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Chapter 1: Scandinavia - X Diaries

X Diaries: Russian and Scandinavian Cruise
Chapter 1: Scandinavia

Ahreeman X
September 30, 2019

Regal Princess Cruise Ship – Princess Cruise Line
One of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world

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Chapter 1: Scandinavia
Denmark, Sweden and Finland Diaries
Chapter 2: Russia and Germany
Russia, Estonia, Germany and Norway Diaries


We have been around the world but we always wanted to go to Russia; however, for one reason or another, we never could! When it was USSR, it was practically impossible to travel there. When Communism fell, it was too unsafe to travel there. Now, the travelling situation is good but not for the American citizens! If you are from anywhere else, specifically from Iran, you can easily get the Russian visa and go, but if you are an American citizen, due to cloudy skies created by the Democrats and their Russia Collusion Hoax, Russians hesitate to allow the American Citizens to easily visit Russia! It is easier for an Illegal Alien to get an American citizenship than for an American citizen to get a Russian visa!

Regal Princess Cruise Ship Lobby – Princess Cruise Line
Luxury, Class and Comfort

We tried to apply for the Russian visas but once we saw the qualifications, we said forget about it! Our other friends tried and it is over 6 months that they are still waiting! Russian government requires so many documents, paperwork, verifications, information, background checks, records and good amount of money that it is not even worth spending so much time gathering all of these documents, set aside the wait which goes in to months, only to go to Russia! Russian government has made it practically impossible for the American citizens to travel to Russia!

So, we were sitting around and pondering how to go to Russia and suddenly bells rang, whistles blew and light bulbs formed above our heads! The only way that we could easily travel to Russia without any hassle, was a Russian Cruise! Cruise line easily provides the visas.

Cruise Planning

Blondie, Brunettey and I have made a decision to go on a sea cruise. Blondie and Brunettey are my two girls who follow me around the world and keep me away from trouble. They are my unofficial bodyguards. Blondie took charge to plan and book the airlines, flights, hotels, excursions and the cruise ship. Blondie is an awesome travel organizer.

Airlines and Hotels

We booked Alaska Airline from San Diego to Newark New Jersey and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) from Newark to Copenhagen, Denmark. For the way back, we booked Swiss Air from Copenhagen, Denmark to Zurich, Switzerland and then Swiss Air again from Zurich to San Diego which was a supposedly 12-hour flight but it ended up to be a 14.5-hour exhausting flight which nearly killed me. I hate long flights!

Boy, I miss Concord which was travelling at 2.04 Mach which was 1,354 mph (almost twice faster than the speed of sound which is 767 mph). Concord was going from New York to London in 3 hours! Where are those days? Unfortunately, Concord closed down in 2003 due to explosion caused by the tech difficulties! Hey, if you wanna go fast, then you maybe speedy accelerating towards the afterlife! For me, the worst part of travel are the long flights, especially to Europe or Asia! Killer long flights are exhausting.

I would like to mention here that SAS Airlines (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) headquartered in Sweden are the best service which I had in the air. They are even better than Lufthansa.  Everyone knows that the airline food sucks and dogs won’t even eat them but to my surprise, SAS food was actually edible! That is the first in my book! I have never thought that after decades of flying, I would one day say this about an airline! Unlike SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), the Swissair sucked! The food was the worst and so was the service. We booked topnotch 5-star and 4-star hotels along the way.

Cruise Ship

We booked a cruise by Princess. Carnival owns Princess but the Princess is the Luxury Line of the Carnival. The regular Carnival ships are good but if you want to go super luxury, then you must book Princess. We booked Regal Princess which is an old luxury cruise ship, one of the best in the world.

Regal Princess was launched in the sea on 2013 and it took her first cruise on 2014. You may say that 2014 is fairly new for a ship but in the world of super luxury ships, that is old! The theme for when it launched was “The Love Boat” (TV Series) and it still is. They constantly sing that song on their TV promos on the ship.

Regal Princess is one of the largest cruise ships in the world with 19 decks loaded with international buffets, restaurants, bistros, grills, bars, sushi bar, snack shop, duty free shopping center, casino, disco, night club, theatre, library, game room, gym, sauna, massage parlor, running track, outdoor exercise equipment, a number of pools and spas plus giant movie screen for evening outdoor shows. The ship conducts top concerts, musicals and Broadway class productions, a different one during every cruise night.

