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Iran Hollywood Oscars Boycott
and Anousheh Ansari


Iran Hollywood Oscars Boycott and Anousheh Ansari
Ahreeman X
February 28, 2017

Iran Oscars Boycott Cartoon
“Hollywood supports IRI – USA Nuclear Deal” (Media)
“Shallow Hollywood: Biggest Lies Ever Told, A Big Budget Love Story is out!” (Media)
Shallow Hollywood: Isn’t She Beautiful?!
Khamenei: I just loves Hollywood!

State of the Union and Hollywood LaLa Land

Hollywood Oscar Awards were granted last night from Hollywood Academy Liberals to the Hollywood Liberals while the viewership rating was lowest since 1974! Why you ask? Because people are fed up with the Hollywood Liberal Millionaires and Billionaires who live in their bubbles in Hollywood LaLa Land, absolutely out of touch with the Real America, Real Americans and Realities of America!

These arrogant Hollywood Liberals look down on the average people or else they would have not derail and bash the leader of the People’s Movement, every chance they get! They simply do not comprehend that Trump is the Will of the People!

Iranian Cinema Liberals
L – R: Taraneh Alidoosti, Asghar Farhadi and Shahab Hosseini of “The Salesman” which won the Oscar for the best foreign movie. These people are as much out of touch with the Iranian people as Hollywood is out of touch with the American people!

California is a LaLa Land where Hollywood is the epicenter of this LaLa Land. Liberals reside in their safe bubble in the LaLa Land. Liberals in LaLa Land indeed!

In 2016 elections, the American people clearly flipped the finger to the:

Corporate Globalist American Media
GOP Establishment
Democratic Establishment
Washington DC Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
Wall Street Establishment
Global Corporate Establishment
Academic Establishment

Rich White Liberals with White Guilt!

Hollywood’s yesterday’s Hippies and today’s Yuppies living in their safe bubble are absolutely out of touch with the Real America. Obviously they did not hear the voice of the American people and the National Populist Revolution!

Asghar Farhadi (director) and Taraneh Alidoosti (actress) of “The Salesman”
Do these people look like they can identify with the average Iranian?
Do they look like they know the pains and miseries of the average Iranian?

The celebrities including but not limited to the Hollywood actors, singers, bands and other snowflakes are still shocked and preach derailing the Trump Administration! Even though America clearly punched the Hollywood in the face, yet they still refuse to give up!

Hollywood liberals use every event as a political tribune to bash and attempt to derail Trump Administration. All of these Hollywood bitter, envious and angry whining and shenanigans will eventually cost them movie sales and concert sales tickets, because with these liberal Marxist and Anarchist rants and raves, they are alienating at least half the American population who voted for Trump and despises the Establishment including the Hollywood Establishment!

People want Hollywood to entertain them, not to lecture them on politics! People want the actors to act and the singers to sing, but they want all of them to shut the hell up about politics! So in a way Hollywood is committing suicide by lecturing politics to the people! By the day, Hollywood is severely distancing themselves from the average Americans!

Asghar Farhadi (director) won 2 Oscars for “A Separation” and “The Salesman”

The Hollywood Logic is still in denial and believes that America is only two little patches of Liberal Blue, one on each coast, New York and California, and then nothing exists in the middle! In reality, liberals are so marginalized and isolated from the Real America and they are pushed in to their traditional little patches of Blue in New York and California. The rest of America is basically swept by the GOP but not because of GOP yet because of Trump.

GOP won the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and Gubernatorial only because of Trump and nothing but Trump. Otherwise, the American people hate the GOP Establishment as much as they hate the Liberals!

Liberals in LaLa Land

Liberals in LaLa Land keep on keeping on their whining, moaning and bitching on and on and they are still strangers to the feelings and lives of the average Americans. Hollywood Liberals’ state of minds had prevailed during the Oscars Ceremony.

Oscars Ceremony

Hollywood Liberals used the Oscars as a tribune to politicize the academy awards and bash and trash Trump, the leader of the People’s Movement, the National Populist Movement. The little nobodies or legends in their own minds, ranted, raved and preached hatred and anger towards Trump and Trumpists.

Hollywood in War with American People

Obviously the low viewership of Oscars, low ticket sales and anger of the American people does not wake up the Hollywood Liberals but it surely affects their wallets!

One of their charade tactics was to grant the best foreign film award to the Iranian movie “The Salesman”.

