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Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!
Ahreeman X
July 13, 2007



I simply cannot remain silent and continue to close my mouth about this issue, so Iranian Jebheis (Jebhe Meli Iran), Liberal Democrats and Pacifists would not get their feelings hurt! I simply cannot allow this teaching, revision and transformation of the misinformation and false history to go on and like an epidemic to infect the Iranian brains!

I have tried, I have really tried not to name names, thus I already have created enough enemies in the Iranian politics, media and community to last me for 3 life times; however, my Persian national continence did not allow me to only write this article without naming names! After all, I am here to inform the public and piss the Iranian Hypocrisy off, so why not? Let's create more controversy and more enemies! There is no color above the black (Persian Expression) and the water is already way above the bridge; furthermore, the bridge has already drowned under the Shiite water. Ahreeman is already the most hated man amongst the Iranian Hypocrisy, so what do I have to lose? Without further due, let's roll!

Save The Persian Lion!

I should start a petition to save the Persian Lion and avoid him to become a Gay Pussycat. Not that there is anything wrong with gays (Seinfeld); however the mighty Persian Lion is not a gay pussycat! We need to save the Persian Lion from the bleeding Heart Liberal Democrats of the Iranian type!

Please help us to save our Persian Lion from turning to a Sissy Faggy Flaming Faggot Pussycat! Will you?

They take away his sword, hand him a torch, hand him a flower, some hand him nothing, some cut his hand and make him look amputated! They have turned the Persian lion to an amputee gay Pussy! Enough is enough!

Now some of you are probably getting a clue of what am I talking about and the rest of you are wondering what the hell am I moaning and groaning about? Let me tell you
what's The Deal. Let me start from the beginning …

Feminization of the Persian Lion

This is how it all started. While ago a friend of mine had sent me an E-mail. In this E-mail he added a link to an interview. This was an interview by Ahmad Reza Baharloo (VOA) from Mr. Naser Engheta.

Naturally, you would never catch me watching Persian Televisions, because by nature, they give me the runs! One look at Iranian Televisions and they work as Dulcolax, Mozhel, Sulfat Do Sud or other laxatives! Last time that I had accidentally took a glimpse at an Iranian TV; I had the runs for 24 hours straight! Iranian TVs simply make my stomach upset and give me diarrhea and totally loosen up my bowel movements! Therefore, I watched this interview with most caution!

Naser Engheta's Interview about the Iranian Flag

In this interview, Mr. Engheta had yacked nonstop for an never ending amount of time and Mr. Ahmad Reza Baharloo kept on shaking his head in acceptance to all Mr. Engheta's information (misinformation). If one did not know better, then he would assume that Mr. Baharloo is also a historian (same as Mr. Engheta) and that is why he constantly shaken his head in agreement with Engheta! So Engheta kept on yacking and Baharloo kept on agreeing, shaking head and laughing at Engheta's cheesy jokes! This was a type of typical older generation of Iranians padding each other's backs, giving credit to each other, having an intel-egg-chew-all erection session by massaging each other's balls! It was an amazing session of Persian Flatteries, intellectual climax or shall I say: Nun Qarz Dadan, Estemna'e Falsafi, Erza'e Roshanfekri or Bar Zadan-e Kos O She'r!

Naser Engheta and his version of the Iranian Flag with the Swordless Amputated Gay Pussycat Emblem

2/3 of everything Mr. Engheta said on TV was outdated history, flawed or simply false! This interview was more like "Misinformation" rather than "Information"! But of course 1 out of 1000 Iranians has some sort of clue about the recent history of the Iranian Flags and 1 out of 10,000 Iranians has some sort of clue about the ancient history of the Iranian Flags; therefore, Iranians by majority are clueless about the history of their own flag! This is where words of Naser Engheta becomes a breath of fresh air, surahs of Quran, dogma from the holy revelation and factual history of Iran! Why is that? Because all their lives, they have heard the rhetorics of Islamic Republic in the form of history in their history books, so as soon as someone hands them a "Nationalistic" alternative, rather than an "Islamic" version, then they grab it as sincere words of truth and actual history of Iran! Little do they know, that words of Naser Engheta and similar historians are their own fabricated misinformation blended with their own political twist and tales on the Iranian history or flags!

How Many Iranians are really aware of their History?

Out of 70 million Iranians, only 1 out of 1 million Iranians will slightly notice something wrong with Naser Engheta and similar historians' tales about the Iranian history and flags; therefore, a bell starts to ring in the minds of these 70 people, and a handful of people out of these 70, whom are historians will surely sense the contradiction, misinformation, outdated information and the political twist in the so called Iranian History recited by Naser Engheta and the similar Jebhei Liberal Historians!

I am one of those handful of historians! My duty is to expose the fabricated Jebhei Liberal version of the Iranian History and the history of our flags!

My duty to the future generation or as I call it:

The Moral Revolution

Does not allow me to remain silent (any more). It is time for me to go against the Mainstream Iranian Media consisting of "Iranian Media Mafia" (Hezbollah backed) and "Iranian Media Homeless" (Shahollah and CIA backed)! It is time for me to once more break all traditions, dogma, taboos, Persian Flatteries and the usual Iranian Bull Shiite Hypocrisy.

This is why I invented IPC as the alternative media to the crap out there. This is why IPC is named: "Website for the Thinking Iranians"! IPC is an alternative to the cheesy, baseless and superficial Iranian Media.

