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Washing Toilets is Beneath You!
Ills of Iranian Culture


Washing Toilets is Beneath You!
Ills of Iranian Culture
X Diaries - E-mails to Ahreeman X thread
Ahreeman X
December 30, 2013

Ills of Iranian Culture!
Pondering Boy: Ahreeman X, what to do?!

Below you will read an interesting e-mail sent to me by an interesting lady. The subject brought up by her is a popular subject which also has been brought up by many others to my attention. This is an interesting and important social and cultural issue; therefore, I shall respond to all by responding to her. This issue is so important that I have decided to put my response in a form of an article rather than post it under the “E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread”. I believe it is crucial for the Persians to read about this issue, find out about my take on this issue and then do some deep pondering about this issue. It is time to openly speak about the flaws and ills of our culture. Maybe by bringing this issue forward, I will focus the Iranians’ attention to the future goals and Futurism, rather than petty Iranian social, political and cultural tribal issues! Enjoy reviewing this trade of E-mails about this taboo Iranian subject.

Washing toilets is Beneath You!

Subject: Washing toilets is Beneath You!
Sender: Yasmin Ariana
Location: Paris, France
Date: November 29, 2013

Dearly beloved Ahreeman

I wish you and the family the best. I wish you and the IPC staff the best. I wish the Iranian opposition the best. I want to bring a subject in to your attention which is hard for me to put in words so I just go straight to the point.

I think it’s beneath you to write about your hard days memories and acts which you had done such as washing toilets, washing floors and hard labor. In today’s time frame, you’re not only a scholar, writer and a journalist but you’re an Iranian opinion leader and opposition personality. Iranians around the world read everything you write and they pass judgment upon you.

Do you honestly believe it’s a good idea to write about many things you have done in the past? Isn’t it too much information and is it honestly necessary for the public to know about these details of your periods of hardship in the past or what you had done in the past? Juvenile days, Biker days, Hard days?  

I think statements such as janitorial tasks, past hard life days, homeless days and washing toilets and floors is beneath you. It may give the wrong ideas to the readers and it’s not in your social level and family level to write or speak of a period of hard life and sadden days in your past. Your enemies may use these information to belittle you and mock you in public. Your family may not also want or bless you to publicly write or speak about this period of your life. Publicly, it’s not a good idea to bring these issues forward in to the light and in to the general public. Way too much information my friend, you may want to consider giving less information to the public. It’s for your own good.

With love and kisses

Boos Boos
Yours truly,


December 30, 2013

Yasmin Jan:

Primarily I would like to apologize responding to you a month late. It has become a cliché but it is true, I am dead busy! Do you know how many e-mails I receive per month? Hey, it could be worse and it could be 2 months late! Better late than never, right?

I would like to thank you for your kind remarks, faithful readership and concerns for me. You went right to the point; therefore, I shall not beat around the bush and go straight for the leg of lamb and the lamb shank!

Yasmin jan, you and your family are well known Persian aristocrats. Your family has a long history of Persian Nationalism and there exists no doubt that you and two generations before you were one of the pioneers of the Iranian Neo Nationalism. Your complete family are proven lovers of Iran.

I do comprehend that you are stating these remarks out of the good of your heart and your concerns for me; however, I can’t believe these remarks are coming out of your mouth! In this day and age, the old school Persian traditional mentality may speak in this manner and it is the norm for them to speak like this but you as a progressive and liberated modern woman, isn’t it odd for you to come up with these rhetoric?

Time - Cartoon by Ahreeman X (1993)
You can’t turn back the time!

More Ahreeman X cartoons:

Iran Cartoons by Ahreeman X

You are not of the ilk of the young Persian bimbos of Los Angeles bar hoppers and gold diggers; furthermore, you are a sophisticated Persian aristocratic lady, a European Intellectual Persian ilk! It puzzles me for you to be so old school!

On one point, you are correct. Maybe in general I give too much information and maybe in general, I should shut my mouth about many issues, speak less and listen more; however, this issue is not one of them!

Let me tell you and all, where do I come from,

Known Facts

It is public information that:

I. My family and dynasty are one of the top 40 families of the Iranian Aristocracy (Qajar) and before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, we were the 2nd most important dynasty who ruled Iran of the 1970s, only second to Pahlavis.

