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The Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: March 19, 2008
2nd Edition: June 21. 2016

Historically, the Shiite Islam had started with Imam Ali (AS) [656 AD – 661 AD]. It continued with Imam Hussein and his martyrdom at Karbalah, but back then, the name was not Shiite! It was simply Ali’s way. Ali’s way was defying Bani Umayyad and Ayisha’s power. Mu'awiyah I (661 AD – 680 AD) and Ayisha (Prophet’s child bride), now a young and brave military commander were in agreement to battle Ali as a despot. For historical dates, check:

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years

After Uthman (3rd Caliph al Rashedin) was assassinated, Ali was at last appointed as the 4th Caliph al Rashedin, but his predecessor had already placed many of his followers, the Umayyads, in leading positions around the Islamic Empire.

The Future Generation: Future is Bright.

One of these men of power, was Mu'awiyah of Bani Umayyad, the governor of Syria (based at Damascus). Mu'awiyah had challenged Ali’s authority. Ali faced an insurgency and a rebellion led by Commander Ayisha (Ali's foe even during Mohammad's life). Ayisha and Mu’awiyah started to avenge the blood of Uthman.

Ali had obviously failed to bring Uthman’s murderers to justice, so both Ayisha and Mu'awiyah used this episode against him and sought to displace him. Ayisha joined a force against him led by Mohammad's companions Talha and Zubayr, which was defeated by the caliph at the "Battle of the Camel", but a further battle was fought at a place called Siffin in Syria, although it was a huge confrontation, ended inconclusively without victory for either Ali or Mu'awiyah. Ali agreed to submit his cause to arbitration; however, when this went against him, many of his followers had deserted him. The remainder had formed the nucleus from which the Shiite would rise. The conflict at the battle of Camel had brought about a serious split in the Muslim Community. Those who supported Ali at the battle of Camel (Al Jamal) and later at Al Siffin were primarily called the "people of Iraq" (Ahl al Iraqi) or the "Ali’s Followers" (Shi'at al Ali) and later on Al Alawiyah. The other party were called Uthman’s Followers (Shi'at al Uthman) and later on Al Uthmaniyyah.

Eventually the term “Shi’at al Ali” had evolved to Shi’a and the present Shiite.

Later on Imam Ali (4th Caliph al Rashedin) was assassinated by Ibn al Muljim. Shiite scholars claim that Ibn al Muljim was a horrible assassin, but the reality is that Ibn al Muljim was a freedom fighter, fed up with Ali’s despotism (Shiite Style) and he was pro the Arabic traditional ways of electing the caliph (Sunni Ways and Khavarej Ways) rather than heredity of caliphate due to bloodline of Mohammed (Shiite Style). Fed up with Ali’s brutality, despotism and dictatorship, Ibn al Muljim attacked him during the Salath (Namaz) and cut his head wide open in half (via a sword). Ali was no saint, but a brutal murderer and a horrible dictator. Ali mass murdered Iranians by the thousands, many by his own hands!

Mu'awiyah took the opportunity to establish himself as the new caliph, a position that was to be held by his dynasty of the Bani Umayyad, for about a hundred years (661 AD – 750 Ad).

The opposition to Mu’awiyah and Bani Umayyad formed and organized a movement in Islam, which eventually had become the Shiite Islam (Shi’a). But the term Shiite was created, established, documented and glorified by the Iranian Monarchists. Right after Ali, they erected the 12 Imams and supported and followed each of them as their own Shahs! Imams were embraced by Iranians as a move against the Bani Umayyad Caliphate. No matter how brutal were the Ali, Hassan and Hussein to the Iranians, yet the Iranians had chosen the lesser of the two evils which was Ali’s Klan over Bani Umayyad Klan! So Imams, one after another, the same as Shahs, ruled over the good Shiite and from time to time, tried to take over the political power from the Bani Umayyad (of course with Iranian backing)!

Iranian Muslim claim that Imams were innocent and divine! If so, then how come almost all of them were assassinated or killed and practically none of them had died a natural cause! The reality was that the majority of Muslim hated these 12 Imams! Well actually 11 Imams, because the 12th Imam (Mahdi) is fictional, but obviously the good Shiite including Ahmadinejad are still awaiting his return! Mahdi is sort of like Jesus, same religious nonsense and fictional stories …. They went away and one day they will return, bla bla bla …

The whole institution of Shiite Islam is a replica of Iranian Monarchy.