IPC, along with a few other (handful) media are the only meaningful Iranian media amongst the sea of baseless Iranian Media (TVs, Radios, Hardcopy Media, Websites and other media forms). IPC is here so people can say what they want and how they feel. IPC is here, so our readers (Student Movement and Intellectuals) can get enlightened and self educate themselves and their friends, so they can spread the word in the streets. IPC is here to educate and protect the Persian Culture. IPC is here to form the mentality of the future generation and to "Change" all social patterns of Iran and Iranians.

Now, I am going to tell you the other side of the story, the side which you do not hear in the Iranian media:

A word with Mr. Ahmad Reza Baharloo of VOA

Mr. Ahmad Reza Baharloo, are you a historian? Do you have scholarly research, documentations and knowledge about the Iranian history or flags? The answer is No. Then why on earth do you shake your head in an acceptance form to the rhetorics of Mr. Naser Engheta? Why do you laugh at his jokes and agree with his stories?

Mr. Baharloo, can you even make a paragraph of proper English? Can you even properly search or surf the Internet? Do you even know what research means? You belong to the generation of elder, low-tech, unskilled non-English speaker Iranians! Then how can you agree or disagree with historical misinformation of Mr. Naser Engheta?

Mr. Ahmad Reza Baharloo, you may assume (in your own mind) that you are the Iranian version of Larry King (not that I care to watch Larry King)! You may even assume that you are a Journalist! The fact of the matter is that you are one of the many Iranian employees of "Voice of CIA" (Voice of America) and you are on the payroll of US State Department and CIA. You and your friends have your jobs, because many other true journalists and scholars of Iran have refused to do what you do (work for CIA). You are just an errand boy to State Department and CIA, nothing more and nothing less, so let's not allow all this Iranian Larry King stuff gets to our heads and make it feel like a Fat Iranian Balloon floating in the sky!

Mr. Baharloo, you are good at what you do, but let us not get carried away!


VOA in Farsi

A Roundtable with you (Baharloo's program)

My point is that you are no historian; therefore, you have no credibility to agree or disagree, set aside shake your head in acceptance of Naser Engheta's rhetorics, that's all.

Historical Misinformation

Now let me get to the main course (Naser Engheta). Below, I will prove that much of Naser Engheta's words in his VOA interview and his writings in his book "Lion and Sun, a 3000 year old emblem" are historical misinformation. In fact, 2/3 of everything Mr. Engheta said on TV or wrote in his book, is outdated history, flawed or simply false!

Scientific History versus Dogmatic History

In the past,

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (14 Chapters)

I have always mentioned that my outlook to the history is a scientific one. I look at history as a science which up-to-dates and upgrades by the archeological, historical and scientific discoveries. I do not look at the history as a dogma or holy verses carved in the 10 Commandments! Unfortunately majority of the global historians including almost all Iranian historians have one track minds. Historians by majority stick with what they have been told from their forefathers such as Herodotus. They keep on transforming these old and outdated (sometimes lies) from generation to generation. They rewrite their history books with a slight revision and new covers, but they call them "The Modern History of …," indeed this is a disastrous approach to the scientific history which is based on the latest archeological, historical and scientific discoveries.

Older Low-Tech Generation of Iranians

Naser Engheta belongs to the older Low-Tech generation of Iranians. This group is not truly familiar with the Technology, Internet, Hi-Tech, or even the English Language. This causes them to have less access to the modern technology and therefore modern information.


In his interview with Voice of CIA (Voice of America), Engheta stated that he had been searching the baqali, atari, dast foroushi, bazaar and around town to find an image of a flag. The flag of Indian Sikhs which Khomeini had based his IRI Allah flag upon it.

Sikh khalistan National Flag
Khalistan Separatist Republic
Sikhs seek separation from India

Islamic Republic of Iran Flag
With Allah Emblem

Islamic Republic of Iran Flag
With Spider Emblem
Allah looks like a spider, so we switched them!

Mr. Engheta could not find a single image of the Sikh Flag to bring to the studio for the interview, so he had to finally go and purchase one from the flag store! Obviously Mr. Engheta is a Low-Tech person and illiterate to Internet, because he could easily avoid searching around the town by simply conduct a Google search and get this page:

Islamic Republic of Iran's Flags and Insignias (Chapter 10)

Of my pictorial book of Flags:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (14 Chapters)

And find half a dozen Sikh flags in there! In fact Mr. Engheta is so low-tech that someone else had to create his cheesy website:

Naser Engheta Website

and neither Mr. Engheta nor that someone had the wisdom to add his e-mail, webmaster's e-mail or some type of information e-mail to this cheesy website!

Mr. Engheta belongs to the generation of elder low-tech Iranians with low skills in English Language. They can't even communicate, read or write proper English. This directly effects them, not to progress with up-to-dated technology, Internet, Language, Archeology, History and Science. This is why they belong to the sect of Dogmatic Historians.

The Industrial Revolution had passed Mr. Enghetas of the world by! They live in the past and their misinformation belongs to the past. They are old Iranians with old and outdated information. They are a sad source for historical information.

What Type of History Naser Engheta Preaches?

Naser Engheta along with 99.9 % of the Iranian historians are Dogmatic Historians. Mr. Engheta's historical information and research had seized to upgrade in the 1980s, when he was the general editor of Sepid O Siyah (White and Black) Magazine in Tehran! What Mr. Engheta knows is whatever which he had learned from the books and sources up to that date. After the 1980s, he had taken a look (here and there) to various other sources but his mind-set has been set and established in the 1980s. What Mr. Engheta preaches is far from progressive up-to-dated Live History and it surely is far off from the Scientific History. We must look at the history as a Science or else we will keep on transferring the same "Kos O She'r" from one generation to another.