II. I have rebelled against my family and dynasty. I also made many mistakes and miscalculations; therefore, in a certain period of my life, I went through hardship, even become homeless.

III. I have been “Upper Upper Class” and I have been “Under Class”. I have been Ultra Wealthy and I have been Below Poverty Level; therefore, I have seen the extreme both ends of the social and economic stick!

The subject that you bring forward, is so important that I will not post my response in this general thread:

E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

But I am writing a full article about it for all to read and ponder about it. Most likely you are speaking of material written by me in articles such as this one:

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

And furthermore in my memoirs:

X Diaries

Dear Yasmin,

Once upon a time in the past, due to various miscalculations and rebellions against the family, I ended up being Homeless. I ended up being a member of the “Under Class” which is the lowest level of the socio-economic class of the society even lower than the “Lower Lower Class”!

What is the Point?

The point is not that how I got there but the point is that how I got myself out of there?!

Allow me to be very frank with you and all,

No one helped me and I have never asked for anyone’s help. I have never applied for any government assistance. I have never collected any welfare, food stamp, subsidies, section 8, healthcare, free government food or Kool-Aid! I have never begged, borrowed or stole from anyone. I have never asked for help and handout from anyone.

I cleaned up my act and I cleaned up physically. I worked hard and I worked myself out of the hole. I dragged myself out of the hole by extreme hard work. Much later on in life, I had some help from the family, but primarily, I got myself out of the hole, and standing on my own two feet.  I have dragged myself out of the gutters and streets, into the work place and labor. Then I dragged myself out of the labor and in to the college and university all the way to Ph.D., and next I dragged myself from washing toilets and floors all the way to corporate management.

Iranian Aristocracy

Allow me to be very frank here. The Iranian aristocracy has never experienced what I have experienced in life. The Iranian aristocracy does not even have the guts or the balls to break apart from the family and try to make it on their own! Iranian aristocracy is not tough enough to live in the streets and make it on their own. Iranian aristocracy is too weak to start from zero and build themselves to become all the way to the top! Iranian aristocracy is too weak, too shallow, too lazy and too worthless to even take the challenges which I have taken in life! Allow me to give you one example out of many:

Reza Pahlavi II

This chubby old boy is one example out of the many amongst the “Worthless Iranian Aristocracy” class. Reza Pahlavi II, the same as the rest of his kind and the rest of his social class, never produced anything, never worked a day in his life, never had a higher education, never created wealth, never contributed anything to the Persian culture, never took a single step for the freedom of Iran and basically never took one step out of his comfort zone under his family’s umbrella.

Once in the past, due to idiotic economic mistakes he lost his butt in the stock market and he went broke. How do you think he got himself out of it? He begged the Arab Sheiks, European Monarchs, his family and his mother, Empress Farah to bail him out!

He never experienced a day of slight hardship in his life. He never even worked in his life. He has always been pampered and taken care of throughout his life. His hands are as soft as the baby’s butt! He is a chubby little faggot who played the role of the Mr. Mom, sitting in the kitchen and cooking and indeed eating! Even in cooking, he has assistant chefs and busboys!  All his life, he lived off of women, his aunt, his mother and now his wife. What he is good at is making babies and to cook!

Reza Pahlavi II is a baby making machine (Mashin-e Jujeh Keshi) in hope of making a baby boy, which he never could! In Shiite Islam (his religion), only boys can become Shah and carry the torch of the monarchy! Now someone should tell this chubby boy that you will take the dreams of becoming the king to the grave, set aside your unborn boy! So in hope of making a baby boy, he has been making many baby girls!

Chubster Career Exilist must comprehend that,

Reza Shah the Great, your grandfather, busted his butt and killed himself with the hard work and hardship to build himself, become the Shah and to build Iran. To become the Shah from the scratch and zero, takes “Balls of Steel” and “Reza Khani Balls”. A little faggot like you has “Cotton Balls”, then how can you become Shah? Just sit in the kitchen, make babies and cook; continue living in luxury at exile and die as a nameless bum with a nameless legacy the same as the rest of your useless family. Unfortunately, historically, the Pahlavis had declining balls:

Reza Shah the Great had Balls of Steel
Mohammad Reza Shah had Balls of Copper
Reza Pahlavi II has Cotton Balls

Reza Pahlavi II is only one example amongst the many of the Iranian aristocracy. Iranian aristocracy, specifically the new generation, are unproductive, worthless, and useless bums who are only good at one thing: Spending family’s money!

