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A History: Part One

Iranian National Socialist Movement (A History)!
Part One
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: November 9, 2007

2nd Edition: July 10, 2015

Pan Iranist Square Flag


Iranian Ultra Nationalist Groups are on the rise, both inside and outside Iran! The history of the organized Iranian National Socialist Parties goes back to WWII. Many Iranians are Germano-Feel and have National Socialist tendencies. The very first National Socialist Political Party of Iran was SUMKA. Due to the fact that Iranian Tribes: Medes (Mad), Persians (Pars), and Parthians (Part) are Aryan and Germans are also Aryan, throughout the history, Iranians had very close ties to Germany. These ties also had many historical and political roots. For more information, read:

8000 Years of Iranian History!

Pan Iranist Propaganda Poster: March Ahead (Be Pish) with Iran Flag
This is a 1950s popular Pan Iranist Poster which portrays a Pan Iranist Youth with Pan Iranist arm band waving a Pan Iranist Unequal Eagle Iranian Flag, marching ahead over the gloomy blue Iran (Map of present Iran in blue) to unite all the Iranian people of the greater Iran and the Iranian Plateau (the larger yellow map of the Iranian Plateau). He is walking over the dead skeletons (enemies of Iran) while the Pan Iranist Unequal sign shines at the background of red (blood to be shed).
The original Pan Iranist Banner had a red background (the same as all Ultra Nationalist flags); however, the new Pan Iranist Flag has a green background (more politically correct)!
Today’s Pan Iranists justify the “Pan Iranist Unequal Sign” as the “Disagreement Sign” to disagree with the enemies of Iran surrounding Iran, to disagree with Internationalists and to disagree with Imperialists. They do not even refer to the logo as the “Unequal Sign” but they refer to it as the “Disagreement Sign”. Even though above logic makes sense, yet historically speaking, the sign in the Pan Iranist Logo is the mathematical figure which is called the “Unequal Sign”. The “Unequal Sign” was originally chosen for the Pan Iranist Flag by the Pan Iranists, due to the facts which Pan Iranists believed that Iranians and Aryans in general are superior to others; therefore, they are Unequal. Original Pan Iranists emphasized on the Superiority of all Iranian people of the greater Iran (Iranian Plateau) which are victimized and oppressed by the Internationalists, Imperialists and Foreigners (Pan Turkic and Pan Arab). So all Iranians must rise, unite and free the Iranian Plateau from these evil powers and recreate the Iran of the Future “Persian Empire” consisting of all Iranian Races and Ethnicities. All the past states of the Persian Empire (today’s independent nations) must unite to revive the old glory of the past Iran.
So originally the logo was the “Unequal Sign” yet after today’s Pan Iranists (with the same old beliefs) toned down their rhetoric, they drafted the name “Disagreement Sign” rather than the “Unequal Sign” which obviously is a politically correct interpretation, yet mathematically incorrect interpretation of the “Unequal Sign”!

WWI (1914 - 1917)

During WWI, when our nation was invaded and each, the Russian Empire and British Empire had their own sphere of influence in Iran, Iranians sought for sympathy from the Axis Powers. Russian Sphere of Interest was north of Iran and British Sphere of Interest was South West of Iran. Each of these super powers had practically occupied these areas and controlled them with severe authority of force. Officially, these areas were only spheres of interest and influence, but in reality Russians and British did rule these regions! Therefore Iranians as a Fallen Empire (after Aqa Mohamad Shah Qajar 1794 - 1797) sought sympathy from the Axis (Germany, Austria, and Ottomans).

Aqa Mohamad Shah (1794 - 1797)

After Aqa Mohamad Khan Qajar (The 1st Qajar Monarch and the last Persian Emperor), The Persian Empire eventually lost all her territories and become the Kingdom of Pars. Qajar Dynasty's Rulers, except Aqa Khan, were basically a group of useless and unworthy parasites who only carried the title of the Kings but not acting as the kings! For more information read:

First and Last Persian Emperors

8000 Years of Iranian History! (Part 3)

Through the WWI Era

Through the era, prior and during the WWI, there has been a history of cooperation between Iranian Nationalist Movements and Imperial German Military attaches. Fifth Columns and Citizens, specifically in south of Iran were to sabotage the British operations in that region. Ahmad Shah Qajar (the last Qajar King) was properly crowned and throned on 1914 (beginning of the war). Germans practically had created and organized many fabrics of the Iranian society, for example, the Iranian Gendarmerie (equivalent of the State Police + County Sheriff) was built by Swedes and later organized by the Germans.

Iranian Nationalists such as Colonel Mohamad Taqi Khan Pesyan (Gendarmerie), Major E'temad Moqadam (Gendarmerie) and many others were openly Germano-Feel.

At the time, The "Cossack Militia" were the Iranian Troops in the service of the Russian Empire, operating and keeping the order in north Iran, and The "Police of South" were the law enforcement organization consisting of Iranian and British Officers/Personnel, maintaining the order in the south and under the supervision of the British.

Vasmus (a German fifth Column Specialist) was a very popular hero amongst the Iranians. Vasmus started drafting troops for The Qashqai Militia to sabotage and fight the British forces and the "Police of South". Vasmus had gathered Tangestani and Dashtestani tribes of the south to join Qashqai and Kazeruni troops. Solat-ol Douleh Qashqai and Mohamad Baqer Tangestani were amongst the Nationalists who affiliated and fought alongside Vasmus, and against the British Supremacy of the South Iran.

