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Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!


Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!

Ahreeman X
January 16, 2020

Trump with Iranian People vs. Democrats with Mullahs A F Branco Iran Cartoon
Trump stands with the Iranian People and Iranian Opposition.
Democrats stand with Khamenei, Rouhani, Mullahs, Hezbollah and IRI Regime

Democrats Misfire

Democrats and Media which are the same entity have been misfiring on Iran for now over 40 years! Democrats always misanalyse, miscalculate, mis-plan, and misplay their hand in the Iranian poker game. Through the decades, these misfires had caused sad decisions by the Democrats on their Iranian Foreign Policy. As the results, Democrats and Media always manage to align themselves with the IRI Regime and Iran Lobby, so naturally against the Iranian people!

Democrats’ hatred for Trump is so deep that they rather praise General Qasem Soleimani and IRI Regime than give Trump credit for eliminating at the time, the greatest terrorist in the world! Democrats would rather America to lose, American economy to tank and Americans to be despaired than see Trump to win!

General Qasem Soleimani Terrorist Mourning Tent A F Branco Iran Cartoon
“Soleimani was a proud leader of a US Democrats designated terrorist org.” (Media)
All IRI Proxies Mourn: Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Al Jihad, Houthis, Democrats!!!
Hey wait a second, what are Democrats doing here?!
Schumer / Pelosi: US killing of Qasem was provocative and disproportionate!
Sanders / Omar: This was an illegal assassination of a great foreign leader!
Khamenei / Rouhani: Trump crossed the red line; we demand regime change in America!
Soleimani in coffin (ponders): Death to Americ

Aside the fact that since 1979, Democrats have been on the side of the IRI Islamist Regime than the Iranian people, yet in the recent years (Trump Era) they have completely lost their marbles (Trump Derangement Syndrome)! Take a quick look at the recent events:

Trump lines up with the Iranian People.
Democrats line up with the Iran Lobby.

Trump Tweets in Persian pro the Iranian protesters.
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren conference on Facebook with the Iran Lobby.

Trump praises the Iranian People.
Democrats praise General Qasem Soleimani.

Trump supports the Iranian Opposition.
Democrats support the Iran Lobby.

Trump backs the Iranian people.
Democrats and Liberal Media like MSNBC compare Soleimani with Elvis and Princess Diana.

Trump wants to end IRI or Tame it.
Democrats aided bringing IRI to power (Carter), growing it (Obama) and now lobbying for it.

Trump is on the Iranian people’s side.
Democrats are in the pocket of the Iran Lobby.

Trump fights IRI.
Democrats appease IRI.

Iranian Opposition brings the voice of the Iranian people to the world.
Liberal Media like CNN interviews IRI Regime’s Officials such as Masoumeh Ebtekar.

Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

Democrats 2020 Official Campaign Poster
Ayatollah Chucky Doll Schumer and Chadori Sister Nancy Old Pussy
Glorious IRI Flag with Allah Spider Emblem waves at the background
IRI Islamist Anthem is also playing but you can’t hear it!

American Media Lies

When Trump eliminated Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (ISIS Leader), Washington Post referred to him as the “Great Islamic Scholar” killed by Trump!

While the Iranian Opposition by Trump’s backing is fighting the ruthless regime of IRI, Liberal Media openly praises the Islamist Regime. Chris Matthews (MSNBC) refers to the number one terrorist in the world “The Beloved Iranian Hero General” killed by Trump! MSNBC goes further by stating that General Qasem Soleimani’s massive crowd at his funeral reminds us of Elvis and Princess Diana! Soleimani was a popular international character!

The Liberal Media is either too stupid to do their homework or too biased that the bias had blinded them to the reality. For Soleimani’s funeral, IRI went door to door in the major cities of Iran and forced the government employees to rally and mourn for Soleimani in the streets or else their jobs would be in stake! Then IRI gathered and rallied their Hezbollah thugs plus the government workers and moved and travelled them from city to city to show the world that a million people marched for Soleimani! It was big but a fake show for the media! A couple of Iranian State TV anchors even quit after the crash of the Ukrainian plane by the IRI because through the years, they were fed up with the regime’s lies and the plane crash was the last straw which broke the camel’s back!

