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Monarchs & Monarchists: Their 21st Century Role


Monarchs and Monarchists: Their 21st Century Role
More on the Nature of the Monarchy
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: May 12, 2007
2nd Edition: June 15, 2016

Allow me to do a historical compare and comparison on Monarchy.

The Japanese Scenario

On 1945, after the end of the WWII, right before the Allies fully occupied Japan, the Japanese Courthouse burned every single document in which would had exposed Emperor Hirohito's part in the WWII.

When General Macarthur arrived, he had decided to whitewash Emperor's crimes. DC had decided to keep the Emperor as a puppet monarch (Constitutional Monarch), take away his right as "The God" (Before 1945 the Japanese Emperor considered to be God), and avoid the bloodshed. So DC decided to rule Japan under a Japanese Puppet monarch to avoid further insurgency and street fights.

Macarthur posed on some pictures with Hirohito and showed the world that who is really the boss!

General Macarthur and Hirohito
Look at Macarthur's brave and straight posture and then look at Hirohito standing like a rat in fear!

On September 2, 1945, aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, World War II had ended. Above photo shows: signing on behalf of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito is Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu. Conducting the ceremony and standing behind the microphone is General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Standing near the table with MacArthur is Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Commander-in-chief, Pacific and Pacific Ocean Areas. Nimitz would sign the surrender document as the representative of the United States. Also signing were representatives of the Japanese military, and the Allied powers from the Republic of China, United Kingdom, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Commonwealth of Australia, the Dominion of Canada, the provisional government of France, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Dominion of New Zealand.

Now what was the reality?

Hirohito was personally responsible for declaring war on USA. Nothing would have occurred in the Imperial Japan, without Emperor's blessings. Hirohito was even directly responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the end of the war, Japanese Government and courthouse lied and made up a story that General Tojo (Prime Minister) and his cabinet were responsible for the war!

Emperor Hirohito, The God

Emperor Hirohito, The War Criminal

They told Japanese people that indeed only these 28 people (Tojo and his cabinet) were responsible for the war crimes! Emperor was not aware of anything or even if he was, yet he was powerless and a ceremonial monarch! So what could he do?

Axis of Evil Propaganda Poster by Ben Sakoguchi

Propaganda poster using racial stereotypes. Shown here Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo of the Axis.

General Tojo became the escape goat along with his cabinet! Due to the respect he had for the Emperor, he fully accepted the responsibility for the war.

Monarchists' blind faith in the monarch and the creation of Gods from these shells of the small men, often costs them their lives! Tojo had bravely accepted the full responsibility of the war, only to save Hirohito's neck. Tojo was a man of principles and faithful to his Emperor until the end, but was Hirohito also faithful to Japan? Hirohito same as all Monarchs was only a coward!

L. Emperor Hirohito The God (before 1945)
R. Emperor Hirohito The humble (after 1945)

General Tojo committed an unsuccessful suicide but then he was tried for war crimes. His cabinet members either killed themselves (with guns, swords, knives and poison) or they were tried in a war crime trial.

L. General Hideki Tojo at the trial accepting full responsibility for the war.
R. General Tojo the Vampire Monster feeding on US Airmen, portrayed by the Allies.

Basically due to political reasons, The Japanese Imperial Court, DC and the Politicians whitewashed Emperor's crimes to avoid further insurgency and revised the history! Until this day, this is a controversial case and no one in Japan should really talk about this taboo subject! While ago a great Japanese scholar wanted to publish a book about this subject but he could not find a single publisher who would publish his book without revisions!

L. General Tojo, Prime Minister of Japan
R. The Tojo Smile … The Real Tojo was a man of principles so he sacrificed himself to save Hirohito's neck! Tojo was tried and executed by hanging.

Until this day, Japanese Officials are in denial that Hirohito was a war criminal and nothing would have occurred in Japan without his blessings! Hirohito lived until his 80s, I believe 88 years old and he was the only Axis leader (unlike Hitler and Mussolini) who got away with his crimes.