Original Pan Iranist Flag
Unequal Sign in the background of Blood Red (bloodshed)

Note on my Great Grand Father

On 1917, My Great Grand Father (Father's Side) was the General Consulate of the Russian Empire and Tsar's Direct Representative in Port Anzali (Bandar Pahlavi). Back then, Anzali, Abadan and Tehran were 3 major important cities of Iran (politically and economically). Each major foreign power had an Embassy in Tehran and a General Consulate in Anzali (Caspian Sea) and Abadan (Persian Gulf). Once the Russian Revolution (1917) had occurred, my Great Grand Father stayed (refuged) in Iran. As a Georgian (Gorji) Russian Aristocracy, directly related to the Romanov Dynasty, his life would have been in immediate danger! If he had stayed in Russia, he would most likely have had the similar ending as Tsar Nicholay and his family did. So he stayed in his favorite town (Bandar Pahlavi), became an Iranian Citizen and lived in Iran. That's right, I am 1/4 Georgian-Russian (Fathers side) and from the Russian Aristocracy!

Off the subject, technically I am:
1/4 Georgian-Russian: Russian Aristocracy (Father's Father Side)
1/4 Gilak: Bandar Pahlavi (Father's Mother Side)
1/4 Qajar: Kermanshah Branch of Qajar Dynasty (Mother's Father Side)
1/4 Zand: Zand Dynasty (Mother's Mother Side), she was ½ German
But I am from Tehran! What a combo!

So technically, I am 1/4 Georgian-Russian and 1/8 German, but I still insist on Pure Persian Pride!

Pan Iranist Persian Aryan Salute Then
Pan Iranists doing the Persian Aryan Pan Iranist Salute at the meeting

Pan Iranist Persian Aryan Salute Now
The Iranian Salute of the Pan Iranists, holding the right arms (Right Wing) horizontally to the heart.

Pan Iranist Guards

Pan Iranist Activist Abolfazl Abedini, Iran

The Reza Khan Factor

Reza Khan Pahlavi was originally an officer (Mir 5) of the Cossack Militia, which later on, became the Commander in Chief of the Iranian forces, then the Minister of War and next, he made a coup and started the Pahlavi Dynasty.

Reza Khan, Sardare Sepah (Commander of the Military)

Reza Khan's Reign
December 16, 1925 - September 16, 1941

Coronation of Reza Shah The Great
December 16th, 1925 = Azar 25th, 2484 (Shahanshahi)
After crushing the riots of Azerbaijan, Gilan, Khorasan, and Khuzestan, after destroying the separatist and bandit movements around the nation, after securing Iran's boundaries and saving the nation, Reza Khan dropped the title "Sardare Sepah" (Commander of Military) which the government granted him, and insisted all to only state him by his last name "Pahlavi."

Reza Shah The Great

"I am an ordinary soldier of my nation, do not give me titles, I want to be the servant of my nation and perform presidency, but if you insist on me being the king, then I shall obey the will of the people," Reza Khan stated.

President or Shah?
Important Factor

Originally Reza Khan did not want to become the Shah (King). He wanted to become the first President of Iran (in the tradition of Mustafa Ataturk in Turkey); however, due to the pressure from Aristocracy, Court-house, Ayatollahs, and some Majlis politicians, he has seen no other choice but to surrender to their will and accept the position and title of the Shah. That's why he started the Pahlavi Dynasty.

Reza Khan was a very progressive man. He had very little education, but he was the most intelligent, open minded and progressive person in the history of the Pahlavi Dynasty! Reza Khan was a sincere believer in Science, Industrialization, progress and modernization. He was free of Religious Mumbo Jumbo, superstitions and he despised the backward traditions of Islam and the complete hierarchy of the Shiite Islam. During his reign, he always mocked the fanatical religious beliefs of the Mosque. Reza Khan pushed and forced Iranians towards Secularism.

It is a plain shame that his son (Mohamad Reza Pahlavi) and his Grand Son (Reza Pahlavi II) had turned out to be Superstitious Muslims and not worthy to carry his legacy.

Personally, I am a sincere believer that if Reza Khan would have gotten his way and would have forced the Aristocracy, Court-house, Ayatollahs, and Majlis politicians to submit to his will and allow him to become the president, then we would have surely not inherited all the present problems! If Reza Khan had become the first president of Iran (as he wished), then Iran would have gone a different way. One after another, qualified presidents would have been elected democratically and by the will of the people. Iran of today would have been a Democratic Republic. In other words, Islamists and Islamic Republic would have never come to power. Reza Khan was an extremely popular man amongst the public. They would have clearly elected him as the president and today's Iran would have been Heavens!

But obviously Aristocracy, Courthouse, Ayatollahs, and Majlis politicians, despite his (Reza Khan's) personal feelings, had shoved the traditional Persian Monarchy, down his throat! As a historian, I sincerely believe that Monarchists of 1925 were the cause of Iran's Today's Misfortune!

Throughout the history, always a group of Persian flatterers, Hand Kissers and Court Jesters, had gathered around the Monarchs (in this case Reza Khan) and distant the Monarch from the people. They created an imaginary world for the Monarch, out of touch with the public and realities of the nation. These hand kissing Monarchists were the cause of each monarch's downfall!