My Historical Mission

My mission is to change the "Dogmatic History" of Iran to the "Scientific History" of Iran. As a Scientist and a Scientific person, it is my moral duty to do so. Evolution is here; therefore, it is time to "Evolve".

Fallacy of History According to Naser Engheta

Let us take a look at a few major inconsistencies and historical misinformation in Mr. Engheta's words:

I. Age of Lion and Sun

In his book, at first Mr. Engheta states that the Lion and Sun is 3000 years old, but then he contradicts himself and states that "Lion and Sun is 5000 years old." His source is some book from Whitney Smith the flag scholar. Of course Whitney Smith and Naser Engheta are both scholars; however, Smith's flag information is as outdated as Engheta's historical information! Finally Engheta concludes that the 3000 years is more proper, so he names his book:

Lion and Sun - A 3000 year old emblem

Reality Check

Lion is the symbol for the Mighty Aryan Lion, protector of the Aryan people of Iran.
Sun is the symbol of Mitra, The Persian Sun Goddess.

For ore information, read:

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses (3 parts)

The Emblem of Lion and Sun goes back almost 8000 years, as old as the history of Iran, going back all the way to the Kingdom of Susa. Observe the ancient forms of the:

Lion face in the Sun
Original Lion and Sun Emblem
Ancient Civilizations Era: 6000 BC - 2000 BC

And then

Lion catching the Sun
Lion and Sun Emblem
Vedai Era: 2000 BC - 850 BC

Have in mind about the timeline:

Periods of Iranian History
8000 Years of Iranian History

1. Ancient Civilizations Era: 6000 BC - 2000 BC
2. Vedai Era: 2000 BC - 850 BC
3. Pre-Avesta Era: 850 BC - 728 BC
4. The Kingdom Era: 728 BC - 559 BC
5. The First Imperial Era: 559 BC - 651 AD
6. The First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 651 AD - 873 AD
7. The Second Imperial Era: 873 AD - 1979 AD
8. The Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 1979 AD - Present

For more information read, chapter one of my book:

Iran's Historical Flags and Emblems (Chapter 1)

or read my complete book and articles on Iranian flags:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (14 Chapters)

So as we see, The Lion and Sun Emblem goes back 8000 years.

II. Age of Lion, Sun and Anahita

Mr. Engheta, both in his interview and book stated that the man on the left hand of the:

Lion, Sun and Anahita Logo - 4th Century BC

Who is praising the Lion, Sun and Anahita Logo, is most likely Xerxes. This is flawed. Oldest trace of this emblem shows Shahanshah Artaxerxes II of Achaemenid Dynasty (404 BC - 359 BC) during 4th Century BC, prays to Anahita (Ancient Persian Goddess) on Aryan Lion's back with the Holy Sun Goddess (Mitra) behind her.

In his interview, Mr. Engheta specifically changed his words from "Most Likely Xerxes" to definitely "Xerxes" and stated:

"We can observe that Xerxes is worshiping the Lion, Sun and Anahita Emblem."

The fact is that Xerxes I The Great [Kheshayar Sha] (486 BC - 466 BC) had nothing to do with this image or the original carving which this image was formed from it. Besides, Artaxerxes was not worshiping the figure but paying respect and praising the glory of the figure. For more information, read:

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years
During Periods of Iranian History

Here is my modern interpretation of this ancient emblem:

Modern Anahita and Mitra Banner
Aryan Lion, Mitra (Sun) and Anahita, 4th Century BC
Oldest trace of this emblem goes back to Shahanshah Artaxerxes II of Achaemenid Dynasty's (404 BC - 359 BC) Era during 4th Century BC. Anahita (Ancient Persian Goddess) on Aryan Lion's back, holding a barsam, while Mitra (the Holy Sun Goddess) represented by the sun, shines behind her. All in front of the Persian Tricolor Banner waving in background.

For more information, read:

Iran's Historical Flags and Emblems (Chapter 1)

So as we see, the Lion, Sun and Anahita Emblem goes back as far as 404 BC - 359 BC.

III. Age of Lion, Sun and Sword

At first Mr. Engheta states in his book that the Sword has been given to the Lion during Mohamad Shah Qajar's reign. He brings on quotes and documents consisting of a poem recited during Naser e-Din Shah Qajar on how the Mighty power (God) had granted a sword to the Lion. So Engheta quotes from a poem which recited during Naser e-Din Shah (1848 - 1896), that the sword started to exist during Mohamad Shah (1834 - 1848).

Later on, both in his book and specifically in his interview, he states that:

"Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar (starter of Qajar Dynasty) hated Nader Shah The Great and the Afsharid Dynasty and he saw the Lion and Sun as an Afsharid Logo! At the beginning of his reign Aqa Mohamad Shah wanted to remove the Lion and Sun from the flag; however, his wise Wazir told him that this emblem is older than Nader's Reign and it goes back many centuries all the way back to the Qaznavids.

Aqa Mohamad Shah (1794 - 1797) was a religious superstitious man, so the Wazir told him that the Lion represents Ali (The 4th Caliph of Rashedin and the 1st Shiite Imam) and the sun is shining above Ali's head and Allah protects Ali, so you cannot remove the emblem!"

After hearing this tale, Aqa Mohamad Shah stated that:

"Well alright, so if Ali is the lion, then we hand him his famous double edged sword (Shamshir-e Zolfaqar or Zulfiqar)."

And this is how the sword started to appear in the flag.