Theatre Shows

We saw a number of fabulous live performances on our cruise. We saw Beatle Maniacs which was a Beatles tribute band show. We saw a great Broadway Musical Play which was a select greatest hits pieces from various Broadway plays. There were professional dancers and singers performing in these shows.

The most interesting show that we saw was a show consisting of the pieces from Great Operas. There were pieces performed from famous operas such as “Barber of Seville” by Rossini, “La Traviata” by Verdi, “Carmen” by Bizet, “Faust” by Gounod, all the way to “west Side Story” by Bernstein and “Somebody to Love” by Freddie Mercury and Queen. The shows were superb performances. I really enjoyed the Opera arias, duos and recital compilation show. Blondie and Brunettey fell asleep during this show! After the show, I told them that you guys have no clue about art and music! You are not cultural people. You were better off going to the Disco or Night Club and dance to the Techno beat!

Food Courts

There are almost every type of cuisine, pastry, bakery, grill and desserts available on the ship. There are formal restaurants and then there are informal grills. There were a couple fine gourmet restaurants, bistros and an Italian Pizza Parlor but I really liked the Cheeseburgers and Hotdogs at the grill stand on the main deck near the main pool. At daytime, if on the ship and not on excursion, we would eat at the international buffet or outside grill but at nights, we would dress up for the gourmet restaurants and dancing.

Almost all the services are included in the price, unless you want special services which you pay a la carte. Cabins are super clean and nice. We had a nice cabin with balcony. The view is very important for the sea cruise. Service is the best. All and all, Princess Cruise, specifically the Regal Princess makes sure that your sea cruise will become one of your best travel memories.

Cruise Liners like Regal Princess are super luxury cruise liners; therefore, you do not see average Joes and Janes in there, set aside the riffraff! Due to the high price and selective travel arrangements, you will only see the rich and the famous on these types of ships.


Blondie booked one excursion per country, so this made the cruise, not exactly a leisure cruise but a to go on the run cruise! Lots of running around and sight-seeing indeed!  Blondie planed it this way to take revenge from me for my past atrocities taking the girls on expeditions in the middle of nowhere rather than to the relaxing beaches!

The funny thing is that they always want to go to the tourist attractions and lovely beaches but they always end up following me to the wildest and the oddest places around the planet!

In Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, they wanted to go to the lovely Cozumel and Cancun’s relaxing playas but they ended up following me in an archeological and historical expedition to the Maya Pyramids and ruins thorough the giant mosquito infested Mexican jungles where every inch of their bodies were bitten and decorated with bug bites and rash!
In Cayman Islands, they wanted to visit the lovely Caribbean beaches of the Caymans but somehow, they ended up with me on a geological expedition destined to Hell! Yes, there is actually a geological formation in the middle of a desert-like climate in Caymans named Hell with an actual statue of the devil! This area is a geological wonder.

In Greece, they wanted to enjoy the beautiful Greek Beaches at the Santorini and Crete. They wanted to have a relaxing, quiet and leisure excursion on the lovely Greek beaches but amazingly, once again, they ended up following me in to yet another excursion to the Greek Ruins and Temples, climbing hard to climb the steep hills and historical ruins during the Hot Greek Brush Fires!

For more information, read the past X Diaries:

Founder Index: X Diaries

The Leisure Excursions turning to Ahreemanic Hellish Expeditions list goes on and on around the world because my interest in travelling is historical, archeological, geological and mysterious sites! They travel to go to the tourist sites and even though, each time, they swear that they will never follow me to yet another desert, jungle or swamp in search of some new or old mysterious phenomenon, archeological site or historical ruins, but surprisingly, they end up tagging along with me in to some of the most odd and inconvenient places on earth!

This time, Blondie planned the whole trip and purposely, she included no off civilization and off-road expedition or bizarre excursion! Instead, she loaded the trip with daily bases excruciating excursions in the main capitals of Europe which required a lot of tourist walking, shopping and sight-seeing (my nightmare)! Yet I have to admit that Blondie’s planning, even though not my type of beef; however, it ended up to be very interesting and educational. This cruise and its excursions ended up being one of the best trips which we ever took.