After all, Hollywood openly supported the IRI – USA Nuclear Deal, Open Borders Policy, Welcome All Immigrants Policy, Sanctuary Cities, and Embracing All American Enemies Policy. The funny thing is that Hollywood supports all illegal immigrants; however, they do not allow them inside their lavish parties and banquets! They allow a few of them as servants to serve them in the parties but not as guests! Does Hollywood Liberal Hypocrisy sound familiar?!

Iranian Hollywood

After granting the best foreign film candidacy to the Iranian Film “The Salesman”, the director “Asghar Farhadi” and the Actress “Taraneh Alidoosti” declared that they will boycott the Oscars and remain in Tehran due to Trump’s Racist Act of Extreme Vetting Executive Order to protect America and Americans!

The Iranian Hollywood Liberals the same as their American counterparts started a campaign of rhetoric and propaganda as a great publicity stunt to gain more fame and more dollars by slandering Trump as Racist, Sexist, Homophobe,  Xenophobe, Misogynist, and the rest of the same old liberal accusations which we have a ear full, Hollywood Style!

Publicity and propaganda, Persian Style dragged on all the way to the ceremonies where Asghar Farhadi sent two so-called prominent Iranian Americans to receive the Oscars on his behalf and recite the rhetoric on his behalf!

These two prominent Iranian American Liberals were similar to their American counterparts, as out of touch with the everyday average Iranian inside Iran!

Firouz Naderi (Ex NASA Scientist) and Anousheh Ansari (Engineer and Space Tourist) received the Oscars on behalf of Asghar Farhadi who boycotted the Oscars. Anousheh Ansari Iranian Liberal Multi Millionaire took the opportunity of the Photo Op. to recite the Anti Trump Message of Asghar Farhadi. Do these people look like they can identify with the average American or Iranian?!

Asghar Farhadi sent Dr. Firouz Naderi (Ex NASA Scientist) and Anousheh Ansari (Space Traveler) to receive his Oscar Award.

Anousheh Ansari, a Selfish Out of Touch Liberal Millionaire

For Anousheh Ansari, the same as Reza Pahlavi II and other Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires or so-called celebrities, events like this is a chance for photo op. and public appearance on media, only to state that they are still alive, seeking relevance and fame!

Anousheh Ansari took the opportunity to speak on behalf of Asghar Farhadi, only to show off her new dress and brag to the world about her status and fortune. Anousheh Ansari is not about the causes but she is about money and publicity.

Anousheh Ansari is an engineer, an entrepreneur and a Multi Millionaire businesswoman as out of touch with the average Iranian as Hollywood is out of touch with the average American!

Anousheh Ansari is the chairwoman and co founder of Prodea Systems and the Ex CEO and co founder of the TTI (Telecom Technologies Inc.). She is from Mashhad, Iran and she is a superb computer scientist and electrical engineer.

Anousheh Ansari and the Iranian American Liberals love to refer to Anousheh as an Astronaut; however, she is not really an astronaut, but she took a leisure travel to the International Space Station.

Face of the Arrogant and Shallow Rich Liberal
Anousheh Ansari reading Asghar Farhadi’s Anti Trump rhetoric at Oscars.
The perfect photo op. and Hollywood Tribune to use as a political platform for a self absorbed Multi Millionaire Iranian American Liberal, out of touch with the average American and the average Iranian!

Anousheh Ansari is worth over $ 750 Million Dollars, so she got too much money to burn. Anousheh Ansari paid about $ 20 Million Dollars to take a space trip (her childhood dream) on the Russian Soyuz Space Shuttle to the International Space Station and back. Russian Space Agency needs money and they came up with the “Space Commercial Travels” Plans to ride the space tourists on their shuttles for millions of dollars. Anousheh having way too much money to blow, told herself, why not take a space travel for $ 20 Millions?! So she done it! Now the Hick (Dahati and Qorbati) Iranians and Iranian American Liberals call her an Astronaut! Folks, not any space tourist IDs as an astronaut! Get it?

Self Centered Millionaire

The funny things is that Anousheh Ansari with all her millions, never ever paid a dime to the Iranian Opposition or paid a cent of her fortune for the cause of the freedom of Iran!

Anousheh Ansari, the same as Reza Pahlavi II, is of the breed of Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires who piled up money on top of the money and built up great bank accounts without having any conscience to spend even a fraction of their fortune for the freedom of their country!