On the contrary, the American Mainstream Media grasped this forced show of propaganda by IRI as the love of the Iranian people for Soleimani! The Fake News Media bombarded the air with clips of the funeral while bad mouthing Trump for the demise of the terrorist boss!

CNN interviewed Massoumeh Ebtekar, the IRI official (past VP) AKA Machinegun Marry (hostage taker) who back then clearly stated on TV that she would not hesitate to kill the American hostages. Massoumeh Ebtekar had been given a tribune for her Anti-American propaganda and she was preaching in CNN as an opinion expert!

Massoumeh Ebtekar Penguin Show

MSNBC created as martyr out of General Soleimani who was murdered by Trump and portrayed Trump’s foreign policy as 3 years of disaster! Looking at Trump’s foreign policy as the greatest in history of America, which had finally given America backbone and brought respect back to the America, makes people to ponder if the American Media (along with the Hollywood) lives in this reality or in an Alternate Reality in LALA Land?!

Next, IRI blew up the Ukrainian commercial airliner with 170 passengers out of the sky (supposedly by mistake assuming it was a US Jet Fighter). This caused, once again the nationwide protests around the country against the Mullahs Regime.

This turn around, the American Media went even one step further than IRI and accused Trump of being responsible for the plane crash and death of 170 passengers! In the ignorant liberal mind of the American Media, Trump is somehow responsible for IRI shooting down a commercial airliner and killing 170 people, and then for 3 days denying it until US government exposed them and they got Shiite Faced; therefore, they had no choice but to confess to their murder!

For 3 days IRI Regime celebrated rocketing the US and Iraqi bases in Iraq as “A Slap” to America’s face (Khamenei’s Lecture). Of course, that was even a lie because thanks to the US Intelligence, the bases were evacuated before the attacks, so no American was killed! Mullahs later on stated that they did not want to kill Americans, yet this was even a lie because Mullahs had every intention of causing as much casualty to the US forces as possible but once they miscalculated and America got the upper hand, they had to pretend that misfire was a plan! For every disaster in history, IRI Regime has an excuse!

Later on, FOX News showed the barracks and bases targeted by IRI and parts of them were destroyed! Obviously IRI wanted to level the bases and kill as many Americans as possible but as usual, America got the upper hand and they lost. What could they do? Imam Khamenei conducting another mass gathering of Hezbollah and lecture in public via live TV that “We Gave America Another Slap in the Face”!

The reality is that America have not received any slap on the face ever, but IRI got Shiite faced again! On the contrary the American Lying Media once again used this incident to bash and trash Trump!

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons – 3 parts

Fake News Whores and Fools

Whores such as Christiane Amanpour, low lives such as Chris Matthews and the rest of the Mainstream Media as usual created the narrative out of their rectums and fed it to the people as the news! The talking points always comes from the DNC (Democrat National Congress) and the talking points are always the same on every channel and every newspaper.

After each incident, you could turn on any channel or open any paper, but you would hear and see the same talking point from DNC in the CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times and the rest of the TV Station Garbage and Rag Papers! And then you wonder why the rating of these Fake News Media is so low and no one watches or reads them?!

CNN’s rating is often # 14 to # 17 below the Cartoon Network and people use New York Times as toilet paper (even then it is harsh on the rectum)!

Finally, after Trump’s well-planned tweets and actions, eventually another nationwide protest broke out in Iran. The protests were because of the years and decades of lies told by IRI to the people, topped with the plane crash as a cherry. Naturally once again Trump won and the Media lost!

