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Historical Facts on Israel - Palestine Issue
Ahreeman X
January 4, 2009

The Scientific Historical View

The public is always emotionally influenced by the media and the hype of the day; however, the historian deals with the actual history, evidence and the truth. A scientific historian looks at history as a progressive science which gets updated with the most recent archeological, anthropological, historical and scientific facts. A scientific historian bases his opinion upon the scientific history as a science.

The Scientific Method

 As a scientific historian I do not get my facts from the liberal media, Hollywood and hype of the day. I base my opinion upon studying all aspects and sources about the issue from the left, right and center, from various countries and then through research, historical evidence and the latest scientific facts. After thoroughly exploring all the above, then I form my own opinion. The scientific historian researches, studies the evidence, experiments, gathers facts, establishes a chronology of events, analyses the causes and effects and then writes the modern scientific history. This is the scientific method.

After a brief introduction, I will dig deep in to the history of Israel – Palestine issue going back thousands of years to seek who has the actual right to the land, the region and the roots of the conflict.

An Introductory Glance

These days media is mourning the mass slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza Strip by the blood thirsty Jews but no one is talking about how it all started (once more), how the ceasefire got broken (again) and how Hamas rockets suddenly landed in Israeli towns and slaughtered Israeli citizens as the spark and the starting point to once again agitate the Israeli retaliation! It seems like the Liberal Media, EU and the world have their eyes closed on Hamas and Hezbollah Crimes and pointing the finger to the Killer Jews! Liberal left and the “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All” (Intellectual) Left loves to scream Zionist Oppression and Murder, but history teaches us another!

Everybody is screaming about how Israel is mass slaughtering the innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip. If all these Palestinians voted for Hamas to govern the Gaza, then are they really so innocent? When you vote for a Terrorist Group to govern your country, then should the civilized world consider you an innocent civilian?

Where are all of these bleeding heart liberals, celebrities, Leftists, pacifists and Arab Governments when it’s time to actually establish peace and create the 2 state solution? Nowhere in sight! They are great with rhetorics and screaming Palestinian rights but when it’s time to actually help Palestinians to achieve peace and prosperity, none of these people are around!

Israel does not slaughter innocent Palestinian civilians in West Bank because they voted for Mahmoud Abbases government and they seek peace. Israel concentrates her attacks only on Gaza, the root of Islamist Terrorism in the region (Hamas), where now the terrorists are the elected government by the majority of people in Gaza!

Hitler and Nazis did not come to power by the will of Jesus Christ! Majority of Germans voted for them! So, were the Germans so innocent? Hamas did not come to power by the will of Allah! Gaza majority voted for them! Sometimes we forget that war has casualties. It is all casualties of war for the greater good.

The Only Solution

Israel’s greatest mistake was evacuation of Gaza and handing it to Hamas! Israel force evacuated her own settlers out of Gaza and gift wrapped Gaza in a beautiful box and handed it to Palestinians, so they could bring a Terrorist Organization to power as the new government. Israeli government is to blame for evacuating Gaza at the first place and handing it to an unknown future!

Israel must reoccupy Gaza, eliminate Hamas, totally disarm and destroy them, reestablish law and order in Gaza and hand it to the civilized Palestinian authority (Mahmoud Abbas). Only then, Israel and Palestine can sit around the table for eternal peace talks and 2 nation solution.

You can’t deal or debate with terrorists. Hamas constitution openly calls for elimination of state of Israel. Hamas does not seek peace. The true peace will come after absolute elimination of Hamas with extreme prejudice. There is no other solution.

The IRI Role

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) is the major financier, arms supplier and military trainer for all Islamist Terrorist Groups around the world including but not limited to:

Hezbollah of Lebanon
Hamas of Palestine
Al Jihad al Islamiya of Palestine
Al Jihad al Islamiya of Egypt
Sudanese Government
Bosnian Islamists
Abu Sayyaf of Philippines
Tajikistan Fundamentalists
Afghan Shiite Groups
Mahdi Army of Iraq
Shiite Militia of Iraq


Iranian money, weapons and military attachés keep the Jihad of Islam against the west hot, active and going. IRI made weapons are what kills the Israeli civilians and soldiers!

