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New Tactic: IRI Lobby in USA!

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America!
New Tactic: IRI Lobbying in USA!
Ahreeman X
March 2, 2008


Imagine a parasite who is determined to take over a host’s body and deform it from the within upon it’s liking to survive. The only way for the parasite to survive is to infiltrate the body of the host. The host is determined to destroy the parasite, so the only chance of survival for the parasite is to enter the host’s body, take over the organs, deform them upon it’s liking, and change the environment of the host body to a desired environment for it to live and to survive. Sci Fi you say? Not at all. We are talking pure facts and it is occurring right now in your city.

The host is United States of America and the parasite is the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Hezbollah. Allow me explain to you that when I speak of Hezbollah, I mean the Hezbollah Headquarter, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran and all its 3 fractions of Fundamentalists, Moderates and Reformists.

In the past, IRI used to infiltrate the American society by forming these groups in America:

Hezbollah Front Businesses such as Rug Galleries, Grocery Markets, Restaurants and other businesses as a front for espionage on the Iranian opposition groups and United States Government.

Import-Export Merchants whom in reality are arm dealers.

Foundations, which pose as charitable, cultural, religious and ethnical foundations but in reality, they are moneymaking cash registers who create revenue for the Hezbollah’s front businesses in America.

Muslim Student Associations to propagate Hezbollah Ideology amongst the youth.

Businessmen who both serve as spies and as wheelers and dealers, trading indirectly (through a third country) with IRI.

Media Units such as TVs, Radios, Magazines and Newspapers.

Next, Hezbollah went hi tech and infiltrated the Internet. IRI started to create a number of Web Media and infiltrated the cyber space. IRI started to form popular media in English Language such as:

Iranian Websites

Iranian Weblogs

Iranian Forums

But that was yesterday. Today, Hezbollah had evolved and moved on to political lobbying! Hezbollah had figured that political lobbying inside the American system provides the fastest and the best results. As long as by the law, a Terrorist Nation (Islamic Republic of Iran) cannot lobby in America, then these IRI Lobby groups pose as:

Cultural Organizations, Ethnic Organizations and Civil Rights Organizations whom all and all perform IRI Lobbying in America.

IRI Lobbying works in different steps and levels:

I. IRI Lobbyists primarily collect a huge amount of funds from Tehran, Iranian Foundations in America, Iranian Merchants in America, American Dirty Corporations who want to smoothen the US-IRI Relationships, and similar other sources. Then they deposit these funds as contributions to the campaigns of the American Politicians whom are running as candidates for the city, county, state, national, House, Senate or Presidency positions. In this manner, they effect and infiltrate the American system and chose the candidates whom will be pro policies of “Appeasement” with the IRI.

II. Once these candidates are elected, then they grant local or national petty government positions such as ambassadorship and under secretaries to the Iranian Americans whom are blessed by these IRI Lobby groups. This is in a way, a method of political kickback.

III. As the result, IRI manages to somewhat control the United States’ policies towards Iran.

Of course, IRI Lobby Groups have 2 important characteristics:

I. IRI Lobbyists multiply by the speed of light! They grow like cockroaches. Iranian Opposition manages to expose one group and destroy it, but right away 2 other groups will replace it! Huge amount of funds from Tehran, IRI Foundations in America and IRI friendly Businessmen makes this possible.

II. IRI Lobby Groups practically never lobby and contribute to Republicans, because Republicans are openly pro confrontation with IRI. The IRI Lobby Groups always lobby and contribute to the Democrats, because Liberals have been always pro the policies of Appeasement and Trades with IRI. Democrats guarantee to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic’s Regime.

What you have just read, is not fiction, but it is the harsh reality of life in today’s America. Islamic Republic of Iran had successfully managed to infiltrate the American Legislative Branch. The next move will be the infiltration of the Executive Branch!

Iranian Opposition Groups and personalities have been actively exposing IRI Lobbyists in America, but IRI and Hezbollah have ruthlessly attacked the Iranian Opposition members. Any voice that has been exposing the IRI Lobby, has been silenced and shutten up via legal moves (court cases), scare tactics, slander, threats, death mails and has been portrayed as “War Monger” or “Hate Group”.