“Speaker Pelosi develops more nervous tics, lip twitches and random hand gestures!” (Media)
“Nervous Nancy is getting out of control!” (Donald Trump)
Nancy Old Pussy (Nervous Nancy Pelosi): Damn, we misfired on Iran again! People think I’m just a senile old fool who can’t put 2 sentences together without halting but the reality is that I’m no more stupid than your next Democrat, hey wait a second, what have I said?! Oh yeah and Impeach 45 ……

Democrats and Media Shiite Faced Again!

All the “World War III” Democrats and Media Campaign of Fear went down the toilet when IRI backed off and the Iranian people once more started to protest. Nervous Nancy (Pelosi) got Shiite Faced again!

Nancy Old Pussy (Pelosi), Chucky Doll Schumer, Crazy Bernie (Sanders), Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren), Media and Democrats after days of rhetoric were once again Shiite Faced and Trump was once again the winner of this show!

Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign

When will the Democrats learn that they cannot match Trump? After each battle, Trump comes out the winner. Trump always wins and the Democrats, Media and Hollywood always lose! This is called law of nature!

Trump plays the liberals and Islamists like a fine-tuned flute! Trump is crazy as a Fox. They always trash him and bash him but the reality is that Trump is super smart and he runs his affairs and America as a business (the way it always had to be run).

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Democrat Billionaires New Plan: Copy Trump Business Model

Now liberal businessmen have seen the Business Model Success and knowing that all Democrat candidates for 2020 are cartoon characters and will be swallowed by Trump as small fish, they decided to blow all the billions on themselves rather than these cheesy candidates. So now we have Little Mikey (Michael Bloomberg) and Little Tommy (Tom Steyer) Billionaire duos  spending billions on their campaigns and trying to use the Trump’s Business Model to beat him, yet they forget that this strategy will never work because Trump’s Agenda in fundamental is America First, Freedom and Capitalism but their agenda in fundamental is Globalism, Socialism and Internationalism.

National Populism Spreads Globally

Trump’s message of “Freedom and Capitalism” is spreading around the globe. The National Populism is conquering the world. After Trump made America Great Again, people in Britain, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong (China) and now Iran want to follow the path and make their countries great again.

Iranian American Democrats

Iranian American Democrats have seasonal amnesia. This selective amnesia only occurs to the Iranian Left and Monarchists!  The Left tends to twist or selectively forget certain parts of the Iranian history, so they can justify themselves as being lifelong Democrats! For all the def, dumb, blind and seasonal amnesiacs on the left, I shall yet again review some Iranian history. May it, open their minds and eyes to the reality, so they stop being Chapool Lefties!

Iranian History 101 for the Liberals

Jimmy Carter and Democrats aided Khomeini to create IRI and Neo Islamism in the World. By creating a Green Belt around the USSR in the region (IRI, Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc.), Carter helped to create IRI; furthermore, by not backing the Shah and Imperial Iran, due to his human rights shenanigan, he backstabbed Iran and the Iranians. In return, Khomeini created the Neo Islamism in the world. In a way, Carter’s plan backfired. America’s greatest friend in the region (Imperial Iran) had become America’s worst enemy (Islamic Republic of Iran)! Carter is not that bright, is he?

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?

Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s Worst?

Hussein Obama did not support the Iranian Opposition in the streets of Iran but instead he flirted with the Mullahs, Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and the IRI Regime. Obama appeased the Mullahs rather than supporting the Opposition. Obama closely worked with the Iran Lobby and Trita Parsi in USA. Obama helped IRI and Iran Lobby to grow in USA. Iran Lobby exists because it has powerful friends amongst the Democrats, GOP Establishment and Oil Cartels; the IRI Regime’s money, finances it but Iran Lobby’s greatest friend and benefactor was and is Hussein Obama.

Hussein Obama and Democrats once again betrayed the Iranian Opposition by granting the IRI Regime access to $ 150 Billion frozen assets and handing them $ 1.8 billion in cash. This was not Mullahs’ money but it was people of Iran’s money (from the Imperial Regime era) and should have been given to the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition but instead was given to the Mullahs to support terrorism around the Middle East by supporting its many proxies around the region. Obama as a Muslim was very keen on his Fellow Muslim Mullahs, IRI Regime and Iran Lobby.

