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Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Chapter 10: Interim Government and Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) Flags and Insignias
Pictorial History of Iranian Flags
Ahreeman X
March 17, 2012

Iran Interim Transitional Government 1979 - 1980 Flag
Flag of the Interim Government
Transitional Period 1979 – 1980

Origins of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Flag

Roots and Meaning of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Flag

Ruhollah Khomeini had Indian roots. The emblem which he chosen for Islamic Republic’s Flag originally has been copied from The Indian Sikh Emblem! So basically he revised and minor-changed the old Sikh Logo and placed it on the Persian Flag. This is the ultimate insult to an 8000 years old Persian Culture! Not to mention that Khomeini was a thief (stealing Sikh’s logo), yet he was also a traitor (by placing the Sikh Logo on the Persian Banner)! Khomeini, Mullahs, Hezbollah, Muslims and Islamic Republic have no identity, even their official emblem is stolen from Indian Sikhs!


Sikhism was established as a religion in the 15th Century (about 1469). The traditions and philosophy of Sikhism was basically established by “Ten Gurus” from 1469 to 1708. Sikhism started in the Punjab (Panjab) Region by Guru Nanak Dev  (Shri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji) and it progressed and developed by the other Gurus. Basically the founders of Sikhism mixed Islam and Hinduism and then matched them and created Sikhism. The Sikhism is a cross over between Islam and Hinduism. Punjab is the only region in India with a majority population of Sikhs. Persian Islamic Culture was an influential element in creation of Sikhism. The oldest Holy Sikh Documents found were written in Persian.

Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Granth Sahib (Godly Words of Guru) is the original holy book of the Sikhs written between 1469 to 1708.


The Sikh philosophy and doctrine is called “Gurmat” (of the Gurus) because the Gurus have created it. Guru Nanak teaches that “Salvation” is not found through Heaven and Hell but it is reached through a spiritual union with God (similar to Dervish Mysticism). Therefore the “Khalsa Code of Conduct” has been established by the 10th Guru (Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji). Khalsa is a doctrine. Khalsa (Trans) aids you to go in state of trans thorough meditation and teachings of Sikhism, so you can find God and become one with him.

Khalsa (Khalseh in Persian) is a state of mind and body (Trans)

Khalsa is the teachings of the 10th Guru
Khalsa is the soul of the 10th and the final temporal Guru Sikh leader.
Khalsa is a collective body of “Saint Solders”.
Khalsa is a way of life.
Khalsa is a set of rules.
Khalsa is the name of Sikh Nation (Punjab)
Khalsa is the root term for Khalistan (Movement to create an Independent Sikh State)


The Independent Sikh State desired by the Sikhs to succeed Punjab from India.

Nishan Sahib
Sign of the Lord

Nishan Sahib (Neshan-e Saheb in Persian) is the national Sikh Pennant Banner. Nishan Sahib was originally a triangular banner but now it is also found in rectangular form.

Indian Sikh Original Nishan Sahib Pennant Flag
Indian Sikh Triangle Religious Banner
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Indian Sikh Nishan Sahib Religious Banner

Nishan = Neshan (Arabic Rooted Persian Term) = Insignia, Banner, Flag
Sahib = Saheb (Arabic Rooted Persian Term) = Master, Lord, God
Nishan Sahib = Sign of God, Flag of the Lord

Nishan Sahib is waved above all the Sikh Temples around the world.

Indian Sikh New Nishan Sahib Flag
Indian Sikh Religious Banner
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Khanda Nishan Sahib Indian Sikh Flag

Khanda Indian Sikh Logo

Khanda was created by Guru Har Gobind Ji (the 6th Guru). Khanda is the holy Indian Sikh Logo. Khanda is the Indian Sikh Coat of Arms. Khanda is the emblem on the Nishan Sahib.

Khanda Indian Sikh Logo
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Khanda Indian Sikh Logo

Khanda Elements

Khanda Logo is made up of 3 different symbols:

Chakkar Center Disk
The circle disk in the Khanda emblem represents the Deg (caldron) which was used to prepare food. The food is provided by God. Guru ka Langar (Sikh Public Kitchen / Cafeteria Serving Free Food for All) inspired by the teachings of Guru Nanak (Founder of Sikhism) was created to end class warfare and sectarianism which divided the people. Guru Nanak wanted to remove the barriers so he taught equality and humanity. He taught sharing to prepare food and to eat together so no one would sleep hungry. All people of all races and religions prepare together and eat together at the “Langar”. So the circle in the middle (Chakkar) represents the “IK Onkar” (One God), the monotheism, the never beginning and never ending Eternal God.

2 Kirpans Curved Swords
The two curved swords on the outside of Khanda Logo represent the doctrine of Miri - Piri (Bhagti and Shakti) in the Sikhism. Guru Nanak has revealed these principles and Guru Har Gobind (the 6th Guru) had put them into heavy practice. The principles emphasizes on the integration of the Temporal and the Spiritual powers (together) rather than treating them as two separate entities. The two Kirpans (single-edged swords) are crossed at the bottom and sit on either side of the Khanda (Double-edged center piece sword) and Chakkar (center disk). They represent the two characteristics of Miri (Temporal Power) and Piri (Spiritual Power). The sword to the left represents truth and the sword to the right represents the willingness to fight for what is right Dharma (religion).