Ali started his defiance of the main stream Sunni Ways because he was also a despot and a monarch in nature. Hussein followed the tradition but Arabs did not buy it. Sunnis were pro a council of experts to elect the caliph, but Shiite were pro ruling of caliph due to inheritance of blood. Shiite wanted the Mohammed’s bloodline to continue ruling the Islamic world: Mohammed, Ali (Mohammed’s cousin), Hassan (Ali’s son), Hussein (Hassan’s brother), etc.

According to Sunna, the caliph of Muslemin had to be elected by a council of the most wise and pious experts. According to Shiite, the caliph would inherit his caliphate due to being a direct descendant from the Prophet Mohammed! In Shiite doctrine, the ancestral blood of Mohammed would be the sole reason to rule the Muslim world.

So Arab Sunnis were too democratic to buy this Shiite Ancestral Doctrine; however, Iranians did not only buy it, but expanded on it and re-created the Iranian Monarchy in an Imamhood format!

Monarchists created Shiite Imams and Shiite Islam

Iranian Monarchists created the philosophy of Shiite Islam right after Ali and during Hussein all the way to Safavid Dynasty, but Safavid Mullahs and Shahs documented the Shiite Islam as an Iranian ideology to fight the Sunni Turkish Ottoman imperialism.

Persian Empire had revived, but this time as a Shiite Safavid Empire (1501 AD –1736 AD). Today’s Islamic Republic is also the second revival of the Iranian Shiite Empire in the region!

In early times (Darius The Great of Achaemenids), Shahanshah was getting elected by a council of Monarchy, which were made up of the elite noble and wisemen of Iran. Later on, the Persian Monarchy had adopted a different method: the inheritance of the crown from one generation to another.

After the elimination of the Sassanid Dynasty (651 AD), Iranians were missing their old tradition of Monarchy, so they saw despotism and visions of blood inheritance in Ali, Hassan and Hussein’s visions, so they created the Shiite Islam to replace the Persian Monarchy with the new Shiite Imamate!

Any two-bit fool can see that Shiite Imamhood is the replica of the Iranian Monarchy. But before 651 AD, it was called the Persian Monarchy, yet after this date, it was called the Shiite Islam!

Monarchy and Mullarchy goes hand in hand

Throughout the history, Monarchs and Mullahs went hand in hand. Monarchy and Shiite were lovers! There were few times in the history that certain secular monarchs with balls of steel, such as Reza Khan Pahlavi had found the guts to defy the Shiite Islam but then again their earls such as Alahazrat (Mohamad Reza Pahlavi), as a Muslim, continued making love to Mullahs and Shiite Islam.

The nonsense that Alahazrat used to say about Hussein, Hazrat Abbas and Ali backing him and saving his throne is still documented. Back then people were laughing at his superstitions and it became a joke! How can a person have one foot in Mecca and one foot in Persepolis? Iranian Nationalism and Pan Arabism (Islam) do not mix!

And look who he married?

If nothing, at least Fawziyah and Soraya were bright people, but Farah is a religious superstitious fanatic!

Farah even managed to fool me for all these years, because out in public (unlike Shah), she never had revealed her real superstitious religious nature!

Now in exile, after publishing that joke of a document in her website and connecting herself to Hassan and Hussein, first I thought this is only opportunism (Monarchist Style), to sell RP to the cattle of Shiite! But then again, as you know, my mother who worked directly with Farah, informed me that it’s not true!

Farah was a religious superstitious person since she was a student in her youth in Europe!

After my letter to RP, suddenly Farah took that disgraceful web page off her site! Why? Because she knew that connecting herself to Tabatabaei Akhund Family and Hassan and Hussein will back fire for RP! These days youth hates Islam and loves Nationalism so Shiite will not fly!

Farah’s family are Tabatabaei, ancient Akhund Mullah family of Iran. Her ancestor, Haj Seyed Tabatabaei was a famous Constitutionalist during the Constitutionalist Revolution and sided with British and against the Russians to import the Constitutionalist Monarchy (British Style) rather than Absolutist Monarchy (Russian Style) to Iran!

So Diba is just a name! Farah’s real family and last name is Tabatabaei an ancient Akhund family!

People like Shah and Farah were only progressive on surface but rotted with religious superstitions deep to the core of their brains! Obviously their brain infection and Allahic Virus had transferred to Reza Pahlavi.

