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Iranian Women's Liberation Day

DeChadorization Day!
"Women's Liberation Day of Iran"
January 7, 1936 = Day 17, 2494 Shahanshahi
Ahreeman X
July 7, 2007

Dr. E. M.
Iranian women's rights advocate
My Grandmother and my role model
Medical doctor from the first graduating class of the Tehran University

I dedicate this piece to my dearest Grandmother, one of the most educated, intelligent, independent, and powerful women in my life. May her free spirit rest in peace.

Friends, Comrades and Fellow Persians,
Free Men and Women of Iran and Friends of Iran,

For those of you who are Nationalists and you are of the Older Generation who had lived during the Pahlavi Era and also had lived during the An-Qolabi Era (An = feces + Qolabi = False => False-Feces Era, referring to IRI's Islamic Revolutionary Era) [Admzad] inside Iran, the content of what I am about to show you will be very painful! It is like regressing in history! In this day and age that the whole world is going forward, our nation went backward in time!

I am about to tell you a story about,

Women's Liberation Day of Iran
January 7, 1936 = Day 17, 2494 Shahanshahi

When Reza Khan and Women of Iran combinely freed themselves from the enslavement of Hejab and Chador. On this day, free women of Iran took their Chadors, Lachaks, Maqana'e, Scarves, Hejabs, or any other kind of Arabic invented RAGS off their heads! The free women of Iran, our brave Grandmothers decided to threw all the rags and chadors on the streets of the major cities of Iran, and first to step on them like garbage and then burn the infection of Hejab. The Hejab Burning went on the whole day. The complete celebration of taking the hejab off of free women of Iran was called "Kashf-e Hejab" (DeChadorization) of the women. From this date, intelligent women of Iran came out in the streets with hair showing, same and equal as men. The free women of Iran chose to show their hair and if they wanted a covering, they used the latest models of Women's Hats and the fashionable Western Hats from Italy, France and other places. Reza Khan in prior to this, had ordered Iranian factories to make many "Pahlavi Hats" (fashionable military looking hat during the Pahlavi I era) for men and many stylish women's hats.

Dr. E. M.
Iranian women's rights advocate and my Grandmother

Ladies Association (Kanoun-e Banovan)
Association of the Progressive Iranian Women (1936)

This was the end of Enforced Arabo-Islamic injection and Infection of our women's brains. The oppressed women of Iran had indeed spit on the enforced hejab. Since then, women participated in the economy, job market, society, education, and industrialization of the Iran, as equal as men.

Women started to go to universities and get college degrees. Women started to educate themselves in their own country and no more to see the need to go to Europe to study!

One of these women, a very young woman was my Grand Mother. Thanks to Reza Shah The Great, Father of Nation, my dear Grand Mother gotten the opportunity to study in her own nation. My Grand Mother eventually became a Doctor of Medicine, a Gynecologist, and she became fluent in French which back then was still the international language of specifically most of the Africa and Asia. In Iran, of course any educated person was speaking French. English was just starting to become popular. By hard work, hard study, solid determination and faith in the newly Nationalistic Reforms of Reza Khan, My Grandmother graduated the top of the very First Graduating Class of the Tehran University. She was also, one of the very first Female Medical Doctors of Iran. After she graduated, she decided to go to pay her dues to the nation by practicing medicine in the small towns and villages of South in Khuzestan province.

She did not do this because she had to, or the government forced her to do so. She was a Lioness and until this day, one of my greatest role models of all times. She went to practice medicine in little towns and villages around Ahvaz and Abadan, even in the Ghettos and Dumps or housings which were the lowest forms of housing and they are called "Kapars" (Kapar = singular) of Khuzestan. Kapar is equal to a shack, scattered housing or a hole in the ground!

She brought modern medical science (along with many other educated men and women of Iran) to the poor, to the lower classes, which other wise they would not get the medical benefits that the big city people would get. My grand mother educated, worked with and helped the lower and under classes of Khuzestan, mostly Arab Iranians. She lived amongst them and became very popular with them.

Reza Khan's first wave of operation was to educate, and through this education, to bring justice and quality, medical health and industrialization to the poor and oppressed and eventually raise the quality of life in general and way above the Status Quo of Iran.

