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From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life
X Diaries - A Bit about My Life!
Ahreeman X
March 7, 2007

Let us read a few more chapters of X Diaries (my memoirs). You can always read other chapters of X Diaries by visiting the X Diaries section of the "Founder" index of the IPC Website. Now, allow me to take you back in time and let me share a few stories with you.

I am 6' 3" tall and 240 pounds. With my figures, it is really hard to hide in a VW Microbus and pretend that you are not homeless! Ahreeman X, a homeless you ask? Are you confused by now?

Drastic Changes!

People often ask me why am I so hard on Reza Pahlavi? The poor guy went through some drastic changes in his life? He used to be a prince but now he is living in tough conditions of exile? Ahhhhhh am I being too hard? Ahreeman truly feels sorry for Pahlavis, Iranian leech billionaires, hand kissers and ass kissers around them! These poor people have been through some "Drastic Changes"!

Drastic Changes, that is what some Monarchist told me about what these people went through!

Why am I also hard on other Up-Position Leaders of Iran?

Definition of Up-Position Leaders:
A group of Eye-Rainians whom often shift their schlongs, Hasteh Khormas or Suzie Qs from the left side to the right side, vise versa and then finally in the Up-Position in their shorts and pants, and by doing such actions, they assume that they are the Iranian Opposition Leaders!

Definition of Eye-Rainians:
Eye-Rainians are those Iranians whom always keep an Eye to the Rain to fertilize the Iranian Barren deserts, rather than take initiation to irrigate the lands for themselves!

For more information on IPC Creative Terms, please read:

Persian Slangs Dictionary of IPC Alternative Terms

Now let me tell you about "Drastic Changes",

My friends, life awaits for no one! Life is not a box of chocolate, but life is a box Full O Shiite! Life does not hand us our destiny, but we are the ones who build our own destiny!

It's a Hard Life. Tough Men grow out of Hard Times. Tough times, builds great men such as Reza Khan who had changed the direction path of a nation. Life is not a bowl of cherries! Life is a bitch and then you die! We need to be Hard on People. Maybe if Iranians were Hard on their Leaders and had Great Expectations from their leaders, then we would have not been in the present Dead Lock and Shiite Hole for 28 + years! Maybe if Iranians had 2 Cents worth of brains, and did not follow any Bozo and wave his pictures only because his Dad was a Shah or his Uncle was Mosadeq or Grand Father was Khosrow Roozbeh (Hezbeh Tudeh), and maybe if Iranians were more logical and practical rather than emotional and Hero Worshiping, then Iran would have been in a better status!

Hard Times and Giving Hard Times, creates Tough Men which in return Tough Men, make Great Men, Uber-Menschen, Supermen (Nietzsche), and then Uber-Menschen makes History.

World is full of Public, Cheese-Balls, Mediocre Men, and Mellow Jellos! We are walking in sensitive times of our history. I have no intention for the future leader of our nation to be a Useless Bum or amongst the Charlatans of LA or DC! Of course I am tough and hard on people! I want The Best for Iran.

To the Burning Ashes of My Master, Aryamanesh, assassinated by Hezbollah, I have taken a Blood Oath:

"To Protect and Serve The Persian Culture"

...... by All means possible and Until Death and my last Dying Breath!

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, A Legend

When I took that oath, my life as a Normal Human Being changed, and my duty as a Man with a Mission had begun. This mission shall continue until the day that I die.

When one takes such an oath for life, then one will go All The Way to achieve his goal. That One, then has a duty to be selective about the future candidate to run one's nation!

Can you blame me?

Let's go back in history,

Homeless and Hardships

There was a period of my life in which I was rebelling against my own Family. When I first came to San Diego over 23 years ago, after the first 6 months, for whatever reasons that we do not want to go there, I became Homeless! You want to talk about drastic changes? Get a load of this one! Me, a spoiled rotten born and fed in Imperial courthouse and elite Aristocratic community of Iran, member of one of the Top Ten ruling Persian Families of our nation, a Grand Qajar Earl, cream of the crop, had hit the dirt! From Aristocracy to Homelessness! Is that drastic or what? Much drastic than what rotten useless Pahlavis experienced!

Allow me to share some facts with you all:

Do you remember or have you seen those old VW Microbuses from the 60s era? For a month I was sleeping in an old VW Microbus parked at downtown San Diego on 4th Ave. I was living in the middle of the zoo, amongst the Drug Dealers, Hookers, $5 Faggot boys, $10 Junkie Whores, Downtown Transsexual Whores, Beggars, Murderers and Addicts! On weekly bases I would discover either dead bodies or overdosed bodies next to my borrowed Microbus, which I had borrowed from my friend to live in!

