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IRI Amateur Terrorist Bloopers!
Ahreeman X
February 25, 2012


Let’s analyze the recent incidents, learn from them and dig deeper in to the true intentions of each party and the role which they play in the current events, so we can predict the future events! Are you ready? Ready, Set, Let’s Roll:

MOSSAD vs. IRI Baboons!

What is it with the IRI that everything they have touched for the past 33 years have turned to Shiite?! They simply cannot get anything right! Everything goes wrong or turns to Shiite! I mean c’mon let’s take a look at the recent terror episodes and compare and comparison:

MOSSAD Activities
MOSSAD assassinates 5 Iranian nuclear scientists one after another with the rate of 100 % success, bam bam bam bam and bam!

IRI Baboons’ Activities
IRI Baboons in charge at Tehran and abroad do grand screw ups!

First they put a used car salesman in charge of a terror operation because his cousin is a big shot IRGC Commander. The cousin does “Parti Bazi” to grant his cousin a job and the big dough. So the operation gets fragged, not that they cannot terror anyone and the operation goes belly up but disgracefully the salesman gets captured alive and confesses to the whole screw up! The salesman exposes the whole operation and connections in Iran. How stupid was that?!

Should US Invade and Liberate Iran?

Second the IRI Baboons try to get revenge from MOSSAD and do an under the table job and hush hush (like the 5 Iranian Scientists) do a job on the Israeli diplomats around the globe (India and Thailand)! Both operations go belly up, not that they could not assassinate any Jews but they managed to blew themselves up due to mistakes and mismanagement of the explosives! The ones who did not get blown away by their own frag ups, ran away and while running away, got caught by the police, thrown grenade at the police, the grenade bounces back to him and blows himself up! I mean what kind of Frag Up is that?

So the Great IRI Baboon Terrorists could not kill any Jews but they blew themselves up and they played “Bouncy the Grenade Ball” with the police and got caught. Then they once again confessed to the whole ordeal and how stupid the operation was designed and put to action.

So what does IRI trying to prove to the world?

The Stupid Liberal CNN (Communist News Network) announced that Iran is trying to send a message to Israelis and the World that no one is safe! Wow, Really?

Was this the message? 3 Frag Ups around the globe and 3 failed assassinations and 3 getting caught and 3 self blew ups?!

Yes, IRI is sending a message alright! A message to the world that we are so stupid and amateur that we cannot even do a Terror right! We do 3 different terror operations and we Frag Up all of them, our terrorists get killed by their own bombs and they get arrested and confess to how stupid we are! That is the clear message of IRI to MOSSAD and the globe! Hey world, take a look at us, we are Idiots!

What was MOSSAD’s message? We managed to kill 5 Iranian Scientists in hush hush and Iranians did not even bother to recognize the action and give us credit for it because it was so damn embarrassing! So we decided to also not talk about it and take credit for them (MOSSAD Style)!

Ahreemanic Advice to IRI to Become Better Terrorists!

Advice One
IRI is Better off Getting Lebanese and Palestinians Killed as Terrorists!

Iranians make bad terrorists and really sad Suicide Bombers! IRI is better fighting the Jews to the last drop of the Lebanese and Palestinian blood! At least Hezbollah and Hamas have more experience in killing Jews and commit Terrorism! Even if they manage to screw up, hell it is expected and they don’t get embarrassed globally! Besides, the globe is already expecting for a few Arabs to screw up and get themselves blown up once a while! Hey, what’s the big deal with a few Arabs getting blown up here or there, a hand or an arm blown up here or there? It’s all casualties of the war, Oops excuse me casualties of Jihad for the greater good and the will of Allah! Allah-o Akbar!

IRI is best to play the role of the “Islamic Terrorists’ God Father” (Marlon Brando Style)! IRI can fund, arm and train the Arabs and then let the Arabs to run around the streets screaming Allah Lala Lala Lala Lala Allah-o Akbar and blow themselves up properly! Persians make bad terrorists and suicide bombers, so let the Arabs do the job right! Just pay the Arabs half the dough (in this life) and tell Allah to pay them the other half (in afterlife) and send the Arabs to run around, scream Hala Lala Lala Lala Lala in the streets and blow up the Saudi Ambassadors and Jew Diplomats!

Advice Two
Learn Proper Terrorism from Your Elder Prophet and Saints!

For Allah’s sake IRI has become a global joke by pulling their latest assassination attempts. Get a life, get a job and get a career on how to become good professional terrorists! Do the job right and perform Halaal Assassinations and Islamically Correct assassinations. Do the assassination right the way it used to get done during the Mohammed’s time! Learn from the Prophet Mohammed and the way they used to do it during the Golden Years of Islam.

Mohammed, Abu Bakr, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, …… now they were Real Terrorists and they knew how to kill Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, and other infidels. All you have to do is to go and reads the Bloody Quran, Hadith and Islamic Texts and learn from your elders, prophet and saints!

Islam a Dangerous Political Ideology

All you imbeciles have to do is to read the history of Islam and the campaigns of Mohammed slaughtering the Jewish Tribes. Go and learn how Mohammed slaughtered the Jews by tens of thousands and not a single Muslim screwed up and managed to self annihilate! Now that is what I call 100 % success rate!

For Allah’s sake, if you must be the “Patriarch of the Global Islamic Terrorism” then do it right, Mohammed’s Style!

