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Iranian Opposition and Up-position!

Why Iran is a Mess? Problem and Solution
Iranian Opposition and Up-position!
Ahreeman X
March 2, 2008

Gorilla Finger: Hmmmm ... But seriously, why Iran is a Mess?!

I was pondering in my study and wondered that what would be my best contribution for the Persian Cultural Month?

Persian Cultural Month

Confused Donkey of the Iranian Opposition:
Hmmmm … I wonder if I want to fly, swim or scuba dive?!

Therefore, I have figured that the best path to take is to state the ills and offer a solution! Simple, punctual and clear:

Why Iran is a Mess?
What is the Solution?

The Starship

Imagine a starship in space, abandoned and out of commission for 30 years. It is all broken apart and destroyed. The ship is a wreck, practically a skeleton body with holes all over it. All the oxygen had disappeared and there are no living conditions available on this Ghost ship; yet, all the crew or what’s left of them, had placed themselves, each in a glass pod! These life-size glass pods provide cryogenics and keep the crew alive in a state of suspended animation. While in suspended animation state, the crew can communicate with each other through their minds. Telepathically they are connected through virtual reality!

30 years had passed, but the crew believes that they are still living during the time period of 30 years ago! They have no concept of time! Their leaders live and operate the ship as they used to do 30 years ago. The complete crew lives in this chaotic harmony, absolutely in the virtual reality, created by their subconscious minds. Pods keep them alive and in suspended animation. They live in their minds, a life of virtual reality belonging to 30 years ago! In their reality, they believe that they are actually living on the starship, operating the starship and they are actually living creatures on a living star vessel. This is the irony of life on a ghost ship in a distant galaxy far away …… or is it?

Let me hit you with the harsh reality. The ghost Starship, all broken apart and dead in the space is Iran. The starship had died 30 years ago and what’s left of it is only a skeleton body, just a shell. The crew living in the pods and in the suspended animation, living a life of VR (virtual reality) are the Iranian Exiled community. Their leaders whom are operating the ghost ship in the dead of space are the Iranian Opposition Leaders, Media Lords and the Intellectual Gurus! The Iran Ship has been dead for 30 years and this complete community lives in LaLa Land!

The goal was to save the ship, but the ship has been destroyed 30 years ago! Now they live as they lived 30 years ago! They each have their little cults:

The 4 Ms: Monarchists, Mojaheds, Marxists, Mosadeqists and …..,

Each recommending a remedy to save the mother-ship, but the ship has been dead for 30 years!

The ship along with everything else that they have known, including their ideologies had died 30 years ago. The crew is divided in to many little tribes (political cults) and still lives in 1979. Their beliefs are dead, their ideologies are dead, their lifestyles are dead, their gods are dead, their legends are dead, their ship is dead, even their world is dead, but they are still fighting each other, maneuvering this ghost ship from side to side, throwing ultimatums at each others’ faces, and each believes that his own ideology is the prescription to save the mother-ship! They live a life of VR on a Ghost Ship in a distant galaxy far far away…

When one asks from them: Why 100 irrelevant political parties? Why 100 countless, contentless and baseless TV and Radio stations? Why 100 ragazines, rag papers and cheesy websites, why why why?

They say: Diversity is good. We are practicing diversity, the same as the west. Free Economy, Free Markets and diversity is what we have learned in America!

I say: Free Economy, diversity, and multiple parties and media are great to have, but in your own nation! Do it when you own a nation! America is an independent nation with freedom of political assembly, parties and press. That is why the diversity is great to have in America.

You are a scattered tribe of homeless gypsies in exile. You do not have a nation. Diversity is tragic when a divided tribe, fights amongst themselves in exile, while their nation is under the occupation of Islam, now for 30 years!

Accomplish your great diversity and practice your free markets, when you own a nation and have reclaimed and retaken your country from the AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government), which has stolen your land since 1979. Wake up and smell the Shiite, which is all around you! Wake up, you are drowning in Shiite water up to your necks! The Shiite water (An-abeh) is drowning you in Inxile (inside Iran), and you are drowning yourselves with Diversity in Exile (outside Iran)! Aren’t you the smart ones?!

