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With Definitions & Benefits + Ahreemanic Remarks!

99 Names for Allah!
With Definitions and Benefits + Ahreemanic Remarks!
Comments: Ahreeman X
Lori Foroozandeh
1st Edition: March 26, 2008
2nd Edition: November 18, 2016

A Lori – Ahreemanic Production

Lori Jan:

Oh my Ms. Peach Tangles,

I simply could not resist this one, you have to excuse my Sin, for pulling Allah's shorts and your shorts along with it! Well let’s see, your a Blonde and you have semi Chunky thighs, also your a little girl and a short one too! So I guess you'll be qualified as a Semi honorary "Chunky Little Blonde"; therefore, it is recommended for me and it is Halaal for me to pull your shorts!

Hey, I tried to control myself, but you should have known that by posting this in the IPC Club, what would have happened! You left yourself wide open and vulnerable! I think you might have done it on purpose to get a respond out of me! Kind of like waking up the Ahreeman by burning one of his hair!

Boy oh boy oh boy, lucky you, a personal custom-made response from Ahreeman himself for you! UM UM Ummmmmmmmmm, Juicy one!

Never say, that you are not on my mind girl!

Bisme Allah,........


Black = Lori Poo
Red = Ahreeman

In IPC Club, Lori Foroozandeh wrote:

> 99 Names For Allah With Definitions and Benefits

Benefits for what?! Subjugation of a free thinking mind to an invisible Ex Black Rock and Present Invisible Psycho with a mood swing, in the sky and in heavens?

> Ar Rehman (The Beneficent) … hmmmm sorta sounds like Ahreeman

No darling, there is no resemblance between the Dark Lord and the Black Rock!

> One who recites this name 100 times will get sharp memory.

You mean he becomes brain drained and in need of Ginkgo Biloba for Anti Amnesia, right?!

> Ya `Adl (The Just)

You mean: Al Zalem = Oppressor

> One who eats the bread after writing this name Friday night, will obey his order.

How about one who dips his bread in Abgusht (Persian Meat/Beans and Potato Stew), before eating and then reads Qol O Val Allah?

> Ya `Afuw (The Pardoner)

That one sounded like OOF OOF (a Spanish erotical sound!)

> One who recites this name frequently, his sins will be pardoned.

How about one who recites his name erotically like OOF OOF?!

> Ya Ahad (The One)

Ya Akhi = Oh Brother!

> Recitation of this name 1000 times opens certain secrets.

Would it open locked Chastity belts too?

> Ya Akhir (The Last)

I am terribly sorry Lori Jan, but that truly sounded like:

Ya Yek KIR = Or one schlong!

> One who recites this name frequently will lead a good life and at the
> end of this life will have a good death.

I can do that without believing in the big guy!

> Ya-A`ali (The Most High)

Sounds like Yadollah!

> Frequent recitation of this name helps in destiny and in Traveling.

Hey you had to tell me that before I went around the world!

> Ya Alim (The All Knowing)

Sounds like:
Halim = a Persian breakfast meal, sort of like Persian Oatmeal!
Mohammed must have been hungry when he created that one!

> One who recites this name will become luminous and can be revealed by divine light (Nur).

Did they use Phosphorus, when they shined stuff back then to fool the people of Arabia, too?!

> Ya Awwal (The First)

You see, now you are beginning to sound guttery! Don't choke on it Lori, take the Bone out! And retake it gently with some Rose Water Gulab!

> Recitation of this name, 1000 times for 40 Fridays will help in getting a child.

Believe it or not, Sleeping with me naked, in a HOT summer night on the thin roof, will do the same result!

> Ya Azim (The Great One)

You mean he has a Big one too?!

> One who recites this name frequently will get respect from others.

Either that or an erection!

> Ya `Aziz (The Mighty)

But Aziz means Dear in Persian, what happened?

> Recite this name 40 times after fajr (morning) prayers for 40 days to be independent from need > from others.

Sweet Heart, if you repeat "Aziz" for 40 times, any day of the week and at any time, in Tehran, Qazvin or Qom, I will guarantee you that a crowd of 40 Big Boned Young Persian Horny Azab Dudes will follow you around Town, until they get in your pants and do the nasty with you!

> Ya Baatin (The Hidden)

Hidden Agenda?

> One who recites this name three times in a day will be
> able to see the truth in things.