IRI Lobbyists and Hezbollah had successfully made the Iranian Opposition Groups, irrelevant and isolated. On the other hand, IRI Lobbyists and Hezbollah have been successfully portraying themselves as “Pacifists” and “Brotherly Loved Groups”. They have become the champions of the Iranian Civil Rights in America!

To be honest with you, due to the current episodes, I absolutely do not trust any Iranian Pacifist Organization. I always keep one eye open and zoomed to their hands while monitoring them. I keep the one eye open and zoomed to their hands, so they will not stab me on my back! I have a hard time trusting Liberal Pacifists. There is a very thin line, which divides the Liberal Pacifists and the IRI Lobbyists! Each pacifist organization is under my microscope for further studies.

IRI Tabloid Media and Websites, have been actively supporting these IRI Lobby Groups and spontaneously organized a campaign of character assassination and defamation towards the Iranian Opposition groups. As the results, the Iranian Opposition groups and members had become isolated, silenced and pushed aside.

So far, Islamic Republic of Iran has been conducting a successful campaign in America. Hezbollah has successfully created a 5th column of sabotage and espionage in America … until now, that everything will change.

IPC as a largest Iranian Website in the world, as an independent media and not part of the:

Iranian Media Mafia

Is set to serve the Iranian Opposition. IPC is at the disposal of the Iranian Opposition and Freedom Fighters of Iran. IPC is here to protect and serve, to propagate and expose the IRI Lobbying in America. IPC is bounded to support the Iranian Opposition and this puts us at war with Hezbollah. This war will continue until the total destruction of the Islamist Regime of Iran and establishment of a free secular democratic federal republic of Iran.

And now, the rest of the story ……

Why Am I Writing this Article?

In my last article:

Why Iran is a Mess? Problem and Solution
Iranian Opposition and Up-position!

I have laid the foundation of the “To Be” Policy to battle IRI.

In this document, I would like to clarify 2 different issues to the public:

I. Distinguish between Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah

II. My announcement to both groups about the details of my retaliation plan, in case they make a move against me.

For more information, read:

Hezbollah Front businesses in America - Part One

Hezbollah Front businesses in America - Part Two

In writing this document, I will be very objective rather than subjective. Now I will start this analysis:

I. Distinguish between Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah

The heart of Hezbollah is Iran; the rest of the Hezbollah organizations around the globe, such as Hezbollah of Lebanon are only tentacles of this mother octopus in Tehran. Hezbollah comes in many shape and form:

Fundamentalist Hezbollah
Hezbollah could be Fundamentalist Islamist.

Hezbollah Iran

Hezbollah Ansar News


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Moderate Hezbollah
Hezbollah can be Moderate Islamist.


Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani


Reformist Hezbollah
Hezbollah can be Reformist Islamist.

Islamic Participation Front (Jebhe Mosharekat)

Islamic Participation Front (Emrooz)

Seyed Mohammad Khatami

Friends of Hezbollah
Then you have Reformists, Liberal Reformists, National Islamists or Liberal Democrats whom assume that they can reform the un-reformable Islamic Republic of Iran from within the regime! They are willing to cut a deal with anyone in the regime and any fraction of the regime, as long as the regime throws them a bone or an end piece of meat or power! These people often sell their own mothers for $5, any day of the week! These low life opportunists are worst than Hezbollah, because they are only in it for the power, money and position! Low lives such as:

Shirin Ebadi

Akbar Ganji

Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front)

Nehzat Azadi (Iran Freedom Movement)

Meli Mazhabi (National Islamists)

Indirect Friends of Hezbollah in America
Then you have this group who are clearly Suspected Hezbollah. They maybe not Hezbollah but the results of their actions, surely is for the benefit of Hezbollah. That puts them in the category of their own as the Indirect Friends of Hezbollah. We can’t accuse people unless we are 100 % sure that they are Hezbollah. We cannot categorize this group as Hezbollah unless we are 100 % sure; therefore, we categorize them as Indirect Friends of Hezbollah. Sometimes they behave as Mild “Muslim Apologists” and then sometimes they behave as Hot Fundamentalist Islamists:

(Hands Across The Mideast Support Alliance)

HAMSA is consisting of two different organizations:

(American Islamic Congress)


The Tharwa Project

Then you have:

Muslim Students Association

Hezbollah Operations in America

Now let us move on to our business. In America, Hezbollah has a different tactic. The country is divided in to two zones or spheres of influence:

Hezbollah East Coast Operations
With the central seed of:

Alavi Foundation of New York

Hezbollah West Coast Operations
With the central seed of:

Iman Cultural Center of Los Angeles

Hezbollah Tactics in America

Hezbollah are the masters in using the United States system against the United States system. They use the democratic system, checks and balances, the judicial system and the legal loopholes, against the United States system, US Government, American people and Iranian Opposition. How you may ask?

Hezbollah abuses the American system by:

Abusing freedom of assembly via forming sleeping cells inside the United States, waiting for the proper time to perform various operations.

Abusing freedom of Assembly to infiltrate political opposition groups with their own spy cells collecting information for Tehran.

Abusing freedom of press by using scare tactics suing the free press.

Abusing the first Amendment by indirectly propagating their causes such as IRI Lobbying under the surface of the political analysis, political contributions or promoting books in the American Media such as CNN, CSPAN, etc.

Abusing freedom of speech to indirectly propagate terrorism in American media.

Abusing freedom of charity by collecting funds in the name of Islamic charity and then spending a part of it on their front businesses in USA and sending the rest back to Tehran, Lebanon, and other tentacles.

Abusing lobby laws to lobby for IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) under the name of lobbying for the Iranian Americans and their causes.

Abusing American Legal system to sue various opposition members, parties and
organizations to silence them.

Abusing free speech as scare tactics, slanders and rumors through their own incognito Hezbollah press to isolate the true nationalist opposition members and media and brand them as “War Mongers” and “Hate Groups”.

Abusing free press by creating their vast press network consisting of their own TV stations, Radio programs, Magazines, Newspapers, Websites and other media. Hezbollah uses these media as free tribunes under the disguise of the Liberal Peace Loving Media, to avoid the war between US and Iran. The fact is that these media are only the fronts to promote Hezbollah’s cause.

Abusing free trade laws to pose as merchants and import exporters, buying sophisticated quality guns in quantity and sending them to Iran.

Abusing free market system to establish front business such as Rug Galleries, Iranian Grocery Markets, Restaurants and other businesses with a very few clientele as the front businesses for espionage, sabotage and collecting various information and sending them to Tehran.

A famous tactic learned by the IRI Lobbyists from the cults, is to go after the Iranian Celebrities and draft them as members of their organization. This would give them publicity and validity amongst the public. The naïve celebrities will often join these organizations and by the time they find the truth about these Lobbyists, it will be too late and they will lose their prestige amongst the masses and they will be also branded as Hezbollah.

Another famous tactic, which is used by Hezbollah and Friends of Hezbollah websites, is to isolate whomever who goes against them! They do this by branding them as “War Mongers” and “Hate Sites”. At the same time, they brand themselves as “Peace Lovers” and “Brotherly Loved”. The IRI Lobbyists also are famous for branding their opponents as “Mojahed” or “Monarchist”. The perfect example for these Do Gooding, Brotherly Loved, Pacifist sites is:

Iranian Magazine

Well, no matter how hard they try, they cannot possibly isolate IPC, because it is already the largest Iranian Website in the world, and no matter what they say, they cannot brand me as a War Monger, because I already admit that I am pro the violent overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran, thus there are no other options! A Coup, a Revolution or a bloody Revolt, makes no difference to me, as long as we will send the Mullahs, Heads of IRGC, Cabinet and Hezbollah back to Allah, where they came from!

Folks as I have always stated:

I will work with anyone who is willing to pick up a pen or a gun and fight the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government).

I will chose any tactic as see fit to end the reign of Islam in Iran.

They cannot brand me as Mojahed or Monarchist or ….., because I do not belong to any particular organization or party, but I do support all of the Iranian Opposition groups.

