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Top 10 World's Most Powerful Women of 2009
Written and Compiled by Ahreeman X
September 23, 2009

From Forbes 2009 Top 100 Most Powerful Women of the world List
Forbes, the most powerful name in Financial Publications
Home of Business Leaders

Yes indeed it is that time of the year again! Can you believe that we are entering 2010?! Time flies so fast! A blink of an eye and a decade has passed us by!

Once again we are digging in to the list of top 10 power women of now 2009. These are the movers, shakers and role models for today’s girls and tomorrow’s great women of the globe. I just love women, the stronger, the more powerful and more independent they are, the more turn on they are for me! But let’s not go there and let’s concentrate on this year’s list. The Top 10 list of the power woman of 2009. Who will make number one?

So who will it be this year?

Sarah Palin is a solid 2nd amendment and gun rights advocate.

Will it be Sarah Palin? Of course not! If she would have become the US VP, then for sure, but not now; Yet don’t be too quick to eliminate her. Sarah would never go away! She is just beginning to enter the picture. She is like the energizer Battery Bunny who would never fade away, but she would be going and going and going on forever …. According to the latest polls, if a presidential election would be held right now, then at least 70 % of GOP would vote for Sarah Palin in the primary. Sarah is just playing the tactical game for the future strategy. Watch out for her in the upcoming years.

Sarah Palin is coming to cleanup DC!

Why Sarah Palin for US 2012 Election?

Sarah Palin Rocks America!

Sarah is coming to town, are you ready for her?

Sarah Palin: Gotcha!

How about Massoumeh Ebtekar?

Massoumeh Ebtekar, Ex Vice President of Iran and Heroine of Islamist Reforms and Environment!
Massoumeh: I am in need of something this big!

Why not the Machinegun Mary? Why not Ebtekar? Just because the woman is an ex terrorist, hostage taker and Islamist enigma, you cannot discriminate against her! Stop being Islamophobic and admit that she is Hot (in an Islamo-Sadistic twisted way)! Let’s face it, she is an IPC Award Winning Scholar:

Massoumeh Ebtekar - Shiite of the Season

How about Sisi Azhin?

Sisi Azhin, Iranian Art and Fashion Model

After all these months, she is still in the Top 15 Most Viewed Items of IPC (middle of the left column in the IPC homepage).

Ok then, how about Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, president of Argentina? Before she become the president, I have predicted that if she would become the president, then she would run for the top 10. After gaining some experience as the president, surely she would make the top 10. Well that was then, this is now:

Top 10 World's Most Powerful Women of 2007

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina

Cristina Fernandez, President of Argentina
Cristina: Hey I maybe not having gigantic Gazoongas this big, but hey, I still look like a fashion model!

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner
Fashion Model, Pop Star, Celebrity, National Heroine, Popular Character and indeed Madam President!

Cristina got the looks and the brains but alas that she did not make it!

Well then who will it be? Who will make number one?

Sad but true, harsh but real, factual indeed, for the 4th consecutive year in a row, once again she is number one! The one and only, yours truly, German Power Machine, Femi-Nordic Goddess, the one and only, most powerful woman in the world, the politician of the year, the great leader of Germany, The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel:
Top 10 Most Powerful Women of the World

1. Angela Merkel
Chancellor - Germany

Seeking second term in national general election at the end of September; plans to form a new coalition with the liberal Free Democrats and ditch her current governing partner, the center-left Social Democrats. Recent opinion polls favor her succession. Critics gripe Merkel's government has been slow to restructure and recapitalize banking system; nation's economy expected to shrink by at least 6% this year. Merkel's bent is to unwind the global fiscal and monetary stimulus over concerns about rising borrowing and future inflation, but she found few backers at the last G-8 summit. Strengthening ties with Russia; In July met with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to promote the North Stream gas pipeline project, which will carry Russian gas to Europe under the Baltic Sea; also favors Canadian-Russian bid for German carmaker Opel. Merkel's husband, who is famously absent at most functions, has been dubbed "Phantom of the Opera" because he accompanies her to the annual Wagner festival in Bayreuth.

2. Sheila Bair
Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. - USA

The country's deepening economic crisis tested the unassuming Kansas native in unprecedented ways last year: The FDIC chairman was forced to fight Washington insiders for her own agenda, and she learned how to be comfortable making public appearances. She succeeded on both counts, but this year Bair has been drawing upon still other strengths. Amid discussion at the White House on restructuring federal oversight of the financial industry, Bair fought for more power for her agency and argued against expanding the influence of the Federal Reserve. Bair's moves triggered rumors about a personal conflict between her and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. She shrugged those off but will likely see the Fed gain more powers. Still, her agency's influence remains solid: So far this year, the FDIC has taken 69 banks into receivership—more than this time last year.

