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Two Great Technological Discoveries Kept Secret
An Aerospace Engineer’s Perspective

Nicholas Ginex
November 30, 2019

Nicholas Paul Ginex Fireplace Chat
Aerospace Engineer, Author, Philosopher, Egyptologist, Historian, Scholar, Researcher, Humanitarian and Lover of Life

Anti-Gravity and Zero-Point Energy

This article is written to inform the public of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era. Some people have learned about them, they are called anti-gravity and zero-point energy. All IPC members and interested parties who frequent the topics provided on the Iran Politics Club are invited to comment and share their thoughts be they pro, con, or are able to amplify the facts and philosophical ideas presented.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. Unlike in classical mechanics, quantum systems constantly fluctuate in their lowest energy state.

For those of you who have not yet learned about my writings, I was honored to have Dr. Ahreeman introduce me in our first debate titled Philosophy of Existence. It may be viewed on the link,

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X Debate: Philosophy of Existence

It is hoped that this article will be posted on the IPC Home Page so that the greatest number of people become aware of the technological discoveries that will change their quality of life in years to come.

Anti-Gravity Energy Propulsion Engine

Two Great Technological Discoveries Kept Secret

The U.S. military and many aerospace companies, known as the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), has kept secret two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era for more than five decades.

Using billions of tax payer dollars, the MIC has developed and built space craft that can travel in outer space using anti-gravity and zero-point energy. Large corporations effectively control the media to keep hidden the scientific discoveries and have secured patents to keep private enterprise from developing space travel capability. Those patents should belong to the American people who unknowingly financed top-secret programs, which amounted to 20 and as high as 80 billion dollars per year since the Roswell UFO crash.

UFO Night Scan

There are several significant findings that must be fully disclosed to the American public. To not do so, the MIC will continue to lead people like fools by financing and controlling the fake news media. They desire to maintain the status quo of ignorance by preventing exposure to new technology and ideas that may be acquired from Extraterrestrials. The following link provides a paper that reveals scientific evidence and presents logical conclusions briefly described below:

Everything Has a Beginning - Even the Universe (Complete Version)

Everything Has a Beginning - Even the Universe (Compact Version)

* Big Bang Theory no longer credible as energy in space creates matter.

* Electrons create elements and may be the beginning of Consciousness.

* Aliens on the moon landed spaceships 32 miles long and 2.8 miles wide.

* A U.S. surreptitious Government built spacecraft that can travel into space.

* Climate Change and poverty can be ended by disclosure of zero-point energy.

UFO built by the US Air Force via reverse engineering

The Ginex paper is written in four parts to inform the public of a philosophical and scientific presentation of:

(1) The Beginning of the Universe,

(2) The Reality of Extraterrestrials,

(3) Disclose Zero-Point Energy for the Benefit of Mankind

(4) Zero-Point Energy Can Enter Mankind into a New Era

For a comprehensive discussion of the MIC successful development and operation of Interstellar Flying Objects (IFOs), refer to the March 11, 2019 dialogue between Dr. Ahreeman and Nicholas Ginex. It is titled, Re: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence and resides on the link below.

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X Debate: Philosophy of Existence
Electron and the Beginning of the Universe!

and / or,

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X Debate: Philosophy of Existence
Nicholas Response to Dr. Ahreeman’s Post of March 9th, 2019

The human race is constantly evolving both technically and psychologically. Humans have advanced in the technical spheres, but due to the many diverse views about spiritual, religious, philosophical, and political beliefs, there is no common agreement in a belief system they can all embrace. As a result, much conflict has arisen that has resulted in hatred, violence and death of human beings in many countries. It would be of benefit to learn if ETs have solved their ideological differences and developed an acceptable view of learning how to love one another. This is the ultimate outcome; to revere all life and learn of the wonders of other beings in the universe. An alternate outcome is to let the fears and terror humans inflict upon other beings constrict our ability to advance to the next level of moral and intellectual development. If so, we may never get to enjoy the wonders that await wonderful discoveries in interstellar space.

Dear readers, Dr. Ahreeman has given me a wealth of ideas and has provided his creativity to enhance many of the articles I have placed on IPC. It is why I mimic some of his format in this presentation. Such as;

I Hope . . .

I manage to inform and educate the minds and hearts of all Americans to not be controlled by the swamp of the embedded state of corrupt leaders and the Fake News Media. Over the past three years, they have resisted and tried to oust the greatest president this nation has ever known because he is a definite threat to the power they have gained over many decades.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

The Change . . .

We will make America greater in the future by changing the world to be more peaceful and civilized by advancing the attributes of truth and integrity.

Educated minds can only be nourished with integrity and truth of the facts. These attributes, unfortunately, has been crippled by our educational institutions who are willing to lie and distort history and the facts to achieve their own agenda. The result is the easy propensity for journalists to write Fake News and create unsubstantiated lies. I appeal to all political and religious organizations to emphasize truth and integrity in all their actions. Only then can we all learn to trust and love one another.

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons – 3 Parts

Your Support . . .

Join in the sharing of ideas and helping your friends and associates to become knowledgeable of what you have learned. Let it be known (an expression of mine); I sit and write to teach, inform, and give of myself the knowledge I have been graced by God to share with you. I have acquired knowledge from the many people who have entered my life and it has been through exposure of their intimate thoughts that I have been able to piece together ideas that may be worthwhile for others to grow and articulate even greater ideas.

I look forward to your participation. No thought is too small to not contribute to the ground-breaking ideas that have advanced and will continue to advance mankind to someday meet other intelligent beings in the universe.

Let me know you’re out there, even to just say Hello. If the length of the referenced articles are too long, I suggest reading and commenting in parts, such as the parts identified above.

Knowledge will build the Bright Future.

Alien observes Earth

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This is only the beginning ……



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Two Great Technological Discoveries Kept Secret

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