Please review Islamic Republic of Iran’s activities to dictate policy and influence the public opinion:

Inside Iran’s IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

Hezbollah in America

Read more exposing articles about IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) activities in the west and Middle East region:

Iranian Opposition and Student Movement index

Islamic Republic of Iran has registered over 40,000 Iranian Suicide Bombers ready to free Qods and Jerusalem; however, the world has not yet seen a single dead Iranian suicide bomber dying for the Palestinian cause!

This makes me remember a humor piece about a chat between a Hezbollah and a Hamas member:

Hezbollah: Brother, not to worry Iran will back us and spit in the face of Israel and America.
Hamas: Yes brother, Iran will fight Israel to the last Hamas member.

Indeed Iran will not hesitate to fight Israel to the last Hezbollah and Hamas member alive; however, not a single Iranian life will be wasted in the battle ground!

Let us state historical facts and conclude a logical analysis based upon those facts. History is not fiction and history does not lie. Let us seek and search about the truth through history.

Historical Facts

History has been often twisted and obscured. Pro Palestinian Rights (So Called) Activists, have been feeding stories with no historical values to the public. Amazingly, public often grasps these stories and believes them, simply because not many people are historians nor familiar with historical facts. Now, I would like to talk about my stands, yet with historical evidence. I am a man of science and history. Logical reasoning is my game and I do not fall for hypes which influences the emotional feelings of the public!

Let’s do a historical analysis and take a journey to the roots of the problem and let me respond to all, about my stands and why do I take this stand on this particular issue.

Lets for once and for all, get this situation sorted out in IPC and beyond, shall we?

Specifically for the Liberal Fraction of IPC who believes that Israelis occupied Palestine and kicked Palestinians out of their lands into the exile and they are wondering how come I take sides with Israel, even though I am an Atheist, yet both Palestinians and Israelis are religious fanatics (so said) and believe that the land is their God given right!

Let me clarify this once and for all.

Palestine was never ever an independent nation since the beginning of history! This is not fiction, this is a fact. There was never ever an independent nation called Palestine which was made up of Palestinian Arabs residing in the region of what we call Israel now. Therefore, Israel could have never taken over the land which has never actually belonged to the Palestinians and kick them out of their own land! Furthermore, Israeli's according to historical facts have had created an independent Jewish Nation since 1000 - 923 BC which was The Kingdom of David. Let’s go back in history since the beginning and check out what has been happening in the land of Israel or Palestine from the beginning until now:

History of Israel - Palestine

3000 - 1468 BC

Palestine is known as "Land of Canaan" settled by the Canaanites, mainly along the coastline.

1468 - 1200 BC
Egyptian Control

Egypt conquers the Canaanites in 1468 BC at the battle of Armageddon in Magiddo. Egyptian control of Canaan continues until 1200 BC.

1200 - 975 BC
The Philistines
(Cretian Greeks)
The Sea People, thought to have come from the island of Crete, attack Canaan under the Egyptians and destroy Canaanite cities. A large number of the Sea People (later known as the Philistines) settle in Palestine and rebuild the coastal towns of Gaza, Ashdod, Ashqal, Ekron, and Gath.

1000 - 923 BC
The Kingdom of David

David becomes king of the Jews. He unites the Israelites, builds a strong army and captures Jerusalem from the Jebusites (Canaanites in origin).

923 - 722 BC
The Southern Kingdom of Judea and The Northern Kingdom of Israel

The Canaanite Phoenicians lose major parts of their land to the Israelites. At this time, the kingdom of Judah was poor and cut off from trade with the kingdom of Israel to the North, by Trans-Jordan to the East, by the Philistines to the West and by the desert to the South.