And the list goes on ……

The Alavi Foundation of New York and the Iman Foundation of Los Angeles are Hezbollah’s major headquarters in America. One organizes the East Coast operations and one the West Coast operations. Amongst their duties are fund raising, espionage, advertising, lobbying, creation and operation of front businesses, creation and operation of media and many other tasks.

Hezbollah uses the American democratic system against the democracy in America!

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah Groups

There are basically 2 different categories, which we must distinguish here:

This group is proven to be Hezbollah. The proof comes from their past associations, their history, their financing, their operations, their propaganda, their accomplishments, their present associates and their conducts:

Alavi Foundation of New York

Iman Cultural Center of Los Angeles

Jahanshah Javid and Iranian Magazine

Jahanshah Javid and (New Site)

Others ……

Suspected Hezbollah (Lobby Groups)
This group are classified under Suspected Hezbollah, meaning that despite all the evidence, documents and articles published by various credible sources, I am still not convinced, beyond the reasonable doubt that this group are for sure and for 100% Hezbollah. We can’t accuse people unless we are 100 % sure that they are Hezbollah; therefore, until further proof, I cannot classify them as Hezbollah. For now, I am taking names and writing down information. While keeping a close eye on them, I will classify this group as Suspected Hezbollah:

Muslim Students Association

Ali Moayedian and Payvand
Ali Moayedian and Payvand 2

Houshang Amir-Ahmadi and AIC
AIC (American Iranian Council)
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi at

Trita Parsi and NIAC (National Iranian American Council)
Trita Parsi
Trita Parsi at

Baqer Namazi
Woodrow Wilson Center Scholar: Baqer Namazi

Siamak Namazi and Atieh Group
Atieh Group
Siamak Namazi at

Mohammad Mahallati and ILEX Foundation
Mohammad Mahallati

Abbas Maleki
Belfer Center Scholar: Abbas Maleki

CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran)

Hassan Nemazee and IAPAC
IAPAC (Iranian American Political Action Committee)

Iranian Truth Blog

Others ……

Note: Have you noticed that all of these Lobbyists write for and surely Jahanshah Javid and provides a tribune for them?

The Logic About Suspected Hezbollah

Even though it has not decided that this group is beyond the reasonable doubt Hezbollah, yet we must dig deeper into their actions. This group is conducting their activities as media, foundations, scholars and most important as propagandists and lobbyists. They claim that they lobby against the war with Iran and they lobby for Iranian Americans.

Lobby Against the War
If they lobby against United States declaring war on Iran, that is understandable, but they lobby against all wars with Iran. None of them have ever supported any Iranian Opposition group declaring war against the Islamic Republic Regime!

Lobby for Iranian Americans
If they lobby for Iranian American rights, then they should comprehend that 95 % of the Iranian Americans are against the Islamic Regime of Tehran. Only 5 % are either neutral or Pro Hezbollah. So Iranian Americans seek an end to IRI. How can you lobby for Iranian Americans without respecting their wishes? How come you do not speak a word against the Islamic Regime or violations of the human rights in Iran?

If they lobby for Iran, then they must surely understand that the government of Iran is a Theocratic Terrorist Government. How can you lobby for Iran without lobbying for Terrorism?

Logical Analysis
Suspected Hezbollah in any shape or form does propagate and lobby against any type of war with IRI; therefore, they are pro longing the life of IRI. Indirectly they are lobbying for the rights of IRI. As the result, they are safe keeping the Islamic Regime and helping the Islamic regime to survive. Suspected Hezbollah are indirectly helping IRI.

Enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Friend of my enemy is my enemy.

Enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Meaning tactically and in short terms, the 4Ms: Mojahedin, Monarchists, Marxists and Mosadeqists are my friends, because all of us want to end the reign of Islam in Iran.

Friend of my enemy is my enemy.
Meaning that anyway you look at it, the Suspected Hezbollah are indirectly helping my enemy (IRI) to survive by pro longing his life or promoting him! This makes them the friends of my enemy. This puts them exactly on the opposite side of this war between us (The Iranian Opposition) and them (Hezbollah).

Why Suspected Hezbollah Sues Iranian Opposition?