3. Indra Nooyi
Chief Executive of PepsiCo – USA

Though 2008 revenues grew 10% from the year before and snack sales are holding, Nooyi has been struggling to revamp falling profits in PepsiCo's core beverage business. Focusing on innovation instead of acquisition, the company is debuting new product lines, targeted marketing and repackaging efforts in 2009. A re-launch of the energy drink Propel will advance Nooyi's plan to offer more healthful products to serve consumer demand. The group also launched a "Refresh Everything" campaign, featuring Pepsi Natural, made with all-natural ingredients, and Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback, inspired by designs of the 1960s and '70s.

4. Cynthia Carroll
Chief Executive of Anglo American – USA

When Anglo American rejected Xstrata's $ 70 billion merger bid in June, CEO Cynthia Carroll was quick to point out that not only was it a low bid, but also that merging with Xstrata would tarnish the mining company's interest. However, after a particularly tumultuous year, analysts say that Carroll's Anglo American will be fielding—even searching for—similar merger deals in coming months. Carroll oversees the company, with interests in platinum, coal, gold, industrial minerals and diamonds. Her company owns major stakes in diamond company DeBeers; MMX Minas-Rio, a Brazilian iron ore outfit; and AngloGold Ashanti, a gold concern. For the second straight year, platinum, gold and nickel are down, but thanks to a large stake in DeBeers, which operates on the steady diamond market, Carroll has a hedge. Prior to joining Anglo in 2006, Carroll spent 17 years in the aluminum industry with Alcan and six years in gas and oil exploration.

5. Ho Ching
Chief Executive of Temasek – Singapore

When Temasek, Singapore's flagship sovereign wealth fund, announced in February that Ho Ching was stepping down as chief executive after five years at the helm, observers assumed the global financial crisis had claimed another high-profile victim. In substituting retired BHP Billion Chief Chip Goodyear, Temasek was swapping out the executive who had presided over investments in hard-hit banks like Merrill Lynch (now part of Bank of America), Standard Chartered and Singapore's DBS Group. But in July, just three months before he was slated to take over, Goodyear and Temasek abruptly parted ways, citing differences on "strategic issues." Singapore's first lady is keeping her day job in the corner office while she looks for another successor. Next challenge: maintaining Temasek's vaunted 18% compounded annual return since the fund's 1974 inception.

6. Irene Rosenfeld
Chief Executive of the Kraft Foods – USA

In year three as chief at Kraft Foods, things are looking up for Rosenfeld. First-quarter profits rose 10% in 2009, beating analyst predictions. Rosenfeld's plan to reduce costs by cutting unprofitable product lines and focusing on core brands seems to be working. Oreo cookies and Kraft macaroni and cheese (Rosenfeld's proclaimed favorite products) showed double-digit growth, cashing in on consumers' desire to economize by opting for low-cost, home-cooked meals. She also plans to push Jell-O and Kool-Aid, compensating for dropping sales on cheese and nuts. Little-known facts: As a child, she dreamed of being a U.S. president and chose to go to Cornell University for their women's athletic program, eventually attaining a Ph.D. in marketing and statistics.

7. Ellen Kullman
Chief Executive of DuPont – USA

With commodity prices falling and the world's demand for chemicals tracking the dismal sales of houses, cars and just about anything else companies and consumers buy, Ellen Kullman is having a challenging first year at the helm of chemical giant Dupont. Kullman was named chief executive in January 2009. Previously served as the company's president from October 2008 to December 2008. This past spring, Kullman unveiled a restructuring plan in hopes of preserving the company's cash flow. "Our objective is not simply to weather the recession and wait for recovery. Our goal is to emerge from this global recession stronger, faster and more agile than ever before," she said. Kullman sits on the board of her alma mater, Tufts University, as well as the National Safety Council.

8. Angela Braly
Chief Executive of WellPoint – USA

Angela Braly has made unquestionable strides in breaking the glass ceiling of the male-dominated health insurance industry—and has been well-paid for her work: Since her appointment to CEO in 2007, her salary has nearly tripled. The St. Louis attorney helped Missouri's Blue Cross convert from a nonprofit into an investor-owned company in 1994. She made the leap to WellPoint when the company acquired Blue Cross in 2001. The company now commands more than $60 billion in annual revenues and, despite recent tangling with Washington, the forecast still looks bright for the Indianapolis-based behemoth. Watch out this year for the Obama administration's health reform plan, which might well impact private insurers like WellPoint.

9. Anne Lauvergeon
Chief Executive of Areva – France

Anne Lauvergeon understands the sensitive nature of running a nuclear company: "It is in the interest of the company to act responsibly and minimize the risks," she says. Lauvergeon has run France's nuclear utility since 1999. The former Lazard investment banker has a degree in physics and got her start in the steel business. She was also a top official at Alcatel as well as an adviser to French President Francois Mitterand.