I had no money, I was feeding on pistachio sent by my mom long ago from Iran. I was eating pistachio all day long, 3 meals a day! Once a week I could afford eating Pizza. I was so hungry that once a week, I used to eat a whole large pizza in one shot! That was the weekly high light of my life!

I used to go to bathroom in the woods near my Microbus in 4th Ave. I used to clean my Ass with Tree Leaves because I could not afford toilet paper!

No one helped me and I had never asked for anyone's help! It sure was hard finding a job, when one is homeless and smells like a week old cheese! I used to first shower at the beach, and then wash my clothes in public sinks in public bathrooms of the beaches or parks! Then I dragged myself up and started working as a Testing Officer and Evaluator for Dianetics (L Ron Hubbard's crew). And no, I was not part of the Scientology Cult, but I was only a contractor working for them! I had to sneak in the office, early in the morning to take a shower and shave. I used to bribe the janitor, not to spill the beans about my homelessness! I used to shower and shave, dress in a suit, in the company at 5 AM before the crowd hits the office! I led a dual life, a life of lies, just to hide my homelessness!

I dragged myself up from a bum on 4th Avenue to the level of an employed person. Then a number of odd and random jobs, Eventually an office employee, then changed different companies, became an executive, managed a few businesses, ran small businesses, had my own business, later on went back to college, studied Computer Science, became a college professor, computer scientist, private contractor, etc. etc., and the rest is history..........

By then I made up with my family but no one dragged me out of the street except myself.

How The Boy becomes a Man?

Mark my word,

A Boy shall never become a Man, unless at least in one occasion of his life, he experiences all three:

He goes to hospital for a surgery,
He goes to criminal court for a trial,
He goes to Jail and get incarcerated,

And I done all three!

There was a time that family could not send money from Iran because there were restrictions. Government had to agree and only then, there were a limit to certain amount of dollars which each family could send overseas. Remember the 80s? Remember how we all had to get jobs because Islamic Republic seized the funds and our allowances? We had to go to school, work and on top of it deal with Rednecks' backlash due to IRI hostage taking! Iranian students were repeatedly beaten and abused, a few even murdered! The funny thing was that these students were as much anti IRI as the American Rednecks who were calling them Ragheads and abusing them! Remember the good old days of America in the 80s? Actually these days are not much different!

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP

So IRI put a restriction on how much our parents could send from their own money to us as students! But that wasn't even my problem! I ended up in this situation, because I decided to cut my relationship with my family. I don't want to go to details but I wanted to see if I could do it on my own and if I could stand on my own two feet and make it in the world! In other words, I was fed up with the baseless Persian aristocracy and I was rebelling against my own social class!

I came to San Diego with 3 Cents in my pocket, standing in Gray Hound Bus Terminal as a lost soul! After 6 months of living with friends, I became homeless. I lived in the street and a microbus borrowed from a friend. Actually I thought he was a friend! Back in Iran I used to always fund this guy, his habits, his girlfriend, his date money, and his lifestyle! He was one of the usual friends always hanging around our state. He was a member of my Rock Band in Junior High and supposedly a friend who was always hanging around with me. In America and in times of need when I was staying at his place for a while, him and his wife refused to allow me to stay at their home even if I paid them money! So I borrowed a beat up VW Microbus (60s style), drove it to a bad part of Downtown San Diego, next to the Balboa Park (Giant of a park) and lived next to the woods!

Many other homeless who were with me during those times, did not make it! Not everyone is strong enough to drag himself from Homeless level back to normal! Many hit the booze, drugs and died in the streets of downtown, many turned up missing in action! Many joined the life of crimes and others murdered due to crimes!

My friends, this was not the first time that I went through hardship, there were other times. Back in Philadelphia, when the student funds were cut, I had to walk the hotels in different floors, corridors and eat people's left over foods left outside their hotel room doors! I was short of eating from dumpster!

I had my share of hard life alright!

The second semester in college back in Philadelphia, I was reduced to eating leftover of people left outside their hotel rooms! Walking the hotel corridors and seeking leftovers to feed myself was a routine!

Back to San Diego ... after I pulled myself up from homelessness. Eventually I bought a $500 beat up car, a Dodge Charger from 70s! I lived in a one-bedroom apartment with 2 and sometimes 3 other guys. There were even times that 5 of us were sleeping in the same small apartment. We were poor but we were sharing what little that we had with other misfortunate fellow Persians. I used to sleep on the floor of the living room. I started working in an Ice Cream Company. Back then Iranians were either driving a cab or driving an ice cream truck.