The Iranian Scenario

Isn't this exactly what have occurred in Iran? Well, with a slight little difference! During 1978-1979 Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, basically jailed Amir Abbas Hoveyda and many other statesmen and officials. Shah blamed everything on his friend and comrade which served him and Iran for decades! Every single disaster, crime and shortcoming, which had caused millions of people to rush the streets of Iran and ask for Shah to become Shish Kabob, suddenly became Hoveyda and his cabinet's fault!

They arrested the Prime Minister, cabinet, statesmen and some military men. They arrested everyone and put them in jail except the Pahlavi Family and Shah who were directly responsible for everything which had occurred before 1979!

L. Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Prime Minister of Iran who became an escape goat for the crimes and mischiefs of the corrupt Pahlavis, Imperial Courthouse, SAVAK and other Monarchist Officials. He never killed anyone and never stole a dime from the national budget, but he had paid the ultimate price with his life! He was betrayed and jailed by Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, shah of Iran. When had the chance, he did not leave Iran and chose to remain in jail and enter a fair international trial to defend himself and clear himself in the public eye. Little did he know that there exists no fair trial in Islam. This honest humble man was betrayed and jailed by his comrade Shah of Iran and then murdered by Khalkhali and Mullahs. Pahlavis and Monarchists can never whitewash crimes like this!
R. Fereydoun Hoveyda, great scholar, diplomat and representative of Iran to the UN whom kept on exposing Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi II and other hypocritical Monarchists until his last dying breath.

Hoveyda, the gentleman and scholar that he was, never said a bad word about the Shah and went to jail with a broken heart! Even after the time that they opened up the jails and everyone escaped, Hoveyda decided to stay in Iran and stay in jail and await a fair trial by Mullahs. He wanted to defend himself and tell the truth. He had nothing to fear because he had never stolen a dime from Iran and he had never killed anyone! Little did he know that the term "Fair Trial" does not exist in the Islamic culture! IRI and Khalkhali had murdered Hoveyda and Shah was directly responsible for this tragedy.

Let's face it, not a single thing would have occurred in the Imperial Iran without the blessing of Alahazrat! Shah would oversee everything in Iran.

After the Islamic Reaction of 1979, the combine forces of SAVAK, Imperial Generals, Statesmen, and other Kiss Ass Monarchists started singing songs such as this:

Monarchist Logic

"Shah was not aware of anything or any wrong doing! Yes, there were crimes, murders, prisonment, torture, political suffocation, kidnapping of people in the middle of the night, political prisoners, no freedom of press, all political parties were banned, people would get arrested for carrying a simple underground newspaper, corruptions and bribes all over the country, the White Revolution became nothing but cheap talks on the paper, absolute dictatorship in the nation, etc. etc…

But it was all others' fault! Some (but not all) SAVAK personnel, Imperial Military officers, Statesmen, Representatives, Senators, Cabinet and Prime Minister were responsible for everything! But Shah, Pahlavis, Courthouse, the Monarchist circle and major foreign diplomats were innocent and unaware of any crimes!"

Monarchists even go as low as this:

"The Islamic Reaction of 1979 had occurred not as the direct result of Shah's policies, yet because people of Iran were not worthy of Shah, so they kicked him out and then they brought Mullahs in to power. So they deserve to suffer under the Mullahs. Shah was a saint and Iranians did not deserve him!"

Can you believe to what degree will monarchists fall, only to deny the responsibility of Shah and to whitewash his crimes and mistakes?

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi with crocodile tears in his eyes, once again is leaving Iran. In two occasions (1953 and 1979) he had abandoned his principles, his comrades, Iran and Iranians and escaped to save his own neck! The true face of Shah was exposed in times of need. Shah was a captain who was the first one, which fled the battle and jumped the ship. Pahlavis left Iran with suitcases full of money and left everyone else to rot and die by the hands of Mullahs. Pahlavis are one of the most corrupt dynasties of Iran. While King of kings is flying away to the safety, a typical Ass Kisser is doing what he does best which is Hand Kissing and begging his Imperial Majesty not to leave! Who was the Shah really crying for? Iran, Iranians, His son's future, much fortune left back in Iran, lost grip over the power, the Pahlavi Corrupt Family, or for himself?