Yes, I firmly believe that if Monarchy would have ended in 1925 (with Qajar Dynasty), and if Reza Khan would have become the first president of Iran, then Iran of today would have been an equal to Germany or Japan rather than an Islamic Republic. For more information read:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story!

Flag of Reza Shah
Iranian Flag of Lion, Sun and the Sword
Reza Shah Square Standard (1933 - 1964)

Changing the Name of the Country from Persia to Iran

Eventually after 1925, and specifically after 1930, Reza Khan had changed the name of the country from Pars (Persia) to Iran. A look in to the history of the name of the country:

* Until 1797, the end of Aqa Mohamad Khan Qajar's reign (off and on): Emperaturiye Pars (The Persian Empire)
* 1797 - 1925: Mamaleke Mahruseye Pars (Kingdom of Pars)
* After 1925: Keshvare Shahanshahi Iran (Imperial Iran)
* 1935: Official change of the country's name from Persia to Iran.

The Term Iran means "Land of Aryans". That's why Reza Khan emphasized on the term. Many had criticized Reza Khan for being a Racist and change the name of the country due to racial reasons. The fact was that Reza Khan was a big time Nationalist and pro revival of the Glory of The Past!

During WWII

The interesting element about Reza Khan, was the fact that he came to power and ruled with the blessing of the Russians and British. In a way, he used the British and Russians to start his reign. Once in power, he had done many goods for the nation. To bring Reza Khan to power, was a "Win-Win Situation" for Iran and for the Allies (British-Russians). Eventually Reza Khan became too sympathetic to the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan). Nazi Germany was seriously counting on Iran to prepare the atmosphere to support Germany and the plan was, once the Nazi Army took over the whole Caucasia, they expected the Persian Army to join in, invade from the south Caucasia to Russia and help in Azerbaijan and Armenian Campaigns, also to help secure the oil fields of Azerbaijan. Hitler was planning to use Iran as the "Bridge of Victory" for connections and supplies via Persian Gulf. Little did he know that the Allies would take the upper hand and invade/occupy Iran, exile Reza Shah and use Iran as their own "Bridge to Victory" to aid the Russian Campaign though the Persian Gulf. Once Allies had occupied Iran, they used the Persian railroad and roadways as a "Bridge to Victory" over the Axis. Waves and waves of supplies and weapons from the Persian Gulf went to Russia, stabilized Russia and caused Russia to defeat Germany.

Benito Mussolini (IL Duce) Leader of Fascist Italy and Adolf Hitler (Der Fuhrer) Chancellor and Leader of Nazi Germany.

IL Duce and Der Fuhrer at an official meeting.

Deep inside, in theory and strategically, Reza Khan was pro Axis and heavily Germano-Feel. On paper, Iran was neutral; however, the complete hierarchy of Iranian Railroad, Armed Forces and many industries were built and organized by Germans! The Persian Military Uniforms during the reign of Reza Khan were the exact replicas of the German uniforms! The Helmets, the color, and the equipment were all German.

Reza Shah inspects Persian Troops. Look at the uniforms of the Persian Troops, they are replicas of the German uniforms.

Eventually Reza Khan was exiled and Mohamad Reza Shah had replaced him. For more information read:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story!

WWII (1939 - 1945)

The sympathy for Germany continued through the 40s and truly bloomed and exploded. Allies, despite the official neutrality claim of the Iranian Government, once again invaded Iran and this time, they had occupied the whole land. Russians in north, British in south started the same episodes as WWI. Before the beginning of WWII (1939 - 1945), Iranians were Germano-Feel; however, prior to WWII and during WWII, they definitely became hard-core Germano-Feels!

Benito Mussolini (1883 - 1945), revolutionary, writer, journalist, philosopher, Prime Minister, father of Fascism and IL Duce (Leader of Italy).

The ceiling of the main Railroad station in Tehran was designed with Swastikas. German engineers were hired to build the Iranian Railroads. Germans and Germany were practically part of the Iranians' lives.

Political Movements of the Era

Jebhe Meli were Liberal Democrats
Hezbe Tudeh were Communists
Fadaian Islam were Islamists

Fadaian Islam

Navab Safavi (birth name Mojtaba Mir-Lowhi) was the leader of Fadaian Islam. Navab Safavi (1924 - 1955) was born in Tehran. Navab Safavi had studied in Holy cities of Najaf and Karbala in Iraq. He worked in Petroleum installations of Abadan, Khuzestan. Later on, he became a militant Mullah and in 1946 he had found the "Fadaian Islam Organization" (Martyrs of Islam Organization). Fadaian Islam started a massive draft of the Extremists and Fundamentalist Muslims. The organization believed that the Monarchial System was corrupt and Anti Islam. They believed that the regime was beyond repair and reforms; therefore, the only possible way to deal with the regime was through militant opposition, armed struggle and terrorism. Monarchist Regime was the enemy of the Umma' and it had to be violently overthrown.

L. Navab Safavi and Fadaian Islam are National Heroes of IRI
R. Navab Safavi, an Islamic Martyr of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Fadaian Islam conducted a massive campaign of terrorism. Amongst their terror victims were:

* Abdol Hussein Hazhir (Prime Minister) murdered.
* Then they had done an assassination attempt on Hussein Ala (Prime Minister), but he survived the assassination.
* Ali Razmara (Prime Minister) murdered.
* Dr. Ahmad Kasravi (Scholar - Author) murdered.
And they also assassinated a number of other personalities.