Protests break out across Iran. Once again Democrats back the IRI Regime and the Iran Lobby. Democrats appease the Islamist Regime and line up against the Iranian people. Fortunately, the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People find their greatest supporter named Donald John Trump. No one in the history of over 40 years of IRI occupation has been supporting the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition such as Trump had done and is doing.

Once again (until complete victory) protests break out across Iran. Once again (as usual) Democrats are conferencing and flirting with Iran Lobby and IRI. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are conference calling with the Iran Lobby of Mullahs on the Facebook. Democrats support General Qasem Soleimani the Terrorist Boss. Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Candidates shed crocodile tears, so hard for the Terrorist that they top Chucky Doll Schumer’s famous crocodile tear shedding! Liberal Media started another pro IRI appeasement campaign. Once again, Democrats, Media and Oil Cartels support the Iran Lobby and IRI. GOP Establishment is silent! Once again, Trump is the best and only friend for the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition. Every day that passes by, the Iranian People find more and more that Trump is the only ally they have in America.

Iranian Opposition Needs Guns

IRI is Dying? Long Live Free Iran!

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters

Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go! Thread

Who are Iranian American Democrats?

This is the subject of one of my vast future articles but I am going to only give you a short teaser and a taste.

Through the years, I have noticed a certain pattern amongst the Iranian American Democrats and of course I have been categorizing them. Iranian American Democrats are of certain groups:

Iranian American Democrat Types

I. Iran Lobby
Democrat Party is the party of choice for the Iran Lobby which is the IRI 5th column of espionage in USA. Javad Zarif had created the Iran Lobby and put Trita Parsi in charge of it to push the Democrats’ appeasement policy towards Iran; therefore, it would give and buy time for the Mullahs and Hezbollah to get established in Iran, grow and nuke up! Obama, Clinton and Democrats are Iran Lobby’s best friends. Democrat politicians have their hands in the deep pockets of the Iran Lobby. The Iran Lobby’s money laundry system launders huge amounts of dollars into the Democrats’ bank accounts to guarantee that the Iran Lobby will not get any legal troubles, remains active in America and push the Anti-War and Iranians for Piss (Peace) policies and groups in the USA

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – 2 parts

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America – 3 parts

II. Iranian Partisan Leftists
These guys are hardcore Socialists with doctrinarian and ideological faith stronger for the Democrat party and ideals than love for the Iranian people, Iranian benefits and Iran! These Hardcore leftists do not care about America or Iran. They are internationalists, globalists, and hardcore socialists. They are ideologs living in LaLa Land but newsflash shines a beacon of light: Extra Extra, Marxism is dead!

III. Iranian Corrupt Business People
Many Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst this group. They donate huge amounts of dollars to the Democrats. They all have real estate, stocks, interests, finances, branches and business in Iran. They work hand in hand with Iran Lobby groups and they finance Iran Lobby and Democrats because they make their money from keeping Democrats in office, keeping IRI Regime alive and maintaining Mullahs in power. Mostly they are pro so-called Reformist and Moderate Fractions of the IRI Regime. These business people run large corporations, they finance both Democrats and Iran Lobby and they do not hesitate to step on free speech, free assembly and human rights of the American people or the Iranian people, as long as they make out like bandits. American or Iranian Nationalism means nothing to them. They are pro globalism and big bank accounts. They sell their own mothers for $ 5!

