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Interview with Ahreeman X: Q & A

Ahreeman, the Messenger of Allah!
Interview with Ahreeman X: Q & A

From Book of Ahreeman by Ahreeman X
Written in this House O Evil, on
1st Edition: November 27, 2008
2nd Edition: February 9, 2017

Warning: Ahreemanic Oriented Material
* Teenagers (13 – 19) read with parental supervision.
* Preteens (10 – 12) read with parental permission! If no permission is given, then continue watching your daily Internet Porn or Hidden Cameras in Obama’s White House (now Black House) Site, makes no difference whatsoever!
* Children (0 – 9) get the hell out of here! What are you doing in IPC? Go play different games, depending on where you are: Hide and Seek (if outside Iran) or Pin the Espionage on the Jew (if inside Iran)!
* Muslims (All Ages) read with the lights on and a Quran in hand!

Q & A from
"Ahreemanic Institute of Advanced Studies"!

Questions by IPC Student Beche (Esfahani Accent)
Answers by Ahreeman

* * *

- Ahreeman, The Messenger of Allah!? How ironic? How is that possible?

Beche, grab your pen and paper so you can document how.

- Tell us Ahreeman?

You see, from time to time, "Little Allahic Worms" (Arabo-Islamic Saboteurs) enter this "House O Evil" (IPC), solely to bash Ahreeman! Now we do not mind constructive criticism, juicy debates and sophisticated discussions, yet when they solely come here to bash via no logic, then that's when Ahreeman goes "In Gear"!

- Two Questions?


- First, what are Allahic Worms?

Good question Beche. You are a bright student. Allahic Worms are similar to "Allahic Virus" (refer to The Iranian Disease Series).

The Iranian Disease

They are cancerous Islamic parasites, yet they are little, green and crawly! They go around, seeking to spread the words of Allah, bash Ahreeman or both!

- Why are they Green?

Because Green is the color of Islam; therefore, they are little green "Allahic Worms"! Sometimes, they are little Tolab Boys with their little green turbans, look alike "Allahic Green Worms"!

- Second, what happens when Ahreeman goes "In Gear"?

Aha, good question. Unlike other scholars, Ahreeman simply cannot ignore these worms and say: "Javab-e Ablahan Khamushist" (The response to the ignorant is silence); therefore, Ahreeman must surely go in gear!

- So what happens?

So Ahreeman goes "In Gear", he grabs these Allahic Worms by their puny necks, takes them to the backrooms of IPC, down in dark storage rooms! Then he bangs them on the head, with a mighty blow from "Haji Kuchike" (The Mighty Ahreemanic Schlong)! Once they get hit, they become very disoriented, so suddenly they see the light of Allah!

- Is that what happened to Muhammad?

Good perspective Beche, you are very observant. It could might as well be the case! It is possible that some Arab banged Muhammad with his Mighty Schlong on the head, and Bam, there Muhammad seen the vision of Angel Gabriel and Allah! Bam, light of Allah appeared!

- Ahreeman, then what happens?

Next, Ahreeman bends them over, similar to the position of reading Namaz (Salath)! These Tolab Boys, I mean Little Green Worms are as obedient as Baby Lambs! Right away they bend over in to submission position to Allah or Ahreeman, makes no difference!

- Then what happens?

Then Ahreeman Frags the Shiite out of them! Ahreeman Frags them up the Shiiter, hard and firm! They keep on screaming "Allah O Akbar", but Ahreeman takes this as a good omen and Frags harder! Once, Haji Kuchike reaches their throats, they grow new tonsils! At this point, Haji Kuchike knocks them down the chin, kind o like a "Boxing Upper Cut"! This action, pops their head back like a whiplash, so in a way, once more they get knocked on the head by Haji Kuchike, yet this time from the bottom!

- Then what happens?

Then due to double concussions, they once more see the light of Allah; furthermore, Allah appears to them!

- Wow, you sound very experienced?!

Actually I have also done this to Arab Women! Only Allah knows, how many Arab Women have seen the light of Allah through Ahreeman!

- So you do divine work?

But of course!

- I see, and that's why Ahreeman acts as The Messenger of Allah!

That's right,
Ahreeman's my name,
Fragging pious folks into Enlightenment is my game!

- Today, we have learned a lot from you Ahreeman!

Glad to be of help. Next time, I will tell you many more stories about my numerous enlightenings of virgin pious Christian girls!

- Christians too?!

Oh yes, the more pious they are, the louder passionate sounds they make!

- But they are Christians?

Ahreeman is neither prejudice nor racist. Ahreeman Fingers and Frags All Races, Religions, Ages, Genders and in between! Ahreeman is an "Equal Opportunity Fragging Enlightener" (Politically Correct)!

- Ahreeman Enlightens all?

Yes my son, that's why:
Ahreeman is Generous!

- So what happens after Ahreeman enlightens pious Muslims?

They become humble and turn to Islamist Apologists!

- Thank you for your time Ahreeman.

Ahreeman is always in service of humanity!

- Allah bless you: "Ahreeman, the Messenger of Allah"!

Ahreeman bless you my son!

- No thanks, I'm afraid I know how your blessing goes!

Ahreeman is Merciful!

- Any final words for our readers?

Read a page of IPC a day,
It keeps The Quran away!
It's like sweets in a tray,
It's smooth as a clay,
An Ahreemanic Quote a day.

Never leave home without it!
And it's surely more rewarding than Quran.



The Essence of Evil!

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