Of course there was this leech who owned the ice cream company and made a ton of profit out of exploiting his own Iranian countrymen and taking advantage of their misery whom out of desperation, they had to work for him!

I started working as an ice cream truck driver at daytime and security guard at nighttime protecting the lot and trucks. After driving all day long and selling ice cream and dealing with brats and rats, I had to stay awake all night long with a gun, securing the trucks and the lot so the thieves would not steal and rob the company blind! The ice cream companies were located in the ghettos and horrible parts of town!

The first company I worked at was in the Black Ghetto (Logan Heights) and the second company I worked at was in the Mexican Ghetto (Sherman Heights) near the Chicano Park in San Diego.

Gang members used to burglarize and kill people in these locations at all times!

I even caught a few Black Thieves and handed them to the cops! So basically I had two jobs. Ice Cream truck driver at daytime and security guard at night. When the company would open at 7 AM, I used to go to the candy storage and stock room and sleep for a few hours before I drive the ice cream truck again! I worked two jobs and saved my money to drag myself out of my misery!

There was another time when I did not even have a car because the piece of jalopy broke down on me! That was the second piece of jalopy, which I bought and it broke down on me! I had to take two buses to the second ice cream company, which I started working at.

I had to switch from the Persian owned company to an American owned company because the Persian guy was exploiting his own people so bad! American Capitalist was much more human than the Iranian Capitalist ever was!

So I took two busses to work, drove the damn ice cream truck all day long and two buses back to my apartment, where I could not afford the rent, always behind the rent and had to hide from the manager and landlord in the park next door until he went to sleep, so I could sneak back to my hole (apartment)! Same thing in the morning, I had to sneak out of my hole to not face the apartment manager, so I could go to work, make money and hand it all over to him, so I could live in a hole and be happy that I finally had my own hole so I did not have to share a hole with 2 or 3 other Iranian misfortunate fellows! This was my pathetic life for 5 years! This was the true meaning of misery!

Let me tell you a funny episode amongst all this misery! One of the ice cream truck drivers who owned his truck was a cool guy, a Chaldean (Iraqi Assyrian) Catholic with a funny Arabic accent. Check this out, his first name was "Kakos" and his last name was "KirYaKos" a popular Chaldean name! Get it? Mr. Kakos KirYaKos used to call himself "Jerry"! He was working in a Persian company and he knew what was the meaning of his first and last name in Persian! He never told anyone what was his real name until one day, I had accidentally set eyes on his drivers license! And there you go clear as a whistle, Jerry's real name was:

Kakos KirYaKos => Ka-Kos Kir-Ya-Kos => [Ka-Kos = Of Vagina] + [Kir-Ya-Kos = Penis or Vagina] => Mr. Of-Vagina Penis-or-Vagina (in Persian)!

Now picture you are a Christian Iraqi working in an Iranian Company with that name, if you can?!

Anyhow, one time I was in the wrong place at a wrong time and I ended up fighting 15 Black High School Gang Members! I took care of a couple of them and put them out of commission. They put me in the hospital for a month! Every bone in my body was broken! If it wasn't for a fact that I was a martial artist, I could not have made it! For 20 minutes I was fighting these guys until they saw the lights of a few cars and they jumped back in their truck and ran away and fled the scene. They were armed with baseball bats, brass knuckles and knives. I was armed with bare fists!

The only reason that I am still alive is because of my strong physic.

Picture this, finally they fled and my almost dead body dropped in the corner of a dark avenue in a San Diego ghetto! A man covered with blood lying dead at the corner of the street in the dark East San Diego Ghetto …….. in the dead of the night! I was far from Tehran and surely covered with blood rather than luxury!

Then I worked at 24 hour mini mart-gas stations such as Arco AM-PM Mini Mart and then 7-11 Store. I started from washing toilets and cleaning people's Shiite, moved on to stocking shelves, then cashier, clerk, assistant manager, shift manager and then general manager! By the time I became the manager of the stupid 24 hours store, I was happy that I had finally hit the Big Time! Whoopee doo, I am the manager of the freaking chain store, a 24 hour bloody gas station, beer and wine, fast food grocery store! I was so drowned in alcohol to forget my misery, rather than seeing the reality of my situation!

I had finally made it from a homeless to a bloody store manager! By then I was a chain smoking, full-blown alcoholic and a drug user! I was working like a dog and then my recreation was to put all kinds of junk and chemicals in my body!

Finally one day I got fed up. One day, without anyone's help and without going to any rehab, I quit cigarettes (2 packs a day), alcohol (pint of vodka and a case of bear a day) and drugs (weed, hash, coke and basically anything I could get my hands on)!