Until this day, the monarchists believe in these tales! They even teach it to their piss ant exiled born generation and these brain drained Jujeh Monarchists also believe in these tales o grandeur! For more information, read:

The Orchid Man - Amir Abbas Hoveyda

The Last of The Mohicans Has Left Us! Memory of Fereydoun Hoveyda

Fereydoun Hoveyda was a great exposer of these hypocrite Monarchs and Monarchists.

Dr. Mohamad Reza Ameli Tehrani
Another Cabinet Minister, valuable statesman, great nationalist and a fine Pan Iranist who was betrayed and abandoned by Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi! Another escape goat who died for the crimes of the corrupt Pahlavi Family. Dr. Ameli was killed by Mullahs. What was his crime? Honest and productive serving of his nation and his Shah. The same Shah who betrayed him and Iran and left him to die and escaped to save his own neck! Shah did not jail Ameli but he surely abandoned him the same way that he had abandoned a thousand other nationalists to rot and die in Iran. Dr. Ameli was a member of my family on mother's side.

What was the reality?

Shah was aware of every single crime, which had occurred during Pahlavis. Without Shah's blessings nothing could have occurred in Iran. Shah was a sole dictator of Iran overseeing all activities.

The corrupt Pahlavi Family, mainly all the Princes and Princesses were roots of all corruption, frauds, embezzlements, thieveries, drug dealings, shady deals, monopoly, unfair business practices and suffocation.

Imperial Generals were corrupt and so was Darbar (Imperial court). Monarchists and Feudals and other Kiss Asses were all crime partners and servants who overseen every single crime which had occurred in the Imperial Iran.

All of a sudden, Imperial Iran became heaven, Shah became Angel Gabriel and Monarchists became these great Do Gooders! Kiss Asses like Ardeshir Zahedi and his family became Great Martyrs and Nationalists! Pahlavi Corrupt Family became Saints and worthless Imperial Generals became giant stars in skies of Martyrdom! We are talking about the same Generals who combinely signed that famous paper and handed Iran to the Mullahs! We are talking about the same Generals who refused to fight and to save Iran! These guys became National Heroes! The perfect example is Shirin Neshat's website creating super heroes out of his coward father (General Neshat) and other coward Imperial Generals! This is the history according to Monarchists!

Who are the monarchists?

A slim minority of less than two millions (inside and outside) max! The way their numbers are decreasing (and I am surely a great factor for this achievement), soon they will be a million and then a few hundred thousands and then a few thousands. Monarchists are a slim minority whom were kicked out of Iran on 1979. They were directly responsible for the disaster of 1979. Shah was directly responsible for creation of IRI. Shah's suffocation gave birth to Mullahs' regime! Shah was personally responsible for 101 crimes in Iran, but Hoveyda became the escape goat!

The same episode over and over and over ……………..

Shah became Hirohito
Hoveyda became Tojo
Typical Monarchist whitewash garbage and revision of history!

At least Tojo was responsible for crimes but he bravely went to his death to save the Emperor, but Hoveyda was innocent and he still bravely went to his death for nothing! Shah had betrayed Hoveyda, Other Comrades and Iranians.

Shah was a coward and a captain who was the first who fled the ship!

What is my point?

Monarchy is a dysfunctional system of government. Just because we had a few great monarchs in the history, this does not justify the functionality and legitimacy of the Monarchy! This proves that the "Individuals" (such as Reza Shah The Great) were worthy, but it also proves that Monarchy and Monarchs are worthless, dysfunctional and tumors on Earth civilization's body!

Was the Pahlavi Regime Legitimate?

The funny thing is that Monarchists call IRI, illegitimate! The reality is that the Pahlavi Kingdom itself was the most illegitimate regime of all times! Pahlavi Regime had overthrown the legitimate "Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar, but nowadays Monarchists (Pahlavi Ass Kissers) scream and seek a "Constitutional Monarchy"!