More Reasoning comes from the fact that these so called Iranian Lobbyists, Iranian Pacifists and Iranian Do Gooders are actively suing or planning to sue the Iranian Opposition and the free press! Examples:

Hassan Nemazee (IAPAC) vs. Aryo Pirouznia (SMCCDI)
Trita Parsi (NIAC) vs. Hassan Dai
Trita Parsi vs. VOA

Why must you go around suing people with con artist lawyers? That right there, gives validity to the sue-ee! The sue-ers are often having something fishy in their bags! Normal people often do not sue each other. Sue-ers are often ambulance chasers, con artists, criminals or dirty people; or else they would have settled their differences in a normal manner which is called a dialogue! These people cannot debate, so they sue to shutten and silence the Iranian Opposition.

Why these Lobbyists have connections with each other?

When I try to find out who you are, then I take a look at your friends and whom you associate with!

Houshang Amir-Ahmadi w Trita Parsi
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi w Hassan Nemazee
Trita Parsi w Alavi Foundation
Trita Parsi w
Siamak Namazi w

The list goes on ……

How come they all know each other?
How come they all associate with each other?
How come I don’t know any of them, neither do I associate with any of them?

Why Liberalism and Islamism goes hand in hand?

How come all of these IRI Lobbyists vote democratic?
How come all of them pose as Liberal Democrats?
How come every time Democrats come to power, they seek dialogue and relations with Islamic Republic of Iran?
How come Democrats always cherish and support IRI Lobbyists.
Ex: Madeleine Albright at AIC convention
How come these IRI Lobbyists always pay great amounts of contribution to the Democratic Presidential Candidates and in return when Democrats come to power, they safe guard these IRI Lobbyists in the warmth of their arms and guarantee to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran?
How come Democrats are always pro Appeasement Policy with IRI?

There is a definition for the Appeasement Policy:
Appeasement is a policy of accepting the imposed conditions of an aggressor (IRI) in lieu of armed resistance, usually at the sacrifice of principles. Usually it means giving in to the demands of an aggressor (IRI) in order to avoid war.

You must be blind not to see the beautiful harmony and the lovely relations between the Democratic Party and IRI Lobbyists in America!

Questions Which Come to the Mind?

I am going to hit you with some intriguing questions:

How come the Iranian Opposition never sues anyone?

How come it is always Hezbollah, Suspected Hezbollah or Questionable Groups who sue the Iranian Opposition?

How come these IRI Lobbyist Groups, all know each other, work with each other and are keen towards each other?

Jahanshah Javid always talks about collecting grants! Have you ever wondered where do these so-called Grants come from?

How come all of these guys vote Democratic?

How come all of them contribute massive amounts of dollars to the Democratic Candidates nominated for presidency, senate, house, governorships and other executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government in USA?

Do you ever recall a firm policy to overthrow IRI from any Democratic president of the past?

Wasn’t it Jimmy Carter (GodFather of the Democratic Party) and his administration who destroyed Iran on 1979, by not backing the Shah of Iran against the Islamists? By playing touch and go or love and hate games with the Imperial Iran? By Human Rights policies fabricated in Washington DC? By creation of the Green Belt around the Soviet Union? By helping to create Taliban, Al Qaeda and IRI?

Wasn’t it always the Democrats whom are in support of appeasement and love affair policies with the blood thirsty Islamic Regime of Tehran?

II. My announcement to both groups about the details of my retaliation plan, in case they make a move against me.

To All Hezbollah, Friends of Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah

They say, one should always put things in the oral forms and never put anything in writing, because once in writing, it will become documented and can be used as evidence.

Right here and right now, I am announcing these words to all of you and I am putting it in writing. I am announcing these words to all of you on the public Internet for all to view.

You can imagine how self assured I must be and what type of backing I must have in this country to be able to make such announcement in public and not have a care in the world about the possible consequences to this announcement.

Let’s just say that I have been in this country for 30 years. I am as American as apple pie. I have been a GOP Activist since most of you were sperms in your daddy’s testicles! I am aware of every legal loophole in the American system. I know the system like the palm of my hand. In shorts, Iranian politics is all about balls and I own gigantic size balls, the size of Empire States or else I would have not made this announcement.