Allahic Virus moves from one generation to another! At least Shah and Farah were semi sane and half progressive, but Reza Pahlavi is not only a superstitious religious person but he is also a procrastinator, a lazy ass bum and a superficial shallow fool!

So until this day, the love affair between Monarchy and Shiite Islam continues. No scientific, logical and progressive individual can believe in these nonsense. Monarchy is as illogical as Shiite and Religion.

Monarchy and Religion go hand in hand and they get their power from Allah and God. In contradiction, the Republic gets its power from the people.

These old Monarchist bones can sell their garbage to young and naïve Jujeh Monarchists in exile but they know better not to set foot in IPC to face me! They know as soon as they open their mouths about Monarchy and Religion, I punch them in the face with Science and Logic. I am a scientific historian, so the monarchist garbage, as an obsolete ideology, will not fly with me.

They dare to set foot in IPC because Monarchy is Dead and they are Dead Worshipers. I am about Science, Life and Future of Iran.

I invite and challenge any Monarchist theoretician and philosopher to come to IPC and debate me on validity and rationality of Monarchy! Chera Khafeh Khan gereftid? Bring on your garbage to IPC?

In this thread, I have proven with logic and science that the monarchy is irrational, illogical, outdated, obsolete and dead:

Monarchy or Republic?

Above is the most viewed and most debated topic about this subject, in an Iranian political forum on Internet.

On 1979, the masses of Iran had physically put the final nail in the coffin of the monarchy, but In this article, I had finally and for once and for all, “philosophically” put the final nail in the coffin of the monarchy. In this article and on the world wide web, I had publicly, rationally, scientifically and logically proven that Monarchy the same as Mullarchy is now officially dead:

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

Of course the above logic is for the logical and scientific people to read, analyze, ponder about and comprehend. The dogmatic, fanatical, irrational and illogical people, who have fanaticism towards a dogma such as God, Religion, Shah or Monarchy, are incapable of reasoning, logic and scientific analysis of this subject. This is science versus dogma. Fanaticism (Ta’asob) and blind faith towards anyone or anything disallows the person to think freely.

In a way, Hard Core Religious people and monarchists are dogmatic fanatics who lack logic, rationality and reasoning. For instance, in this philosophical piece, I elaborated on how a scientific logical mind and then a fanatical dogmatic mind, do view the world:

How Republicans and Monarchists view the world?

Monarchists represent Yesterday. At one time, monarchy was progressive and so was Islam! They were even revolutionary! But not today and in the 21st Century Information Age!

Are Monarchists True Nationalists?

Of course Monarchists can still sell their garbage to the teenagers and the exiled youth who want to identify with something, and anything Persian, simply because the youth hates Islam and wants to identify with Persian Nationalism. These Monarchists put up a show about Nationalism and they pretend that they are masters of Nationalism! So young people out of trying to identify with something Persian, cling to the Monarchists and bozos like Reza Pahlavi or con artists such as Foroud Fouladvand!

The reality is totally different! If monarchists had any balls, they would not escape from Iran and hand Iran to the Mullahs! On top of the list, Alahazrat fled the scene! The captain of the ship was the first to save his own neck, fly Iran and abandon the ship! Then the whole disgraceful Pahlavi Family stole Billions and fled to save their necks!

The mighty Imperial Military and Generals with all their myth went upside down like Guz (Fart), simply because they had no minds of their own and they even had to get permission from Shah to piss or fart! Enlighten yourselves:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead the Iranian Opposition?

Suddenly 16 year olds like me had found themselves in Iran all alone! All our lives, Monarchists and Shah had lied to us!

Khoda, Shah, Mihan
Javid Shah

Was all a motto, a slogan and lies! Shah and Pahlavis left us to rot and die in Iran but they escaped to the west with Billions!

We were fighting in the streets against Hezbollah and Pahlavis fled with Billions!

Since childhood, they taught us:
Khoda, Shah, Mihan

Khoda (God) was a lie.
Shah (King) was a coward.
Mihan (Nation) had turned to Shiite!

Since that moment, I started to question Monarchy, Shah and Pahlavis?

That was the moment of enlightenment for me! All my heroes were cowards and Con Artists!

Imperial Generals were worst! They signed the paper and handed Iran to Khomeini and Mullahs!

Now their children like Shirin Neshat write garbage in their cheesy websites like Sarbazan and try to create heroes out of the coward Imperial Generals!

They sold Iran to the Mullahs and they betrayed Shapour Bakhtiar (Prime Minister)! Who are they kidding?