After 38 plus years, Iran is still in the chains of Islam and Mullahs because a great number of Iranian Millionaires and Billionaires did not even spend a dime of their fortune for the freedom of Iran. Anousheh Ansari is one of the many! On the contrary, she has been participating in activist movements and videos sponsored by the IRI Lobby and IRI Agents:

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

Anousheh Ansari the Pawn

Anousheh Ansari had played right in to the hand of the IRI Lobby in their video as a pawn! Now once again, she has become a pawn in the hand of IRI Media and IRI Regime. It seems like Anousheh Ansari enjoys being a pawn. IRI Regime and their media, also Asghar Farhadi and Taraneh Alidoosti are politicizing this event. The IRI Regime politicizes it for Anti Trump and Anti American propaganda. The Director and Actress politicize it for their Anti Trump liberal agenda. Anousheh Ansari once again falls as a pawn in to the hand of the IRI Regime, IRI Lobby and IRI Media.

Trump Cares More about the Iranian People than Anousheh Ansari

Maybe Anousheh Ansari should focus her anger and criticism towards the Mullahs, Hezbollah and Islamists who FAQed up her country than towards Trump! Maybe she should lift a finger towards freedom of Iran instead of lining up with the Hollywood imbeciles! In fact Trump cares more about the Iranian People and has done more for the Iranian People in a few weeks than Anousheh Ansari has ever done throughout her lifetime. Anousheh Ansari is not the pride of Iran but she is a disgrace for Iran! Anousheh Ansari is nothing but a “Career Exilist”!

The least that Trump has done for the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition is that he gave them hope for freedom and democracy for Iran. Trump and American People’s National Populist Revolution has set a standard for the Iranian People to follow and overthrow the Mullahs Islamist Regime.

What the Hell has Anousheh Ansari ever done for the Iranian People? Anousheh Ansari has done nothing but lining up her pockets and her bank accounts with Millions of Dollars and taking lavish vacations around the globe and even in to the space! Anousheh Ansari has never given a Flying Fandango about Iran or Iranians!

Iran Oscars Boycott Shenanigan

Iranian director Asghar Farhad won two Oscars, one for the Best Foreign Film of 2012 “A Separation” and one for the Best Foreign Film of 2017 “The Salesman”.

Before winning the Oscar, Taraneh Alidoosti the star of the Iranian film “The Salesman” nominated for the Oscar for the best foreign film had stated that she will boycott the Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood in protest at US President Trump's proposed ban on immigrants from several Muslim nations. Taraneh Alidoosti described the move as racist.

“The Salesman” won the best foreign language film at the 2017 Oscars, and so the director Asghar Farhadi attacked President Donald Trump's so-called “inhuman travel ban” during his acceptance speech which was read by Anousheh Ansari, since he decided to “boycott” the event and stay in Tehran.

At Oscars, the award was accepted and received on behalf of Asghar Farhadi by Dr. Firouz Naderi (Ex NASA Scientist) and Anousheh Ansari (Space Traveler).

Two prominent Iranian American liberals represented Farhadi, who boycotted the Oscars over US President Donald Trump's executive order, temporarily banning visitors from seven State Sponsor Terrorism and Civil War Torn Muslim Countries. Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian space tourist, read a statement by Asghar Farhadi:

"My absence is out of respect for the people of my country and those of other six nations whom have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the US.”

“Dividing the world into the 'us' and 'our enemies' categories creates fear, a deceitful justification for aggression and war." Anousheh Ansari stated.

Liberal Hypocrisy

Maybe Asghar Farhadi and Taraneh Alidoosti should primarily lecture Mullahs of Iran on human rights violations and every type of freedom violations before they lecture Trump on Extreme Vetting of non Americans entering America! These Iranian Liberals are extremely arrogant and hypocrites.

Maybe Hollywood stars should lift up their mansions’ walls and allow illegal aliens to camp on their properties and share the wealth before they lecture Trump on building the wall to protect America and Americans. These Hollywood Liberals are pathetically hypocrites.

Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim Mayor

Before the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, the London’s Muslim Mayor “Sadiq Khan” (whom many Islamists voted for him) threw a screening of Asghar Farhadi’s “The Salesman” at the London’s Trafalgar Square. Sadiq Khan referred to the ban as "cruel" and "shameful."

Last month, Farhadi said that he would not take part in the Academy Awards, even after receiving special permission to attend. He has announced that Anousheh Ansari, famed for being the first female space tourist, and Firouz Naderi, a former director of Solar Systems Exploration at NASA, will be his representatives at this year's Academy Awards.

"Despite our different religions, nationalities and cultures, we are all citizens of the world. I'm very proud to be a member of this global family. I'm sorry that I'm not able to be here with you but I will be there in spirit." Asghar Farhadi stated in a recorded message which played at the beginning of the film.