This tribe is in a dead sleep,
Some play Shah and Vazir
Some play Marxism and Islam
Some play Lenin and Stalin
Some play Mosadeq and Sanjabi
And some simply play with themselves!

But, they all live in LaLa Land, listen to Shahram-e Gay, dance to the 6/8 Persian beat, eat Chelo Kabob and they are surely proud of their diversity, which they did not have in 1979!

Iranian Opposition in LaLa Land!

We preach logic to them:

How Republicans and Monarchists View the World?

They are dogmatic and they provide rhetorics:

Iranian Media Mafia

From Evin Prison

We have the Opposition whom are actually trying to accomplish something, and then we have the Up-Position, whom are walking the streets of Southern California, playing Tileh Angoshti (Finger Marble) with their hands in their pockets, playing with their balls!

A friend, a student movement leader and a comrade from the Evin Prison was on a good behavior leave. When they show so and so good behavior, the Islamic Regime allows them to have little vacations, a short leave outside the prison. These short leaves are for long term political prisoners with good behaviors. Political prisoners agree neither to allow interviews, conduct political assemblies nor to conduct net meetings. In returns, they are permitted to have a week or two of probation outside the Evin or other prisons around Iran.

A friend, a student movement leader and a comrade from the Evin Prison had asked me to once more try to unite this opposition? It is like I have not done it before! But still, he wants me to try yet another try! When I started IPC (Year 2000), for four years, we have tried to unite this opposition.

The Iranian Opposition in LaLa Land! Our problem is not lack of culture, but our problem is the lack of Morality!

Moral Revolution – The Alternative Tactic!

Allow me to give you a few examples:

Jebhe Meli Iran
We preached logic and unity to them, yet they could not even tolerate a different voice in their now dead and off the air Internet forum. They censored freedom of speech, revised and deleted our posts and shutten out mouths! We had offered them unity and they blocked freedom of speech and their fans cheered for them to block the freedom of speech! Morteza Anvari, Masoud Kazemzadeh, Ham Mihane Irani and other thugs from the left … Yesterday, they wrote for Jebhe Meli Forum, today they write for, organ of the Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah! This is the legacy of the Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front).

Reza Pahlavi
We offered him unity, logic and a solution. He arrogantly ignored us, Iran and Iranians for 30 years.

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

Why Reza Pahlavi II Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

A senseless, arrogant, uneducated and superficial boy who wants to be a man. 30 years of wasted time and a couple of nonsense books (compiled by others) are what he has under his belt and what he has done during this time.

First he wanted to become Shah, then president, then Shah again, then he got others to write him a couple of cheesy books which I had refuted and declared his flawed logic, laughable. Next, he could not find the stomach to face me in public or even on the Internet for a dialogue. Lastly, he had reluctantly sent me his upcoming third and final book through one of his servants (kiss ass boys) in the e-mail, to be published in the IPC Library! Why doesn’t he just publish this third story of bologna the same as his other two, in his own cheesy website? Latest news from Reza Pahlavi’s mouth was that he had connections amongst the generals of Sepah Pasdaran aka IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) and he was proposing a brand new campaign to gather the Iranian Monarchist groups in exile and his connections in inxile, so they would launch a campaign to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran! As the rest of his rhetorics, this latest rhetoric of Reza Pahlavi was also Bull Shiite. Actually Reza Pahlavi’s complete political career has been Bull Shiite. 30 Years of Bull Shiite including 25 years of disappearing act from the politics of Iran, spending time attending to his belly and under belly, plus 5 years of political activity consisting of cheap superficial talks! In modern mathematical formula:

RP’s Political Career = 25 Years of BS + 5 Years of Bla Bla

30 years of twist and turn, going round and round, accomplishing nothing and stagnating a nation to move forward. The meaningless legacy of a boy named Reza Pahlavi II. A handful of ignorant dogmatic followers, still seek salvation deep in his intestine!

Foroud Fouladvand
A con artist declared guru by his brain dead followers, a neo Nechro-Monarcho cheap shot, Fathollah Manouchehri aka Fathollah Kos Mashang who granted himself the name of Foroud Fouladvand and along with it a Doctorate Degree! We offered him and his dokkan grocery store, Anjoman Padeshahi Iran (Kingdom Assembly of Iran), dialogue, unity and a way out of the quicksand. In return, him and his followers had portrayed the true nature of how monarchists conduct themselves in public.

