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Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: August 8, 2008
2nd Edition: June 27, 2016

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A while back, I had a discussion with a few friends inside and outside Iran (net meeting), about this issue. I am going to share parts of what I have told them, with you.

Pan Movements (Panism Political Ideologies)

Pan movements are about unification of a group of people with elements of a united race, culture, language, religion, history or all the mentioned elements, to expand their power influence, land mass, cultural effects and to improve their economical power.

For instance Pan Iranist Movement's motto has been:

"Iranian Plateau under one flag."

IPC Faravahar Roundel

For more information on IPC Flags, read:

Flags of IPC (Iran Politics Club)

For more information about the history of Iranian flags, read:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags

Definition of Pan Iranism

Pan Iranism = Expansion of Iran via unification of All Iranian people and nations including but not limited to: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kurdistan of Iraq, Baluchistan of Pakistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Ossetia of Russia, small part of Kazakhstan, small part of Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Note that Persia and Persian are Latin terms for Iran and Iranian.

Iranian Characteristics

Iranian people have similar characteristics of:
Race: Aryan or Semi Aryan
Culture: Aryan (Persian, Median, Parthian, etc.)
Language: Persian (other similar Iranian-Aryan Languages)
History: 8000 years of Persian Civilization (Kingdom, Empire, etc.)
Religion: Zoroastrianism and other Persian philosophies such as Ancient Persian Multi Thesis, Mithraism, Vedaiism, Manichaeism, Mazdakism, Babism and Bahaiism.

For more information, read:

A vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism)

8000 Years of Iranian History

Definition of Pan Arabism

Pan Arabism = Expansion of Arab Nation via unification of All Arab countries via tool of Islam as a primary step. The secondary step will be revival and recreation of the Islamic Empire.

Arab Characteristics

Arab people have similar characteristics of:
Race: Hemitic (Hemites) branch of "Semitic (Jews) and Hemitic (Arab) Race"
Culture: Islamic
Language: Arabic
History: Arabo-Islamic history
Religion: Islam

Pan Iranist Party

This is the URL for Pan Iranist Party of Iran:

Pan Iranist Party

Pan Iranist Party of Iran has a long history going decades back to the golden age of Iranian political parties in the 1940s and 1950s, when:

SUMKA (National Socialist)
Tudeh (Communist)
Jebhe Meli [Iran National Front] (Liberal Democratic)
and later on
Pan Iranist (Nationalist)

Ruled the political spectrum of Iran. Form ore information read:

Iranian National Socialist Movement, a History

Basically Pan Iranist Party represented the Nationalist point of view.

The movement was led via Mohsen Pezeshkpour and Dr. Mohamad Reza Ameli Tehrani. Dr. Ameli was a great scholar and also a member of my family (my grand mother’s cousin). For more information on Dr. Ameli read:

Role of the 21st Century Monarchs and Monarchists

For more information on my Grand Mother read:

DeChadorization Day! "Women's Liberation Day of Iran"

Dariush Forouhar

Later on in 1970's the leadership of Pan Iranist changed. In my opinion, Jebhe Meli hijacked the Pan Iranist Party! Dariush Forouhar practically became the head of Pan Iranist Party. Pan Iranist doctrine, moved from "Nationalism" to "Social Democratic" and "Liberal Democratic" agendas of Jebhe Meli!

Eventually, Pan Iranist Party became yet another satellite (Side Kick) of Jebhe Meli. As we know, Jebhe Meli has/had many satellite organizations including but not limited to:

Pan Iranist Party
Marze Por Gohar Party (Ruzbeh Farahanipour)
Nehzat Azadi Iran (Ebrahim Yazdi)
Jebhe Etehade Meli
Jebhe Meli in Sweden
Jebhe Meli in Washington
and many more ............

Jebhe Meli acts as an octopus with many tentacles, which poses as various different organizations.