These people have no jobs, no lives, no purpose, no education, no hobbies, no creativity, no talent and no contribution to the society. This is why they commit suicide. Take a good look at the Pahlavi siblings!

Iranian aristocracy has no purpose in life but to spend their family’s dollars and live like pigs. They eat, drink, sex, sleep and Shiite, the same as pigs! Reza Pahlavi II is only one example, but our community is full of them!

It takes Efforts to Break Away

It truly takes efforts to break away from the family and dynasty and try to make it on your own. It takes efforts to leave a pampered life and start from zero and scratch. It takes efforts to trade living in the mansions and manors to living in the street corners and gutters. It takes effort to start from zero and become a self-made man, rising yourself to the top of the food-chain. It takes efforts and extreme hardship to start from zero and drag yourself back to the upper class. Well, I have done that and I am damn proud of myself. I have done much more than tens of thousands of Iranian aristocracy such as Reza Pahlavi II have ever done throughout their miserable, meaningless, worthless lives.

I am Proud of Washing Toilets!

Allow me to quote Yaqub Leis Saffarid, the great Iranian nationalist, freedom fighter, Shah and the liberator of Iran after 222 years of Arab Slavery! Listen and learn:

After independence of Iran, liberating the majority of the Iranian states from the slavery of Arabs, creation of the free kingdom of Iran and reestablishment of the Persian culture and language as the official courthouse culture and language, …..

Yaqub used to sit on the floor, eat bread with onions or feta cheese, polish his boots and sharpen his sword!

The Wazirs, ministers, court officials, generals and commanders criticized him and gently asked him:

“Yaqub, you are Shah of Iran, you liberated Iran, you revived the Persian culture and language. You are no more military campaigning, fighting wars and riding on the road …. Why do you live like this? Why are you sitting on the floor, eating plain bread with onions, polish your own boots and sharpen your own sword?”

Yaqub used to unveil a meaningful smirk and gently state:

“I eat bread and onion, I do my own grooming and I live humble, so I will always remember that where I came from and to never forget to strengthen and aid the poor to stand on their own feet.”

And Yaqub came from labor and hard work. Yaqub was a simple Coppersmith. He had one foot in the paddle and on foot in the grave.

Educate yourselves about Yaqub:

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms – Chapter 14: Saffarids

When I lived in the street, in the van and in the gutter, I washed toilets and floors to get myself out of the gutter. I did hard labor to get myself out of the gutter.

I got news for you, I still wash toilets, wash floors and do hard labor!

In fact I am proud of washing toilets, floors and doing hard labor!

The first 16 years of my life spent in the Imperial Iran was a life of luxury. That life, a lifetime away was life of a care free boy who even then helped around the labors and mingled with the labors.

In exile, I have worked since I was 18 years old. From age 18 until this day, I have worked every day of my life. There were times that I have held 3 jobs at a time.

Today, I have no need to do hard labor but you know what? I do hard labor and I do it with pride!

I don’t live in a small efficient luxurious apartment in a high-rise. I live in a large estate. Do you know who does the labor in my estate?

I am the garbage man.
I am the maid.
I am the servant.
I am the butler.
I am the shopper.
I am the chauffeur.
I am the dish washer.
I am the car washer.
I am the gardener.

I cut down 35 feet tall trees and I chop down thick logs. I pull weeds, I trim shrubs, I stem trees, I feed fruit trees and rose bushes, I soil gardens and I water all plants. I detail my own cars. I collect the garbage. I vacuum Persian carpets, I mop marble tiles, I wash floors and I surely wash toilets and I am damn proud of it.

I do the work of at least 6 people. On top of it all, I run this cyber empire (IPC)!

Isn’t it easier for me to hire good help to do the work?
Why do you think I do it?