Cruise Route Plan

We planned a cruise which took 11 days including 8 days in 7 countries and 3 days on the sea. We booked a Baltic Sea Cruise to spend 1 day in each country except Russia which took 2 days. In this cruise, Blondie planned the travel route boarding and travelling via airplanes, trains, buses, boats, ferries and indeed the cruise ship.
Travel Route in Baltic Sea

We planned the travel this way:

1 day on airplanes and in airports
San Diego, California => Newark, New Jersey => Copenhagen, Denmark

2 days in Copenhagen, Denmark
Trains and Busses going around Copenhagen and Vicinity

Cruise Begins

1 day on the sea to Sweden

1 day in Sweden
Ship to Nynashamn Port => Train to Stockholm => Bus tour in Stockholm

1 day in Finland
Bus tour in Helsinki

2 days in Russia
Bus tour and boat tour in Saint Petersburgh

1 day in Estonia
Bus tour in Tallinn

1 day on the sea to Germany

1 day in Germany
Ship to Warnemunde port => Train to Berlin => Bus tour in Berlin

1 day on the sea to Norway

1 day in Norway
Burs tour in Oslo

1 day in the sea back to Denmark
Back to Copenhagen, off the seaport and into airport, landing on the plane

1 day in airplanes and airports
Copenhagen, Denmark => Zurich, Switzerland => San Diego, CA

Air = 2 days
Copenhagen = 2 days
Cruise = 11 days
Total trip = 15 days

Copenhagen, Denmark

Blondie wanted to visit her family in Denmark, Brunettey wanted to visit her long-lost cousin in Denmark and I wanted to visit friends and political contacts in Sweden. We stayed 2 days in Denmark. Country of Denmark is a storybook nation. A picturesque beautiful small country with bunch of islands, canals, castles and old structures.

Climate Change Mass Psychosis

It all started in Denmark and then it expanded all through the Europe. My observations and analysis of this phenomenon was educational, surprising and regretful! Of course, the majority of Europe is under this indoctrination, but Denmark is the worst (to the healthy mind) and the best (to the Climatology Psychos) example in the continent. What I saw in Europe was a step short of Stephen King’s Children of the Corn! Every time I go to Europe, I notice that it is getting worse!

Climatology Hoax Food Chain

There is a “Mass Psychosis” going on in Europe. It is a “Liberal Environmentalist Mass Psychosis” and “Mob Effect” which is ruling Europe.

Climatology Lords
On top of the Climate Change Hoax, there are the Hoax CEOs like Al Gore, Clintons, George Soros and Globalist Bureaucrats who make billions and millions out of this hoax.

Climatology Pseudo Scientists
Next you have the leftist scientists who receive big grants from liberal educational systems, globalists and foundations to without any substantial evidence and scientific proof, are pushing this “Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe” narrative like a herd!

Climatology Foot Soldier Herd
At last, there the foot soldiers who protest all over the Europe and brainwashed by the Marxist professors to take over campuses and conduct show speeches at the UN. They are now brainwashing the kids not only in the universities but in the schools as lower grades as the elementary!

The Danish Green Hell

Europe has basically become crippled by this Climate Change Hoax. European Union Economy is a disaster because these Socialists and Liberals are Anti-Business, Anti Industry, Anti Fossil Fuel, Anti Nature, Anti Human Progress and Anti Civilization. They have taken Europe back in time towards the Dark Ages. The best example is Denmark. People in Denmark are living in a Climate Crisis Fantasy. They live in a Pre-Industrial LaLa Land! Their leaders preach to them that according to surveys, they are the happiest people in the world because they live in the Greenest Nation in the world but allow me to tell you how. Denmark is the closest you get to a zero-emission environment because:

* Cars are taxed at 180 % to own and drive
* Everybody rides bicycles or walks to work, shop and everywhere else
* Everybody travels with trains, boats and buses
* They don’t use air-condition
* Hotels don’t have air-condition
* Hotels don’t have ice-makers
* People live in Green apartments compact like sardines
* In the country, people live pre-industrial Green like Amish in America

We went to a top of the line luxurious hotel (not by American standard) and the hotel did not have air-conditioning and ice-maker machines. We in America are spoiled and we take things for granted. We drink ice by the buckets and mugs. We expect ice-maker machines in every floor of the hotels and for sure air-conditioning in each room, but not in Denmark! We had to borrow 2 small fans and open the windows to get some air circulated. I had to go to the lobby and the bar to get a large bucket full of ice and bring it back to the room!

Europeans did not drink ice to begin with but now it is a religion! Climate Change Hoax has become a religion for the brainwashed liberals! Everything is taxed up to the butt! Everything not considered Green is either banned or taxed to the roof!

