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Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Chapter 12: Iran’s Designer and Symbolic Flags
Pictorial History of Iranian Flags
Ahreeman X
March 17, 2012

Large Designer Lion and Sun 3D Iran Flag

Standard Designer Lion and Sun 3D Iran Flag

Animated Iran Flag with the word “Iran” centered

Symbolic Women’s Rights Iran Flag
Put chadors on their bodies and if they resist, hang them!

Symbolic No Evil Iran Flag
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Only Islamic Suffocation Allowed!

Symbolic IRI Iran Atomic Flag
Rockets are flying baby!

Nuclear Atomic Iran Flag
Atom on Allah Emblem

IRI Allah Spider Flag of Iran!
This is a wise remark and statement on Allah Logo of IRI
Islamic Republic has an Allah Spider-looking Emblem, so why not create a Real and Full Spider Logo for the good Muslim to cherish and worship?!

Dump IRI Allah in Trashcan Iran Flag
C’mon folks let’s dump IRI, Islam and Allah all together in the trashcan of history!
This flag was a public reaction to the sham elections of IRI.
IRI holds sham elections and expects people to vote and drop their ballots in the vote boxes.
On this flag, Iranians are voting and dropping the IRI Allah Logo in the trash!

IRI Light of Allah Flag
IRI Imam Khomeini Shines the Light of Allah Emblem on Iran Flag
On 1979 Imam Khomeini had unveiled the “Light of Allah” to the Iranian people!
Since then, the “Light of Allah” has been shining on Iran and Iranians!

IRI Light of Allah Flag designed by Admzad

IRI Islamic Nazi Republic of Iran Flag
The fine banner of Islamo-Fascist
Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil: Heil Khomeini

Iran Paykan Flag!
Paykan, the famous Iranian Automobile moves on to center of the Iranian Flag!
The IRI Allah O Akbar Stripes on top and bottom are replaced with the Stripes of the repetitive word: “Paykan”!

Iran Olaq (Donkey) Flag!
The Donkey Party of Iran
(Hezb-e Kharan-e Iran)
A symbolic gesture and a magnificent flag for All Iranian Umma’ of Obedient Gav O Olaq (The well obedient Cattle Community of Iran)! In the center of the flag, you can witness the Famous Pure Breed Iranian Donkey is performing a special Kick-Back Joftak! Hee Haw! Long Live All Iranian Cattle! The Great Iranian Shiite Cattle are in need of Imam, the Supreme Spiritual Leader (Marja’e Taqlid) to follow; So it was best fit to create a special Shiite Cattle Flag, why not?!
The good obedient Shiite Umma’ are well represented by the Olaq (Donkey) figure!

Iran Symbolic Chelo Kabob Sultani Flag!
Long Live Chelo Kabob, the Persian National Food!

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