However, during and after the Islamic Reaction of 1979, once Forouhar left the Pan Iranist Party, he created this organization:

Iran Nation Party (INP)

Also, once Forouhar left Pan Iranist Party, the party started to go back to its original doctrine, which was indeed based on "Nationalism". Today, Pan Iranist Party has more or less Cleansed itself from Forouhar and Jebhe Meli!

Also Marze Por Gohar Party (Ruzbeh Farahanipour), changed its views and obviously seized acting as a satellite of Jebhe Meli. Now they have their own identity.

As of now, we (IPC Operations) do communicate with both Pan Iranist Party and Marze Por Gohar Party, which in the past we could not do such, due to their affiliations with Jebhe Meli.

IPC Operations supports and works with All Iranian Opposition Parties and Organizations, except those who have a history of flirtations with Islamic Republic of Iran. Those who play the Cat and Mouse games, those whom their internal (inside Iran) organizations works with IRI as reformists, yet their external (outside Iran) organizations, remains happy with as little as releasing scattered Anti Regime announcements in their sites, and slapping IRI on the hand, saying: Bad Bad Mullahs!

Whores of Opposition

These organizations have no clear constitution, policy or program about the Islamist Regime!

Opportunist Organizations such as:

Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front)
Hezbe Tudeh (Tudeh Communist Party)
Fedayian Aksariyat (Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian, Majority)
Nehzate Azadi Iran (Freedom Movement of Iran)

have a long history of selling their souls, along with Iran, to the Islamists. The complete leadership of Jebhe Meli and their satellite orgs. such as: Sanjabi, Bazargan, Forouhar, Amir Entezam, Yazdi, Boroumand, etc. were directly responsible for the 1979 Islamic Reaction of Iran. Later on Sanjabi, Forouhar, Amir Entezam, etc. became cabinet ministers to the cabinet of Bazargan, serving Imam Khomeini and Islamic Republic of Iran.

For more information about the Iranian political parties and organizations read:

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

In other words, leadership of Jebhe Meli sold Iran for position, power and dollar! Instead of sticking with Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar (The final hope for saving Iran), they went and kissed Khomeini, their Imam, on both cheeks and handed him the deed to Iran! They betrayed both Bakhtiar and Iran!

Now the question remains, Does getting imprisoned (Amir Entezam) or getting assassinated (Forouhar), gives them justification (Haqqaniyyat) for their past political betrayals? If so, then all the betrayals of Hezbe Tudeh (Kianuri, Eskandari, Tabari), Jebhe Meli, Fadayian Aksariyat, Nehzat Azadi (Ebrahim Yazdi) and etc. can also be justified! Every single one of these groups sold Iran to Khomeini and Islamists. Every single one of these groups helped the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran. After Islamists took control, then step by step, they killed and jailed every single one of these groups and their leaders. So in a way, The Revolution killed his own children! The children got what they deserved!

Jebhe Meli also had a history and has a history of National Islamism (Meli Mazhabi)! It all started with Mosadeq all the way to Bazargan and Yazdi! Go to Mosadeq's memorial and you will see a picture of Imam Ali (The 4th Arab Caliph of Rashedin) on the wall!

Now, INP follows the path of Forouhar:

Iran Nation Party (INP)

And Jebhe Meli as always is on top of the list of Iranian Opportunist Organizations seeking to make a Deal with anyone to share power, may it be Monarchists, Islamists, Communists, or any other group! A Jebhei would sell his mother to you for $ 5.

Pan Iranism Forum

Now let's talk about this:

Pan Iranism Forum

This forum, has nothing to do with the Iranian Pan Iranist Party. For more information, read:

Pan Iranist Supra Parliament Thread

This is a forum owned and made by a number of Kurd, Afghan and Tajik Muslim Nationalists. This website is not even an Iranian website. These people are promoting Pan Iranism, yet they are Muslim! The fundamental of Islam is based on Pan Arabism! The sole enemy of Pan Iranism is Pan Arabism, yet these people promote both Pan Iranism and Islam!

This is same as becoming a "Black Panther-Ku Klux Klan"! It is humorous, morely an abomination! It is an oxymoron! Islam is not just another religion, yet a dangerous political ideology which promotes Pan Arabism!