925 - 700 BC
The Phoenicians

Building their naval trade sea power in Mediterranean, Phoenicians also controlled the present land called Israel.

700 - 612 BC
The Assyrian Empire

The Assyrians defeat and destroy Samaria leading to the collapse of the kingdom of Israel.

586 - 539 BC
Babylonian Empire

The Babylonians, from Iraq, invade the Assyrian City of Neynava, defeating the Assyrians. Babylonian King Nebuchadnezar II conquers the Philistines and Phoenicians and appoints a puppet king, Zedekiah, in Jerusalem. They destroy Jerusalem and burn down Solomon's Temple. So basically by this time, Jewish Kingdoms of Israel and Judea has been destroyed by Assyrian and Babylonian Empires.

539 - 332 BC
Persian Empire

The Persian forces invade and destroy Babylonian power, occupying the areas under Babylonian control. Free Babylon from Tyranny but leave them to pray to their religion and Gods. Persians freed Jews from slavery and relocated them back to Jerusalem. Cyrus The Great declared the first Human Rights document in the world called The Cyrus Cylinder. Cyrus freed over 42,000 Jews from the Slavery of Babylon.

For more information read:

The Cyrus Cylinder

For more articles and books on the Persian History read:

Iran History index

332 - 63 BC
Macedonian Greeks

Soon after crushing the revolt in Palestine, the Persian army was attacked by Macedonian Greeks under the leadership of Alexander the Great Drunken Homosexual Pervert. So Greeks now control the region (Israel – Palestine).

For more information read:

Alexander, the True History

63 BC - 636 AD
Roman Empire

The Roman general, Pompeii the Great, invades Palestine. After civil war, the emperor Caesar maintains control over the districts of Judea, Samaria and Galilee.

636 - 1260 AD
The Arabo-Islamic Empire

Arabo-Muslim defeat Persian and Roman Empires. Palestine becomes an integral part of the Arab world.

1099 - 1291 AD
The Crusaders

The Crusaders, for five weeks, surround and attack the city wall of Jerusalem, and later spread their control over the entire area of Palestine.

1187 - 1253 AD
The Ayubid Arabs

At the famous battle of Hitin in 1187 AD, Saladin al Ayubi and Saracens defeat the Crusader army in Palestine.

1253 - 1516 AD
The Mamluks

The Turkish Mamluks expel the last of the Crusaders from Palestine in 1291.

1516 – 1918 AD
The Ottoman Turks Rule

The Ottoman army invades Palestine after decimating the Mamluk cavalry. The Turks rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. Ottomans ruled the whole or most of the Near East at the times, from North Africa to Middle East during this era.

1831 – 1840 AD
The Egyptian Rule

Egypt invades Palestine in 1831, lifting Palestine out of its depression.

1917 - 1948
The British Mandate - Protectorate

After World War I, Great Britain defeats Turkish Ottoman troops and enters Palestine. British occupation continues until Britain loses control over the situation and leaves. In this era, Palestine was basically under Anglo control of the region or known as a Protectorate of UK.

The creation of the State of Israel

During and after the 1948 war, 800,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes and villages. 418 villages were depopulated and demolished. High price of creating a Jewish State but somebody had to pay for it!

1967 - 1993
Israeli occupation of Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights, and Sinai

Israel occupies the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, Sinai, and Golan Heights during the war of 1967.

1993 - present
Israeli occupation and the Palestinian National Authority

This period is characterized by the signing of the Declaration of Principles which established limited Palestinian self-rule. Settlement building and expansion continues despite the peace process. Arafat did not accept the best offer that he would have ever received from Israel. Arafat betrayed Palestine by not accepting this agreement (Oslo Agreement).

So as you see there was never ever an independent Palestinian nation in the history of the world! But there was a Jewish independent nation as far back as 1000 - 923 BC: The Kingdom of David! So as far as who had the right to the deed first, it is obvious that Jews had it. Not many people know this fact, simply because not many people are historians!