Did you say three? You know what comes in threes, don't you? one Shambool and two Donbalan on each side, right?

> Ya Badi (The Incomparable)


> One who recites this name 70 times will be free from all troubles.

Either that or he will barf due to the guttery Arabic pronunciation!

> Ya Baa'is (The Resurrector)

And they say Allah does not recognize Bahais! Here's the proof of Allah considering Bahais as a rightfull minority group!

> One who recites this name will gain the fear of Allah.

You mean people do not fear him enough already?!

> Ya Baqi (The Everlasting)

Is that kuche baqi (green Ally) where we done some Yah Bah Youh Bah together?

> One who recites this name 100 times before sunrise will be saved from all disasters.

Or Falls in a deeper disaster!

> Ya Barr (The Source of all Goodness)

Sounds like Yavar!

> One who recites this name for his child, the child will be free from misfortune.

Would the child be molested too? You know them Muslim and marrying 6 to 9 year olds, don’t you?!

> Ya Basir (The All Seeing)

Did you say Bashar Al Assad, president of Syria?

> One who recites this name 100 times after Friday Prayers (Namaz) will
> get the esteem in the eyes of others

You mean by bending over during the Salath Al Jama'a (Group Prayer at the Mosque), the ones behind him will view the hole in the rear of his pants?

> Ya Basit (The Expander)

Don’t be expanding too much!

> One who recites this name 10 times after morning Prayers (Namaz) with
> open hands will get wealth.

What if he opens his hands and instead of wealth, Shiite falls on his hands from the sky?!

> Ya Fattah (The Opener)

Hey, I thought I'm the opener of them locked Chastity belts!

> One who recites this name will face the victory.

Oh ye, I often move to second base after sticking my hand down there and it usually ends to victory!

> Ya Ghaffar (The Forgiver)

Ghaffar, was a pimp in Shahreza Avenue, trading hookers! Are we talking the same deal?

> One who recites this name, his sins will be forgiven.

By repeating a pimp’s name? Holy Shiite!

> Ya Ghafur (The All Forgiving)

Is that Ghafoor-e Jahani, the center forward of Malavan-e Bandar-e Pahlavi Soccer Team?

> Recitation of this name helps in healing from headache, Fever & depression.

I don't know about all that, but Ghafoor-e Jahani made some great goals in Malavan but for some weird reason, he always screwed up some certain chances of score, when he played for the National Team!

> Ya Ghani (The Self Sufficient)

Did you say Moqani (Shiite Digger) Sewer Plumber?

> One who recites this name will be contented and not covetous.

Hey, now you are speaking above six grade level (Shish be bala), we don't understand those terms! Please:
A little Short bia! (Come a little short)!

> Ya Hadi (The Guide)

Hadi, esmeto be man Nahadi?

> One who recites this name frequently will gain spiritual knowledge.

Hadi is a pervert down in Kakh Avenue and one who recites his name even a few times will be Fingered by him deeply! Be careful girl!

> Ya Hafiz (The preserver)

Ok, enough is enough! Let go of Persian Poet's leg, and leave Hafez Alone please!

> One who recites this name 16 times each day will be protected against calamities.

Poor Hafez is shaking in his grave now!

> Ya Hakam (The Judge)

Let go of the Judge’s shorts!

> One who recites this name frequently at night,
> many secrets will be revealed to him / her.

Oh yea, keep on singing Al Hakam at night, and Doctor will pay you a visit, and I promise you, you will be seeing secrets that you have never seen before girl!

> Ya Hakim (The Wise)

Hey that’s my name, I'm the Doctor (Hakim)! Don't be giving away my name to Allah!

> One who recites this name continuously will
> prevent him / her from the difficulties in work.

No you got that one wrong! One who calls for a house call, might never be visited by the Doctor (Moa), because I am dead busy! One might even die, if she decides to wait on my house call! They best better take a appointment at the office!

> Ya Halim (The Forbearing One)

Halim again? You must be hungry girl?! I give you some Halim, a Persian Restaurant serves it in San Diego for Sunday mornings!

> Write this name on the piece of paper and put it where the seeds are
> sown, this will prevent from any disaster & calamity.

Waste of good paper! Go ahead kill the trees, if I care! I am not an environmentalist!