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology

In Islam, there is no separation of Church and State, yet everything including State, Judicial, Legislative, Executive, Social Patterns, Dress Codes and every other aspects of the society is a part of the Church (Mosque). Religion rules the Islamic Society. Islam is not just a religion, but a way of life, a government type, which controls every aspect of the society.

On top of it all, in the past, the moderator and admin of this website had deleted our post and censored us, Islamic style! If you can't tolerate others’ voice, how will you establish democracy in the region? What are you afraid of? Is Islam taboo and no one is allowed to talk about it?

I got news for you. The wind of change and democracy is coming and it will blow away the whole region and its Islamic Mentality. Middle East and Near East will commit to a renaissance and must Evolve or be doomed to self-destruction, Terrorism and further religious ignorance than already has!

This is all set aside that Islam had destroyed Iran in two separate occasions, once on 651 AD and once on 1979 AD. For more information on what has Arabo-Muslim done to Iran and Iranians, the Arabo-Muslim Imperial Colonialism of Iran and how Iranian freedom fighters had fought for 222 years to fee mother Persia, read this important book:

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

To be a Pan Iranist and a Muslim, both is simply not possible. It is an Oxymoron. Only a clearly confused person might claim he is a Pan Iranist Muslim. Only a person absolutely illiterate to history of Iran, Iranian Plateau and Iranian people would be a Muslim Pan Iranist! Only an uneducated and ludicrous buffoon would become a Muslim Pan Iranist!

This complete cheesy forum "Pan Iranism" is a contradiction in contradiction! It is Blind leading the Blind, and obviously they will both fall in the same Well where the Imaginary Mahdi (Shiite 12th Imam) had disappeared in it! This is one of the many idiotic forums on the Internet with barely any viewers.

The owner and operators of this forum, need to primarily educate themselves to the definition of Pan Iranism, history of expansion of Islam via sheer force, destruction of Pan Iranism and Iranian Culture by Islam, and the definition of Islam which is basically another term for Pan Arabism! After they educate themselves, then they can come and create a forum and hopefully, this one will not be another "Bang O Salavat" cheesy forum for the Dazed and Confused! The only reason that I had brought up this forum is for the readers to not mistakenly assume that this pathetic forum has anything to do with the Pan Iranist Party.

You cannot identify with Islam, when Islam is the very reason for annihilation of the Iranian Culture! How can you worship a religion, which enslaved your people? Which is trying to destroy your culture?

Types of Muslim

Either you are promoting Pan Iranism or Cultural Ignorance Mixed with Historical Ignorance, which is it?

Kurds, Afghans and Tajiks are our Iranian brothers and sisters, but at some point of their lives, they need to educate themselves and decide between:

Iran or Islam?

You cannot have both! Because one is the enemy of the other! In an Iranian nation, for one to survive, the other must die, simple as that.

To be a Pan Iranist Muslim is as cockamamie as to claiming that you are a Nazi-Zionist! This is pure confusion; furthermore, laughable!

All Iranians need to eventually make up their minds and answer the question of:

Iran or Islam?

Why You Must Choose Between Iran or Islam?

Because roots of all your problems, your divisions, your backward societies, your misfortunes, your corrupt regimes, your corrupt societies, your regional disasters, your ignorance, your tragic economies and The Fall of The Persian Empire is Islam. Now my word is not just with these few cheeseballs, but my words are with all the Iranian people:

Islam is everything that a Pan Iranist must fight against!

Islam = Pan Arabism

And Pan Arabism is the key for destruction of Iran and Iranians, including All Iranian People (Afghans, Tajiks, Kurds, etc.)

When the whole civilized world is at war with Islam, then why are you clinging to Islam rather than your own Iranian Culture? Have you no identity? Have you lost your Iranian Identity?

Face Reality or face:

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!