Trump’s National Populist Agenda is in direct antagonistic conflict with their globalist agenda. Iranian American Management of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media and many Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst this group. In my future articles, I will vastly expose these groups but for now, I speak of a few:

Google Iranian American Management

These whores, faggots and low life Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires are amongst the Google Management of the past and present. They are traitors to America and Iran both. They are friends only to their bank accounts:

Omid Kordestani
Google Special Advisor to the CEO and Founders
Twitter Executive Chairman

Parisa Tabriz
Google Security Expert and Director of Engineering
Chrome is her baby

Salar Kamangar
Google Senior Executive
YouTube Past CEO

Babak Pahlavan
Google Executive

Nima Asgharbeygi
Google Executive

Amin Zoufonoun
Google Past Director of Corporate Development
Facebook Present Vice President of Corporate Development

They are some of the greatest globalist traitors to America and the Iranian People. They are no Iranian Heroes but they are a block on the way of the Iranian Nationalist Revolution. If you wonder who is censoring people in Google, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media, it is these low lives!

Is Google a Cult? Thread

Is Google a Cult?

Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons

Nowruz Persian New Year 2578 Around the World Ahreeman X

Tech Giants Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

Iran Nuclear Lies: Nuclear Iran? Yes, Nuclear IRI? No

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iranian American Hi-Tech Billionaire and Millionaire Traitors

This group is also the enemy of the American and Iranian people both. They are no heroes to anyone and only to their bank accounts. They finance the Iran Lobby and Democrats both. They have interest in Iran and they want the flow of dollars from Iran to continue in to their bank accounts. They have been wheeling and dealing with the Mullahs, Iran Lobby and naturally Democrats for decades.

Silicon Valley Iranian Billionaire and Millionaires are a solid base of this group. They got the dib and deep pockets by “Making Their Bank Accounts Great” rather than making America great. This group maintains the status quo for Democrats to control and run-down California like everywhere else Democrats control.

The rich are getting richer and the poor becomes homeless. Middle class and businesses fly California for states like Nevada, Arizona and Texas with low taxation. They are turning California to Mexico with Upper class and Lower class but nothing in between! Speaking of the low lives, here are a few:

Anousheh Ansari
Hi-Tech Corrupt Billionaire

Anousheh Ansari made her fortune in Hi-Tech industries such as the Telecommunication Technologies, Smart Devices and Internet Connection of Appliances and Services.

This Mashhadi Woman is worth over $ 750 Million and spent over $ 20 Million as a Space Tourist to travel to Outer Space for fun; however, she has never spent a dime for the freedom of Iran and Iranians form the IRI Islamist Regime. She has never supported the Iranian Opposition. All she does is expanding her bank account; furthermore, supporting the Iran Lobby.

Tayebi Brothers
Hi-Tech Corrupt Millionaires

Tayebi San Diego Family are Multi-Millionaires worth over $ 90 Million.
Massih Tayebi and his wife Haleh Tayebi plus Masood Tayebi and his wife Surinder Tayebi made their fortunes in Hi-Tech industries such as Wireless, Internet and Biotech. They are big supporters of the Iran Lobby.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – part 1

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC – part 2

San Diego is the Bank for the Iran Lobby’s money Laundry Business.

IV. Iranian American Politically Uninformed
This group is often well schooled in their own fields but not educated in politics. Their assumptions and understanding of the Democrat party is outdated and they still assume that it is the party of JFK! They assume that Democrat Party is the party of progress, labor and diversity. This is furthest from the truth. Maybe at one time during the Kennedys it was making sense but not now!

Democrats of today, are anti-progress, anti-industry, anti-business, anti-labor, anti-workers, and anti-America. Their fantastic imaginary environmental policies make business, industry and manufacturing nearly impossible in America; therefore, they are against the workers and labors. They are also not pro diversity but they are pro dependent voters amongst the minority groups by keeping them on welfare, food stamp and housing. They are losing their minority bases of Blacks and Hispanics to Trump because Trump has been providing jobs, prosperity and bank accounts for them, so now, Democrats are importing illegal aliens as their new donkeys to ride and sheep to control. Today’s Democrat party is in the pocket of special Interest such as Wall Street and George Soros.

Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!