If Monarchists are in search of a constitutional monarchy, then how come the Pahlavi Regime had overthrown the legal Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar? Qajar's constitutional monarchy was a democratic and legal constitutional monarchy, then why did you destroy it?

I tell you why, because it was dysfunctional in Iran and Reza Khan had to end it. Constitutional Monarchy never did work in Iran and will never work in Iran. What Reza Pahlavi II preaches is garbage. He is a hypocrite!

He wants constitutional monarchy but his grand father ended the legal and democratic constitutional monarchy of Ahmad Shah Qajar!

Do you see how cartoonish are the Monarchists' claims and political ideology?

An Absolutist Monarch is nothing but a tyrant.
A Constitutionalist Monarch is nothing but a leech and a puppet.
Monarchy is nothing but an illogical system of government for fools.
Monarchists are nothing but Maggots around the Big Worm (Monarch).

What is Monarchy?

Monarchy is the government of the Mediocre (Monarch) via the worthless (Monarchists) and for the worthless (Monarchists).

The 21st Century Monarchs

The 21st Century Monarchs are worst of them all! They are decorative puppet rulers whom are wasting the national budgets of their nations.

Old Farts such as Queen Elizabeth II, who simply is rotting in her body and refuses to die is nothing but a leech and a cystic tumor and growth on the British Masses' body and the national budget! The 21st Century monarchs have no usage, no purpose and no function.

Queen Elizabeth II, the old witch (Mother Godzilla) who simply refuses to die and prefers to reign until she rots in her wrinkled body! At this rate, Charles will take the dream of kingdom to his grave! This leech Elizabeth has been a pimple sore full of pus on the butt cheek of the British Taxpayers forever! She the same as all other 21st Century monarchs, serves no purpose, has no usage and lives her life as a vulture or a decorative poodle dog! Is there any wonder why they live so long? They have no worries; no job and they have access to the best of everything including top medical care! They live up to their 100s and they suck the blood out of the masses veins!

The only way that we can make the 21st Century constitutional monarchs useful is to line them up next to the wall, do them, and then let them rot, so we can use them as natural organic fertilizers for our gardens and farms. As a veteran gardener, I can testify that organic and human fertilizer is very good for the plants!

Now how about Monarchists?

These are the left overs from the 18th century whom are out of place and are lost in time! They live in the wrong century! Their elders are worthless aristocrats with no talent and purpose to serve the society. Their youth are loud mouths with no balls and no action. All of them are a bunch of fascists. They preach democracy but they act as tyrants!

Look at the Iranian versions of these Baboons:

Reza Pahlavi, Aryo Pirouznia, Foroud Fouladvand, Ardeshir Zahedi, Imperial Generral Old Farts, Other Ex Imperial Statesmen Old Farts and then of course the Kiss Asses around them and the Brain Drained Jujeh Monarchist Exiled-born youth, lost and confused, seeking for a national identity in Reza Pahlavi's anus!

Freedom of speech to monarchists is for them to talk and everyone else to shut up and listen! This is how they have been operating their net forums, net media and other media for 28 years in exile! The perfect examples are Fouladvand's TV and Pirouznia's forum (now dead)!

Allow me to clearly state here that:

My Experience with the Monarchists

Monarchists are the second most illiterate social class of Iran (Mullahs are first). During my teen years in Iran, I could not stand these people. Even though I was born and raised in Aristocracy, cabinet and courthouse, yet I social rebelled against my social class and I despised monarchy, monarchs and monarchists, specifically the Ass Kissers and Hand Kissers!

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

Today, monarchy is dead. 28 years ago monarchy had died in Iran! Thank God, not a minute too soon! But until this day, these old farts and their seeds (Jujeh Monarchists) like empty drums and illiterate baboons (same as before 1979), release random farts and barfs on the Internet and media in forms of forums, sites, TVs and Radios. They simply refuse to give it up and rest in peace! No one but no one is more hated inside Iran than monarchists, not even Mojaheds! Monarchists by majority are a group of unreliable, irresponsible, all talk and no action cowards and addicts.