Fouladvand’s Arrogance Ends in Terrorism

Questions from Anjoman Padeshahi

Oh You (Dr. Foroud Fouladvand)


And now Fouladvand is conveniently MIA (Missing in Action)! Supposedly he has become the victim of the regime, either assassinated or under torture! API even put a billion dollar bounty to find his grashes! The reality is that this Kos Khol is most likely sitting in Turkey, sipping on Margaritas and Pina Coladas near the Mediterranean Sea, waiting for his second reappearance (like Imam Mahdi) as a publicity stunt! More bread and butter for the monarchist fools!

Azar Majedi
Now this was the latest of the many episodes!, Jahanshah Javid’s dokkan grocery store is a public tribune for the Reformist Fraction of the Hezbollah:

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America is also a tabloid for simple minds to chit chat and read bang o salavat rhetotics written by the other simple minds. However, you do not often see a supposedly high ranking prominent member of a political party and Iranian opposition to write in! Why would they? The only reason, which I can come up with, is for the rating. Of course rating amongst the simpletons! But then again, if all we seek is rating, then why not write for Kayhan Tehran or Etela’at Tehran? They have many readers?

Question of Morality?

A question comes to mind: How far does morality allows us to push, without breaking our barrier of integrity? Without crossing that very thin red line of integrity? Did Azar Majedi cross that very thin line? Does Worker’s Communist Party of Iran (WPI) approves Azar Majedi’s behavior? How about Mansoor Hekmat? Is sleeping in a double bed with Reformist Hezbollah, Halaal or is Mansoor Hekmat shaking in his grave?

Ms. Azar Majedi, you are not an average Iranian Airhead gossip lover who can go and write for We can’t critic airheads for writing in a tabloid. You are a comrade chairwoman in an opposition party! You are a women’s rights activist. You are a part of this opposition’s leadership. What the hell are you doing writing for Jahanshah Javid? What the hell are you doing in

Question: Why Iran is a Mess?

Let me hit it right on the nerve and on the spot!

Do you want to know why Iran is a mess?
Do you want to know why West is West and then Iran is a Shiite hole?

Their composers are Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi and Ludwig Van Beethoven.
Our composers are Shahram-e Gay, Kir-avash and other Bache Kunis!

Their Armenians are Aram Khachaturian and Karen Khachaturian.
Our Armenians are Qarapet the entertainer (Motreb) and Hambarsoom the Tavern Owner (Araq Foroush)!

Their Jews are Leonard Brenstein and Albert Einstein.
Our Jews are Mollah Yezqel the loan shark and Shamoel the pimp (jakesh) and nozul khor!

Their philosophers are Friedrich Nietzsche, Emmanuel kant and Bertrand Russell.
Our philosophers are likes of Fathollah Manouchehri (Foroud Fouladvand) the Kos Mashang (retard)!

Their Marxists are Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
Our Marxists are likes of a toothless whore with no morality and no principles such as you, Ms. Azar Majedi!

That is why the West is the West, and then Iran is Miran!


Do we hold anyone responsible anymore?
Do we hold anyone up to any standards anymore?
Do we expect anyone to behave morally responsible anymore?
Do we have any more principles left in our conducts?

Or are we allowed to act like whores seeking publicity, peddling our asses in all the wrong places including the whorehouses and bath spas?

Azar Majedi, you are no legend such as Ashraf Dehghani but at least I had some respect for you as a revolutionary and an activist. Then you go piss it all away by giving blow jobs to Jahanshah Javid! I only have a couple of questions:

I. Have you taken out your dentures before giving blow job to Jahanshah Javid (smooth gums) or have you done it with the dentures in and Dandun Dandun (rough ride)?

II. If you truly had a fetish for large size hairy animals, then why didn’t you ask me to hook you up with our local San Diego Bear in San Diego Zoo or my brave and gorgeous Doberman Pincher Guard Dog? Why did you have to go and do the nasty with Jahanshah Javid?