All around me were other Fragged Up Iranian and American guys and gals who were also leading this miserable lifestyle and assuming that this is the real life and they are having fun and living on the edge! Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll was the motto, but the reality was that day by day, I was getting one step closer to Death!

One day I woke up and saw than I am not living to enjoy life, but I live to fill my body with chemicals and to feed my habits. I was a wreck and barely alive. I was a zombie. Work all day and get Shiite faced all night! Life was surely miserable and this was the True Misery!

One day I woke up and on my own, I quit everything in one shot! I went cold turkey for a week and I went through Hell, but I kicked all habits. That day was about 15 years ago when I saved my own life without anyone's help.

Since then, I am drug free and I mean absolutely drug free, nada, nothing, zilch!

Obviously all my life I was an athlete but somehow my life went off course and for a number of years, I got drowned in tobacco, booze and drugs! Once again, same as my homeless years, I got myself out of my Drug years! Without anyone's help I ended my homelessness and once more without anyone's help I ended my alcoholism, drug usage and chain smoking.

You see, Jesus, Hussein or Joe Shmoe did not help me, but I helped myself!

So I figured that Healthy Mind and Thinking Mind is only in a Healthy Body! If I wanted to go back to school, there was no way to lead this diseased lifestyle and then study at the same time!

So I changed all my friends and my lifestyle. Back to school I went. I achieved another 3 degrees and certificates.

The rest is history,

Corporate Executive, University Faculty and Staff, Technology Specialist, Journalist, etc.

From Homeless to Corporate Manager.

From Upper Class to Under Class!

With all do respect, What I have experienced was drastic! I used to live in a mansion, actually a few mansions (3 states) in Iran. We had a Chef, a Cook, a Chauffeur, 3 Maids, a Servant, a Butler, and then a few temporary Helps coming and going! My Grand mother was one of the first graduates of Tehran University, a Big Shot medical doctor and a powerful woman. She was the head of the family in Iran. For crying outloud before 1979, when women her age were wrapped in chador, my grand mother was reading "Burs" (Iranian Stock Market Newspaper) in the mornings!

I was the spoiled and only male grandson of Maman-jun (That's what I used to call my Grand Maw)! Both my parents had sensitive positions in Imperial Iran and were extremely influential. My mentors were Uncle Hoveyda (Prime Minister of Iran and My GodFather) and Uncle Alam (Minister of the Imperial Court and friend of the family). Then I hit the dirt and became Homeless!

The Difference Between the Iranian Hypocrisy and I

I came to San Diego with 3 cents in my pocket, got myself out of disaster and homelessness, stood on my feet, helped myself to stand up and I am who I am today. Later on I hooked up with the family and they helped me, but primarily no one helped me except myself.

When I fell down, I dragged myself back up. There were no Arab Sheiks, King of Saudi, Saudi Prince, Iranian billionaires, Empress or Ameh Ashraf to send me Millions!

You see, here is the difference between my character and useless bums such as Reza Pahlavis of the world:

When I need money, I get a job and make my own.

When Reza Pahlavi lost his ass in stock market and needed money, he grabbed his Pan and started pan-handling around the world! He started begging Global Monarchs, Arab Sheiks, Pahlavis and Iranian billionaires to give him a few millions so he could get back on his feet!

Pahlavis and Iranian billionaires given him the dough in one condition that after over 20 years of silence, he had to get back to politics, make a few speeches here or there and a few interviews with US Media here or there so the people would know that he is still alive! So they gave him the money and in returns they asked him to make some noise so the masses would see that Monarchy is not completely dead! For more information, read:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

When I hear Garbage from Monarchists on how Reza Pahlavi and his Siblings had it rough and hard, it is enough to make me puke and barf! Rotten, Useless, No Good, Bums like Reza Pahlavi (3 minute showman on FOX, CNN and MSNBC), Anna Klein Pahlavi (Half an hour Showgirl on E TV), which both have been presently cancelled, and the rest of the Pahlavis, including Farahnaz the sex and drug addict, do not even know the concept of falling from the grace! They have no clue about how it feels to fall from Upper Class to Skid Row and Dirt Level!

The Have and The Have-Nots!

If you never had it, then you will never miss it, but when you had it all and then dropped to having none, then you surely miss it!

I had dropped from Upper Class to Under Class! No one but no one helped me except myself to get back on my feet and be who I am today!

Real men are built through hardship. Pussy Wipes such as Reza Pahlavi who never worked a day in his life and always have been pampered in luxury with a silver spoon in his mouth are not fit to lead anything set aside Iranian Opposition or Iran.

How can these worthless royalty and monarchists relate to the masses of Iran? How can they feel the pains of the Iranian masses?

