam. You lost confidence, so we
lost confidence in you. Iranian intellectuals, even the Shah’s ministers, started writing
books about the power & knowledge of the East. We started thinking the Truth was right
here at home. But that was bullshit, of course. Islamic civilization hasn’t produced a
damn thing in hundreds of years. If you’re not gharbzadeh, you’re a deaf-mute.”

“Then you should tell America to strike the mollahs”, said the old man [Hosein’s uncle, a
retired professional soldier!].
“Strike them how?” I asked.
“Shoot them. Bomb them.”
“Do you want US intervention again?” I asked.
“The Shah was a tyrant. America shouldn’t support tyrants. When I was young, I once
trained with American soldiers in Iran. They were very knowledgeable. We all liked the
Americans more than we liked our own officers. None of us understood how the
Americans could have allowed the Shah to oppress his people.”

Well that’s easy, if he didn’t try to look strong, Goh like him would’ve walked all over
him. Look at this guy: “we liked Americans more than we liked our own officers”!
Y do u think that is? Coz Miranians worship POWER. Americans were ‘superior’, so
Miranians soldiers respected Americans more.

“But the mollahs are worse. Just like the Shah, they send the nation’s wealth abroad.
Our prisons are still full of innocent people. His imperial majesty was a bad Muslim
& a bad Iranian. But the mollahs are awful Muslims & worse Iranians. They preach Islam
& steal from the poor. If America destroyed the mollahs, we’d forgive you for the Shah.”

1- At least the old regime did so much for the country. To really find out how much,
one should imagine how Miran would be like in 78 if the Mollahs had taken over from
Qaajaar in 1910. There would’ve been:
- No universities.
- No gugush/daariyush/banana/ma’rufi, no music.
- No nimaa/hedaayat/furuq/behrang/kasravi,, no poets/writers.
- No F*ing Shariati, mollahs don’t like competition.
- Miran would be like Afghanistan today!

2- Shah was not a bad Iranian, his removal by the Masters proves that he cared about Iran.

My trip hadn’t given me any insights into the timing of clerical collapse. I was still
certain it was going to give way one of these days, probably in a violent Gotterdammerung.
In the Muslim Middle East’s take-no-prisoners politics, you’re an idiot to give up power
voluntarily. Given the extent of the anger & dry rot in Iran, the Islamic Republic’s
post-Khomeini history would probably be measured in years, not decades. Another riot
would start, in Qazvin, Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, or Mashhad, I thought, & this time
the army - or maybe even disgruntled & disgusted units of the Revolutionary Guard
Corps - wouldn’t allow Interior Ministry to shoot poor Iranians in the streets. A chain
reaction would follow, & the wise & lucky mollahs would beat a retreat to their
turquoise-tiled mosques & seminaries & pray for the flowering of the soft, forgiving
side of the Persian soul.

The degeneration of Islamic radicalism, not the date, was important. Elsewhere in the
Muslim world, Sunni radicals were already trying to distance themselves philosophically
from the Iranian experience. Shi’ites had always been cursed creatures, destined to fail.
But behind the sectarian invective was an apprehension that Islam didn’t have all the
answers. The reunification of church & state might not make Muslims better able to
handle Western challenges.

Radical Islam in power was perversely advancing the secularization of the Muslim mind.
Except for the death edict against Salman Rushdie - an outrageous & successful
intimidation of the West - Iran’s Islamic revolutionaries had lost everywhere. In
Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Gulf, & even in the Shi’ite stronghold of
Lebanon, they’d been isolated or ejected. Among themselves, Iranians were meaner,
more hypocritical & duplicitous than they’d been before. They prayed less often & far
less hopefully. Persians no longer thought they had a mandate from God. Worst of all, 16
years after the revolution, America was more idealized than before.


V S Naipaul has a very good book: among the believers , an Islamic journey.
He goes to Iran/Pakistan/Malaysia/Indonesia in 79-80 to observe Islam.

He meets Behzad in Iran who is a young mid 20’s pro-communist, who loved Stalin & said:
“Maybe he [Stalin] made some mistakes. But I can say he was the most suitable man
to do what he did. What he did in Russia, we have to do in Iran. we too have to do a
lot of killings. A lot. We have to kill all the bourgeoisie. All the bourgeoisie of the
oppressor class.” [p390]

Yes indeed, it would have made no difference which Goh opposition group took over in 78,
the result would’ve been the same. They had to kill anybody who opposed them & the war
would’ve happened, coz both countries had to be ‘contained’.

Behzad - & other students of Iran, & the estimated 300,000 Iranian students abroad
- were all really the Shah’s children, thee first intellectual fruits of the state he had
tried to build. But they were too new, too raw, unsupported by an intellectual
tradition; they were too many; & neither they nor the state had been able to cope.

This late 20th century Islam appeared to raise political issues. But it had the flaw of its
origins - the flaw that ran right through Islamic history : to the political issues it
raised it offered no political or practical solution. It offered only the faith. It offered
only the Prophet, who would settle everything - but who had ceased to exist. This
political Islam was rage, anarchy.

A country should be run by its most educated & capable & ‘mature’ people & politicians,
NOT by its Goh oqde’i sex-driven hormone-driven bully power-hungry youth aneh-qollaabi,
NOT by its Goh filthy corrupt killer clergies,
NOT by its Goh mass uneducated savage gaav/olaaq.

Politics is a very cruel & complicated game.

Z Z Z zzzzzzzzzzzz ………

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