The Fadaian Islam and Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front) Relations!

Amazingly, Navab Safavi and Fadaian Islam were strong supporters of Mohamad Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli! Navab Safavi believed that his organization is the militant wing of the Jebhe Meli! Once they killed Prime Minister Ali Razmara, Jebhe Meli moved up from a minority political party to a majority political party. Jebhe Meli practically gained control of the political environment of Iran, through a series of political deals and sharing power with the most bizarre and unlikely political alliances with groups such as the Monarchist Groups, National Islamist Groups (Meli Mazhabi), Islamists (Ayatollah Kashani's Group), Tudeh Communist Party, and Fadaian Islam!

Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli would share power with anyone, as long as this coalition would gain them the control of the government! Eventually Mosadeq started kissing up to Islamists and Ayatollah Kashani, to also add the Muslim crowd to his supporters. Jebhe Meli has a history of political opportunism, political deals, and sharing power with anyone, to gain political power.

Mohamad Mosadeq in a meeting with Ayatollah Kashani, forming coalition with Islamists!

L - R: Makki, Ayatollah Kashani and Mohamad Mosadeq
Look at Mosadeq's weasel-like gesture, leaning over like a snake near Ayatollah Kashani, whispering sweet nothings in his ears to steal his heart! Mosadeq was a Shiite Muslim and if you go to his Mausoleum in Iran, you will see a Quran on his grave and a picture of Imam Ali (AS) on the wall. No doubt Mosadeq was a Muslim and technically a National Islamist (Meli Mazhabi); however, this weasel-like behavior had nothing to do with his beliefs, yet it had everything to do with political opportunism.

Finally Shah was forced to appoint Mosadeq as the Prime Minister of Iran. Navab Safavi was thrilled and he assumed that now, Mosadeq would pay him off with rewards! Navab Safavi demanded the deportation of the British citizens from Iran, equal recognition and respect from Mosadeq, and even Islamization of the government!

On the contrary, Mosadeq started arresting the Fadaian Islam members! This made Navab Safavi furious! Navab Safavi practically released a Fatwa-like announcement that Fadaian Islam are now officially factioned from Ayatollah Kashani and other National Islamists and Islamists in coalition with Jebhe Meli. Safavi criticized Ayatollah Kashani and stated that:

"Jebhe Meli had promised to establish an Islamic government and nation according to the laws of Islam and Quran, but instead they have imprisoned our brothers (Fadaian Islam). There are other traitors who must be pushed down in to the hell."

In other words, Safavi declared an open season on Mohamad Mosadeq, whom in his mind had betrayed him and betrayed Islam. Knowing the history of Navab Safavi with 3 assassinations of the past Prime Ministers on his belt, he took this Fatwa, dead serious. Mosadeq practically locked himself in Majlis (Parliament) and assigned round the clock securities to watch over him. Right away he ordered the chief of the police to arrest Safavi.

Safavi had found out about this ordeal, so he put on a Chador (Islamic Veil), escaped from one of the Fadaian Islam's safe houses and ran in to the Shah Reza Avenue to get out of the hot spot. The undercover police had noticed that this Chadori Woman (Navab Safavi) is way too masculine in her moves and walks, so they arrested him. Muslim mob showed resistance and entangled with the police force, but Navab was arrested and taken away. Navab Safavi was arrested on 1951, jailed, interrogated and prisoned until 1955 when he was executed by the firing squad.

Navab Safavi, the Fadaian Islam leader is getting arrested.

The path of Navab Safavi continued and eventually another hot headed psychopath Mullah by the name of Sadeq Khalkhali had fought his way up the ranks of Fadaian Islam all the way to the leadership. Sadeq Khalkhali cherished Navab Safavi and his legacy. Later on, after the Islamic Revolution, Khalkhali became an Ayatollah, Chief Justice of the IRI and the executioner of Khomeini.

Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali
The Hanging Judge and Khomeini's Official Executioner

Once in charge of the judicial system, Khalkhali had turned Fadaian Islam to a legitimate organization. Today, Fadaian Islam are considered as Martyrs of Islam and the father organization who gave birth to the Neo Hezbollah and Islamic Republic of Iran. Navab Safavi is a National Hero with various places around Iran, including a boulevard in Tehran named after him. In today's history books, taught inside Iranian schools, Navab Safavi is a well-known Islamic Martyr, Hero and almost a Saint!

Eventually Khalkhali became the "Hanging Judge", and after the Islamic Revolution (1979), he had murdered many Imperial Statesmen and Military men including Amir Abbas Hoveyda. He is responsible for mass slaughter of the Kurds in Kurdistan. He was famous for his machinegun slaughters of the POWs. In his old ages, he went back to Qom and started teaching Theocratics in Howzeh Elmiyeh Qom Islamic Seminaries. At 76, he died from cancer (2003). He despised Persian Culture and was devoted to the Islamic Culture. His final plan was to bulldoze and level Abolqasem Ferdowsi's Tomb! Ferdowsi is the reviver of the Persian Language. So Khalkhali wanted to destroy Ferdowsi's mausoleum and resting grounds, but he did not live to do so! Safavi and Khalkhali along with other leaders of Fadaian Islam, were some of the most dangerous psychopaths which Islam had ever produced! They were true Muslim Saints who followed Prophet Mohammed's path of Terror! Allah bless their souls!