Women like my grandmother were devoted to the cause, on the other hand there were Fanatical Muslim, Bazaaris (Merchants of Bazaar), Mullahs, Feudals, Big Land Owners, and Old time Small Bourgeoisie, which were all the Reactionary Classes of Iran who did not want all these modernizations for Iran. They did not want Iranian women to be educated and independent. They preferred bare foot and pregnant women in the kitchen and in the bedrooms to serve them as cattle. They preferred the cattle groups of 4 Aqdi permanent wives and as many Siqeh temporary wives in their side harems! Small Bourgeoisie, Mullah Leeches and Bazaaris were the scum of the social classes and the most reactionary group of the Iranian Social classes. If the masses of Iran had gotten educated, then they would not serve the Masters and Big Time landowner Mullahs or Feudals, anymore! If women would become literate, then they would not become Siqeh by the thousands! A literate woman works, serves and supports herself! An illiterate woman remains a housekeeper, a servant and dependent to her Master Male Chauvinist! Is there any wonder that there started an Antagonistic conflict between the benefit of The Women, Labors, Peasants and progressive Intellectuals of Iran with these leaches of Small Bourgeoisie?!

The almost extinct social class of Feudals, Mullahs, and Bazaaris decided to save their own neck and since the beginning, they forced their women to keep their chadors and the men to keep their Kolah Namadi (Beanie Hat). Reza Khan started to enforce the campaign of cutting chador, Hejab, Turban or Beanie Hat from the most backward elements of our society. On every main street corner and intersection of Iranian cities, Reza Khan had assigned the police force to cut chadors, robes and turbans with scissors. Obviously the Leeches and Mullahs played the "Religion Card" again! As usual, the Reactionary Islam came to the rescue of the most ignorant social classes of Iran which were the Mullahs, Feudals, Land Masters and Bazaaris, also their children of Bache Mullah, Bache Bazaari, and Bache Feudal or Bache Arbab.

The use of Religion Card, as an Ace, influenced the naive ignorant people of the streets to show reaction to Reza Khan's reforms and that was the beginning of the birth and rise of the groups such as "Fedaian of Islam" and their leaders and members (Navab Safavi and Sadeq Khalkhali). One of these backward reactionaries was of course Ayatollah Khalkhali who eventually became Khomeini's executioner. People like Khomeini formed their arguments and Mullahs started their rebellion.

Iranian Women during an anti veil (hijab) demonstration on 1979.
On 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini released a statement to make the hijab mandatory. Right away protests had exploded all over Iran.

Iranian women remembering 1979 women's rights protests

Islam as the most reactionary element started to block the progress in Iran; however, Reza Khan was the man of steel and during his era, he progressed Iran by full speed (speed of light) and he crushed any reactionary movement like an Eggshell.

The question remains that did Reza Khan also crush the certain freedoms (for some), with pushing the full modernization of Iran? I believe, he indeed crushed some of the freedoms, and even reactionaries and chadoris, or Mullahs, which are the most ignorant of our social classes, do have rights.

However, have in mind that no major industrialization and progressive plans in the world went peaceful! There was always reactionary blockage! So what to do? Was his crushing the Reactionaries justified? And what would you do, if you were in his place?

Eventually it came down to what is the priority for the nation? To progress Iran and crush reactionaries' rights, or to let Iran rot in infection of Religious Backwardness of the 7th Century Islam and to kiss any hope of industrialization good-bye? Well, obviously Reza Khan decided on the first choice.

Eventually my Grandmother had done her chores and national duty for the underachieved people, and after her long service in South, she grew up to be one of the most famous female doctors of Iran from the first graduating class of Tehran's University. The woman was pure logic and pure science, even way back then in the dark ages!

Times passed, and eventually I was born and became her favorite Grand Son, I became the apple of her eye. Ever since I was a child, I grew up with and under the supervision of my Grand Mother. Around the family, they called her Khanom (Lady), so I was Khanom's Son! No one called me my mother's son, yet every one called me Khanom's Son, that's how close I was to my Grandmother!

Iranian female students before 1979

Iranian female students after 1979

Iranian woman wearing bad hijab
Iranian women defying and refusing to wear hijab

Iranian woman wearing bad hijab
Iranian women defying and refusing to wear hijab

A Dialogue with Grandmother

One day, I recall, we were walking the street in a busy district and we saw a Mosque on the far side, all the way on the other side of a side street. Knowing her mentality, political affiliation and sincerity for women's Movement, also knowing her great sense of humor, I decided to pull her leg, and try to play a joke on her! I asked her:

X: Grand Mother, look, there's a Mosque over there, would you like to take a walk over there, so we can go in and visit the Mosque and Imam Jum'a (head prayer Cleric)?