III. Is giving blowjobs to Ex Islamist Hezbollah and present Reformist Liberal Hairy Bears, worth your political career?

IV. When you preach rhetorics, while forming your mouth in a Baboon posture (constantly cleaning your front teeth with your tong), are everything you preach on that stupid TV International, pure Bull Shiite? Then is it Halaal to sleep in a double bed with the Reformists?

V. What is the difference between you and other whores of the opposition such as:

Tudeh Communist Party leaders, Noureddin Kianouri and Ehsan Tabari who slept with the Mullahs?

Jebhe Meli leaders, Karim Sanjabi, Dariush Forouhar and Abbas Amir Entezam who slept with the Mullahs?


Reza Pahlavi who has been giving blow jobs to the CIA directors for 30 years, in hope of a crown?

Afterall, a whore is a whore, no?!

Azar Majedi, I am terribly disappointed in you. I have stuck my hand in the Persian honey and stuck it in your mouth, but you had bitten my hand! It is good that I did not stick something else in your mouth!

Above, were some of the many morally flawed examples amongst the Iranian Opposition.

No Morality, standards, principles, dignity, or even respect for themselves, set aside for the opposition and others!

What Have We done for this Opposition?

This is what I have done for you, but have you ever done anything for me? Observe:

Our services to "All of the Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups" are listed but not limited to the below:

1. We post Logos, Names and Links to "All of The Iranian Opposition Groups" and "All of The Iranian Political Parties and Organizations" under "Iranian Political Organizations" Index of the IPC Website:

Iranian Political Organizations and Parties of Iran

This is the best web advertisement, which a political organization can get.

2. We do verbal advertisement in political meetings, net meetings, and through our members and readers to the Iranian youth. Our members are:

Inside Iran
Outside Iran
Liaison (traveling in between)

3. We distribute flyers and informative pamphlets inside the major universities of Iran. We advertise for Opposition Groups, through these hard copy documents. Some of these universities included below:

Tehran University
Shahid Beheshti (Melli) University
Amir Kabir University
Sharif (Aryamehr) University
Esfahan University
Pezeshki Mashhad University
Karaj University
Computer Jonub University
Shahryar Shahre Qods University
Shiraz University

4. IPC Operations is a covert organization. IPC Operations' members are the most politically active members of IPC. IPC Operation members operate the:

Political Operations
Web Operations
Club Operations

IPC Operation members have different political ideologies. These members are mostly University Students/Faculty/Staff, Technical Experts, Technocrats, Businessmen/women, Authors, Artists, Journalists, Mentors and Administrators from Government or Private Sectors, inside and outside Iran. They are the best source of mouth to mouth advertisement for "All of The Iranian Opposition Parties and Groups".

And more ….

My Transcript

I am Down with the Cause. I am a 30 years veteran of the Iranian Opposition. I have tried any which way that I could to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. With my limited means, I have done my best to end the reign of Islam in Iran. You name it, I done it!

In the 80s, I tried to overthrow IRI by participating in the prospect plans for the second coup, after the failure of the Nozhe Uprising.

Ayat Mohaqeqi and the Nozhe Uprising

In the 90s, I tried to work with various opposition groups, making all kinds of plots to accelerate the end of IRI.

In year 2000, I had created IPC. Primarily we ran all types of missions to Iran. Then we tried to unite this scattered opposition. Next we had conducted a cyber campaign.

You name it, I have done it. I have done armed struggle, political struggle, massive plots to massive campaigns all the way to creating organizations, forums, websites and every other method possible. For 4 years, I have done my best to unite this opposition and it did not take me anywhere!

Now, I am down to my latest method of struggle:

Moral Revolution – The Alternative Tactic

The plan is to propagate mass historical, cultural, philosophical, economical and political information to revive the sense of Persianhood amongst the masses, hence to get them to commit to a cultural and moral revolution to accelerate the social evolution and the general education; therefore, to finally establish the means for a mass uprising for a political and a social revolution in Iran.

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)

I am down with the cause. I have been down with the cause for 30 years. I will not be stopped until we overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Arrogant Opposition

I have spent 30 years of my life on this arrogant opposition. The egotistic opposition leaders and intellectual gurus who refuse to even sit on the same table, set aside to talk to one other!