Reza Khan is one of the few Pahlavis which I have respect for him. I don't even consider Reza Khan a Monarch and a Shah, because he did not even wanted to become one! Monarchists, Feudals and Mullahs forced him to become a Shah or else he wanted to end Monarchy and start a Republic, same as Kemal AtaTurk in Turkey. Reza Khan had no respect for Monarchy and surely had no respect for Islam. He just wanted to serve his nation as a secular nationalist president. Finally he gave it up to Monarchists and was forced to become a Monarch.

You see, I look at Reza Khan as one of the greatest men in history of Iran, otherwise Monarchs are like "Syphilis Wound" and Monarchists act as "Syphilis Canker Sores" around the "Syphilis Wound"!

No my friends, Pahlavis never had it hard or tough! RP personally, never worked a day in his life. That Bum is an uneducated, lazy, spoiled and rotten over grown Tofeyli who never worked a day in his life and always been bailed out by family and friends and now Yasmin! Pahlavis never had it rough. It is absolute garbage to claim such claims!

To come to SD with 3 cents in the pockets and rise myself up to who I am today, is The American Dream. It proves that an Immigrant such as Myself and Arnold Schwarzenegger can be all that we can be, only in America!

The Sacrifice

Allow me to yet share another private issue about myself, with you. Shall this issue shed some light on your inquiring minds. Certain characters in Iranian politics/media have been opening their mouths and throwing out random statements that I do what I do for getting attention, opportunism, fame and power!

To respond to all of these attacks and to devalue all the attackers' bases of argument, I am going to share, yet another interesting point of my life with you.

During the last few months, I had two job offers. The first position was Dean of Math/Science for department of Math and Science in a university. The second position was Director of IT for department of Information Technology in another university. Both positions were in Southern California and financially, both positions were "6 Figures" a year positions. I have turned down both positions to concentrate on creation and operation of the new IPC Website!

Let's do a cost analysis, shall we?

Once the new IPC Website rolls as a fully commercial site, we will make money off of this site through advertising, affiliates, donations, product sales, etc.

What will we do with this money?

We will add this money to our own money and my own money, which we have been spending on IPC Operations and Iranian Opposition. The total sum will be used to further support IPC Operations and The Iranian Opposition. So in a way, the affiliates, the advertisers, the donors and the product purchasers will support IPC, therefore, they will support the Iranian Opposition.

Why must Iranians support IPC Website?

This is common sense. For instance, when they advertise in IPC, they are not supporting some webmaster's life style, bank account, belly and under belly! By supporting IPC, they will support the IPC Operations, Iranian Opposition as a whole and Freedom of Iran.

So whom should the responsible advertiser support?

It is a no brainer! Should they support Freedom of Iran, so their money plus our money combinely funds this cause? Or should they support some Bang and Salavat gossip site and the fat belly of its webmaster?

But the main question remains:

What's in it for me?

Absolutely nothing!

Basically I have refused 2 different "6 figures" positions to build this website for nothing! My profit will be zilch! I will make Jack Shiite out of this deal!

Why am I doing this? Am I an idiot? Or am I an opportunist? Or do I do it for attention? What's my benefit from this action?

The answer is very simple! I do it for Nationalism. I do it to educate my fellow countrymen and women. I do it to accelerate the social revolution through the moral revolution by facilitating the mass education for the cause of mass information.

For more information read:

Moral Revolution - The Alternative Tactic

IRI Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Yes, Moral Revolution my friends. Now, you be the judge!

Please state your opinion:

Am I an idealistic fool, mentally challenged or simply stupid to do such sacrifice?
Am I setting a higher goal and standard for Iran, Iranians and myself, by doing so?

Why am I doing, what I have been doing on my own (for 28 + years) and with IPC (for 7 years), day in and day out?

I could simply stop what I am doing and put this effort into piling capital on top of capital in my bank accounts and live a comfortable, care free, peaceful and luxurious life such as that bum Reza Pahlavi. We must do sacrifices, our comrades are doing sacrifices right at this moment and they are doing so, inside and outside Iran. I figure, I must do my share.

We have 6 and a half million Iranians in exile. If every person would contribute 5 lousy dollars for the cause, the total would be 32 and a half million dollars! I would call that a Great start to End IRI and to Start a Free, Secular, Federal Democratic Iran, wouldn't you?!

So what is my motive for doing what I do? You be the judge? Live and learn!

I hope I have answered my critics, well!

Only if closed minds came with closed mouths!

My comrades and I are up for the Cause. Time will tell, if you are also up for the Cause! Are you up for the Cause?

I am pointing at the Moon, can you see beyond the tip of my finger?

More power to All freedom fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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