> Ya Hamid (The Praiseworthy)

I knew you had a relationship with Hamid! And all this time you played the role of a good house wife/English Teacher!

> One who recites this name will be loved and praised

Loved and praised by Hamid, you mean! That was in Tehran, right?

> Ya Haqq (The Truth)

Don't force yourself now! You sounded like choking on that one again! Take the bone out girl!

> One who recites this name will get his lost thing.

Zip a dee doo da de!

> Ya Hasib (The Reckoner)

Sounds like Hashish!

> One who starts reciting this name 70 times beginning Thursday for
> seven days and nights and at the 71st time recites "Habiyallah ul
> Hasib" will be free of fears from robbery & Jealousy.

No, one who smokes that stuff, specially the Afghan type, will be Fragged Up for a week!

> Ya Hayy (The Alive)

They say that to the horses, so they move!

> One who recites this name will have long life.

No, one who says that, will get the Persian Jack Ass to move fast! Or maybe Persian Donkey!

> Ya Jaame (The Gatherer)

You want Jame? I didn't know, you were in need of new clothes!

> One who recites this name will find lost things.

Either that, or he gets lost in things, himself!

> Ya Jabbar (The Compeller)

Now, Jabar means the oppressor, the dictator, what’s the deal?

> Recitation of this name helps to prevent from violence, severity or hardness.

Hey it’s vise versa!

> Ya Jalil (The Sublime One)

You mean you had a secret relationship with Jalil too! What the hell you been doing in Tehran and Shiraz? Are you sure, you were teaching English?

> One who writes this name on a piece of paper with musk and saffron,
> washes it, and drinks the water from a ceramic container made of
> earth, will be revered among men.

1. What a waste of expensive Saffron and Musk!
2. One who drinks that stuff will get high blood pressure and chokes on his vomit!

> Ya Kabir (The Most Great)

Well, thank you, thank you very much (Elvis Style), that’s me honey!

> One who recites this name 100 times will get esteem.

Oh ye.............

> Ya Karim (The Generous One):

Leave Karim out of this one! You already had enough affairs with other Persian men in Shiraz!

> One who recites this name will have esteem in this world.

Or esteem, maybe Steam in Tonban (Islamic Pajamas)!

> Ya Khabir (The Aware)

Sounds like Khamir (dough)!

> One who recites this name will be quickly freed from the bad habit.

Does that include masturbation too?! I couldn't help myself with that one!

> Ya Khafid (The Abaser)

Khafe means shut up! Khafid is past-tense for Khafe!

> Recitation of this name, 70,000 times in gathering after fasting for
> 3 days will be safeguarded from enemy.

Don't even go there! 70,000 times?!

> Ya Khaliq (The Creator)

Now I know for a fact that you choked on that one! A "Kh" and a "Q" letter and both in one word, must be very hard for a Anglo Woman who cannot even pronounce one! Did you choke on that one?

> Recitation of this name at night will create an angel.

No it will create Laryngitis of throat, cause it’s so guttery!

> Ya Bari (The Evolver)

Beryani Esfahani? That’s an Esfahani dish!

> Recitation of each 21 times will help women during child birth.

Forceps will do the same thing!

> Ya Musawwir (The Fashioner)

Is that Musavi Kani, or Musavi Khoiniha, or maybe Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini?!

> Ya Latif (The Subtle One)

That's you honey!

> One who recites this name 100 times after performing two rakats of
> Namaz will gets all his desires fulfilled.

You are so Latif (sensitive and soft to touch)!

> Ya Majeed (The Noble)

This is the fourth Persian Guy you been hanging with over there! Don't you think that’s enough? Have you no shame?

> One who recites this name, his heart will be enlightened.

His heart and somewhere else too!

> Ya Majid (The Most Glorious One)

The fifth guy!

> One who recites this name will gain glory.

Or gain Shanbalileh!

> Ya Malik (The Sovereign Lord)

Malik of Dubi or Malik of Emarat? You know,all these savage Arab Barbarians who are after you, look the same to me! Arabs are all look alike to me, so which one are we talking about?

> One who recites this name frequently will be respected and treated
> accordingly by others.

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

> Ya Malik-Al-Mulk (The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty)

Hey honey, don't go two syllables now! Ttake it easy now! Don't be double wording now! Step by step, Gamas Gamas, take it easy!