The Nationalist Movements of Iran

Going back in history, from the late 1940s and early 1950s, all the way to the 1970s and present, we can distinguish various nationalist movements in Iran. Specifically from 1941 (end of Reza Shah's reign) to 1953 (CIA Coup of 28 Mordad) the nation was in a political chaos and far from stability. Allies had forced Reza Shah out of power. With Reza Shah gone, the stability and safety of Iran had also gone along with him! Mohamad Reza Shah was a young, naïve and indecisioned Shah, and obviously he was no Reza Shah, so the nation needed safety, stability, functional economy and national identity. This is were various political parties were created and started a power struggle to take over the government.

Reza Shah The Great and Mustafa Ataturk, great men who changed the history and the destiny of their nations.

Reza Shah The Great of Iran and Mustafa Ataturk of Turkey in a formal occasion.

On the left, there was the Tudeh Communist Party.
On the Liberal Democratic front, there was the Iran National Front (Jebhe Meli Iran).
On the Islamist side, there was the Fadaian of Islam.

Then there were the Nationalist Movements:

I. "The Punishment Committee" (Komite-ye Mojazat) was created by Davud Monshizadeh (head of SUMKA) and his comrades. Their goal was to use terror and all other means, to control the government.

II. "The Jahan-suz Group" (Goruh-e Jahan-suz) which was made up of the military personnel who wanted to take over the government via a coup.

III. "The Kabud Party" (Hezb-e Kabud) which its goal was the use of combine military and popular movements to take over the government. Nobakht (Parliament Representative after 1941) was the leader of this party.

IV. "The National Unity Organization" (Sazeman-e Yeganegi-ye Meli) and "The Revolutionary Nationalists Group" aka "GONA" (Goruh-e Nasionalistha-ye Enqelabi), created by Cyrus Ramtin, Shapour Zandnia and Zia Modares. Their goal was primarily to take over the government, unite the Iranian tribes (nations) from the central Asia to Mediterranean Sea, speedy industrialization and creation of a powerful Nationalist Regime. Their goals were well explained in a book named "For Pan Iranism".

V. "The Pan Iranist Groups" which primarily was an underground association with members such as Dariush Homayoun, Mohsen Pezeshkpour, Mehdi Bahremand, Hassan Qafouri, Alinaqi Ali Khani (later on became the Minister of Economy in Asadollah Alam's Cabinet), Taqi Zadeh, Rais and other comrades. Their motto was: "Persian Plateau under one flag."

The Original Pan Iranist Flag

The New Modern Flag of the Pan Iranist Party

Mohsen Pezeshkpour Pan Iranist Leader - Then

Mohsen Pezeshkpour, one of the founders of the Pan Iranist Party
- Now

L - R: Pan Iranists: Mohsen Pezeshkpour, Chubak, Zehtab Fard

This group was not reluctant to use Terrorism, Coup de Tat, and all means possible to reach their goal. In one of their famous Bombing Missions, plans went wrong and due to explosion, "Rais" died and "Dariush Homayoun" lost one of his ankles! Since then, Dariush Homayoun has a limp and needs to wear special shoes.

Later on all of these groups had assigned "Mohsen Pezeshkpour" to create the official Pan Iranist Party. Eventually "Dariush Forouhar" joined this party and later on tried to Hijack the party and format it in his own vision. That did not work, so Dariush Forouhar, Azima Brothers, Taqi Zadeh and Qafouri had factioned out and created "The Nabard Iran Party". Next thing you know, Lashkari and Mehrdad (two high ranking members of this group) factioned out and created "Parchamdaran-e Pan Iranist Organization" (Standard Bearers of Pan Iranist Org.).

Pan Iranist Central Committee member, Qodratollah Jafari

Pan Iranist Central Committee member, Reza Kermani (Engineer)

During the Nationalization of Oil Era, Mir Mohamad Sadeqi (Jahan-Suz Group), Dariush Homayoun, Mohsen Pezeshkpour and Dariush Forouhar, once again created an alliance and named it: INP (Iran Nation's party) or "Hezb-e Melat-e Iran" (Bar Boniyad-e Pan Iranism), but once more Mohsen Pezeshkpour factioned out and together with "Mohamad Reza Ameli Tehrani" created the "Pan Iranist Party". This party was officially legal until 1975 when Mohamad Reza Pahlavi banned all political parties and created the single party system with Rastakhiz (Fascist Party) ruling the nation. To ban all political parties of Iran and to create a single party (Rastakhiz) to rule over Iran was Mohamad Reza Pahlavi's grave mistake and ticket to the future revolution of 1978. After 1979 Islamic Revolution, Pan Iranist Party restarted its activities in exile and inside Iran.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani
Another Cabinet Minister, valuable statesman, great nationalist and a fine Pan Iranist who was betrayed and abandoned by Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi! Another escape goat who died for the crimes of the corrupt Pahlavi Family. Dr. Ameli was killed by Mullahs. What was his crime? Honest and productive serving of his nation and his Shah. The same Shah who betrayed him and Iran and left him to die and escaped to save his own neck! Shah did not jail Ameli but he surely abandoned him the same way that he had abandoned a thousand other nationalists to rot and die in Iran. Dr. Ameli was a member of my family on mother's side.