You may have been conducting successful campaigns in Iran, Europe and the rest of the world. You may have been successfully making the Iranian Opposition irrelevant and murdering every single Iranian Opposition relevant figure; however, now you are trying to stick your nose in to America. Now you establish your Pro IRI Media, IRI Lobby Organizations, Front Businesses, and Espionage Cells in my backyard. This country is my turf. Now you are entering my country. Now you have to deal with me.

Now, I will tell you about the details of my plan in each possible scenario. Right here on public Internet, I will explain to you that what will I do to you, in case you decide to make a move against me:

Possible Confrontation Scenarios with Hezbollah in America

Legal Move

Your Move
You will Sue me.

My Move
You will end up spending an arm and a leg on Ambulance Chasing top of the line lawyers to bring me down. You will use the American system to shut my mouth. Unlike you, I will hire the best that this country has to offer and the best services that “No Money” can buy!

Once you make a legal move against me, you will automatically put me in the Search and Destroy Mode. I will start retaliating in this manner:

I. My investigators will closely monitor and search for any possible inconsistencies or strange financial records, political donations, domestic or international bank wires, questionable memberships in your organization, questionable administrative records, etc.

II. Once we discover a slight thread of fishy activity, then we will start getting the government offices involved in the investigation.

III. FBI will begin a domestic investigation on you and your organization.

IV. Department of Homeland Security will begin knocking at your door.

V. IRS will drop by to say hello and go through every single one of your financial records, files and folders. The search for Tax problems will jump-start a Financial Audition by IRS.

VI. ACLU will come to the scene for a Civil Rights court Case, consisting of you (Suspected Hezbollah Organization) trying to block the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America by blocking the freedom of press for an American Press Organization (IPC). You can imagine how this may sound in the media: Suspected Hezbollah Organization (that is you) tries to block the freedom of American press (that is I) in America!

VII. This court case will be dragged through American Televisions (CNN, FOX, NBC, etc.), Talk Radio, Hard Copy Media, Web Media and every other media form. This case will be tried in American Media before it even goes to the court for the regular trial. I will make sure of it.

VIII. Our Lawyers (Friends of ACLU) will hit you back with a counter sue for everything you, your family and your organization owns.

And this will be only the beginning! Now allow me to inform you of the outcome:

If you win
By an odd possibility, if you win the case, you will end up spending an arm and a leg on lawyers but you will not get anything from me! Do you know why? I do not have a dime in my name. All of my fortune has already been transferred to various bank accounts, investment banking accounts, stock market accounts and money market accounts, belonging to a number of comrades around the globe. This is why you will not get a dime out of me.

Technically you cannot even sue IPC. Take a look at the Constitution of IPC and you will notice that IPC is not responsible for authors’ writings, and technically I am only an author. IPC is protected by the freedom of press, freedom of speech and the press shields law in America. We will drag this case on and on for years, to make sure that you will go broke paying up for your expensive lawyers and at the end, ACLU will defeat you.

If I win
I will take you for everything that you, your family, and your organization owns. I will put you in the poor house.

So as you can see, you have everything to lose and I have nothing to lose. You will pay a fortune for lawyers and I will buy the best services that I can buy with “No Money” from the government organizations.

I will promise you that I will destroy you. This is not a threat, but a promise. I don’t threat people, I take action.

Illegal Move

Physical Assault

Your Move
You will provide Muslim Mob to physically assault me.

My Move
In the past there has been one physical assault (Ya Hussein Mob) and one assassination attempt (Hezbollah) on my life and I have survived both. For more information about what had occurred to the other parties, please contact Tehran or Qom. Your bosses will inform you of their fate and endings.

If you or your people commit a physical assault against me, you will end up in hospital for a long period of time.

Assassination Attempt

Your move
You will provide Muslim Assassins to send me to my demise.

My Move
I will send you or your hired hands to the morgue.

Summary of Actions

If you sue me, I will destroy you.
If you assault me, I will send you to the hospital.
If you try to assassinate me, I will send you to the morgue.

What Must Hezbollah Comprehend about Me?

I am not some MKO Lobbyist author whom you can push over and bully around (Alireza Jafarzadeh).