Through my weekly conversations on IM, Video Net Meetings and E-mails with professionals, scholars, student movement and intellectuals of Iran, from Zahedan to Tabriz and from Sarakhs to Abadan, I see the mutual hatred for Monarhy and Monarchists. Even those who do not hate them, they mock them and make caricatures of these worthless fascists.

Monarchists are a group of untalented fascists whom if they take over the power (same as before 1979), they will ban all freedoms of press, speech, political parties, assembly and individual rights.

On 1979, Iranians had turned The Disease of Monarchy to the Death of Islam. Eventually, masses of Iran will get it right and establish a Secular, Democratic, Federal Republic in Iran. This may take 70 years (like USSR) but it will happen.

So what are my conclusions?

A) 21st Century Monarchs are cowards, and Cowardice is a monarchial pattern!
B) In times of need, monarchs and monarchists will do anyting to save their own necks.
C) Monarchy is a dysfunctional and outdated system of government.
D) Monarchists are worthless maggots around the big worm monarch.
E) The only good use for monarchs are to turn them in to human fertilizers!

Monarchy's last breaths was Hirohito and with him monarchy died. The 21st Century monarchs are abominations and cancerous cysts on body of the human civilization and the sooner monarchs and monarchy is dead, the faster the Earth Civilization will move on and progress.

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi
He had done many goods for Iran, but … he will always be remembered in history by his legacy, which he had left for Iran … The Islamic Republic of Iran! He will be remembered as one of the worst Iranian monarchs and the "Shah who handed Iran to the Mullahs and Islam"! Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's legacy shall always be tainted by his betrayal of his comrades, abandonment of Iran and Iranians and mostly by his cowardice.

One of the most worthless dynasties and families are the Pahlavi Family. Reza Shah The Great was Father of the nation but creation of the Pahlavi Dynasty was his greatest mistake.

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's legacy in history will be the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran on his watch and this makes him one of the worst monarchs in history of Iran. His legacy is tainted eternally. He was the ship captain who was the first to betray his comrades, abandon his nation and jump ship!

Stop making a Saint out of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi.
Stop making a Human out of Reza Pahlavi II.
Stop making Legends out of Pahlavis.

When we needed them on 1979, they were nowhere in site! They were the first to escape Iran! Today, their lives or deaths are irrelevant to us!

Let them die in peace because they are surely dead to Iran and Iranians. Monarchs and Monarchists are dead and they have been dead for 28 years. They are the only ones whom still do not get this fact! They are the living dead! Dead Zombies, that's all.

Monarchists are great with creating Paper Tigers! They want to create Gods out of their monarchs but these Monarchs turn out to be paper tigers!

Monarchists tell me: let's concentrate on the enemy (IRI) and let's not fight amongst ourselves (opposition)! I tell them: "The Historical Ignorance" of Iranians is the enemy. "The Ignorance" of the Exiled born Monarchist youth Amnesiacs to the real history of their nation is the enemy! Repetition of one dictatorship after another is the enemy! Replacing the Disease (Monarchy) with the Death (Islam) is the enemy! Making another mistake and taking Iran back to pre 1979 era can surely be the enemy! Dictatorial behavior in all walks of life in exile by the monarchists is the enemy! Thug behavior of Nechro-Monarcho Fascists is the enemy! Hypocrites wearing crowns or turbans, makes no difference, they are all enemies! Any force standing on the way of the "Progressive Nationalist Revolution" and the achievement of the "Federal Democracy" in Iran is the enemy! Any totalitarian entity must be crushed and will be considered as the enemy! Talk is cheap but Action makes all the difference, and that is what Monarchists need to prove. True Camaraderie is what they need to prove. Until then, Reaction is Reaction and may it be the Crownish Reaction of Shahollah or the Turbanic Reaction of Hezbollah! You can talk democracy but surely act like a thug and that is exactly the enemy!

I cannot stand Monarchists! Allow them to rest in peace in their graves …

The Imminent Downfall of the Shah by David Suter
This is the End of All Tyrants.

Let's forget the past and move on towards the Future and Futurism. You and I my friends, only you and I will build the Iran of the future. The Dead will play no parts in it!


Dr. X

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