10. Lynn Elsenhans
Chief Executive of Sunoco – USA
Elsenhans leads one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of petroleum and petrochemical products, Sunoco. In the past year, Elsenhans was also named chairman of the board, sat on the panel for the Goldman Sachs Global Energy Conference in January and oversaw the sale of a Tulsa refinery. In June, Elsenhans secured the purchase of a 100 million gallon per-year ethanol manufacturing facility in New York. This facility will supply 25% of Sunoco's ethanol production. A college basketball player at Rice, Elsenhans remains a sports enthusiast. She is also a director of International Paper.

Now honestly, doesn’t Lynn look like a closet S&M Dominatrix with a Glasses Fetish?!

*      *      *

Now let us review some of the interesting women who made the Top 100 list:

Yes, here is my pick. She didn’t make the Top 10 List but she came very close! They often ask me why I root for her? It is not that I love Argentina, the country, the people, the national soccer team and the culture, but it is that I just love Cristina.

At number 11, here is the Argentine Tigress:

11. Cristina Fernandez
President – Argentina

Argentina's first popularly elected woman suffered a setback in recent mid-term elections that cost the ruling Peronist Party control of both houses of congress. A cabinet reorganization in July may not be enough to fix the country's socioeconomic instability, which many blame on the government's nationalization of AFJP private pensions as well as the conflict with farmers over grain taxes. Some critics are speculating Fernandez may even step down before her term is done. Fernandez is one of several Latin American presidents working to get deposed President Manuel Zelaya back to Honduras.

13. Sonia Gandhi
President of Indian National Congress Party – India

Gandhi, the Italian-born leader of India's most powerful political party, the Indian National Congress Party, is still the country's dominant force since she reluctantly entered politics in the 1990s. The daughter-in-law of Indira, Gandhi has always professed reservations about her public role yet continues to wield unequaled influence in India. A landslide victory for her Congress Party in May solidified her position and weakened the Communists and nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. Although Gandhi is widely revered by her fellow countrymen, especially India's poor and its vast agricultural population, her party's victory is being seen as a test: Its platform was the continued financial support of the poverty-stricken-a tall order given the weakening economy.

22. Michelle Bachelet
President – Chile

Chile's first female president ends her single four-year term this year continuing to promote free trade and cooperation. Chile claims to have more bilateral or regional trade agreements than any other country, nearly 60 to date, the most recent with Turkey. In June, Bachelet announced an agreement on clean energy development with U.S. President Barack Obama. She serves as temporary president of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), a 12-nation group modeled after the European Union

33. Marina Berlusconi
Chairman of Fininvest Group – Italy

The eldest daughter of three-time Italian prime minister and billionaire, Silvio Berlusconi, she is president of Fininvest, the holding company that controls her father's vast media empire Mediaset. Also chairs Mondadori, Italy's leading book and magazine publisher and sits on the board of investment bank Mediobanca. She has spoken out in defense of her father, who has come under pressure to clarify his relationship with Noemi Letizia, the 18-year-old at the center of a highly public divorce row between Berlusconi and his second wife. "To insult my father is to insult me," she reportedly said. In December, she married ballet dancer Maurizio Vanadia, the father of her two children.

47. Yulia Tymoshenko
Prime Minister – Ukraine

Tymoshenko is managing Ukraine's economic meltdown; Ukraine's first female prime minister negotiated over $16 billion in a two-year Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF to counter adverse economic affects of the drop in steel prices and mounting foreign debt. Spiking inflation, contracting GDP and concerns about Kiev's ability to pay for Russian gas imports are also weighing heavily on Tymoshenko's 2010 presidential campaign. Has been making nice with former adversary, billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, member of the opposition Party of Regions. She regained her prime minister post in December 2007 after being sacked two years earlier in part due to criticism for moves against assets allegedly sold cheaply to billionaires.

Ahhhh, once again Anne Sweeney, my gal has made it in the top 100. I like Anne, she is a cool gal.

52. Anne Sweeney
Co-chairman of Disney Media Networks – USA

If you like Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives or Dancing with the Stars, you have Anne Sweeney to thank. Sweeney, who heads Disney's TV operations, is also responsible for smash-hit teen idols Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana") and the Jonas Brothers. But Sweeney's group, like so many throughout the media, has been hit by layoffs this year as it struggles to deal with the recession's effects on TV advertising. The former Nickelodeon and Fox exec has been with Disney for a dozen years.

This would bring us to the end of this year’s list. Girls, always remember that looks will get you so far, so practice them brains to guarantee yourselves a rightful place on the world chessboard!

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