Today, some monarchists have the nerves to spew garbage about certain true nationalist elements such as Shapour Bakhtiar or General Ayat Mohaqeqi, one of the few Generals who took charge and fought and died for Iran. They blame Bakhtiar and call him arrogant! They blame Mohaqeqi and call him a coward during the show-trial! How about all of you thieving Pahlavis, coward Imperial Generals, bastard statesmen, Pahlavi ass kissers, Pahlavi ball polishers, sons of bitches and whore daughters who escaped Iran, stashed the dough in the bank accounts and now you have your heads up Reza Pahlavi’s intestine, so far up, that you do not even remember the last time that you have seen the skies of blue! All you know is the skies of brown, up RP’s intestine! I simply cannot stand these corrupt, coward, baseless, irrational, brain dead monarchists and their off springs. They are the true cause for Iran’s destruction on 1978. They are the cause for the birth of Islam and the Islamic Republic. Still, they would not simply shut the hell up and die and fade away. They still spew garbage and try to promote an uneducated, shallow, superficial and a coward boy named Reza Pahlavi! I look at Monarchists as mentally inferior creatures. Educate yourselves to true history:

Ayat Mohaqeqi of Nozhe Uprising, Portrait of a Legend

Monarchists are not Nationalists

Monarchists pretend to be nationalists, but they are in fact a block on the way of a true Nationalist Revolution. They are a bunch of corrupt, addict, cowardly, dogmatic fools who worship a dead ideology and preach cheap hopes to their off springs. Throughout the history, Nationalism has been Anti Monarchy. Nationalists do see the Monarchists as Reactionaries and corrupt fools who worship yesterday’s news.

Nationalists worship Iran, but Monarchists worship a Shah. No matter how useless, unqualified and leech of a Shah he may be, yet they worship him due to his ancestral heredities! If this is not a flawed ideology, then I don’t know what is?!

Nationalism is a way to salvation. A Secular Democratic Federal Republic is a scientific guarantee for salvation of Iran and Iranians. The Syphilis of Monarchy is a dead infectious brain disease, which had already failed Iran, over and over, and over throughout the history ……

Shah Sultan Hussein Safavid, Ahmad Shah Qajar, Reza Pahlavi and ….

Every dynasty in Iran started with a great Shah and ended up with a disastrous Shah! The whole system is based on garbage. Monarchy is simply flawed logic, irrational and impractical. What does this, makes the monarchists? Simply irrational, illogical, and dogmatic fanatics who worship the dead!

Shiite Muslim and Monarchists are two half of an apple. Same species indeed!

On 1978 and 1979, the truth had unveiled to me and I had seen the light! What I worshiped as sacred, as Iranian Monarchy and Shah and everything great about Iran was a lie!

You see, Shah did not even give a flying fandango about his friends and comrades! He left them to die! He prisoned Amir Abbas Hoveyda and then left him to die!

At least Hoveyda had the balls to face the Mullahs in a trial. Hoveyda stayed in Iran to defend himself in a trial and died a hero! Shah escaped Iran like a coward, so did the Pahlavis, so did other Imperial Statesmen and Imperial Fragging Generals! I have zilch respect for the thieving, cowardly and corrupt Pahlavis, the Imperial Generals and Statesmen.

You see, Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi can sell their garbage to teenagers and the naïve youth who need to identify with something Persian and not Arabo-Islamic! Out of desperation, kids run to Monarchists and wave the Monarchist banners! Monarchists can never sell their garbage to people like me! Because people like me found out about the true face of the Monarchy, first hand in Ian and on 1978!

Starting from the Shah, down to the Imperial Generals, by majority they were cowards and left us to die in Iran! There were people who served Iran and Pahlavis for 20 or 30 years and they were abandoned to die.

Now they put Shah’s picture on the front of their websites and scream Javid Shah and sing: our way is shah’s way and Without Shah never never…………….

Who was the Shah?

Everything great that he had done for Iran, at last he pissed it all away by escaping in times of need! That is how you can see what people are made of! When Shiite hit the fan, and when times got rough, Shah escaped like a coward. This is your mighty Shah!

Personally I am 100% sure that if Reza Khan as he desired, would end the Monarchy and start a Republic on 1925, then Iran of today would have been a heaven!

Reza Shah The Great, the Real Story

Monarchy and Monarchists are the reason that Iran is Fragged! Monarchial System of heredity of the crown is what screwed Iran. Alahazrat was not worthy to replace Reza Khan and Reza Pahlavi is surely not worthy to replace Alahazrat!