Dr. Mohsen Pezeshkpour, the founder leader of the Pan Iranist Party

Dr. Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani, the Co Founder of the Pan Iranist Party and the Imperial Cabinet’s Information Minister in the Imperial Iran.

Speech at the Pan Iranist Rally

Pan Iranist Rally Speech

Pan Iranist Leader and Guard Persian Aryan Salute

VI. Dariush Forouhar stuck with his INP (Iran Nation's party) or "Hezb-e Melat-e Iran" (Bar Boniyad-e Pan Iranism), but for a while, "Dariush Azima" became the leadership of the party. Later on, Dariush Forouhar and Afshar Tus (Chief of Police at the time) pushed for a power struggle and once more Dariush Forouhar became the head of INP. After 1961, Forouhar deducted the (Bar Boniyad-e Pan Iranism) motto from "Hezb-e Melat-e Iran" (Bar Boniyad-e Pan Iranism), and the name of the party only became: INP (Iran Nation's party) or "Hezb-e Melat-e Iran". At this point, Dariush Forouhar and INP started their long history of association with INF (Iran National Front) or "Jebhe Meli Iran". Eventually after the Islamic Revolution (1979), all these groups:

INP (Iran Nation's party) "Hezb-e Melat-e Iran"
INF (Iran National Front) "Jebhe Meli Iran"
FMI (Freedom Movement of Iran) "Nehzat-e Azadi-ye Iran)

Had formed an alliance and Forouhar (Head of INP), Karim Sanjabi (Head of INF) and Mehdi Bazargan (Head of FMI) started an orgious political love affair! This was an alliance for power, position and money. This was an alliance to share power with Mullahs. So they all started kissing Ayatollah Khomeini's hand and they all gained positions in the Islamic Government!

Dariush Forouhar, portrait of a criminal opportunist who sold Iran to the Mullahs for power, position and Money. Once Mullahs were done with him, they put a bullet in his head. Forouhar got what he deserved, the perfect end for a perfect traitor.

Mehdi Bazargan (Left) and Dariush Forouhar (Right) with big smiles (1979)! The nation was in chaos, Mullahs were mass murdering Iranian statesmen, military personnel and civilians, and Iran was burning in blood and fire, but these two were having a ball in the Prime Minister's Palace. This is a photo taken (by Abbas) after a cabinet meeting. Look at the joy in their eyes and in their faces. They are drunk with power, position and money. They made a deal with Mullahs, kissed Khomeini's hand and now they were enjoying the fruits of their treason! The Hell with Iran and Iranians!

Once, Forouhar started his flirtations with Karim Sanjabi (Head of INF) and Mehdi Bazargan (Head of FMI), he became the Minister of Employment and the Consulting Minister to the Prime Minister Bazargan in the temporary provisional government. Eventually INP (Iran Nation's party) was not thrilled about Forouhar's union with Jebhe Meli and Nehzat Azadi, so INP started a conflict with INF and then FMI, and eventually broke away from both. Forouhar stayed a Cabinet Minister but INP separated its way from him and from Jebhe Meli's Association and Satellite Parties! Today (2007), INP is once more praising Dariush Forouhar and is also once more speaking of Pan Iranism! I believe INP is in desperate need of a stable political identity!

VII. INF (Iran National Front) aka Jebhe Meli Iran is not truly a Nationalist Party, in fact they are a Liberal Democratic Party; however, you will constantly hear me referring to them in this document; therefore, it is only proper for me to also include them amongst the other parties in this document. So by classification, Jebhe Meli is not a Nationalist Party; furthermore, they are a left wing political entity with a history of opportunism and sharing power with any political group such as Monarchists, Islamists, National Islamists, Communists, Socialists, Nationalists and whomever which can get them closer to power, control and capital.

Their leader, Mohamad Mosadeq was an aristocratic old fool who had managed to rule over Iran for 2 whole lousy days (1953). Instead of reforming the Imperial Regime from the within, he practically overthrown the Monarchy, kicked Shah out of Iran, took over the government and made a so-called "In-Tel-Egg-Chew-All" Coup de Tat! At the time, Jebhe Meli did not have enough popular backing amongst the military, government employees and the masses to control the government; however, Tudeh Communist Party had massive backings in all 3 groups to take over the government. If 28 Mordad 1953 CIA Coup would have not occurred, then eventually Tudeh Communist Party with the help of USSR would have taken over the government from Mosadeq and Jebhe Meli. Iran would have become the 16th Republic of the Soviet Union. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a very realistic possible scenario, which could have happened to Iran in the 1950s. So Mosadeq's arrogance and thirst for power could change the destiny of a nation.

In the past I used to think that this scenario would have been a catastrophe, but today, after 29 years of living under the Islamic Boots of Mullahs, I am beginning to think that either way, we would have been better off! Now you will ask me why? Allow me to explain:

If Mosadeq would had managed to take over the government for more than 2 days and eliminate the Monarchy for good, then there would have been 2 possible outcomes:

a) Tudeh Communist Party and USSR would have taken over Iran and kicked Mosadeq out of the power. To think about it, this would have not been such a bad idea! Why you ask? Because if Iran would have been under the Communist boots since 1953, then at least our masses would have been educated, more intellectual and less fanatical, more secular and less religious, more atheists and less Muslim; therefore, the 1979 Islamic Reaction would have not occurred.

b) Mosadeq and JM would have managed to establish democracy in Iran, so since 1953, Iranians would have had a chance to grow and develop their brains in a democratic nation. Minds and bodies would have grown in a democratic society, so Iranians would have never fallen for the trap of Islam on 1979.