I am not some Monarchist whom does not know his left hand from the right, so you can sue him for everything he got and silence him for good (Aryo Pirouznia).

I am not some shy mild manner writer whom you can push around and sue (Hassan Dai).

I am not some TV-Radio Station which you can push over and sue (Voice of America).

I am not some civilized scholar or statesman whom you can easily assassinate (Shapour Bakhtiar, Fereydoun Farrokhzad, Kourosh Aryamanesh, others).

I am a 30 years veteran of the Iranian Opposition. My Master has been assassinated by you (Kourosh Aryamanesh). My GodFather has been murdered by you (Amir Abbas Hoveyda). Many of my comrades had lost their lives by your hands and my Family has been financially damaged, lost great fortunes and forced to leave their homeland.

What I hate most are the Hezbollah front businesses in America. I hate them more than Hezbollah, because Hezbollah are at least the faithful and true believers, but these folks are in it for money! These are petty IRI Agents in America, peddling their asses as front businesses, media, lobbyists and arm dealers, making a buck by selling their continence and human dignity to IRI. Hezbollah Agents in America have no dignity, principles, continence or ideology. They have one goal and that is to make a profit while this regime is still in power.

Future Plans for Hezbollah Agents

I have news for you. While this regime is in power, we, the Iranian Opposition will do our best to expose you. Soon or late we will overthrow or end the reign of Islam in Iran. Once this regime is finished and once we will establish a free secular democratic federal republic in Iran, then I assure you that I will personally see to it that the new government will send agents to collect all IRI Media men, Businessmen, Lobbyists, export merchants, grocers, rug gallery owners, restaurant owners and every other front businessmen and kidnap them, put them on the planes and ship them back to Tehran. We will conduct this operation in the same manner that Mossad had done with the Ex Nazis!

Once in Tehran, you will be put on trials. When convicted, we will do the worst punishment fit for your crimes! We will hand you to the huge number of masses, which will be gathered in front of the courthouses! The same masses who had suffered for decades under this Islamic Regime. Well, you can picture that what will they do to you! Everyday people of the streets will rip you limb to limb and piece by piece alive! It would be a slow torturous death by live decapitation. I will promise you that this would be your future. Again, this is not a threat, but it is a promise.

You gentlemen, have managed each to gather a beautiful home, family, business, organization and a happy care free life by acting as IRI Agents in America and at the cost of my people’s blood.

Your comfortable lifestyle in America is provided by those struggling families in Iran whom are forced to sell their second borns to the pedophile Arab Sheiks from the other side of the Persian Gulf, only to feed and save their first borns. To survive a life of poverty, they are holding 2 to 3 jobs in Iran.

You gentlemen care about many things including your comfortable lifestyle, your lovely wives, your children, your greater families, your beautiful homes, your fortunes, your organizations, your members, your friends, your social status, your ……

But I …….

Who Am I?

I am the essence of Death, Darkness and Destruction.

I will be damned to allow you to push me around in America! You have everything to lose but I have nothing to lose! Throughout the years, I have become hard as a rock, a man of steel who cares about nothing and no one except the destruction of IRI.

I practically care about nothing, not even the most important element which is my own life. I am willing to risk everything including my own life to destroy IRI. When you reach the point of no return and you have been pushed so far, then you will become Ahreeman, that’s me.

So far, Hezbollah had

Destroyed the first IPC Club (yahoo)
Destroyed the first IPC Website (AOL)
Murdered my GodFather and Master
Murdered many comrades
Done one physical assault on my life
Done one assassination attempt on my life

Hezbollah had turned me to what I am today. I am a man with No Fear, No Care, No Emotions; I have become a machine. I have trained myself to become a machine.

Once you make a move against me, I will automatically go in gears to search and destroy you. You cannot do anything to me, which has not been done before! My body is full of knife marks from physical combat. I am already a dead man walking. I could be careless about everything including my own life. Technically I own nothing, not even my own life. My life belongs to the Iranian Opposition and the masses of Iran.

Those Who Plan to Make a Move Against Me ….