So, Iranian American Politically Uninformed folks are having a wrong perception of the Democrat party. Democrat party of today is not the party of progress, diversity, labor and the people. Today’s Democrat party is the party of the,

Geriatric Senile Fools who can’t put 2 sentences together like
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

Out in Open Marxists such as
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Hardcore Islamists such as
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Obviously Iranian Americans are either having outdated information or they love to be misinformed! Any way you look at it, they are ill informed and they are damaging America and Iran both!

V. Iranian American Free Loaders and Free Stuff Grubbers
This is the group of not necessarily poor but always wanting to get something for nothing; therefore, they are always on the Liberal Plantation. Same as Liberal Plantation House or Farm “Plantation Negroes”, these Eye-Rainian Plantation Dwellers are creatures of habit. If old, they get their retirement from Iran, benefits from Denmark and indeed social security, fake disability and housing from America. They are on welfare, social security, disability, housing and section 8 to 101 not because they are needy but because they are cheating the system and they are parasites to the system.

These Iranian Free Loaders just lovese lovese love them free stuff. “Gimme some free stuff” is their motto. If they see a Donkey Dick fallen on the ground, they grab it not because they are gay but because it is free, so maybe one day it becomes useful and they can shove it up their butts! In Persian we have expression:

“Daq bashe, mal-e olaq bashe.”
Literal meaning: As long as it’s hot (have sex with it), even if it belongs to the donkey!
Actual meaning: Gimme free stuff, even if it belongs to the infidels!

So, as you can see, them Eye-Rainian Democrats loves them free thangs! They love government benefits of all kinds even that free cheese, bread loaf and indeed Kool-aids!

Welfare States of America: WSA

Eye-Rainian and Iranian! – part 1

In the future, I will write a vast article about who are Iranian American Democrats and their state of mind.

End Notes

For over 4 decades, we have witnessed not terrible but horrible Democrat Foreign Policy towards Iran. Primarily Democrats created IRI, helped it grow, made a great enemy out of it, tried to fight it, lacked the means to fight it, appeased it, empowered it, flirted with it, love hate it, made a union with it, got disillusioned by it, don’t know what to do with it, surrendered to it and now have become clueless by it.

Democrats’ foreign policy on Iran and in general their global foreign policy has been a disaster. Democrats have made America look like a fool in the globe, apologized for America, made America weak, created a welfare state; therefore, they could not afford to economically and militaristically compete with China, so they have depleted the US Military and on trades, bent over backwards for China.

Every time Democrats gained control of America, US literally got destroyed! If you desire weak economy, unemployment, inflation, puny military, a welfare state and a food stamp nation, then vote for Democrats!

Democrats sabotaged and destroyed America until finally after 8 years of Obama, they handed a crippled America to Trump. If Hillary Clinton would have become president, then America would forever become a 2nd rate Euro-Pee-On (European) Nation! Obama handed Trump a Welfare State on Food Stamp with High Unemployment and no prospect of recovery.

Hussein Obama’s Tragic Years

On Iran, at least Carter surrendered to IRI but Obama had become IRI’s Bitch, Ally and Fellow Muslim Brother! Obama did not only appease but also supported, funded and aided IRI. In a nutshell, Hussein Obama was not only the worst president in the history of America (even worse than Carter), an official apologist to the world, but also the “Chocolate Boy Belly Warmer” and the “Dhimmi Butt Boy” to the Mullahs of Iran! Mullahs said jump and Hussein jumped! Everything Mullahs desired, Hussein Obama like the Genie provided for them! Mullahs wanted nuke deal, money, parts, Iran Lobby, open trades, bash and trash America; Obama provided for them.

The eight years of Obama was humiliating for America and Hussein Obama, as the first Muslim president of America had become the Boy Toy for the Mullahs of Iran!  After 40 years, not that the incompetent and Corrupt Democrats and GOP Establishment could not end the reign of IRI in Iran, but they helped IRI to grow strong, become a regional power and the strongest enemy of the United States. This bang and bologna appeasement policy continued until the new sheriff came to town.