> One who recites this name will get esteem.

Steam again, ha?

> Ya Maani (The Preventer)

Sorry, Mani = Sperm in Persian! Don't get nasty now!

> One who recites this name will have a good family life.

Either that or asks for Mani, and gets pregnant by Al Mani!

> Ya Matin (The Firm One)

Leave Dr. Matin Daftari (National Democrative Front) out of this! Doc, just pulling your shorts! Only kidding!

> One who recites this name will be freed from any troubles.

I think Dr. Matin Daftari is married, will you leave him alone?!

> Ya Mu'akhkhir (The Delayer)

Holy Shiite! I know you choked on that one girl! Don't be Kh....Kh,,,, a lot, you might get Yogies in your throat!

> Reciting this name 100 times helps to love only Allah.

I'll Mu'akh KIR you!

> Ya Mubdi (The Originator)

Mobtadi? Beginner?

> Recitation of this name on pregnant woman will prevent her from abortion.

Either that or makes them choke by trying to speak guttery Arabic!

> Ya Mughni (The Enricher)

You called the Moqani again (Toilet Plumber)?

> One who recites this name 10 times for 10 Fridays will become self sufficient.

No, don't mess with the sewer system, call the plumber!

> Ya Muhaymin (The Protector)

Oh Shiite! Holy Shiite!

> One who recites this name with complete ablution, their inner being will be luminous.

Here we go with phosphorus again!

> Ya Muhsi (The Reckoner)

Moosh is a little mouse in Persian! I'll Mooshi you Lori!

> One who recites this name 1000 times will have easiness on the judgment day.

Or she might turn on the Great Ahreeman! The Dark Lord, I often call the cute girls, Mooshi!

> Ya Muhyi (The giver of life)

Giving something alright!

> One who recites this name will be helped in heavy burden.

Beast of Burden!

> Ya Mur'id (The Restorer)

Will you be my Morid (Student)?

> Recitation of this name 70 times will be helpful in safe return of the missing person.

Like you are my Murid and I am your Master!

> Ya Mu'izz (The Honorer)

Sounds like Zoolbia and Bamiyeh! Persian sweets!

> Reciting 140 times after isha prayer will help in attaining dignity in the eyes of others.

No, it will make you get hungry and then gain weight!

> Ya Mujib (The Responsive)

> Recitation of this name will fulfill appeals.

> Ya Mu'min (The Guardian of Faith)

In your case Mu'minah (Feminine)!

> One who recites this name will be free from any harm.

Have I told you about how you turn me on, when you try to pronounce Arabic Words with Arabic Accent and Tashdid emphasis?! The same way the Arabs pronounce it! It sounds like you are struggling with something in your throat! Oh boy!

> Ya Mumit (The Creator of Death)

You said Vomit?

> One who recites this name will be prevented from enemy.

Or he barfs!

> Ya Muntaqim (The Avenger)

> One who recites this name frequently will be victorious against his enemies.

> Ya Muqaddim (The Expediter)

Moqadamet Bedam!

> Recitation of this name is helpful in the battlefield

No 1000 times of repetition on this one?!

> Ya Muqit (The maintainer)

Maintain what? Sanity?

> One who recites this name on a glass of water and gives this water to
> bad mannered child, it will help the child in attaining good manners.

They had to let me drink that when I was a kid, now it’s too late!

> Ya Muqsit (The Equitable)

> One who recites this name will be free from the harm of the devil.

Oh baloney, the devil will always git you Lori!

> Ya Muqtadir (The Powerful)

That’s me honey, I'm big and strong with a big..................

> Recitation of this name helps to know the truth.

Oh it helps to whisper the big one's name alright!!!!!!

> Ya Muta'ali (The Most Exalted)

> One who recites this name frequently will gain the benevolence of Allah.

> Ya Mutakabbir (The Majestic)

That's me, the proud, The Arrogant, the selfish bastard (the only child)!

> Recitation of this name before having intercourse with wife will
> blessed with righteous child.

Oh ye, whisper my name during intercourse, and for sure you'll get twins!

> Ya Muzill (The Dishonorer)


> One who recites this name 75 times will be prevented from jealousy.

Or be eaten by a Loriasauros Troducktilus!
Hey Lori, guess what?
If you were a dinosaur, they would have named you "Brat-O-Sauros Michiganos"! :D

> Ya Naafi (The Propitious)

Who? Mamad Nafti? That’s Aghasi the singer?!