Huge Palestinian propaganda going on and on about how the land was theirs and the Jewish oppressors took their land and kicked them out and bla bla bla......will not let the public opinion to actually study the history and think for themselves, but they follow Palestinian Arab propaganda and they take it for granted that it is the undisputed fact! If Arabs made to move from the land after 1948, so were the Jews which had been mass murdered and forced to be moved from a variety of Arab lands (not only Israel – Palestine) from Mecca all the way to Jerusalem and Palestine, throughout the history and since the very first episode in which Mohammed The Prophet personally massacred them in Mecca (Early Islamic Massacre of Jewish Tribes)!

For more information read:

23 Years: Mohammed’s Prophetic Career

Have in mind that on 925 - 700 BC: The Phoenician’s control, had occurred. The Phoenicians even though not Palestinians, yet back then occupied the land, colonized it and add it to their territory. They were basically from the land that we call Lebanon today. So if by a slim chance, Arabs want to consider Phoenicians as fellow Arab Hemites and ancestors to present Palestinians, then still we must have in mind that they appeared about 925 BC to take absolute control and way after the Jews which have appeared in 1000 BC!

Israelis practically settled in the land just like they have been doing for thousands of years, just like Palestinians have been doing the same thing.

Now this is crucial and very important, so please pay attention. During Barak's time, Palestinians and Arafat could get the best deal possible from Israel. Israeli Government had put an offer on the table to give about:

95 % of the absolute control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and 1/2 of the Jerusalem

to the Palestinian New Government, so they could create their own country for the first time in the history of the world. Corrupted thief Arafat and his lap dog spokes woman, that ugly Arab woman Dr. Hannan Ashrawi did not accept this! It is like,

you give them a toe, they want a foot!
you give them a foot, they want the whole leg!

He wanted a better deal! Well, now, Arafat and Ashrawi can chew on Sharon's Schlong! The poor Palestinian people are victims of Arafat's Greed, Corruption and Treason!

So eventually Israel said the fandango with them! And now the situation is where it is today! Groups like Hamas do not even want the existence of government of Israel, they want to throw the Jews in to the Mediterranean Sea!

Yasser Arafat is the main person to blame for the 2 Nation Solution, not existing today. Yasser Arafat was not the father of the Palestinian people but he was a corrupt destroyer of the Palestinian people. Instead of helping his people, he pocketed most of the Palestinian aid money (gathered from around the globe), built his own bank account and attended to a life of luxury!

Now let’s pay attention here about my stand:
This is not true that I take sides here behind the Jews and against the Arabs! This is also not true that I take sides with Zionists against Palestinians!

But I simply support Israel against Palestinian Terrorist Groups.

Now you may ask why?

Why I Support Israel against Palestinian Terrorist Groups?

1. Except the past 30 + years of IRI, Israel was and is the natural ally to Iran. Israel and Iran are two major non Arab powers of the region drowned in the sea of Arabs in the Near East. It is only logical for them to have close ties to one another to survive.

2. There are about 100,000 Persians living in Israel as citizens, residents, visitors, etc. Persian Jews are a major economical factor in Israel, a link between our two cultures.

3. Cyrus the Great freed over 42,000 Jews from slavery of Babylon. Cyrus has been called the Great Rescuer and savior of The Jews. This has been written in the history of the region, in the Bible, in Torah and every other historical document.

4. Every known Palestinian political group as of now, including PLO, Hamas, Jihad, etc. are Terrorist Organizations receiving funds, weapons, military training, and support from Islamic Republic of Iran.

5. Palestinian Guerillas - PLO have been a great factor in:

a) Training Iranian Islamist Guerillas in Palestine, pre 1978 Islamic revolution of Iran.
b) Directly participating in Islamic Revolution of Iran at 1978.
c) Indirectly supporting the Islamic Revolution of Iran at 1978 and after.