Trump Conserved America

Trump disrupted the world order, Deep State control and surely IRI’s lifespan! In less than 3 years, Trump had brought the mighty IRI Regime to its knees! What everyone combine could not do in over 4 decades, Trump had done in less than 3 years! Today, IRI is fighting for its survival. IRI had turned from a Middle Eastern Empire to a Corrupt Regime in Internal Chaos and on the verge of Collapse! Thanks to Trump, Mullahs of Iran are in the vise-grip! IRI is dying, Long Live Free Iran!

IRI is Dying? Long Live Free Iran!

I am an atheist, but Trump is the God Gift to Iran and Iranians. God Bless Donald Trump! Trump is not only making America great again but also spreading the seeds to make Iran great again! What the Iranian Opposition could not have done in 4 decades, Trump had done in less than 3 years. Trump is the greatest friend of the Iranian People and the Iranian Opposition. As the Iranian Americans, these are the greatest times to live in America because it is Trump’s America.

Trump had already Made America Great Again. Let’s help him to Keep America Great. As I have always stated, to make a regime change in Iran, primarily we needed a regime change in America. Mission accomplished. Our great National Populist Movement had successfully established the 2016 Revolution of Trump and the People. We have not only changed America, trying to change Iran but we have changed the World. After Trump, the world will never be the same again. This is what happens when a businessman runs America like a business, unlike the past when baboon politicians who never ran a business or created a job (like Hussein Obama) ran the greatest country on earth to the ground!

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Trump National Populist Revolution

Now you have a choice between Trump (Economical Genius Emperor God) and 24 Democrat Cartoon Characters (whatever left of them)! You have peace and prosperity, the greatest economy in history of America created by Trump and then you have 24 Democrat clowns who want to take back the progress and America to the days of Unemployment, Inflation, Welfare, Food Stamp, Weakness, Destruction of Manufacturing, End of Industry, Bankrupt Business, Open Borders, Mass Illegal Immigration, Free Everything for Illegals, High Taxation, High Regulations, Big Government, Deep State Rule, Corruption, Spending Trillions on Fantasies of Climate Change Hoax, Medicare for All (including aliens) and destruction of American Healthcare System and Medicare for Senior Citizens!

Medicare for All means 180 Million Americans will lose their insurance and Senior Citizens will lose their Medicare because America cannot afford this fantasy by Democrats. Obamacare was the perfect example of the dysfunctional insurance plan by the Democrats.

The only great future insurance plan for Americans will come from Trump. Co-ops, out of state insurance, competition and wise planning will be done by Trump’s Medical Team to bring a great new health plan for America.

Democrats cannot manage their own finances and bank accounts, set aside managing America’s Healthcare system.

Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe

Trump had saved America and brought greatness to America.

Democrats want to reverse all the progress, put a dress on your hairy legs to turn you transgender, and hand you transgender bathrooms and then keep you occupied with “Global Warming Bull Shiite” while seizing all your industries including but not limited to oil, gas, coal, steel, auto, military and manufacturing. In other words, they want to take you back to cavemen era and pre-industrial society, so you will end up sitting around and playing with windmills or your balls, take a pick?!

US has the cleanest environment on earth and has the cleanest environmental policies created by Trump but Democrats, George Soros and Globalists want to destroy American Energy, Manufacturing, Industry and Jobs but allow China, India and Russia to continue polluting the earth so they can make bundles of money!

Clintons, Al Gore, George Soros and Democrats will ride their private jets with astronomical carbon footprints and prolusion while they travel worldwide lecturing you about not to fart, not to have babies, and become vegan, possibly a vegetable yourself to save the earth! If liberals could, they would have eliminated humanity to save the earth! Climate Change Hoax is a fantastic tale of Bull Shiite not backed by any scientific evidence and created by the liberals as a religion to make money while at the same time, regressing you back to the dark ages and possibly the caveman era.