> One who recites this name continuously for four days will be
> prevented from any harm.

Amene, chashme to, jame sharabe maneh............lala la lalal la......... (by Aghasi)

> Ya Nur (The Light)

Too holy for me! I need Darkness to grow!

> One who recite this name will have inner light.

I wear my sunglasses at night
I wear my sunglasses at night
lala la lala la lala la.................
remember that one? (wink, wink)

> Ya Qabiz (The Constrictor)

Boa Constrictor?

> One who writes this name on 50 pieces of food (fruit, bread, etc) for
> 40 days will receive ample sustenance.

Or will be eaten in whole by a Constrictor!

> Ya Qadir (The Able)

You mean that you been with Abdol Qadir, the Arab Sheik too!?

> Recitation of this name helps in fulfilling one's desires.

I am sure Abdol Qadir, had his own special ways too! You know them Arabs never wear shorts since childhood, and their Zakar ol Kabir, gets to grow extremely Over Size!

> Ya Qahhar (The subduer)

You mean Qaherah (Cairo, Egypt)?

> One who recites this name will be made free from the attractions of
> the world and gain inner peace.

Aha-hem, Aha-hem , Ah-he............, Oh yeeeeeeee (Elvis)

> Ya Qawi (The most Strong)

That’s me again!

> One who recites this name with the intention of not being harmed,
> will be safe from his enemy.

I'll protect you honey!

> Ya Qayyum (The Self Subsisting)

I'll be your Qayem (Vali, Velaya) [supreme parent, Guardian] like Velayat Faqih (Supreme Guardian Leader) Imam Khamenei!

> One who recites this name will not fall into inadvertency.

Shatoooooooooooyi! Shataraq!

> Ya Quddus (The Holy)

Hey, Ghods, is an idiot member of IPC, he works for IRIB!

> One who recites 100 times every day will be free from anxiety.

Actually Ghods is quite anxious!

> Ya Raafi (The Exalter)

Is that Rafi Khachaturian? The Comedian?

> Reciting this name 100 times during day and night will make the person higher and rich.

> Ya Rahim (The Merciful)

The sixth Persian guy, that you confessed had a relationship with in Shiraz! Now forget about Tehran! Forget about it (Italian Style)!

> One who recites this name seven times will be under Allah's protection.

Or under Rahim's you know what!

> Ya Raqib (The Watchful)

Don't go out with Raqib (competitor), I work on you later!
Ba Raqib birun nari! Ba'dan rut kar mikonam!

> One who recites this name seven times will be under Allah's protection.

Under Allah's Shambool?!

> Ya Rashid (The Guide to the Right Path)

Hey Rashid means tall in Persian, so that’s me again, I am 6' 3"!

> One who recites this name 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha Namaz
> will be safe from troubles.

I'll do it in Maghreb to Esha, from west all the way to the east! You don't even need to say the word 1000 times!

> Ya Ra'uf (The Compassionate)

Well thank you, thank you very much (Elvis style)!

> Recitation of this name gives the blessing of Allah.

Or blessing of the King of Rock & Roll!

> Ya Razzaq (The Provider)

What? ZZZZZagh?

> One who recites this name will be provided with sustenance from Allah.

> Ya Sabur (The Patient)

That’s you! You have so much patience, to keep calm and read all the way to the bottom of all this crap that I have written! :D

> One who recites this name 3000 times will be rescued from any difficulty.

Oh ye Amen!

> Ya Salaam (The Source of Peace)

Salam Lori Jan, khubi? Chetori? Jigareto! (I want your liver!)

> One who recites this name 160 times to a sick person will regain health.

Or die of exhaustion, one way or another!

> Ya Samd (The Eternal)

That’s Samad Aqa to you!
Remember Samad Aqa (Parviz Sayyad's comic Character)?!

> One who recites this name frequently will be helped in need.

I have needs! Can you satisfy my needs Lori?

> Ya Samii (The All Hearing)

I always knew that you are deaf to logic!

> One who recites this name 100 times without speaking to anyone on
> Thursday after the Zuhr prayer, Allah will bestow on him / her any desire.

Or he or she becomes deaf!