People go to schools all their lives to become doctors and engineers but their salaries are a bit more than the uneducated and unskilled labor. Most of their salaries goes to tax. People pay up to 70 % tax (combine taxes). Paying 40 % tax rate is not only for big money makers but it is normal in Europe. The worst is Sweden. Denmark is getting up there too!

In Europe, people work hard and make little money. Their high taxation money goes to support free housing, welfare, food stamp and benefits for the Muslim Refugees, legal and illegal immigrants!

Groupthink, Multicultural Eutopia, Politically Correct Society, Police State, Forced Green Lifestyle, Educational Brainwash, Indoctrination of Kids, Socialism and Pretend Happiness are norms of Denmark, Sweden, Scandinavia and the European Union.

We have a term in Persian which truly defines how Europeans live today:

Alaki Khosh (Make Belief Happy) which is so making sense in Europe. The Europeans are conditioned to believe that the Green Life means Happiness and the more Green is more happiness! Europeans are not truly living. They think that they are living a free, prosperous and green life.

The reality is that the present European lifestyle is not called “Life” and “Living” (by the USA Standard). It is more like a gradual suffering death! The individual lives to serve the state. The state is there to run individual’s life. Big Government runs every aspect of people’s lives. Europeans are happy that they have free medical care and the government takes care of them but in reality, they are paying tax up the roof for a sad medical care with long waits. Government plans their whole lives for them!

Everyone must think the same, behave the same and be PC. The Climate Change Hoax has become a lifestyle in Europe and they truly believe that it has a scientific base! Since 1970s we have been hearing that the earth will get destroyed in 20, 18, 15 and now 12 years (AOC). This garbage has become a religion for the rich to make money off of it and for the average people to live a sad, empty and luxury-less life, while calling this life, a Green Happy Life! What they call life for the average people in Europe, we do not call life in America but we call it suffering!

So, while the Ruling Class in Europe rides in their Private Jets with high emissions, the average people, under their instructions, live like the cavemen and stone-age era!

George Soros, Al Gore, Clintons and Obamas of the world live in the beachfront luxurious villas, not worried about the rising water levels, while they indoctrinate the kids to count cow farts for carbon footprints, flush less toilets, shower with low pressure showerheads (so they don’t get cleaned) and monitor watch how much less they can fart, piss and Shiite! This is the tragedy of life in Europe and the funny thing is that the average European thinks that this is a great life! The average European is nothing but a slave to the Big Government. This is why various nations like Britain are exiting the EU.

Global Warming and My Zipper

So, we stayed 2 days in Denmark at the Green Hotel which it considers a Luxury Hotel but in America we don’t allow our dogs to reside there! So do not expect to go to Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, Radisson and such hotels in Europe and assume that you will get the same service in these franchise hotels as you get in America! Blondie and Brunettey went shopping and I went back to the hotel to get the suite in order.

Back in the hotel, we had to make a number of calls for various services and surely the service was lacking. We booked a suite and we expected great service. For instance, Brunettey wanted the sofa bed in the living room to be made, so she could go back and forth from bedroom to living room, use both beds or just lay around on the bed and watch TV or work on the tablet. The room service was obviously dead. Eventually the service supervisor, herself came to the room to do the sofa bed. As usual, I started nagging about the Green and PC Denmark and Europe, specifically about how the 5-star hotels are lacking due to being Green! She told me it is not only this hotel but it is the Denmark. Then she said, I know what you mean, we drink mugs full of ice back home in Texas. Damn, we had a Texan girl in Denmark!

So, we did shoot some Shiite and she told me her life story and how she ended up in Denmark. She told me that she was still working on getting used to living there!

We could not open the vent window, so she had to climb the end table to open it from the top. She wanted me to hold her to catch her fall (just in case), so I had to hold her buttocks by both hands. That was an odd position because she was wearing a miniskirt, open button shirt with cleavage showing and indeed, she was a chunky little blonde with juicy beefy thighs!

After much struggle, finally she fixed the vent window. I told her that she was doing a great job. I told her that my black jeans’ zipper got stuck, brand new jeans and it looks like it is off track. By any chance, could she get me some sewing tools or even a needle and some thread for me to fix it? She told me that she will do better than that. She will personally sew it for me.