This whole story is a fairy tale and as cockamamie as the Tooth fairy tale!

The inconsistencies with Mr. Engheta's story are:

I. The Lion, Sun and Sword Emblem goes much further back than Aqa Mohamad Shah (1794 - 1797) and Qajars (1794 - 1925), but it goes back to Shah Abbas I The Great (1587 - 1629) and the Safavids (1501 -1736)!

How can Aqa Mohamad Shah assume that Lion and Sun represents Nader Shah The Great (1736 - 1747) and the Afsharids (1736 - 1749), when clearly the emblem goes back 8000 years? Or at least it was known to Aqa Mohamad Shah that Safavid's Flag had the Lion, Sun and Sword emblem, then Where does Mr. Engheta creates this tale from?

How can Mohamad Shah (1834 - 1848) or Aqa Mohamad Shah (1794 - 1797) create the Sword and add it to Lion and Sun, when in fact Shah Abbas The Great's flag (1587 - 1629), had a lion, sun and sword emblem?

Flag of Iran
Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar (1795 - 1797)

Flag of Iran
Shah Abbas I The Great (1587 - 1629)

II. The Zulfiqar Sword of Ali was a double-edged scimitar:

Imam Ali's Zulfiqar Sword

But the Sword in the Persian flag is a single blade scimitar. There is no way on Earth that the sword in the Persian flag has roots going back to Ali's Arabo-Islamic Scimitar. In fact, the sword in the Persian Flag is the Iranian scimitar. Let us not forget that after the entrance of the Arabo-Islamic culture to Iran, Scimitars became as Persian as 7Sin!

So the Persian lion is not Ali and for sure the Persian lion's sword is not Ali's Zulfiqar Sword!

All these gibberish created by imaginative tales of the elders and the revisionist mind of Mr. Engheta are based on bias. This is all Anti Qajar Bias.

Anti Qajar Bias

Anti Qajar bias goes back to the Pahlavi Era and how Pahlavis and Pahlavi Servants also known as Today's Monarchists (Khaye Malan-e Pahlavi) had portrayed the Qajar Dynasty as the most useless, reactionary and parasitic dynasty of Iran.

When they spoke of Qajar, they generalized all Qajars and equalized them to Fath Ali Khan Qajar! They failed to speak of the great political, militaristic, cultural and artistic efforts of Aqa Mohamad Khan, Abbas Mirza, Iraj Mirza and many other Qajars to promote and glorify Iran. They fail to speak of how Pahlavis had overthrown the legal and democratic Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar (Ahmad Shah) and established a Dictatorship in Iran! They forget to speak of all the good that Qajar had done for Iran but manage to see all the Qajar failures!

Mr. Engheta is a product of the Pahlavi Era. Even though he is a Jebhei Liberal, yet his historical knowledge was formed during that era. Anti Qajar Bias is pretty clear in Mr. Engheta's rhetorics.

Dear Mr. Engheta, let me clearly state here that if it wasn't because of Qajar's cultural effects on the Iranian history, you would have still run around naked and bare feet in dusty deserts and scream: Hellel Yous, Hell Yousa!

Aqa Mohamad Shah (1794 - 1797) was the last Shahanshah (Emperor) of Iran who fought with the skin of his teeth to save the integrity of Iran. During his reign the Russians, Ottomans, British and other enemies of Iran dared to set foot in the boundaries of the Persian Qajar Empire. Aqa Khan was a great Shahanshah and the last Shahanshah (emperor) of Iran. Please seize trash talking and Anti Qajar Rhetorics and educate yourself about Qajars:

First and Last Persian Emperors

8000 Years of Iranian History! (part three)

Mr. Engheta, I can keep on going and stating the many flaws in your interview and book, but why should I? Instead, I can hand you and the readers the true, updated and scientific history of our flag and Iran:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags (14 Chapters)

8000 Years of Iranian History (3 Chapters)

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (4 Parts - 15 Chapters)

Iran History Index

Naser Engheta, a Jebhei Liberal Pacifist

Take a look at some art drawn by Mr. Naser Engheta:

Look at the way Naser Engheta describes each of these characters (the descriptions are under the names):

Mohamad Mosadeq
Man of the year 1951

Look how beautiful, the holy face of Mosadeq is drawn! In this portrait, Mosadeq looks like a Saint! This is called bias. Naser Engheta draws Mosadeq as a saint, the same way that Monarchists draw Shah as a saint! Naser Engheta has clearly, huge Jebhei Liberal bias.

Here is some exposing good read on Mosadeq by Mayaazaar:

Sammeh Qod (Stubborn Poison)
Real Mohamad Mossadeq

Bill Clinton
Mixture of Intelligence and Modesty.

Look at the saint-like peaceful face of Slick Willie (Clinton) drawn by Engheta! Clinton becomes the symbol of Intelligence and Modesty! I like the "Modesty" part! Clinton and that Bimbette Hillary are the most arrogant couple in the history of USA, which they simply refuse to give up and leave politics, but Engheta sees him as modest! I guess Engheta forgets the big fat arrogant lies which Clinton did swear to be the truth in front of the congress! He arrogantly lied to the congress, got caught, got Shiite faced and still keeps on lying! You can clearly see the Liberal Democratic roots of Engheta and understand that what are his true motives to change the Iranian national emblem!

Mahatma Gandhi
Father of Indian Independence

You can obviously conclude the pacifist ideas and psyche of Engheta. Then you can understand better on why he insists on pacifying and feminizing the Persian Lion on the flag!