> Ya Shaahid (The Witness)

Lori, be my witness here, I am committing apostasy here and a Sin by bad mouthing Allah!

> One who recites this name will get obedient child.

Hey I get girls pregnant too!

> Ya Shakur (The Appreciative)

Baz ham shekar khordi, ghand shekasti?
Have you eaten sugar and broken sugar cube again? (Spoken nonsense)

> Recitation of 41 times will helps in healing from depression.

Prozac does that, best!

> Ya Tawwab (The Acceptor of Repentance)

> One who recites this name frequently, his repentance will be accepted.

> Ya Waali (The Governor)

> One who recites this name and breathes it into his house, his house
> will be free from danger.

> Ya Wali (The Protecting Friend)

Imam Khamenei would love to be your Vali!

> One who recites this name will be the protected one

By Imam!

> Ya Wadud (The loving)

Did you say Wa-Dool?

> Reciting this name 1000 times on food before eating will help in
> making compromise between two persons.

1000 times repeating Dool, can kill you!

> Ya Wahhab (The Bestower)

I didn't know you are Wahhabi! I thought you are Shiite!

> One who recites this name 100 times after two rakats of Namaz will
> get all needs fulfilled.

Hey you don't need to read Namaz to fulfill your desires! Girls often do that by visiting my office and ending up on top of my Large L Shaped Desk at the School! But I always have to move all the folders/papers/Briefcase out of the way so I can lie them down!

> Ya Wahid (The Unique)

Vahid, the seventh Persian dude you are confessing to have an affair with and all at the same time and in Iran back then!

> One who recites this name alone and in a quiet place will be free from fear and delusion.

Or free from her clothes! Or vise versa!

> Ya Wajid (The Finder)

> One who recites this name will have richness of heart.

> Ya Wakil (The Trustee)

You wanna Vakil (Lawyer)?
Divorcing the hubby already?
Husband number what?
You want half?
Oh boy!

> One who recites this name will have long life.

Or long wealth! Depending on how much money the hubby got!

> Ya Warris (The Supreme Inheritor)

Ok, if you be good, you can be Warris of my Porsche, no no I love that one too much, can be Warris of my Jag Sedan after I die! Every time you ride that Jaguar, it will feel like you are sitting on my laps!

> One who recites this name will have long life.

or long....................

> Ya Wasi (The All Embracing)

> Recitation of this name will eradicate poverty.

> Ya Zaahir (The Manifest)

My manifest is to protect and serve as many women as possible, during my lifetime, including neighbor's daughters!

> One who recites this name 15 times after Friday prayer, will get divine light in his heart.

Or divine light in lower body! More like a shock!

> Ya Zaarr (The Distresser)

Inqadr Gerye Zari nakon dokhtar!
Don't cry for me Argentina.........lala Allah lala Allah...........

> One who recites this name will gain status.

Status in Qandahar? Or Buenos Aires?

> Ya Zul Jalal Wal Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty)

The Hell was that?

> One who recites this name frequently will get good wealth

I told you don't do 2 or 3 syllable words or Multi Arabic Words, they can get stuck in your throat and then we need to take you to the emergency room 911, to get the Arab Tabooli out of your throat! :D


The word crazy, C R A Z Y means that you are still crazy about me as always!

> ALQAMAH and of course,

Bazam Arabi Balqur kardi?
Rhetorics in Arabic again?!

> Respectfully, Lori

Be Omide Ahreeman The Great Lord of Under
Modestly Ahreeman!


Lori Jan, I know I been hard on you, but you know me, I am a SOB by nature!

Tell Ahreeman all about your issues, I try not to be an Ass! It makes you feel better Sugar! C’mon here and sit on Poppa Ahreeman’s lap and tell Ahreeman all about your problems …

No more names for Allah?

I thought you were going on and on and on and the Energizer battery Rabbit!
Thank God it’s over, Shewwwwwww that’s enough girl!

Arabic is ringing in my ears! Are you sure, you’re not some type of Arab or something?
I thought you were Persian?!

I believe that you missed one name for Allah:

Ya Taqan (Yataqan = An Auto Part similar to Yatashakh, which is a Turkish long and hard …. But we don’t want to go there!)

And if you grab a Yataqan, grease it well and then ……, well, some of your wishes may come true (Riot, Murder, Killer, ….. I kill myself)!

Still your family doctor

Dr. X

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