One of my trades is that once you make a move against me, then everything is fair play and there will be open season on you, your immediate family, your distant family, your friends, your associates, your organization members and everyone you know. Nothing and no one will be immune. There is only one language to speak with Hezbollah and that is the language of violence. I speak this language beautifully!

Ask your superiors in Tehran, what was the fate of the Ya Hussein Crew whom decided to take me on?

Ask what had become of the Hezbollah Assassins whom tried to eliminate me?

Ask what had occurred to the Santee Mosque and it’s Imam?

I am a 6’ 3” tall, 250 Lbs Martial Artist (Snake Style of Shaolin Si System of Kung Fu Branch of Martial Arts). I am packed at all times. Guns and knives in the house, in the car, at university, at the office and on me. I believe in extreme retaliation, extreme violence and extreme actions. I shoot first without even thinking! I believe in shoot them all and let Allah sort them out! I am very uncivilized, paranoid and extreme. That is why, after 30 years of fighting IRI, I am still alive. I will not have second thoughts and I do not even blink or hesitate to shed Hezbollah’s blood, the more the merrier!

How can you win over me? How can you eliminate someone who is already dead? When you move against me, you are not moving against a normal human being! You are making a move against an entity!

I am not human. I am an entity. I have become an entity. I have become a machine. I am a Grudge. I am fixated on destroying Islamic Republic of Iran and along with it, every single IRI Front Businesses in America. There are no ifs or buts, but this is my destiny. I live to destroy or to be destroyed, simple as that.

I am your worst nightmare because I am unpredictable. I can take extreme measures at any moment. Slight mention of my name puts fear in Hezbollah’s spine. Once they hear my name, these guys are truly Shiiting all over themselves! Why you ask? Simply because they know that I am willing to fight until death, I take huge risks, I have no fear, I have nothing to lose, and I will destroy my enemies. I can make their world turn to black and set darkness all over their lives. I am the true representation of Death and Destruction on Earth and I am fixated on Hezbollah in America. Once you make a move against me, soon or late I will hunt you down like a wild dog and tear you to shreds. I do not hesitate to destroy you and everything you love. I am your worst nightmare coming to life.

Nothing can stop me. I will not back down. How can you stop a grudge? How can you chase a ghost? How can you sue, search for, assault and assassinate a shadow?

We, the Iranian Opposition are at war with Islamic Republic of Iran and their petty cronies in America. I am bound to fight until either your or my destruction. No areas of gray. This is Black or White. No ifs or buts, this is battle until death. This is death before dishonor. I have a death wish.

Actually I have something in common with Muslims!

If you live, you get all kinds goodies in inxile and exile.
If you die, you go to Allah and collect your 72 virgins.


If I live, I will get to destroy you.
If I’ll die, I will even become larger than now, a legend, a martyr.

How can you fight someone with this type of mentality?
You as front business for Hezbollah in America, have everything to lose!
I have nothing to lose!

If any of you, makes any type of move against me, I will promise to destroy you.

If you make a legal move against me,
At best, you will get deported for treason.
At worst, you will get incarcerated for espionage.

If you make an illegal move against me,
At best, you will end up in the hospital.
At worst, you will end up in the morgue.

Just imagine how self-assured I must be and how much backing I must have in this country to be able to put this promise in writing and on the public Internet.

So why don’t you stop playing with the civilized, mild manner members of this opposition and start playing with me? I am begging you to sue me, assassinate me or make any type of move against me? Because I am not going away and I will not back down!

Do you want to dance? Let’s dance! I am a dancer! You ain’t no Daisy but I’ll be your Huckleberry! We will dance and we will dance all the way to the Cemetery and on the graves. They call me the Grave Dancer! We will keep on dancing on the graves and I promise you that I will be the one who will end up dancing on your grave! I can’t be ending up in the grave, because I am already dead. I am Ahreeman.

“I spread sheer fear, fear brings power, power causes revolution, revolution creates change, change provides discipline, discipline establishes order, order is what I seek. Fear is the key. I am the Fear.”

Now that I have enlightened you about my mission, plans and destiny, I would like to wish you the best in this war.

I prefer to have a worthy enemy than a weak friend.
I enjoy the type of enemy who can cut me limb to limb.

Let’s Dane

Dr. X

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