Persian Empire

First Pars: First Persian Empire 539 BC – 651 AD (Achaemenid – Sassanid)
Second Pars: Second Persian Empire 1501 AD – 1797 AD (Safavid – Qajar)
Third Pars: The Future Revival of The Persian Empire

First Pars (539 BC – 651 AD)

First Pars (1st Persian Empire) started by Cyrus The Great (1st Persian Emperor) on 539 BC and ended by the First AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) on 651 AD. Cyrus The Great of Achaemenid Dynasty's reign was during 559 BC - 530 BC; however, by 539 BC he had built the Persian Empire. So the official starting date of the "1st Pars" were since Cyrus had started the Persian Empire (539 BC) until the end point of Yazdgird III, the last emperor of the Sassanid Dynasty (651 AD). This period covers the Iranian history during Achaemenids, Arsacids (Ashkanids) and Sassanids Dynasties of Iran.

Second Pars (1501 AD – 1797 AD)

Second Pars (2nd Persian Empire) started by Shah Islamil I Safavid on 1501 AD and ended by the reign of Aqa Mohamad Khan Qajar (Last Persian Emperor) on 1797 AD. Shah Ismail I (1501 AD – 1524 AD) was the reviver of the Persian Empire. Aqa Mohamad Khan (1794 AD – 1797 AD) was a worthy Shahanshah who maintained the integrity of the Persian Empire. Aqa Mohamad Khan was the Last Persian Emperor. After his reign the unworthy Shahs of Qajar caused the decline of the Persian Empire and its transformation to the Kingdom of Pars. This period covers the Iranian history during Safavids, Afsharids, Zand and Qajar (Only The 1st Qajar Emperor) Dynasties of Iran.

Third Pars (Future Dates)

Third Pars (3rd Persian Empire) will and must become a reality. Pan Iranists all around the globe believe that it is crucial for the survival of the Iranian people to create a “Persian Union” and to once more, unite all Iranian territories including: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, A Small Part of Russia (Ossetia), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Parts of Iraq including Kurdistan and more, Bahrain, Part of Pakistan (Baluchistan), Iran. etc. We must deal with the Second AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) with unshakable determination and extreme prejudice. Destruction of AIOG is crucial to rebirth of Iran. For once and for all and for the last time in history, Islamic Abomination must be dealt with. No doubt, Persian Empire will rise again.

Nationalism and Internationalism

There is no doubt in my mind that in the future there will be a Global Government which will govern the world, but the primary step for the creation of this global government will be the creation of large socio-economical unions such as European Union, North American Union, Russian Federation and indeed the Persian Union.

We must be on the equal level (economy, military, politics and power) with these other unions so they will not oppress us, colonialize us and dictate to us on their own terms! We must be their equals, so we can sit on the same table with them as equal partners to create the global government and evolve the mankind.

Until then, singing Internationalist Songs of Marxist style, Islamist style or Futurist style are garbage.

At the time Separatism is poison for all the Iranian Nations.
At the time, Internationalism is poison for all the Iranian Nations.
At the time, Nationalism is the only key for the survival of all the Iranian Nations.
At the time, Nationalism guarantees our unity and survival.

The Persian Union must occur or else all of us will fade away as scattered and weak nations under the boots of the superpowers.

As a true Futurist, I see the creation of the separate but equal socio-economical unions around the globe as the primary step for the creation of the Global Government,

The Micro and Macro Agenda

I. Clean our own house in Iran

II. Create a strong Nationalist Iran

III. Unite all Iranian Nations (our past states)

IV. Create the Persian Union as a strong Socio-Economic Union

V. Become a Relevant Super Power on equal base with others

VI. Together as the human race, we will create the Global Government

VII. Final Evolutionary Stage of Earth as a United Planetary Socio-Economical Government

Nationalism and Monarchy

Nationalism is Progressive
Monarchy is Reactionary

Nationalism is Progressive
Nationalism is the primary step for progress, greatness and to become relevant in the global affairs. Nationalism is about the working class. Nationalism is about Revolution and Progress. Nationalism is about tomorrow and going forward in to the future.