Do you see my point? So one way or another, a Communist Iran (Tudehis) or a Liberal Socialist Iran (Jebheis) would manage to carry Iran from 1953 to 1979 where eventually Iran would have not become an Islamic Republic.

In situation (a), Communism would die in the 1990s and in situation (b), Mosadeq's brand of Liberal Socialism would have also evolved, reformed or died out. Today's Iran would have been a desired Democratic Federal Republic as the result of both possible scenarios. Now that would be much better than Islamic Republic of Iran, wouldn't you say?!

Mohamad Mosadeq during one of his famous political rhetorics, shouting in the street and giving an ultimatum to the Majlis (Parliament).
Mosadeq: I am Mohamad Damaq (Big Nosed Mohamad), I will huff and puff and if I don't get my way, I will blow the 3 Little Piggies House (Majlis) to the ground! Masses are behind me, so watch yourselves!

So today, I believe that we were better off on 1953, if Monarchy had ended and a weak minded Muslim such as Mohamad Reza Pahlavi did not become Shah again! This Weak-minded Shah had choked the democracy and freedoms out of Iran and forced Iranians to escape to the arms of the Mullahs for freedom! Eventually when times got rough (1979), this weak minded Shah preferred to escape Iran rather than stay and fight for Iran. The Captain fled the ship in times of need and the ship went down! In the history, Mohamad Reza Pahlavi with all the good that he had done for Iran, will always be remembered as the Last Shah of Iran who handed Iran to Islam. In other words, due to his weakness, Iran got destroyed. Trust me, we were better off without this Shah!

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and General Fazlollah Zahedi (who brought him back his crown and throne), upon his return to power in 1953. The 28 Mordad, 1953 Coup was the beginning of the end for Iran. This Coup was the ticket towards suffocation, which resulted in the future Islamic Revolution of 1979 and absolute destruction of Iran.

I am a fair person and I do not discriminate between these 2 political entities. To me, Jebheis and Monarchists are both elements of the past. They are both fanatical, cultists who live in the past. One group worships Mosadeq and the other worships Shah! They are both no use for the future of Iran. They are both Reactionaries and backward. The future of Iran lies in the Futurism, Progress, Science, Information Age, Technology, Industrialization, Nationalism, Federalism, and creation of the "Persian Union".

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow - Nationalism

Dead Cults such as Mosadeqists and Monarchists will play no role in the future of Iran. For more information on Mohamad Mosadeq, read:

Sammeh Qod (Stubborn Poison), Real Mohamad Mossadeq

L. Mohamad Mosadeq at his 1953 Trial as a Traitor.
R. Mohamad Mosadeq, the stubborn, old and arrogant, aristocratic fool with large size ego, who was in need of the political power, by all means possible. His arrogance almost caused the destruction of Iran. Today's Jebhe Meli, worships him as a God and a National Hero!

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Pan Iranist party became active again. Eventually this party (both their internal and external organization) became yet another satellite of Jebhe Meli Iran, but later on in 2000s, they started to distant themselves from INF (Jebhe Meli).

In 2000s, INF to political environment of Iran, became the same as syphilis to a healthy body; therefore, all INF satellites such as Pan Iranist Party, MPG aka Glorious Frontiers Party (Marze Por Gohar), and even some Jebhe Meli in exile groups, started to distant themselves from INF and criticize INF's policy of "Reforms under the Islamic Constitution of IRI". Reforms under Islam is a myth! There have always been Pro Mosadeq and Pro Jebhe Meli elements in the Pan Iranist Party. These elements similar to Jebhe Meli members, are great with creation of Myths and Legends out of Mosadeq and other Jebhei leaders who came after him. For instance, after the recent death of Parviz Varjavand (Spokesperson for INF), Pan Iranists started to praise him as a progressive activist and a political hero! The reality is that Parviz Varjavand, Adib Boroumand, Karim Sanjabi, Ali Ardalan, Yadollah Sahabi, Abbas Amir Entezam, Dariush Forouhar, Mehdi Bazargan, and the rest of these old fart Jebheis are from a long line of traitors who flirted with the Mullahs and sold Iran to the Mullahs for personal power, capital and ego. It all started with Mosadeq kissing up to Ayatollah Kashani and Islamists and then the legend continued with the rest of these Bald Headed Bastards kissing Khomeini's hand and peddling their asses to the Mullahs! They all became a part of the power play, but once Mullahs did not need them anymore, they were set aside, jailed, exiled and killed. They all deserve what they got! I do not have an ounce of pity for these sellouts. Pan Iranists must eventually get a political identity and make up their minds:

Pan Iranists,
Are you an independent party?
Are you a Jebhe Meli Satellite?

Note: Since the original writing of this paper, Pan Iranist Party has become more independent (like they used to be) and broke away from the INF (Jebhe Meli).