Obviously exiled born Jujeh Monarchists are too young and naïve and blind to see the reality but one day they will open their eyes and remember my words that Monarchy is all Bull Shiite and all lies!

They say I am biased? Well you would be biased too, if you would have been abandoned by your Shah, Shahbanou, crown prince and the rest of the Pahlavis and left to rot and die in Iran! Who are you kidding? Frag Pahlavis, Frag Monarchists and the boat that they came with!

I look at the Monarchists same way that look at the Muslim!

Types of Monarchists

Monarchists are of two types:

I. Big Shot Monarchists who continue spew their Bull Shiite while keep Billions that they stole in the banks!

II. Young Idealistic Sincere Fools (Jujeh Monarchists) who truly believe in this garbage and lies spewed by the Big Shots!

The elders are the Con Artists and the youth are the toys and tools to keep them alive! It is a plain shame.

As I said before,

I seen the true face of the Monarchy and Monarchs on 1978, 1979.
Youth of Iran are lucky to have someone like me who had first hand experience with the monarchist lies!

Some youth are idealists and will not learn from my experience with the Monarchy and it is fine. I love for them to go and experience it on their own. Their heads must hit the brick wall and crack wide open, only then they will learn the true nature of the Monarchists and Monarchy!

But alas o alas,

Only if Iranians had learned from each others’ experience, then we would have not been in the present hopeless situation!

Mark my words,

Dead or alive, one day in the future, Jujeh monarchists (Spring Chicken Monarchists) will reach to everything that I am preaching to them on this forum, right here and right now. One day in the future they will see clearly that Monarchy and Monarchists are all Bull Shiite and a block for Iran to progress, a block on the way of a True Nationalist Revolution.

A Vision for Iran of Tomorrow (Nationalism)

They are damn lucky to have me, because I am the living history of Iran. I am the history teller. I am the heart and soul of Nationalism. The youth will never ever find a truer Nationalist to the cause than I. Me, I could only wish that when I was young and their age, I had someone like myself to learn from his experiences, so I could avoid wasting my life on Bull Shiite of Monarchy and Monarchists in my teen years!

Javid Shah my Ass!
Open your eyes and learn from the History!


So after 651 AD, Iranian Monarchists invented the Shiite Islam and replaced the Shahs with Imams. As Shahs used to come one after another (before 651 AD), Imams came one after another (after 651 AD)! Imamate is the Persian version of Shahdom after 651 AD. Shiite Islam is a Persian version of Islam for Monarchists! Until 1978, Monarchy and Shiite went hand in hand. After 1978, Shiite kicked their brothers (Monarchs) out of power, so now there exists an animosity between the two brothers (Monarchy and Shiite)!

Throughout the years, Institution of Monarchy and Shiite Islam went hand in hand and Mosque supported the divine right of the Shah to rule. Eventually Shiite Islam had become documented and a system of government (Safavid Empire). Mullahs become the divine supporters of Monarchy. Shahs gained their power from Allah via the blessing of the Mullahs and the Mosque.

This love affair between Monarchy and Mullarchy continued until 1978, when Mullarchy decided to eliminate the Monarchy and completely replace it. Why you ask? Because Monarchy become so bold that it forgot his partner (Mullarchy) and pushed him away! Monarchy become Nationalistic rather than Islamic (Pahlavis)! Luckily Reza Khan had balls of steel and as a giant, had put a lid on the Mullarchy pot, but Alahazrat was a confused superstitious Muslim who had one foot in Persepolis and one foot in Kabbah, Mecca! So Mullarchy decided to go at it on their own and eliminate their long loving bothers (Monarchists)!

Persian Monarchy and Shiite are two sides of the same coin, two half of the same apple, two twin brothers, two loving siblings, both dogmatic, outdated, irrational and fanatical ideologies.

The same as Islam, Monarchy gains its power from God, but the Republic gains its power from the people!

The Future Generation: Future is Bright.

Monarchy and Mullarchy are both yesterday’s news. Future of Iran has nothing to do with both of these dead ideologies. Future of Iran is Nationalism, solid visionary nationalism facilitated via Futurism and power of the Federalism. The Futuristic Nationalist Revolution of Iran will bring on the future powerful Iran, as a global power to the global scene. The future is bright. Let us celebrate the future rather than living in the past.

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.


Dr. X

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