Climatology Psychos and Environmental Wackos by their Green Plans will not only turn your world to a one large Green Prairie for no cows to graze but also turning your brain into green grass or algae so you will not have any gray matter to furthermore think! Climate Change is one Big Bull Shiite Hoax fabricated by the liberals.

Ozone hole is getting smaller and it is getting freezing out there but they still talk about global warming yet now, they even consider global cooling a climate change element! They got it both ways so they can make more regulations, Mo Money, mo money, mo money …..

Green New Deal Garbage

Green New Deal is a means for liberals to screw you both ways! On one hand they want 32 trillion dollars of your tax money, and on the other hand they want to take away your airplanes, gasoline cars, cows, steak, and lifestyle. Liberals’ Big Government will count your farts and if they exceed the limit, the fart police will give you tickets! They want to turn you in to green, organic, gay, vegan, politically correct imbeciles! No Red-Blooded American will vote for that garbage! If I hear one more word about “Green”, I will throw up!

The bottom line is that stick with Trump and Trumpism because Trump as a Blue Color Billionaire is of the people and is pro workers. Stay away from everything that liberals say or do because they are destined to destroy you, your job, your livelihood, your country and your world. You don’t believe me? Take a good look at what liberals have done to California, New York and Europe!

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons – 2 parts

Liberals are hazardous for your lives!

Present Note

On January 14, 2020 Trump purposely threw his massive Milwaukee, Wisconsin Rally exactly at the exact time of the DNC Democratic debate on TV. Not that barely anyone watches the DNC debate but Trump even wants to deprive them of those few viewers! Trump wants to humiliate the Democrats.

Democratic debates are not even good enough to put you to sleep but they give you diarrhea! Majority of people would not even piss on Democrats set aside watch their debate!  While Democrats cannot even find 500 people to attend their rallies or watch their debates, Trump fills up pact arenas with 30,000 people and another 10,000 standing outside watching the rally on giant screens ordered by Trump to set up there.  Why is that? There is nothing in the world more fun than attending Trump Rallies. Trump plays no guitar and is not a Rock Star but he always fills up arenas and auditoriums full of Trumpists and American Patriots. Trump is a great entertainer and he speaks the language of the average Jane and Joe. Trump does not have fans, but people who have faith in him and love him!

Even in Iran, protesters did not walk over the American flag in the street but they went around it and told everyone to go around it. Iranian people unlike the Iranian Regime love American Flag, America and Trump.

President Donald Trump Full Speech at Milwaukee Rally January 14, 2020

Speech Backup File

Democrats Financed Mullahs and IRI Iran Cartoon
Democrats: He’s a Jolly Good Mullah, which no Liberal can defy!

Future Note

Remember this date: January 14, 2020
Trump Created the Space Force

VP Mike Pence swears in Space Force General John Raymond

On this date, Mike Pence have sworn in the Space Force General John Raymond. As of this date, Trump had officially created the 6th branch of the US military, The Space Force. General John Raymond is the first Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force. This is called vision. It will always be registered in the history that Trump created the US Space Force. This is only one out of over 50 major achievements of the Trump administration in less than 3 years.

One day in the future, Trump’s bust will be on Mount Rushmore as one of the greatest presidents in history of America. Not even great presidents such as George Washington and Ronald Reagan can come close to what Trump had achieved in these 3 short years. This is Trump’s legacy.
What will the legacy of Democrats be?

Busts of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer and rest of the bums in dumpster of history or Shiite Can of Washington DC Swamp, you decide?

Trump and the people had made America great again. Trump and the people will keep America great; and ladies and gentlemen, I got news for you: The best is yet to come! On 2020 send a clear message to Washington Swamp, Deep State, Media, Hollywood and Democrats. Vote GOP down the line and reelect Trump.

Trump had already more or less cleansed the GOP, now it is time to clean the DC Swamp!

Allow me to close by quoting myself:

"Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!"
(Ahreeman X)

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Can you forget the past and live in today but build the tomorrow with me?”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

We are getting near that shinning city upon a hill ……
Future is Bright


Dr. X


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