She apologized for the slow service and said that it is their busy time of the year, so she came upstairs in person to attend to my needs. She went out to get her sewing box, came back and wanted to fix my zipper. “Do you want me to go to the other room and take off my pants and give it to you”, I asked? She said, no its not necessary, just pull down your zipper all the way and I will fix it like that.

Debbie does Dallas!

Picture me standing tall and erect with my zipper down, while she was kneeling in front of me with her head facing my crotch and her both hands in my crotch! That was surely a compromising situation!

She finished the job perfectly and she was about to pack it up. She sewed the problem area below the zipper and made it work. She didn’t have scissors, so she had to bite off the excess thread, with her teeth; therefore, she put her teeth and mouth right next to my crotch, while pressing her face onto Haji Kuchike (Junior Pilgrim AKA Ahreemanic Schlong)! So, while she was pressing her face, hard on my crotch and trying to bite off the thread, Blondie and Brunettey walked in (what are the odds)!

Picture me and her in that compromising situation with me growing a bulge and her, struggling with her mouth on my crotch, while the girls were standing amazed with their mouths open and staring at this scene!

Blondie: We can’t leave you alone for a second, can we?
Brunettey: What the hell is this?
X: Now girls, this is not what it seems to be!
Service Girl: I was just fixing his zipper …
Bl and Br: Yes, we can see that very well!
S: I was just being helpful …
Bl and Br: Very helpful …
X: Girls, she is the service supervisor and she is trying to make up for the slow service, so she is giving me good service …
Bl and Br: Yeh, real good service!
X: C’mon girls …
Bl: Did he nag you about the liberal global warming too?
S: Don’t worry, I’m from Texas, I know Americans are not used to this …
Bl: Well, thank you for fixing the sofa bed, vent window and Ahreeman’s zipper!
S: My pleasure …
X: Thank you very much …
(While she was walking out, she turned back and said,)
S: By the way, my name is Debbie, if you need anything else to be fixed, just call me direct and ask for the supervisor (with a smile)
X: Will do …

Debbie was a sweet girl. Debbie from Texas, like “Debbie does Dallas” (X Rated Movie), get it?! What a riot!

We had great fun, parties, sight-seeing and shopping in Denmark. We had lovely times with the family, friends and new acquaintances. On the second night, we were hosted by the family and had some fine Persian food for dinner.

For some bizarre reason, I was always under the impression that the Persian population of Denmark is high; however, there are only 10 to 15 thousand in Denmark. On the contrary there are 65 to 70 thousand in Sweden.


We landed on the port of Nynashamn. That sounds like “Ninash Nash” (slang term for dancing and butt shanking in Persian)! We took the train to Stockholm and then the bus tour around the city. I met with friends, done my political meetings and business meetings. Sweden is a lovely country, another storybook country but unfortunately under the boots of Green and Socialist Big Government. The good news is that after socialism killed the European economy, even Sweden is adopting more and more free market policies.

Sweden is the home of “Climate Change Hoax” scientists and also Alfred Nobel of “Peace Nobel Prize” (Piss Nipple Price)! Along with Norway, these liberals hand Bull Shiite Awards to various bozos around the world. For instance, they handed the award to Hussein Obama for no other reason but for being Black! We saw Alfred Nobel’s Plaque in the Stockholm City Hall, while I was cussing out the Nobel Prize and the liberals! The girls tried to shut me up!

Muslims Taking Over Sweden and Europe

A noticeable factor is that this turn around, I saw a great number of Iranian Hezbollahi IRI visitors and European residents with headscarves, beard and mustache in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe in general. I have also noticed a greater number of Arabo-Muslims dressed in their traditional garbs. Women in lachak, burqa, chador, scarves and other rags; the same way, men in beanie hats, long shirts, baggy shalwar pants (like they Shiited in their pants and its hanging) and labadeh saggy Islamic garb! It seems like every time I go to Europe, there are more and more Muslims are running the streets!

These Muslims are not like fashionable Persians living in Europe or California. These Muslims are more like Off the Boat and Off the Plane, maybe rushed the borders Refugees, Fanatics, Hezbollah and Qorbati in their Islamic gear!

Now for sure some of you will send me e-mails and calling me Racist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Misogynist, Fascist, Imperialist, Homophobe and Hatemonger! So, in advance, I want to thank you all for your kind comments and remarks. Well thank you, thank you very much (with Elvis lip twitch)! What can I say? I have lost a country to Islam and Muslims (1979 Iran); therefore, this has made me a bit bias and doubtful towards the good Muslim population!