In this legal whore-shop in America, how about if I sue all of you? Sue you for wasting 30 years of Iranians’ time and 30 years of my life? I know that I will win the court case! But how much does 30 years of my wasted life worth? How much will you pay me for 30 years of my wasted life? How many Billions will be possibly enough?

You see, this is all depending on how you see the issue. Two absolutely different point of views depending on the person. Many of our conflicts are the results of communication problems. Communication can solve all the misunderstandings, but when communication stops, then negotiation and connection stops. This is where the antagonistic conflicts occur. Then there will be no resolution and obviously the conflict becomes an Antagonistic Conflict. Now expand this to the politics and you will notice that why we have so many political tribes:

Monarchists, Mojaheds, Marxists, Mosadeqists, etc.

And they all hate each other more than they hate IRI. This is why we have been sitting in exile for 30 years. This is why the most educated elements of Iran have been sitting in exile for 30 years fighting amongst themselves, yet the most illiterate elements of Iran (Hezbollah, Mullahs and Muslim) have been ruling Iran for 30 years!

Lack of Morality is the root of all our problems!

Everyone is a whore! The only large group of this opposition, which was independent, were the Mojahedin. But today, Maryam Rajavi is competing with Reza Pahlavi on who can give a better blowjob to the director of CIA!

Alireza Jafarzadeh and alike are political lobbying in America, under the name of the Ex Member of the MKO (PMOI), because he simply cannot lobby under MKO, still a Terrorist organization in USA! You can’t go around CNN and FOX representing your political analysis on Iran, while representing Mojahedin! It is all Bull Shiite!

Our people are schooled (but not educated)
Our people are cultured (but not guided)
Our people are intelligent (but not in a positive way)
Our people are traditional (but not progressive)
Our people are fundamental (but Foreign Worshipers)

Our problem is not lack of culture; we have plenty of culture.
Our problem is lack of Morality, because Iranians interpret the “lack of morality” as “Zerangi” (quickness and smart)!

So, where does all this leave us?

Iranian Opposition has become irrelevant! IRI had successfully made the Opposition irrelevant. IRI had even successfully started to do Lobbying in USA.

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America
New Tactic: IRI Lobbying in USA

We have 20 different Monarchist Groups, 40 different Marxist groups and they even fight amongst themselves!

The Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus have specific characteristics:

Arrogance, Large Egos, Snobbish Behavior, No Sense of Humor and surely No Funny Bones! Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus by majority have “Down Syndrome”, Constipation (Yobsi), stuck up behavior and enlarged heads, size of Hot Air Balloons!

For instance, members of Jebhe Meli Iran are so stuck up that if you touch them, they will break like a twig! They have cains so far up their butts, that if they open their mouths, the tips of the cains are clearly visible!

Who Needs Who?

Allow me to clarify an issue. In the past, I used to ask these opposition leaders to come aboard, start a dialogue, unite, cooperate and form a solid front. Today, I am not asking them but I am telling them. Today, IPC is the largest Iranian website in the world. After the destruction of the first IPC Club (yahoo) and IPC Website (AOL) by Hezbollah, we have established the new IPC Website and Club on an independent server. We have created something, which had never been done before: A fully Commercial, yet educational website. Not a tabloid, but a heavy weight political, cultural, historical, philosophical, economical, scientific and logical massive network at the disposal of the Iranian Opposition.

My comrades and I, have created a virtual empire for the Iranian Opposition, to educate the youth and build the future of Iran.

Today, IPC is the largest Iranian website on the Internet.
In 5 years, IPC will be the most read Iranian website on the Internet.
In 10 years, IPC will be the Iranian version of the New York Times.

IPC is the home for Iranian Intellectuals, Student Movement, Political Activists and most important, those who sacrificed most, the political prisoners of Iran.

I am not in need of anything from the Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus, but the Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus are in need of promotion by me! In the past and on going, I have been promoting and helping to grow, a number of the Iranian political organizations, personalities and authors. Many of them have always been thankful and cooperative, but a number of them have been biting the hand, which has been feeding them!

I cannot generalize, but by majority, Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus are a bunch of arrogant snobs with extra large size heads and egos who do not know what they are doing, or else, we would have not been sitting in exile for 30 years, the same as the Homeless Gypsies!