C’mon sing it baby:

Do it like they done it at Mohammed’s era …
Doing me, doing you, we can be good terrorists,
Just if we do it like they done it at the Prophet’s era…
C’mon child let’s sing along …
Doing the Jews, doing the Christians, doing the infidels, …
Not to screw up like IRI, but do it properly and Halaal …
Like they done it at Mohammed’s era …..
Lala Lala Lala La La Allah Alala Alala Allah-o Akbar …..

Learn from Mohammed

La Ellaha Ella Allah, Ya Mohammad al Rasoul Allah ….
Prophet knows best and he was the greatest Assassin and Terrorist of all times!
For Allah’s sake, learn form the Prophet of Islam.

IRI Legacy!

So what has been the IRI Legacy so far?
Hmmmm……. Let’s see, let me think, hmm ……….

Fragging up the Land of Aryans and the Iranian Nation for so far 33 years ….
Turning Iran to a Pile of Shiite ……
Being bad at everything even at Terrorism and Assassinations!
Isolating Iran.
Being a Global Joke!
I better stop here. That is enough of IRI Achievements during the last 3 decades!

Who Supports IRI?

Thugs indeed! Only Thug Regimes such as China and Russia support IRI. China and Russia are (Totalitarian Capitalist Regimes) posing as Communist (China) and Democratic (Russia). China and Russia support every small (North Korea) or big (IRI) thug regime around the globe. China and Russia sell their own mothers for profits. China and Russia have no principles. This is why China and Russia have been supporting IRI for 33 years.

Why The World Doesn’t Want a Nuclear IRI?

Everyone is mistakenly assumes that the West does not want a nuclear Iran because of the Western Imperialism and because they want to keep Iran behind and backward!

Some say Israel and America do not want a nuclear Iran because of security reasons and they are afraid that IRI may use the nukes to blow up US or Jewish cities.

Well I am here to testify that all the above are wrong!

Do you really wanna know why the Globe does not want a Nuclear Iran?

Because the West and Israel are humanitarian people and they care about Iranians’ Safety! You ask why? You ask hows that? Well it is very simple!

The caring Jews and Christians and Infidels are concern about the safety of the Iranians! They know for sure that if IRI makes homemade Nuclear Bombs and Missiles, the first thing that they will manage to blow up will be a large size Iranian city maybe Esfahan where some facilities are!

The world knows what a Frag Up the IRI is. Just take a look at the recent assassination attempts! They only used a little explosive and see what were the results! They blew themselves up, crippled themselves and got themselves arrested! Now just imagine what can IRI do with a massive atomic bomb! Is it really farfetched for them to blow up an Iranian historic city?

Everyone knows these Baboon Half Breeds cannot get anything right. Look at what they have done to Iran since 1979! They screwed up every aspect of the Iranian civilization, culture and society.

IRI Scientists are like the Absent Minded Professor!

Mullahs, Hezbollah, Basij and other Iranian Muslims are natural Frag Ups! What makes you think that their scientists aren’t? Remember Jerry Lewis in Absent Minded Professor?

IRI Scientists are as much of a Frag Ups as their bosses! For Allah’s sake, if they were good, then they would have been working for US! Look at all the Iranian Scientists working for Pentagon, NASA, US Armed Forces, US Nuclear Programs, etc.

All the rejects are still living in Tehran and are trying to make bombs! Of course they are Screw Ups! That’s why they have been taking so long to make a bloody damn bomb! Iranian Scientists living in Tehran do not know the difference between their Neutrons, Electrons and their Halaal or Haraam! They get the reactors, centrifuges and the generators mixed with their Shambool (Penis) and Lavat (Halaal Islamically Correct Anal Sex) and then suddenly Quran, Hadith, Lavat and Khar Zahreh they all get mixed up with the Nuclear Fuel and then Kaboom Kabazoooooooom there goes Esfahan high in the sky! Pop goes the Daisy!

Jews and Americans don’t need to blow up Iran’s nuclear facilities because IRI is the mother of stupidity, clumsiness and failure! IRI will perfectly manage to blow up the complete cities of Esfahan, Arak, Natanz and who knows maybe even Tehran! Yes, Israel and US do not need to blow up IRI’s Nuclear Facilities because the IRI Scientists and Hezbollah will do it themselves! These imbeciles can’t tell their right hand from the left!

For God’s sake Americans and Israelis love the Iranian people and they don’t want them to get hurt. That is why they try stopping these Shiite Baboons to create Nuclear Bombs with their homemade recopies! They are already aware of the IRI Homemade Recipes and where does it leads to! Americans and Israelis want to save the Iranian people from IRI. In other words this is what they are saying:

Uncle Sam and Uncle Menahem: IRI please do not go nuclear and have mercy on the innocent Iranian people!

The first casualty of the Nuclear Iran will be a few Iranian cities with millions of dead Iranians. Why? Because IRI is a Frag Up!

And there’s your prayer ……. Go figure ……

I feel so sorry for the Iranian population living in the vicinity of the Iran’s 21 nuclear sites. They act as the guinea-pigs for these Eye-Rainian Nuclear Scientists’ experiments and everyone knows that these Eye-Rainian Scientists cannot tell the difference between their dicks and Khiyar Chambar (Long Cucumber), hell, they may even bite their penises off and chew on them assuming that they are eating cucumbers! They may even make salads with them!

May their Allah save their Ignorant Souls and may Ahuramazda save the Iranians from IRI and may True Persians save Iran from these idiots and Half Breed Muslims.


Dr. X

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