6. Arafat personally danced in the victory party of Imam Khomeini in Tehran, kissed his hands and cheered for the destruction of Iran in 1979.

7. Since 1979, until this day, there has been a great number of Palestinian IRGC Pasdars (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) working as Mercenaries in Iran and their numbers are getting larger every year, specifically in times of riots by Iranian Students/Freedom Fighters wanting to overthrow the Islamic Regime. These Mercenaries come handy to crush all freedom movements in Iran. Many of the Iranian Pasdars have been refusing to open fire on Iranian people or crack Iranian people's heads, but Palestinian PLO or Lebanese Hezbollah members of Sepah-e Pasdaran (IRGC) gladly do these tasks. Iranian Mullahs can absolutely rely on Palestinian Pasdars and Foreign Legion of Sepah Pasdaran to crack Iranian Students’ and Freedom Fighters’ Heads. IRGC Foreign Legion consists of Palestinians, Lebanese, Afghans, Pakistanis, Sudanese, Iraqis and other mercenaries of IRI Hezbollah goons.

8. PLO has been officially having close ties with IRI. The Islamic Regime has a yearly salary for PLO, Hamas and every other Palestinian Group in Palestine to support Terrorism.

9. Arafat had no intention of creating a peaceful Palestinian nation to co-exist with Israel as its neighbor. Arafat and other Palestinian Leaders loved to create yet another terrorist nation next door to Israel, just like Syria, Libya or Ex Baathi Iraq (Saddam Era). Today’s Hamas had made Arafat’s dream to come true! Hamas had created a Terrorist Regime next door to Israel!

10. Until there is not a civilized, legal, democratically elected government system elected by the Palestinians as their leaders and until they give their word of honor to create a peaceful nation in West Bank/Gaza next to Israel, then Israel must continue retaliating with extreme measures against the Arabo-Muslim Terrorists of Palestinian kind!

11. Arabo-Muslim Terrorism is the present enemy of the civilization and the civilized world. Palestinian Groups like PLO, Al Jihad (both Egyptian and Palestinian branch), Al Hamas, Hezbollah of Lebanon and others are nothing but little miserable terrorist groups as tentacles of the Mother Octopus Terrorist Bank "Islamic Republic of Iran". By all means I support the destruction of IRI and all its tentacle satellites from Bosnia all the way to the Palestinian Puppet Terrorist Organizations.

12. State of Israel is the only true Democracy in the Middle East.

13. All of my reasons to take side here are political, for world's security, for civilized World, for Benefits of Iran and Persians, and on logical bases. I am an Atheist and do not care for Judaism or Zionism. However, I strongly believe that Islam is not just another religion, yet it is a dangerous political ideology.

For more information read:

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology

14. We are at war with Global Terrorism, and Palestinian Muslim Terrorist Groups are part of the problem just like Al Qaeda.

The Logical Conclusion

It is all very simple! I have a duty to Iran and then I have a higher duty to the civilized world!

I am a Freedom Fighter to free Iran from IRI but my higher duty is that I am a Freedom Fighter fighting against the global Tyranny of Islamic Terrorism to save the Civilized World! Do you possibly need more reasons that why I support the state of Israel and why I take a stand against all Palestinian Terrorist Groups?! I believe by now I have responded to many questions on my stands coming from inside and outside of IPC.

Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Enemy (Israel) of my enemy (Arabo-Islamists) is my friend.

It is only natural for a Persian Freedom Fighter and an Iranian Nationalist to align with Israel against the IRI Government and the Arabo-Islamic world! Do I even need to reason more?!

Now I have a question for all of you:

The Fundamental Question?

Give me one logical and good reason that I should not take Israel's side in this conflict and take the side of Palestinian Terrorist Groups on this issue?!

I hope I clarified myself.

Fighting for The Civilized World against Nomadic Barbarianism,

Dr. X

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