Ronald Reagan
Enemy of Mullahs on Outside, Ally to Mullahs on Inside

Check out how Engheta had drawn a Baboon and named him Ronald Reagan! The Great Ronald Reagan, destroyer of global Communism, master of the Supply-Side Economics (Reaganomics) and one of the greatest presidents of America is portrayed as a Baboon! Go figure Mr. Engheta's bias!

Naser Engheta Art

Naser Engheta and his Gay Crippled lion

Now that you can see where Naser Engheta is coming from and now that you know the facts about Naser Engheta:

Engheta is a Low-Tech person
Engheta is a Dogmatic Historian
Engheta's history is outdated misinformation
Engheta is an old Jebhei Liberal Democrat
Engheta has political and historical bias
Engheta is not a credible historical source

Then you can understand on why Engheta is insisting to change our national emblem!

Epidemic Transformation of Misinformation

Allow me to show you an example of Epidemic Transformation of Misinformation!

In this example, I shall direct you to 3 characters:

Naser Engheta

Ali Sina (Faith Freedom)

Hammihan Irani

Hammihan Irani is a schooled man but not a historian.
Ali Sina is an Islamic Scholar but not a historian.
Naser Engheta is a historian but one with outdated information (misinformation).

Hammihan Irani is a Mossadeqist and a Jebhei Liberal
Ali Sina is a Mossadeqist, an Ex Jebhei Sympathizer and a present Pacifist
Naser Engheta is a Mossadeqist, a Jebhei Sympathizer and a Liberal

Jebhe Meli Iran is an equivalent of the Liberal Democratic Party. Go figure …

These gentlemen are all well schooled but are they also educated on uptodated historical facts?
These gentlemen are all very proud, arrogant, know it all, scholars of Iran. Their heads are floating way above in the skies of Iran! When the fundamentals of their belief system is disputed, they do not consort nor argue with the other party. They do not see the other party worthy of consorting! You see, they have class and it is forbidden for them to engage in arguments with various people of No Class (that could be me)! These intellectual giants only discuss issues amongst their own closed circle of scholars! They choose to ignore others, thus others are not civilized enough to enter the closed circle of Jebhei Liberal Pacifist Scholars! Sounds familiar? Does Iranian Hypocrisy rings a bell?

These gentlemen are politically correct and very sensitive to get their core belief system getting crushed, but then again, I maybe a barbarian; however, I use historical facts, logic and science to refute their actions. They may get their feelings hurt, yet they cannot argue with the historical facts, logic and science! In fact, it is better for them to get their feelings hurt, than to destroy our national emblem due to historical ignorance!

Do you recall the Bull Shiite Jebhe Meli forum with Anvari, Kazem Zadeh and other bozos who used to tell their noses to not follow them because they smelled (Persian expression)?

So Naser Engheta comes up with his liberal, politically correct, revision of the national Iranian emblem.

Iran Flag - Handicapped Gay Lion

Naser Engheta comes up with this idea, due to his own political agendas, political ideology, historical misinformation and political correctness. Ali Sina grasps the historical misinformation and assumes that this new abomination is the symbol of the separation of Mosque and Government! Ali Sina is not a historian but he reads Engheta's Bang O Salavat Rhetorics and he gets this conclusion from depth of his imagination! Then Ali Sina asks his buddy Hammihan Irani to handicap the Persian Lion, cut off his sword and use his elementary graphic design skills to create the amputee gay lion!

Ali Sina on Lion, Sun and Sword

Ali Sina writes:

"Let this be the symbol of separation of Religion and State in Iran

This is the flag of Iran as it was proudly displayed by our noble forefathers. The Islamic sword that crippled the majestic walk of our lion and impeded his advancement for 1400 years has no place in our flag. Shirokhorsheed (Lion and Sun) are the symbols of strength, majesty, splendor and glory. Shamshir (sword) is the symbol of war and violence. Our nation does no more subscribe to violence. Our flag should represent who we are. And we are a free people, self assured, glorious and majestic. We walk proudly like a lion and shine like the Sun illuminating the entire world with our rich culture, our humanistic values and our genius. The Lion with the Sun is our national symbol as it has always been, but the sword is the symbol of Islam. The Shirokhorsheed without the sword represents our desire to separate religion from the state. Whether you are a Muslim or not, If you agree with this separation this should be the sign on our flag. Please copy it, display it in your site and promote it. (Thanks to Ostaad Nasser Engheta for his research on our flag and HamMihan for graciously accepting my request to take out the sword)"


Ali Sina (Faith Freedom) on Flag

Ali Sina Site

Ali Sina News Site

Answering Mr. Ali Sina:

"Let this be the symbol of separation of Religion and State in Iran"

Wrong! This has nothing to do with separation of Religion and State in Iran, because the sword was not created as a religious symbol. The twisted liberal mind of Naser Engheta and other Anti Qajar crowd are the ones who created this myth! Read my above reasoning!

"This is the flag of Iran as it was proudly displayed by our noble forefathers."

No it was not! The modern flag of forefathers has the emblem of Lion, Sun and Sword. You are trying to revise our history, liberal style!

"The Islamic sword that crippled the majestic walk of our lion and impeded his advancement for 1400 years has no place in our flag."

The only element, which cripples our lion is the liberal pacifists who amputated his sword and hand!

The sword is not Islamic. The roots of the Sword (Scimitar) maybe Arabic but surely not Islamic! What's wrong with Arabic? Are you bashing Arabs now? Aren't you the one who holds hands with Arabs, creates Faith Freedom Foundations and dance and sings Cumbaya, raising Pacifist flags?