I keep on doing hard labor and I got news for you, I am not 18 anymore and hard labor is very hard for me but I still do it!
Why do you think I do it?

I do it, so I remember the hard times and the hard days, the homeless days, the labor days, the days which I had spent with the down and out, with the outcasts, with the hopeless, with the transients, with the hobos, with the unfortunate, with the hard working labors, and with the working people of this country.

I do it because it is a good workout to keep in shape and not to get chubby like the bums such as Reza Pahlavi!

I do it because it is humbling and it makes me feel as a labor and being amongst the labors.

But mostly, I do it because I do not want to forget where once I came from. Even though I came from wealth and luxury but once upon a time I also came from the streets! I do not want to forget that. I do not want to forget my hard days and hard ways; therefore, I will never soften. I will always remain hard as rock, hard labor, tough life and live amongst the labor.

I do it to empower myself, get inspiration for my writings and remain tough!

I do it to help myself, to build character and to empower the labor. Until this day, I do not give charities but I give jobs to the people and the labors who need it.

I do it, so I can count my blessings and know my place, to remain humble by reminding myself that once upon a time I was also down but not out and amongst the labor.

How Iron Became Steel?

Yes dear, this is how Iron has become Steel and this is how Iron remains as Steel! This is how my great ancestors:

Yaqub Leis Saffarid
Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
Reza Shah the Great

And others …..

If this life was good enough for them, then it is good enough for me.

So to be frank with you,

Yes, I still wash toilets and I am damn proud of it. I recall that a while back some bozos in IPC forum referred to me as a “Janitor”, trying to insult me and to bring me down. They had no clue that I do not take these remarks as insults but as terms of honor!

What is Shameful?

There is a no shame of being a janitor or to wash toilets. The labors work hard and work for a living. Hard labor is nothing to be ashamed of. The labor eats the fruits of his hard work. What is there for him to be ashamed of?

But it is surely a shame to not work a day in your life and be a parasite of the society. It is a shame to be pampered all your life, never work a day in your life, not to be productive and only to feed off of the fruits of others’ labor! It is a shame to be a bum such as Reza Pahlavi II and the Iranian aristocracy, living a pampered life, not producing anything, not working and never taking a step to free Iran and Iranians.

Forget the aristocracy, it is shameful to be wealthy, yet never even bother to take a step for the freedom of Iran and Iranians. What is this wealth good for? What is so great about piling money on top of money and not caring about your fellow men? What is so great about the lifestyle of the rich and famous, being drunk, drugged, over sexed, over fed, and over stretched at all times? What will you leave behind? What will be your legacy? What have you done for the masses? What have you done for Iran or the global community?

The lifestyle of rich and famous, eat, drink, sex, sleep and Shiite, same as pigs! That is all!

It is a shame to be a useless, worthless, jobless bum such as Reza Pahlavi II and the Iranian aristocracy. It is a shame to be born with silver spoon, lead a meaningless life and then die and be forgotten because you have never contributed anything to the global society! It is worst to commit suicide because you had no purpose in life!

Alireza Pahlavi’s Suicide and IRI Lobby in USA!

Ills of the Shiite Infected Iranian Culture

Our Pure Persian Pride culture has been infected with the virus of Shiite Islam. In the Shiite Islamic culture, it is beneath the aristocracy or even the rich to mingle with the physical labor set aside do actually do physical labor! To do physical labor is a taboo for the aristocracy, Upper Class and Upper Middle Class. Our Iranian society and to some point the complete Middle Eastern and South Asian society is so “Social Class Conscious” and worried about how they may be perceived, viewed and judged upon by the society and the public, that they base every aspect of their lifestyle upon these shallow social codes!

Man Master

It is forbidden for the master of the house and the man to clean toilet but it is OK for him to beat his wife to teach her a lesson so she knows her place! This is the upside down Shiite Islamic values and the ill Shiite Islamic Iranian culture!

I believe it is time to dump the Shiite Islam and the Traditional Iranian Shiite Islamic Values down the toilet! I’ll promise I’ll clean up the toilet after the dumpage! It’s a dirty job but someone got to clean-up the Shiite! After all, I have been shoveling Shiite for a long time!