Pan Iranist Central Committee member, Dr. Sohrab Azam Zangeneh

Mr. Assef, Pan Iranist Leadership, Khuzestan, Iran
The tribune sign reads: Long Live Iran

Jebhe Meli Iran In-tell-egg-chew-alls are the reason for the Nightmare of 1979. These Doctors, Professors and Engineers were the bastards who dragged millions of illiterate Iranians in to the streets of Iran and aided the Mullahs to take control. They have established the Islamic Republic of Iran. I truly have no hatred for any other political group, the way that I despise these Bald Headed Bastards! I despise them from top to bottom. I despise that old arrogant fool, Mosadeq who would had preferred to destroy Iran, rather than giving an inch (British Oil and Shah Episodes). If Mosadeq would had played his cards right and played politics with British and Americans, then 28 Mordad 1953 would have never occurred. I can't stand any of them. Every single Bald Headed Bastard Intellectual leader of Jebhe Meli Iran is guilty of treason. They flirted with Monarchists in the 1950s, they are flirting with the Mullahs right now, and in the future they will flirt with anyone to get back in to the power. They will sell their mothers for $ 5, only to get back to power. Jebhe Meli Iran is an octopus with many tentacles, which are called its Satellite Parties. Jebhe Meli Iran is a group with no morality, no sense of nationalism, no political integrity, no constitution, no prestige and surely no decency. They are highly responsible for the misery of Iran. I shall do my best to expose these shameless rats for what they are.

VIII. SUMKA (National Socialist Iranian Worker's Party) or "Hezb-e Sosialist-e Melli-ye Kargaran-e Iran" is technically (organization-wise and Leadership) the last Nationalist Party of Iran! Originally SUMKA was created via the invitations from Manouchehr Amir Mokri and Hussein Zarabi. SUMKA borrowed their Black Shirts (official alfit) from Abu Moslem Khorasani's (famous historical Iranian Freedom Fighter) Black Shirts Followers. SUMKA also borrowed their flag and emblem from the legendary bird "Simorq" in Shahnameh (Book of Kings Poetry Book) written by Abolqasem Ferdowsi. For more information on Simorq, read "Persian Mythical Characters, Creatures and Plants" section of the:

Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses (Part 2)

Simorq Flag of SUMKA

SUMKA drafted the Aryan Salute from the Nazi Aryan Salute, the Roman Aryan Salute and the Persian Aryan Salute:

Ancient Persian Susian Salute
Artifact Statues of Susa Noblemen doing the Ancient Persian Susian Salute. The right hand bent straight, with the elbow to the waistline and the hand held up sideways. The left hand held in front of the body as the show of respect. This Salute is the origin of the Ancient Persian Aryan Salute of the later years during Achaemenids and after eras. This salute was even in use during Achaemenid Era. The Ancient Persian Susian Salute is the oldest Persian Salute. During Achaemenids Era, the salute was given with the hand a bit tilted. The hand was neither sideways (Susian Style) nor frontways (Parthian Style), yet tilted 45 degrees in between. If you review the videos of the parades at Persepolis (2500 Years Celebration of Monarchy during Alahazrat's Era), you will notice that the soldiers' hands were tilted 45 degrees while parading. Ancient Persian Susian Salute was in use during Susian, Median and Achaemenid Eras. Ancient Persian Susian Salute goes back 8000 years.

Ancient Persian Aryan Salute
Artifact Statues of Parthian Arsacid King and Princess doing the Ancient Persian Aryan Salute. The right hand bent straight, with the elbow to the waistline and the hand held up frontways. The left hand held straight down. This Salute is the evolution of the Ancient Persian Susian Salute. So the evolution of the Persian Salute were from Susian (hand sideways) to Achaemenid (hand tilted 45 degrees) and finally to Parthian (hand frontways). This Salute was the official salute of the Arsacid and Sassanid Eras. As we see, there is a direct relation between Ancient Persian Susian Salute and Ancient Persian Aryan Salute. This is another solid evidence that Susa was a Persian Civilization (not a Hemitic Arab Civilization). Ancient Persian Aryan Salute goes back 2500 years.

Ancient Persian Salute
L. Reza Shah The Great is doing the Ancient Persian Salute. This is the perfect example of the "Persian Salute". The right hand bent straight, with the elbow to the waistline and the hand held up sideways. The left hand held in front of the body as the show of respect.
R. Reza Shah's official Flag. This is Iran's official state flag during 1933 - 1964

Ancient Persian Salute by Reza Shah
Reza Shah is conducting the Persian Salute while Mustafa Ataturk is inspecting the military parade.

L. The German Nazi Aryan Salute by Adolf Hitler
R. The Roman Fascist Aryan Salute by Benito Mussolini

Adolf Hitler inspecting a military parade
Performing the German Nazi Aryan Salute

Benito Mussolini on Horseback
Performing the Roman Fascist Aryan Salute

Benito Mussolini up close
Performing the Roman Fascist Aryan Salute

IL Duce Benito Mussolini inspecting a formal parade
Performing the Roman Fascist Aryan Salute

Mohsen Pezeshkpour Pan Iranist Leader rising the right wing fist

Pan Iranist Girls Youths of 1950s and 1960s

Pan Iranist Women at the rally in 1970s
Sign reads: Wake Up Iranians!

Pan Iranist Woman Today, Still Defiant!
Sign reads: Long Live Iran, Iranian Plateau Under One Flag

Abolfazl Abedini Pan Iranist Activist kissing the Lion and Sun Iran Flag which is very dear to his heart

So SUMKA had drafted various types of Aryan philosophies, icons, dress codes, salutes and gestures to establish the fundamentals of the Iranian National Socialism and to jump start a strong National Socialist Movement in Iran. Continued on next page.

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