There is no such thing as an Islamic Sword! Islam is a religion and it did not create weapons! Arabs have came up with the design of the curved sword (Scimitar)! And we thought you are an Islamic Scholar! What happened to years of Islamic History, which you have studied?

Eventually in later years, Scimitars became as Persian as Kabob Kubideh and Mast O Khiyar! Scimitars are so Persian and so practical. Scimitars are great, unless if you are a Jebhei Liberal Pacifist Woosball who is pro Brotherly Love, Feminizing our Culture and splashing Gayshess in our lion's face! I love scimitars. Enlighten yourself:

Burn liberals ………….. Burrrrrrrrrrn:

New Banner of Ahreeman

"Shirokhorsheed (Lion and Sun) are the symbols of strength, majesty, splendor and glory."

Yes, but historically speaking, it had evolved to Lion, Sun and Sword.

"Shamshir (sword) is the symbol of war and violence."

Does that bother you? Let me tell you how I really feel about Pacifists:

Pacifism is like Syphilis. This disease had brought nothing to us but misery, cowardice, inferiority, slavery and Tu Sari Khori! Eventually this disease has crippled Iran and Iranians.

Our people cannot stand up and fight Mullahs and Muslim because of Liberalism, Pacifism and this Syphilitic Disease!

Ukraine Versus Iran

People of Ukraine had risen up for couple of weeks, seized all movements, economy and social patterns of the nations. Masses of Ukraine had brought the nation and government to a halt. They had forced a regime change and forced the Russian backed president who changed the outcome of the election, out of the office. Masses of Ukraine took control of their destiny and kicked Russia, Russian backed president and foreign hands out of their business in couple of weeks. Today, Ukraine is a free and democratic nation.

People of Iran cannot do the same. They could not do the same for 28+ years. People like me have been ripping our asses to cause an uprising in Iran but we have failed. Why is that? Because people like you are singing Pacifism, Liberalism, Mosadeqism, Jebheism and Political Correctness!

The Syphilis of Pacifism and Liberalism has crippled our people and our nation. Cowardice and Slavery to Islam are the direct results of this pacifism.

That is why Ukraine is a free country and Iran is still an enslaved country under the boots of Arabo-Islamic Mullahs and Hezbollah.

Liberal Pacifism = Slavery, Cowardism, Filth and Islamism

Let me spell it out for you and your Jebhei Liberal Pacifist friends:

"Solh Talabi, kesafat va heqarat miavarad."

Pacifism provides a quicksand. This quicksand is called Islam. Our people are drowning in this quicksand because their opinion leaders such as you are sitting in exile and preaching pacifism! So they sit their ass in Tehran and smoke opium rather than rise and overthrow Islamic Republic of Iran!

You are holding hand with Arabs in exile, create Faith Freedom Foundations, and dance and sing Cumbaya.

They hold Mullah's schlongs in inxile, massage them back and forth and dance and sing La Ellaha Ella Allah!

Pacifism in exile leads to blow jobs to Mullahs in inxile. This is why Islamic Republic of Iran has been in power for 28 + years!

Take a good look at our opposition. Reza Pahlavi and Monarchist kiss asses around him are gay pacifist liberals. Jebhe Meli Iran consists of gay pacifist liberals. Republicans, etc. the list goes on ……..

Keep on preaching pacifism and see where does it take you. Ali jan, you will be sitting in exile for another 28 years and caressing your pussy (cat's) fury head, writing Anti Islam tales, holding hands with Arabs, singing Cumbaya and dream of visiting Iran for the rest of your life!

"Our nation does no more subscribe to violence."

Is that supposed to be a good thing? This is a disease! Maybe if our people had some guts, the outcome of Iranian situation would be different! Maybe if our people had some balls, then we did not have to beg US Administration to do our revolution and make a regime change in Iran!

Mussolini said:
Today's Italians are not yesterday's Romans!

I say:
Today's Iranians are not yesterday's Persians!

Our people have been pussy-whipped and enslaved by Islam and Mullahs. They turn to their leaders in exile and what do they get? They get a Gay Prince called Reza Pahlavi, Faggots of Jebhe Meli Republicans and Do Gooders like you who sings Cumbaya while holding hands and preaching Pacifism!

"Our flag should represent who we are."

Yes it should and by nature we are not Flaming Faggot Pacifists!

"And we are a free people,"

Not if we remain pacifists! Make up your mind Ali? Pacifism or Freedom?

"self assured, glorious and majestic."

You know very well that all that is crap! We are nothing! We do not even have a nation or a flag. Islam owns All.

"We walk proudly like a lion and shine like the Sun illuminating the entire world with our rich culture, our humanistic values and our genius."

Excuse Moi, but Persian Empire was not built on Pacifism! It was built by the Sword (Lion's Sword) and based on Persian Ingenuity.

"The Lion with the Sun is our national symbol as it has always been, but the sword is the symbol of Islam."

No it is the sword of Arabs, the ones that you sing and dance cumbaya with them in Faith Freedom Foundation!

"The Shirokhorsheed without the sword represents our desire to separate religion from the state."

No, the Lion and Sun without the Sword represents our will to wear a Tootoo, a manicure and air our dairy rear wide open while participating in Gay Parades rather than committing to a Social Revolution via a bloody uprising!

Revolution and Freedom does not come cheap, it comes with bloodshed and a lot of it!

"Whether you are a Muslim or not, If you agree with this separation this should be the sign on our flag."

No, this should be the sign on Gay Bathhouses in Canada (your home country) and future Iran!