Khanda Double Edge Sword the Center Piece
In the center of the Khanda Logo is the Khanda Sword (the double-edged sword) which used by Guru Gobind Singh (10th Guru) to prepare Amrit to initiate the Sikhs (The Sikh Baptism Ceremony). Khanda has cutting edges on both sides indicative of two swords fused together as one representing the “Spiritual and Temporal powers” (Bhagti and Shakti), giving birth to “The Khalsa”, who is a “Sant Sepahi” (Saint Soldier). The Saint meaning scholarly in the holy knowledge of Gurbani and Soldier meaning militant and martial in spirit and war. Khanda is the physical power gained through the spiritual knowledge of God.

Khanda Indian Sikh Emblem
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Khanda Indian Sikh Emblem

Khanda Teachings

Khanda teaches Sikhs to be proud warriors. Sikhs should draft the good principles to become Khalsa, the ultimate Sikh human form. Sikhs should battle injustice wherever oppression exists so no one sleeps hungry. The victory will be theirs in their struggle (Deg Teg Fateh).

Indian Sikh khalistan National Flag
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Indian Sikh khalistan National Flag

Indian Sikh khalistan Republic in Exile Flag
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Indian Sikh khalistan Republic in Exile Flag

Indian Sikh Khanda Triangle Pennant Flag
(Roots of the Islamic Republic Emblem and Flag)
IRI Khomeini stolen Khanda Indian Sikh Pennant Flag

IRI Allah Logo is based on the Indian Sikh Khanda Logo

Khomeini was an Indian rooted Anti Persian Mullah. Khomeini wanted to destroy all Persian values, traditions and emblems. This is why Khomeini created this abomination as the logo of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) based upon the Sikh Logo. Khomeini had no principles and no allegiances neither to Sikhism nor to Iran. Khomeini just wanted to turn Iran upside down and replace all the Iranian values with the Islamic values; therefore, he stole the Sikh Logo and copied his IRI Allah Logo based on the Sikh Logo.

In the future after the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran and dumping Islam out of the Persian Government and in to the dumpster of history, the first to do task is to change the Iranian flag and emblem back to our 8000 years old Lion and Sun Banner.  In the future we must dump the Allah Flag, the Allah Logo and the Government of Allah along with the Allah in to the dumpster of history. We must cleanse this stench (Allah and Islam) off of our Glorious Persian Bodies and once again revive the “Pure Persian Pride”.

Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)
The IRI Allah Flag (1980 - ?)

The Allah Emblem of the IRI Flag is a revised version of the Indian Sikh Khanda Logo. Khomeini, Mullahs, Hezbollah and Muslims had turned the Sikh Logo to an Islamic Allah! The Spider-looking Emblem put in the center of the Iranian Flag (instead of Lion and Sun) is in fact, the name of the Arabo-Muslim God, Allah.

Any way you look at it, this is an insult to Iran and Iranians! The Emblem is an Arabo-Indian Logo: Indian, because it has been stolen from Indian Sikh Flag by Khomeini; and Arab, because it is the name of Allah, the Arabo-Muslim God!

Why is this abomination emblem on the glorious Persian Flag?
Because our nation in under the occupation of AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government).

Muslims had kept the Green, White and Red; yet, added 2 horizontal stripes of writings, one on top (on the edge of green and white) and one on bottom (on the edge of red and white)! The writing strips are in Arabic and it reads:

Allah O Akbar (Repeatedly) which translates to “Allah is Great”!

Islam or Iran, Choose Now?

How sad is it for Iranians with 8000 years of culture to presently, have a flag which does not even represents Iran?! A Flag with Indiano-Sikh Logo and Arabo-Islamic words, reading Allah is Great! Soon or late, true Iranians need to decide between “Islam” or “Iran”? You are either Muslim or Iranian, but cannot be both, so which is it? You are either an Iranian or you are an Arab Worshiper (Muslim), so which is it?

Islamic Republic of Iran Square Flag

IRI Islamic Republic of Iran Allah Jack Flag

Islamic Republic of Iran Wave Flag

Islamic Republic of Iran Animated Flag

Islamic Republic of Iran Small Animated Flag

Islamic Republic of Iran, Allah Emblem
(Arabo-Islamic Spider-looking Object!)

Islamic Republic of Iran, Original Coat of Arms
(Arabo-Islamic Spider-looking Object!)

Islamic Republic of Iran, Modern Coat of Arms
(Arabo-Islamic Spider-looking Object!)

Qods Force Flag
IRI Islamic Republic of Iran Qods Force Emblem
Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)
Qods Special Forces Units

IRI IRGC Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Iran Flag

IRGC Navy Flag
IRI IRGC Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy Iran Flag

Ansar Hezbollah Flag
IRI Ansar Hezbollah Iran Flag
Ansar Hezbollah is the Iranian Branch of Hezbollah
Ansar Hezbollah is the God Father of Hezbollah of Lebanon

Flag of Hezbollah
Hezbollah of Lebanon Flag
Hezbollah of Lebanon created by IRI is the Lebanese Branch of the Global Hezbollah Organization.

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Emblem

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