Allergy to Muslims

In addition, lately I have discovered that I may have developed an Allergy to Muslims! In the past, I used to mock people who were basing on Muslims and I used to tell them to be tolerant, considerate and check out how people live on the other side. Now, due to the Islamic Invasion of Europe and America, it seems like maybe due to more contact with the good Muslims, I have developed an Allergy towards Muslims! I cannot for sure pinpoint that if this is surely an allergy or is it no tolerance for the bad odor due to sweat and lack of showers, also due to wearing heavy hejab, garb and rags in the hot summer which certainly makes them sweat and smell like Camels (Ooh now I have done it, that was surely not PC)! I’m expecting a letter of complaint from CAIR Ilhan Omar and other good Muslims! Well, one thing is for sure. I have developed some type of allergy to Muslims!

Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11

We visited all types of sites, castles, palaces and shopping districts in Sweden. An interesting fact about Scandinavia is that in summer, days are long and nights are short but in winter, days are short and nights are long. Of course, this is the observation everywhere in the world; however, in Scandinavia, the same as Alaska, you can see up to 6 months of day and then 6 months of night. In southern parts this is not as severe as the northern parts. The more you get closer to the pole; this pattern will become severe.

For instance, even in the middle of the summer, it would get dark at 11:30 PM and it would get light at 4:00 AM. The more towards north we went, the days got longer to the point that we got used to sleeping with the sunshine at night!

The food from the ship was fine and we had a variety of choice between 50 different international cuisines and dishes to eat but during the excursions, the tours would take us to the not so traditional restaurants. I love to taste the traditional foods of each country but the tours often take you to, how shall I state it, Cheesy Restaurants! The food you eat in these restaurants are far from the traditional local foods of these countries! The best excursion food which we had during the trip was in fact Sweden where we had good traditional Swedish meatballs and Mashed Potatoes. However, we had no worries because once back to the ship, we could eat various top of the line cuisine from around the globe, made by top chefs from various countries.


I don’t have much to say about Finland. It is a little cute country with a population of an American Yahoo state in the Midwest or a small state in the east. Yes, it is true, too many mobiles and so many people go naked to the saunas! You don’t see many churches in Finland except the “Rock Church” made of Rocks; morely, you see lots of sex in Finland and definitely lots of naked people!

Blondie lost us in Finland but she was too vain to admit it. Instead, she said that she was looking for us, afraid that we got lost, so she had to bring us back to the herd, like a good shepherd! Blondie being a hot-tempered girl, she ripped the old tour guide Finnish woman, a new rectum for not waiting long enough for everyone to gather at the meeting points.

Blondie had to call the headquarter and get directed to where the tour was. Finally going up a narrow medieval tower stairway, we have noticed that Blondie is missing, so we talked to our tour guide about it. Obviously, the dingy old woman was not answering her phone or else she would have known that not only Blondie but also another traveler were searching for their companies with the tour. While the headquarter was calling the tour guide over and over, she had her mobile on off! What a dingbat as a tour guide!

I assumed that Blondie came in with us and went to the bathroom. I assumed that maybe the stairway was too long and high, so she decided to remain in the castle lobby. Brunettey and I were sitting on a bench outside while we heard some loud shouting of a rowdy wench, screaming her way to the tour group! Yep, it was Blondie alright! Blondie is little but when she gets mad, she rips people’s asses apart!

Blondie is an amazing woman. She goes to a totally new country, rents a car and goes all over that country like a local taxi driver! She is very resourceful, self-sufficient, knowledgeable and an expert world traveler, so it was really hard for her to digest this plunder from a dopey tour guide in Finland! Blondie literally ripped the Finnish Dingy woman’s ass apart!

Monument Souvenirs

Every country that I travel, I always buy a miniature metal famous structure in that country. We collect them and use them as decoration on top of the shelves such as, CD and DVD Rack shelves, Fireplace shelves, and so on. Girls like to purchase t shirts, handcrafts, jewelry, chocolate and other souvenirs but I am always in search of Metal Monuments! I really did not like what I have seen so far in Scandinavia because they were not metal and they were not important places. No famous world monuments so far! Girls were telling me to buy stuff because I would miss out, but I was waiting for Russia!

Russia, here we come ……. On to next page

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