My Experience with Shiite

Iranian Aristocracy is Soft

Iranian aristocracy is soft and cuddly! They are like Teddy Bears! They have soft hands, soft feet and soft bellies! These chubby boys will not be able to survive a single day in the streets! Take any of these guys for instance Reza Pahlavi or his Sissy Spring Chicken Monarchists (Jujeh Monarchist) and dump them in the downtown Tehran or downtown Los Angeles. They will become “Belly Warmers” for some rough neck thug in the ghetto!

First they get gang raped, “oralized” and “sodomized”, then they get mugged, next they get beat up and tortured, and last they get murdered! These guys are not real men but they are little woosy pussy, wishy washy, sissy faggy, soosool boy toys! Aristocrats, Monarchists and Feudals they are all soft, they are girly boys! They will not last a day in the street and they will not last a week in tough climates and environments such as the woods, jungles, mountains, pits or deserts.

I have survived the harsh environments and the streets. I am a survivor, I have passed my test and that is how I have become Steel. Do you want to make a man out of any of these Sissy Boys, hand me one of these Jujeh Monarchist or Bache Soosool (Sissy Boy), I’ll take him down the Ahreemanic Dungeons of Pleasureful Pains, lock him up down there for a month, well train him, force educate him, toughen up his soft girly body and build up his mind. After a month, any of these little faggots will turn to a real man, a productive member of the society and a hardcore Nationalist Guerilla (Reza Khani Style)!

Hand me a “Little Faggot” and after a month I will hand you a “Real Man”. “Man Maker Ahreeman” they call me!

It is Time to Focus on the Future and Futurism

We need to be concern about the future and futurism of not just Iran but the globe. In the scientific future of Earth, these petty issues have no place in the discussions. There are far more important issues to discuss about the economy, society, philosophy and the future than to discuss if it is taboo for the man to wash toilets!

The problem with the general Iranian society is that they are a few decades or centuries behind the Futuristic Information Age!

The problem with me is that I am a century ahead of the Iranian society. I am speaking in the language of 100 years in the future but the society is 100 or more years behind today!

Iranians are Obsessed People Stuck in Past Times!

Iranians live and adore the past. Iranians are decades or centuries behind the modern age. Iranians are stuck in past times, they have problem grasping the today’s modern times, set aside comprehending the tomorrow’s Future time!

Look at the Iranian political tribes:

Muslims live in 650s (7th Century AD)
Mossadeqists live in the 1950s
Monarchists live in the 1970s
Marxists live in the 1980s
Mojaheds live in the 1990s
Today is 2010s
I live and talk about the 2110s!

Iranians are obsessed people stuck in past times! Iranians live decades and centuries behind today’s date. I live and speak about 100 years from today’s date, the Future and the Futurism. This is why we are not on the same radio wave length!

I am talking “Science”, “Logic” and “Futurism” and they are shouting:

Javid Shah!
Javid Mossadeq!
Javid Marx!
Javid Rajavi!
Javid Muhammad!
Javid some other Dayus ….

I am focused on the Future
They are shouting slogans,
Long Live this!
Death to That!

I am pointing at the Moon, but they fail and only see the tip of my finger!
Will they ever be able to see the Moon?

“I am pointing at the Moon, but Iranians fail and they only see the tip of my finger!”

When will they be able to see the Moon?
That is the Million Dollar Question?

There is No Shame in Hard Labor!

There is no shame in hard labor, there is no shame in being a janitor, there is no shame in washing toilets, but there is shame in wasting someone else’s share of oxygen and living space by not producing anything on this Earth. Reza Pahlavi II and the Iranian Aristocracy by majority are of this characteristic.

This is why I got out of the Club and never looked back! This is how I became a productive member of the society. This is how Iron became Steel. This is how Iron maintained and remained as Steel. To be frank with you, the Steel is damn proud of himself being the Steel!

Yes my friend, long ago, I changed my path. I stopped being Aluminum Foil and I turned to Steel. I am surely damn proud of it.

“Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!”


Dr. X

Gorg Ali Dar Qorbat
(Gorg Ali the Exiled wolf)

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