Monarchy is Reactionary
Monarchy is about clinging to the past. Monarchy and Religion go hand in hand. Monarchy at most is pro Status Quo and against the Revolution and Progress. Monarchy is pro aristocracy and a select social class. Monarchy is a dead ideology and yesterday’s news. It is a flawed, illogical and an outdated ideology, which is followed by various isolated cults and sectarian fanatics. Monarchy is unscientific and pro going back in time!

Form ore information read:

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite

Also read this most viewed Iranian political thread on the Internet:

Monarchy vs Republic Thread

So as progressive Iranian Revolutionary Nationalists, we have nothing to do with the Reactionary Monarchist Mob.

AIOG = Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government

1st AIOG = First Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government of Iran lead by Omar, Othman and Ali at beginning of Islam (651 AD).

2nd AIOG = Second Arabo-Islmaic Occupational Government of Iran lead by Khomeini (1979).

Destruction of AIOG is crucial for the survival of Iran, Iranian Culture and Iranian Folks.

Our Mission

“Separate, Divide and Rule” is an Old British Policy to keep the whole region Fragged Up and dependant to UK. Once the region realizes that it is for their best interest to unite and create a strong Persian Union to stand up to the European Union, Arab League, etc. then everything will be a piece of cake.

Persian Union will have diplomatic relations and economic relations with All, including America, Russia, China, UK and the rest, but the Persian Union will not be anyone’s satellite, on the contrary, The Persian Union will be a global power. An Elite Intellectual Oligarchy consisting of
Technocrats, Specialists, Intellectuals. Economists and Philosophers from around the region will make this dream a reality and to come true.

Persian Union will be the rebirth of The Persian Empire (3rd Pars).

We are fighting Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime based on Islam; furthermore, True Islam in practice. To fight the regime, we must attack the heart of this regime. The heart of this regime is Islam. Primarily we must end the reign of Islam in Iran, clean our own house and only then create The Persian Union to return all our past states (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kurdistan, Turkmenistan, etc.) back to the motherland. The third step would be the revival of The Persian Empire.

But how can we clean our house from AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government), when confused and historically illiterate Iranians are at the same time promoting both Islam and Pan Iranism?!

For more information, read and participate in this popular discussion thread:

Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism) Thread!

The Melting Pot Syndrome
(Ashe Shole Qalamkar)!

You cannot mix and match ideologies as you go by! This is not The Melting Pot Syndrome (Ashe Shole Qalamkar)! You cannot get rid of the Islamic Regime, but cherish Islam! Because an Islamic Democracy is a myth! Islam knows no democracy! Since the beginning of Islam, first Mohammed ruled the Islamic nation by the sword, then Caliphs of Rashedin (Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali), then Abbasid, Omavid and all the way to Taliban, Khomeini, and Khamenei. Islam is a Theocratic Dictatorship, it has always been that way, from Mohammed all the way to Khamenei. Islam was spread by pure force and sword. Why don't you wake up and smell the Reality?

Islam Religion of Peace!

The ignorant and naïve global citizens, the western opportunist politicians and propagandist media claim that:

Islam is Religion of Peace and Muslim are peaceful people. It is only a handful of Radical Islamists who create Terrorism in the world!

Well I got news for you, Mohammed the Prophet, his 4 Caliphs of Rashedin (Rashidun) and the 12 Shiite Imams were the starters of global terrorism and were some of the greatest founders of this so-called Radical Islamism!

There maybe moderate Muslims in the world but Islam in its nature is Fundamentalist, Terrorist and Imperialist.

Does the world want to know the true nature of Islam?

Then all you have to do is ask us Persians, because we have been under the Islamic boots for about 1400 years (1357 years to be exact)!

We are fighting for survival of our Iranian Culture, are you with us or against us?

Make up your minds:

Are you Arab Worshipers or Iranians?

IPC Official Immortals Crest
The original colors of the Persian Immortals (Purple and Gold)
The Persian Lion with the Persian Straight Sword is standing strong while Mitra (Persian Sun Goddess) shines behind him and watches over him (Mitra’s face is visible in the Sun).

Always remember:

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!"

I hope I have clarified the whole concept of Pan Iranism for All.

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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