IRI had successfully made the Iranian Opposition, irrelevant! Today, the Iranian Opposition is a joke subject for Hezbollah and Mullahs in Qom and Jamaran! Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus are the cause of this catastrophe.

Iranian Opposition Leaders and Intellectual Gurus along with the Iranian Opposition are drowning deep in the Shiite Waters (An-abeh)! I have created this network (IPC), not for my dead grandmother, but for the Iranian Opposition! I am lending you a hand, I am offering you a solution and some of you are arrogantly ignoring me! Typical Iranians!

My point is that IPC is a massive propaganda machine at the disposal of the Iranian opposition. If you are smart, then you will take advantage and use this machine.

Write for IPC

Support IPC

My arms are wide open, now it is up to you.

A word with the Iranian Media

Allow me to be frank with you. Iranian Media Mafia must understand a harsh fact. Iranian Televisions, Radios, Ragazines and Rag Papers do have an audience, but their audience are way different than my audience!

Iranian TV and Radio Audience
Your audience are senior citizens and dinosaurs in exile with limited knowledge of the English Language. Your audience in inxile are a group of unemployed and “Allaf” with nothing better to do with their time but to waste their time on your cheesy programming!

IPC Audience
My audience are the youth (university and high school), student movement, young professionals, young technocrats and the intellectuals in exile and specifically in inxile. The second largest chunk of my audience belonging to one country, are from Iran. IPC is the only Iranian Website in English, which has a massive audience inside Iran. Iranian websites in English, either have none or very small number of audience inside Iran.

What is the Difference between our Audience?
Your audience are dead and dying. They are on their way out of this world! They can’t change anything except their adult diapers, set aside changing anything about Iran!

My audience are just entering the arena! Their lives are just beginning. They are movers and shakers, the next generation and the future of Iran.

While you are building rhetorics in the unchangeable mindsets of the old and dying, I am building the mindset of the future generation.

Today, there are 11 million Iranians online versus a few years ago, which there were only 4 million online. Technology is progressing by the speed of light. An average Iranian student inside Iran, knows much more about computers than an average Iranian adult in exile. This is a fact. Majority of this 11 million are youth and guess what? I speak their language and I know how to communicate with them and I know what ticks them off and what makes them click!

So what does this makes me? The future of Iran.
And what does this makes you? An obsolete entity on your way out!

Iranian cheesy Monarchist, Mojahed, Marxist, Mosadeqist and other Bull Shiite Televisions have been coming and going like Diarrhea Water (Ab-e Eamleh), but IPC is here to stay.

I got news for you: We have been here since year 2000. We are here now and we will remain the major Iranian Website and Network. IPC will remain here until the end of IRI, and even after that point, we will move on inside Iran. We are not going anywhere. Your best bet to survive is to work with us rather than going against us!

A Scientific Opposition Compatible to Today’s World

Yes, a friend, a student movement leader and a comrade from the Evin Prison had asked me to once more try to unite this opposition? That was the original reason for me, writing this article. But you know what? I am done with uniting this opposition. And what good would it serve?

Yesterday, I was asking you to unite.
Today I am telling you to evolve or die!

This scattered opposition acts as a sick old donkey stuck in the quicksand. Certain dead groups such as monarchists are pulling this donkey with both hands to his demise!

Confused Donkey of the Iranian Opposition:
Hmmmm … I wonder if I want to fly, swim or scuba dive?!

These groups are too busy fighting each other that they have forgotten about the purpose of their existence: To fight IRI.

Obsolete Software

The reality is that they are all, yesterday’s news. Time awaits for no one. Technological progress does not stop. Would you go and buy outdated software for windows ME, while windows Vista is already out and all old software are not even compatible with Vista? What kind of fool would go and buy old, outdated and incompatible software?

The same rule goes for the Iranian politics. Today’s youth, does not buy your outdated, obsolete, old and dead ideologies:

Islam had died by the end of the 15th century.
Monarchy had died on 1918 (end of world war one).
Mosadeqism had died in 1950s.
Marxism had died in 1980s.
Marxist-Islamism (Mojahedin) is certainly a dead Bull Shiite combo of two dead ideologies!