"Please copy it, display it in your site and promote it."

I did copy and display it in my site and you bet your last dollar that I am promoting this article all over the net, inside and outside Iran.

"(Thanks to Ostaad Nasser Engheta for his research on our flag and HamMihan for graciously accepting my request to take out the sword)"

Ali, you are trying to say that:

Thanks for Naser Engheta for Fragging our national emblem and turning the Persian Lion to a Gay Pussycat and further thanks to Hammihan Irani for turning Naser Engheta's jerk off dream to a visual reality. Thanks to Naser Engheta, Ali Sina and Hammihan Irani for erecting us a Neo Pacifist Emblem to replace our Ancient National Emblem. Thanks to these three and the whole Jebhei Liberal Pacifist Movement for revising our national emblem (same as IRI had done) and feminizing our national logo!

Now make no mistake that Ali Sina is an Islamic Scholar and is doing a fine job exposing Islam and educating the Muslim to leave Islam; however, he is not a historian. The problem starts when Ali Sina sticks his nose in the history and sets Naser Engheta as his historical role model to determine the future of the Iranian Flag!

Islamism and Liberalism, same Agenda!

There is no difference between what IRI does (turning the Persian Lion to a Spider looking Arabic Allah) and what Jebhei Pacifist Liberals are doing (turning the Persian lion to a Gay Pussycat)!

Islamists and Liberals end up both revising our national emblem, up to their political agendas and likings!

You see, these three people are all well schooled people and they mean well, but the results of their cooperation comes out as an abomination, a disaster and an insult to our national emblem. This is all set aside that their proposal is not even historically accurate.

At the first glance this Neo Lion, created in the mind of Engheta, legitimized in the mind of Sina and created by the hands of Irani, looks like an amputee lion who lost his sword hand! He looks like he has 3 legs! Then you look closer and you will see some sort of a deranged stick, which looks like a cylinder shift! Suddenly it clicks that this stick suppose to be lion's 4th leg or hand or whatever hanging under his chest! Then you take a look at this lion and the big picture forms in your head!

Yes, this is the Amputee Gay Lion! This is the Pacifist, Liberal Democratic, politically correct, Gay Pussycat! This is the lion which his horizontal sword hand has been amputated! Our Persian lion is now a Gay Amputee!

Yes, them liberals had finally transformed the Persian Lion to a Gay Pussycat! Hale Luya! Praise The GayLord!

Then Engheta comes on TV and releases a Double Yoked Egg (Tokhm-e Do Zardeh kardand):

"Oh yee, oh yee, the lion does not need the sword to be powerful and masculine, thus he is a lion and powerful and masculine by nature!"

Mr. Engheta, it is non of your business to decide what is powerful and what not, what is masculine and what not, and surely it is non of your business to change the national emblem of our nation! We do not need your justifications of how the lion needs no sword. Engheta goes on:

"Actually the lion cannot grab the sword with his paws! It looks like they glued the sword handle to his paws! We must separate the sword and remove it."

(Baharloo cracked up laughing at Engheta's cheesy joke.)

Mr. Engheta,
Are you a surgeon? Did someone grant you the permission to surgically remove the sword from the lion?

Above, I have proved with documented facts that your whole theory is nothing but rhetorics based on Bull Shiite! Now I will display to you on how retarded and cheesy is your proposal.

Mr. Engheta, you have started a TV (VOA, etc.) and Radio (KIRN 670 Los Angeles, etc.) and Media campaign to change our national emblem.

IRI in inxlie changes our national emblem and you people (Liberals) in exile are planning the future change to our national emblem.

First they took away his sword and came up with the Gay Pussycat:

Iran Flag - Handicapped Gay Lion

Then others have gotten enlightened by this change and handed him a torch:

Iran Flag - Gay Lion with Torch

Why don't we just go all the way and hand him a Dildo? Just flat out change him to an S&M Pussy, no?

The sun is already the symbol of wisdom; you do not need to hand him a torch to brighten the path to wisdom! Hey I have an idea, why don't we put the BaldHead of Mosadeq, right in the middle of the flag? Hows about Kaleh Kachal-e Mosadeq? Then the flag would really represent:

Jendeye Meli Miran
(Jebhe Meli Iran)

C'mon guys, don't be shy, how about it? Let us put that old foolish arrogant guru of yours, Mosadeq Kachal's head, right on the middle of the flag! Pretty please?

Hows about this one:

Mosadeq Iran Flag
The Official Banner of "Jende-ye Meli Miran" (The National Iranian Whores Party) aka Iran National Front (INF), featuring Mosadeq's Bald Head smack in the middle of the Iranian Flag!

C'mon folks, let's all grab our balls and sing:

Our way is Mosadeq's way …
Rah-e Ma, Rah-e Mosadeq ast …
Our Way is Kachalan-e Qeyr-e Meli-ye Miran's way …
Zendeh bad, Jende-ye Meli Miran …

I don't which are the most cheesy clowns of the Iranian politics:
Monarchists or Mosadeqists?!

Or maybe you can actually put a Gay Pussycat instead of the lion! How about these Fag Ol Boys? Something like these:

Iran Logo - Gay Lion

Iran Logo - Sissy Gay Lion

How about making it animated?

L. Dancing Gay Lion (Animated)
R. Silly Lion (Animated)

How about pasting Mosadeq's head to the body of lion and splat it right in the middle of the Persian Flag? Would you like that?

Things are getting so bad that even one of Iran's greatest daughters, Anousheh Ansari grabs an IRI Flag, cuts out the Allah and wears it as an armband, yet still with two lines of "Allah O Akbar" dividing the 3colors!