Iranian Liberals in LaLa Land

It is interesting that no one banned Asghar Farhadi and his crew but IRI Lobby (Trita Parsi and NIAC) been going around the net in various forums and posting that Trump banned Asghar Farhadi to enter US! Trita Parsi has a history of lies and deceit:

Trump Iran Visa Ban: Pros and Cons: Part 2

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: Part 1

Of course the Iranian American Gullible Liberals have been believing and reshooting these lies and propaganda ongoingly.

The Movie Episode Recap

“The Salesman” directed by Asghar Farhadi and played by Taraneh Alidoosti and Shahab Hosseini won the Oscar for the best foreign film award. Received Oscar on behalf of Asghar Farhadi were Dr. Firouz Naderi the Ex NASA Scientist and Anousheh Ansari the Space Tourist.

Here are some interesting videos to watch about the controversial event:


Asghar Farhadi, who did not attend the Oscars, in a statement following his win

Iranian Oscar winner boycotts ceremony over travel ban - Sky

Taraneh Alidoosti Iranian actress boycotts Oscars over Trump's so-called Racist Muslim ban

Asghar Farhadi wins another Oscar for Iran - Press TV

Mark Dice View
Best Foreign Film Oscar Winner Attacks Trump during Acceptance Speech

Why an astronaut and a scientist accepted an Oscar?

Story of Iran Oscars Boycott


Anousheh Ansari Site

Anousheh Ansari Twitter

Anousheh Ansari Wikipedia

What have we learned?

One man (President Trump) declares an executive order to protect and serve his country (America) and his people (Americans), then Hollywood Liberals and the Iranian Liberals become clay in the hands of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) the state sponsor terrorism and IRI Lobby to propagate, politicize, publicize and benefit from this event at the Academy Awards Oscars Ceremony. Iranian American Liberals like a herd cheer for Iran Boycott of the event, Hollywood Liberals shenanigans and bash Trump. IRI Lobby and Media in USA propagates the issue.

Corporate Globalist American Media having antagonistic conflict with Trump Nationalist Economic Agenda, enflames the issue and glorifies the boycott. Hollywood Liberals living in their bubble, detached from Americans, cheer and exaggerate the issue. One month of propaganda and publicity results in a night of Trump bashing by out of touch, clueless Hollywood Liberals ranting and raving which makes them yet less popular in the eyes of the average Americans!

American Media and Hollywood Establishment as usual are the enemy of the American people and always side with the enemies of United States, this time like toys in the hands of the IRI Islamist Regime of the Mullahs.

Welcome to Hollywood and American Media Lies, Deceits and Sabotage of Trump Administration and Will of the American People!

Who Gained What?

Asghar Farhadi and Taraneh Alidoosti got some prime publicity.

Firouz Naderi and Anousheh Ansari got some prime exposure.

IRI, the IRI Lobby and Terrorists got some prime propaganda.

Hollywood Liberals got some poison venom spewed.

Corporate Globalist American Media got some Fake News Momentum.

American People got more disgusted with Hollywood and Media.

Iranian People remained in chains after all of this Fake Propaganda.

Rise Up and Get Rewarded


No American Patriot and Iranian Nationalist supports the Hollywood and American Media lies and derailing of Trump Administration because Trump is only the messenger but it is the “Will of the People” which after many decades is once more running the White House and the country. Hollywood and Media Establishment can bark but they can never seize the “Will of the People” to run their country.

Hollywood Liberals Leaving USA for Canada Cartoon!
“Due to Trump Win depression, many Hollywood celebrities declared that they will leave America for Canada!” (Media)
“The poor Canadian Pacifists welcoming committee stood awaiting the American celebrities’ entrance for so long that spider web connected the ground to their clothes!” (Media)

Iranians should learn from Americans. The American people established a Revolution in 2016 and regained America. Against all odds, one man led the People’s Revolution to victory. One man represented the Will of the People and fought with tooth and nails against All Establishments and returned America back to the Americans. Trump and the People established the National Populist Revolution of America. Trump is only the messenger, it is the Will of the People which overthrown the Establishment!

American Second Revolution of 2016 was bloodless but Iranian Revolution will not be Bloodless. Freedom does not come cheap, it comes with blood. Iranians should establish a bloody revolution and regain Iran from the Mullahs, Islam and Muslims. Rise up and get rewarded with freedom.

Together, we shall reach that “Shining City upon a Hill” …


Dr. X

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