Is there any wonder why all of your political parties and organizations are losing members? Is there any wonder why the youth shows no will or attraction to your old and outdated, dead ideologies?

Isn’t it really true that soon, the last place on earth that your political parties will live, is going to be in the IPC Museum of Ancient Iranian Opposition Political Organizations:

Iranian Political Organizations

What is the Goal?

We are not going to commit to a political revolution, shed blood, sacrifice, change the regime and overthrow a Theocratic Dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran, only to replace it with a:

Dictatorship of a Shah (Monarchy)
Dictatorship of Proletariat (Marxism)
Dictatorship of an Intellectual Elite (Mosadeqists)
Dictatorship of Confused Bastards: Marxist Islamists (Mojahedin)


We are not going to replace one form of dictatorship with another! We have tried that before and we had failed!

Yes my friends, yesterday I was asking you to come aboard, start a dialogue, get together, unite and form a united front. Today, no thanks to you. things have changed! Today, the microphone (IPC) is in my hand and I say, enough is enough. Jump aboard this ship (IPC) or die in the quicksand which you have been stuck in it for 30 years!

Today, the policy has already been set.

The policy is: Government of the people, by the people and for the people.
The goal is: Establishment of a secular, democratic, federal republic.
The destination is: A Free Iran.
The tool is: The Futurism

The policy has been set, the plan is very clear and I know exactly what I am doing. I am done, leaving the fate of Iran, Iranians and my future in to your incompetent hands.

Why Iran is a Mess?

Your Government inside Iran
Your Opposition Leadership outside Iran
Your Lack of Morality
Your lack of accepting responsibility for your own actions
The amount of ego, arrogance and inflated heads which is going around
Everyone is misplaced and no one is doing the job, which he is qualified to do. You can see this pattern inside the Iranian government and outside Iran in exile, and amongst the opposition.
This is a cultural catastrophe.

I have already explained it above and already had set policy to take care of it.

And that is the Problem and the Solution.
And there's your prayer ……

The Ship of the Future (IPC)

I am the GodFather of the Iranian Opposition. I am the best thing that ever happened to you since the creation of the sliced bread! Everyone has abandoned you, but I have taken care of you for 30 years. You (Iranian Opposition) are a Dysfunctional Family.

You have a Gay Father, Geisha aka GaySha (Reza Pahlavi II) and a Whore Mother (Maryam Rajavi)! You are a bunch of arrogant brothers and sisters who cannot stand each other and always fight amongst yourselves. I am what keeps this opposition united, make you stick together and cling to one another as much as possible.

I feed you with my dried up breast (pestun khoshkideh).
I cover up your Shiite and push it under the Persian rug (Republicans)
I change your diapers when full of Shiite (API)
I make you look good (Ultra Nationalists)
I am your GodFather

Today, I am inviting you to set aside your differences, because of our common goal to free Iran. Everyone who is in favor of the government of people, is already on board and the rest are quickly getting on board.

Today, the policy, the goal, the strategy and the tactic has been set.
Today, I am preaching the policy.
Today, IPC Authors are writing the policy.
Today, IPC Readers are reading the policy.
Today, the student movement is comprehending the policy.
Today, the youth is building the future of Iran.

There are no areas of gray.
Either you are with us or against us?

The policy is: Government of the people, by the people and for the people.
The goal is: Establishment of a secular, democratic, federal republic.
The destination is: A Free Iran.
The tool is: The Futurism

The ship is boarding. The ship is about to move along and depart. I am at the shore. I have the microphone in my hand. I am reading the final announcement. The Ship is moving, I have your tickets in my hand, there is nothing left ashore except a muddy puddle of quicksand. You have been spinning round and round in this quicksand for 30 years, chasing your own tails! You can barely hold your heads above the quicksand. You are drowning in the quicksand, I am showing you a way out, the ship to the freedom, jump the ship or die!

Communication is the key. We can achieve everything by communication. We invite all lovers of Iran to start a dialogue amongst yourselves in the Political Activists Room of the IPC Club:

Future of Iran

Yesterday, I was asking you to unite.
Today I am telling you to evolve or die!


Dr. X

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