I thought for sure she gonna cuss me out and hand me some nasty profanity, or smack me at the back of my head, but to my surprise, she gave me a response that until this day, I often quote from her! She said,

G: Listen boy, I do not have to use the bathroom.
X: What do you mean Grand Mother? (totally surprised)
G: Don't you know all Mosques have Public Bathrooms?
X: I guess so, yes they do!
G: Well, that is the whole purpose of the Mosques. They are public Bathrooms, so if one is walking the streets and gets so desperate that he has to use the bathroom, then he can go to the Mosque and use the Bathroom! But my dear Big boy, I do not have to use the Bathroom; therefore, I have no business in the Mosque!

She got me by the surprise, and then she started laughing. I was taken by the surprise, and then we both continued laughing and walking, we walked by the Mosque and continued our stroll down the block .........

Eventually, I developed this idea, that the Mosques can actually do some good, serve some purpose and maybe in the future of Iran, they can serve as Public Bathrooms (Ab-riz-gah)! We can finally put Mosques in a good use!

The Difference between Reza Khan and Mohamad Reza Pahlavi

In my opinion, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi (MRP) to a great point was responsible for the present Islamic state of Iran. MRP was a religious superstitious man whom provided breathing and breeding grounds for Mullahs and left them alone to do as they pleased in the mosques. Mullahs had absolute political freedom of speech and they had turned the mosques in to the political meeting places. During MRP's reigns, Chador and hejab started to reappear in Iran! Shiite Islam was the official religion of Iran and MRP himself was a religious Muslim! MRP's lack of secularity and secular policies were the direct causes for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Every single secular progressive effort done by Reza Shah the Great was regressed by his not so worthy son, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi. As much as Reza Shah The Great was a secular, progressive and a bright man, yet his son (Mohamad Reza Shah) had his brain infected with the Allahic Virus by the Queen Mother! Unfortunately, unlike his father, MRP was a religious superstitious Muslim (Reza Pahlavi II is the same)!

If Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi was as aggressive, determined and strict with his anti hejab, anti mullah and secular policies as his father was, then IRI would have never been born.

For more information read:

Reza Shah vs. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

For more information on DeChadorization, read:

Iranian Women's Liberation Day [Persian]
January 7, 1936 = Day 17, 2494 Shahanshahi

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

For more information on Grandmother and my family, read:

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Now how did we get from scholars like Cyrus The Great and Yaqub Leis Saffarid to Illiterate baboons with Turbans such as Khomeini and Khamenei?

Arab Worship, Regression of Superior Persian Culture, Domestication of Persians and Degeneration of a Nation, by Arabo_Muslim traditions and servants to these traditions (Iranian Muslim and Half-Breeds), that's how!

For more information, read:

Domestication of Persians

The Iranian Disease!

I guarantee you that one day, not too far, the free women of Iran will deal with the Mullahs for decades of enslavement. That day, would be worth watching!

Iranian women demanding equal rights

Iranian woman confronts sisters of zeynab Islamic dress police in black chadors
Iranian free woman versus Islamist FemiNazis

Iranian woman confronts sisters of zeynab Islamic dress police in black chadors
Iranian free woman versus Islamist FemiNazis

Iranian woman demands freedom
Iranian women's rights protests

Dr. E. M. My Grandmother

In her youth, when majority of Iranian women were trapped in chador and superstition, she was a women's rights advocate, an intellectual and a popular medical doctor.

In her middle ages, when majority of women were housekeepers and homemakers, she was a businesswoman, real estate investor, stock investor and a medical professional.

In her mature years, when majority of her peers were clueless in the mosques, she was reading "Burs Newspaper" (Iranian stock market daily) as her morning paper!

My Grandmother was a leader, lioness, intellectual and a hard-core women's rights advocate. She was a true role model for the Persian women.

Grandmother, the battle which you and your comrades had started, shall go on until the ultimate victory. Grandmother, may your great spirit rest in peace. I salute you.

Comrades, victory shall be ours but in the meanwhile remain FreeMen and FreeWomen (Azadeh Bashid va Azadeh Zendegi Konid.)

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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