Anousheh Ansari with Iranian Armband

Anousheh jan, I know … I know that these liberals are confusing you! Take that Allah-less IRI flag off your arms and allow Ahreeman to hand you a traditional Lion, Sun and Sword Flag. Not to worry, people would not think that you are a Monarchist or a Mojahed! Anyone who is going to say anything bad to you, just hand them this link:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

To educate themselves on why Lion, Sun and Sword is our national emblem and it has nothing to do with being a monarchist or a mojahed.

Iranian National Flags

Liberals, pay attention and pay attention well. This is our national flag:

Iran Flag - Reza Shah The Great's era (1933 - 1964)

Iran Flag - Reza Shah Square Standard (1933 - 1964)

IPC Flags

Liberals, these are present flags of IPC and future flags of Iran:

Iran Flag of Future - Persian Lion with Straight Persian Sword

Iran Flag - IPC Immortal Guards Banner

Iran Flag - IPC Revolutionary Banner

Ahreemanic Scimitar Banners

Liberals, you kept on pissing me off with your liberal nonsense and an IPC tradition was born: Ahreemanic Scimitar Banners!

Iran Flag - Ahreeman, Anahita and Mitra

Iran Flag - Emblem of Ahreeman, Anahita and Mitra

Ahreeman holding the holy and very sharp scimitar with his right hand and holding Anahita with his left hand. Mitra, the Sun Goddess is behind them, while standing above the Milky Way Galaxy.

Neo Ahreemanic Scimitar Banners

Liberals, you still kept on pissing me off; therefore, you have made me to create and adopt these new flags with sharper and much longer scimitar in the much angrier and war mongering Persian Aryan Lion's hand! This new banner is how I truly feel about all of you Jebhei Liberal Pacifists! The War Monger Aryan Persian Lion with the extra sharp and long scimitar portrays my psyche and my deep intentions on what I truly want to do to all of you Mosadeqist, Jebhei, Liberal Pacifists and your cheesy Gay Pussycat cartoonish flags! Enjoy:

Iran Flag - Banner of Ahreeman Persian

Iran Flag - Banner of Ahreeman Persian, The Green-trim

Iran Flag - Banner of Ahreeman Persian, The Blood-trim

My favorite is the Blood-Trim one! Bloodshed is good. It builds character. Some war and bloodshed is good for Iranians to revive their Persian warrior ways rather than the present coward pacifist ways!

Liberals, keep on pissing me off and my scimitar gets longer and longer and

For more information read:

New Banner of Ahreeman

For more information about the scientific, upgraded and up-to-dated history of the Iranian Flags, read:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

End Words

As proven above, this is the dogmatic, old, outdated, and therefore false history of Iran. 2/3 of the book and related interview are pure misinformation:

Lion and Sun, a 3000 year old emblem

If the validity of Mr. Naser Engheta's "Lion and Sun" book is heavily under the question here, and I simply have destroyed his credibility as an up-to-dated historian; then how can one trust the rest of Mr. Engheta's writings on Babak Khoramdin, Amir Kabir, Nader Shah The Great, Pan Iranism, History of Mongols, Iranian Celebrations and other books?

Mr. Engheta and other Pacifist Liberal Historians,

Mr. Engheta, you belong to the older generation of Iranian authors with low English language skills, low-tech skills and Internet illiteracy. Your historical information is old, outdated and flawed. You keep on writing these misinformations in the forms of Persian Books to sell them to public and make some dough. You have created a superficial shining scholarly world with an emerald and gold dome, which you live under it!

Iranian people by majority have no clue about the history of the Iranian flags; however, not all who watch and listen to your rhetorics on Iranian media, are clueless about the history. Once a blue moon, just by a simple accident, one of these historians can listen to your misinformation and by accident, he can happen to be a Scientific Historian on Ancient and Modern History. This is when this someone will end up writing an article such as this one and by doing so, he will crush your whole superficial shining scholarly world with an emerald and gold dome which you live under it! Next thing you know, your whole world will crush above your head and buries you under the rubbles.

The Difference between You and I

Mr. Engheta and alike historians, you are here to write some books and make some money.

I am here to make a Moral Revolution, Change the very fabric of the Iranian Society by changing the psyche of the future Iranian generation.

While you are selling books, I am working on the minds of the student movement inside and outside Iran. This is why IPC is free accessed by the public.

There is a world of difference between your agenda and my agenda.

Folks, do you see how misinformation transforms from one body (Engheta) to another (Sina) and then from that one to another (Irani) and eventually becomes an epidemic? Now you can go around the net and notice many versions of the Persian Lion, but with only one exception, that these abominations are not lions anymore, but they are Liberal Pacifist Gay Pussycats! Some of these pussies are swordless amputees, some have torches in their hands, some are holding nothing and some are holding dildoes! The bottom line is that Islamists and Liberals come and go but Iran will always have one flag and one national emblem which is:

The Lion, Sun and Sword Flag of Iran

Iran Flag – True Flag of Iran
Pahlavi Imperial Iran Reza Shah the Great Standard 1933-1964 Iran Flag

Wave it high and wave it with pride

Iran Flag Girl

Masses of Iran, self educate yourselves so you shall not fall in the abyss of the revisionist bias history made by the right, left or the center with their own political agendas promoting their own political ideologies.

Youth of Iran, Self Educate yourselves and then educate others:

Iran History

Iran Online Library

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Meaning of Faravahar, Derafsh Kaviyani and Persian Colors

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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