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Bernie Sanders Rally Coconut Voters!
Ahreeman X
April 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders Socialist Scary Face!
Bernie: Now wait a second, this is the size of my Schlong! You are only allowed to have this much wealth after distribution and not a bit more!
Bernie: The Socialist Boogeyman Yo Mama was warning you about is me, migam Looloo bokhoret ha!

Howdy Folks

Bernie Sanders Rally Coconut Voters! Damn, that sounds like a 1960s B Movie made on a Bad Acid Trip! That sounds like “Magical Mystery Tour of the Yellow Submarine”!

Now seriously, no really, honestly, I am damn serious, I am trying hard to keep a straight face, truly speaking, have you ever seen a pack of more bizarre oddballs and rag tag bunch o misfits than Bernie Sanders voters?! I mean all the cockroaches come out of the woodwork in to the street! These are Bernie Sanders’ Coconut Voters! These folks are surely Cuckoo Nuts and Coconuts!

Bernie Sanders Socialist Dreams Goodnight Stories Cartoon

I mean seriously, you got your average neighborhood anarchist, Marxist, revolutionary wanna be, Gimme Gimme Free Tuition Student, Mother’s Garage Based 30 year old baby, Confused American Muslim Convert, Environmentalist Whacko, Tree Hugger Geek, Animal Right Nut Job, Militant Vegetarian, Vegan Skeleton posing as human, Fur Trasher Animal Rescuer, Eco Terrorist, Global Warming Conspirator, Climate Change Dooms Day Theorist, Doom and Gloom Theorist, Neo Socialist Justifier, Islamist Apologist, Mainstream American Islamist, Bull Dyke, Sissy Gay Boy, Militant Gay , the Gay boy with rooster top hairdo, Chick with Dick, Transsexual with Mustache, Transvestite with armpit hair, Bisexual Minority Status Seeker, Mexican Flag Waver, Hippie, Yuppie, Junkie, Jippie, Geek Hacker, Nerd Cyber Hijacker, virus creator, Turd Loser, Punker, Junker, Funker, Bunker, Peeper, Hipster and local neighborhood child molester hanging around Bernie campaign to hook up with Teenage girls or boys, all and all in one place, the Bernie Sanders Rallies?!

By accident, I swear to you by accident and for the first time, yesterday I tuned in to C-SPAN 1 on Bernie Sanders Rally! As a political junkie, my intention was to push the switch (back and forth button) to switch between FOX and CNN, but to hear the complete speeches, I drop by C-SPAN 1; therefore, suddenly I tuned in and guess what have I seen? What a hoot! It was a zoo out there! Was this a rally or was it a nostalgic show from the 1960s? It felt like Woodstock out there!

Bernie Sanders Halloween Trick or Treat Cartoon

Bernie was about to finish his usual rhetoric and suddenly every Joe, Shmoe, Bozo, Moonchild, Dagwood, Hassan and Zeynab jumped the stage and done a sing along, Hippie flower song with a sadly tuned grunge band on the side stage!

It was so bizarre, so bizarre indeed! This cheesy out of tune grunge band was playing out of beat drums and screeching guitar while a Muslim girl with lachak head scarf and thick tattoo eyeliner was dancing wild with hands up in the air in front of Bernie, with Bernie and sometimes hugging Bernie!

Bernie Sanders Young Voters and Hillary Clinton Cartoon

There was this gay boy toy with rooster top hairdo who looked so excited to be there and I asked myself why?! He looked like he was about to throw a fit or an orgasm! The Gay boy was so hyper that I thought any moment he would faint! Every few seconds he would wave the Bernie banner, jerk his rooster crown hair top, to the left side with a feminine quick jerk motion and smile a welcoming gay grin to the camera! The Gay boy’s hairdo was so erotic; however, his face was similar to the missing link; therefore, that right there killed all possible erections! I couldn’t help myself but talking to the TV again: “Boy, go get a life, a job and a career in that order” I shouted!

There was this pot head with canvas shirt and hemp hat doing the baboon or monkey, there was this nerd with dork glasses and beanie hat doing the boogaloo, next was this left over from the 60s whom industrial revolution has passed him by, jumping up and down with the off tune band song; lastly this black brotherly loved actress Rosario Dawson was filming the rally with her mobile phone, circling around herself amazed like a little girl in the candy store!

Suddenly the camera would zoom on the band where the guitar player was wearing a Russian Gulag Siberian hat out of USSR era and the junkie drummer was dancing to his own off tune beat!

Suddenly camera zoomed back on the main stage focusing on a Cumbaya hand holding dance via the rag tag wanna be students demanding free everything from tuition to condoms! Then a circle of solid supporters including but not limited to the sissy faggy Gaylord, Pot head, hippie, yuppie, geek girl in leotard, nerd boy in plaid and Zeynab Muslimette in rag started their twisted and highly 1960s erotic dance around Bernie while Bernie was also trying to participate in the dance by shaking his moneymaker AKA old geriatric hip bones!

The Muslim girl was a riot! She was doing something in between the Arabic belly dance and Macarena! Did she even know that music and dance are haraam in Islam? Finally the horrifying song and dance was over and the Muslim girl with lachak hugged and humped Bernie’s bones, squeezing him so hard that the Matzah Balls juice squeezed out of his Geritol kosher bones!

I swear to you, between the Muslim girl and the geek girl sandwiching Bernie, the Polack Atheist Jew Marxist Revolutionary popped his eyeglasses, got climaxed out and almost fell on the floor! The campaign manager was puzzled if he would have supposed to call 911 or the Nursing Home?!

This was a crossover between a cheesy 1960s B Movie and a Black and White Politically Correct and Socialistically Blessed Russian Porn from the old Kazakhstan SSR of the USSR!

It was a film noir scene out of the Woodstock mixed with Ken State Shenanigans during the Vietnam War!

I went like: Oh My God! What the FAQ is this?! What kind o Shiite are they piling up?! Are these people seriously retarded, degenerated, demented or all the above?! For a second I thought that I died and travelled back in time putting a flower in US GI Joe’s rifle barrel in Ken State!

Then I pinched and kicked myself really hard so I would wake up from this never ending nightmare!

Everyone was there, the sissy gay boy, the transvestite with 4 o’clock shadow and skirt demanding to use the female bathroom, the militant gay demanding minority status due to sexual preference, the pot head munching on nachos, the D Student demanding free money, the Trashy Muslim Girl trying to cover her hair under her rag, sorry I mean scarf, while moving to the beat, the retarded nerd boy in glasses and hemp hat, the lesbian militant with her butch hair, the bull dyke with her bull dog, the illegal Mexican with his sombrero and little Mexican flag, the Hippie with his bell bottoms and the yuppie with his adult diaper, all and all were there!

It was an orgy from yester years and future despairs! One would not know how to join? Should he grab a Hookah Pipe and smoke the hash, should he put a crown of flowers and sing Cumbaya or shall he grab the S&M boots and the whip to join the party?! It was surely puzzling!

I honestly did not know how to react to this extravaganza! I did not know if I should have drop by my old clothes closet to find a pair of bell bottoms to put on, run to the garden to pick and put a flower in my hair, play Mamas and Papas old 8 Track or Cassette, or just grab the Viagra, one for me and 3 for Bernie and jump the stage, joining the Gay Cumbaya, Hand Holding, Hippie Arabic Dance with an extra condom?!

Right there, I knew that all my past liberal education gained from Nick Junior, Nickelodeon, MTV and Logo the TV for the Modern Gays would pay off! So I was almost there, jumping the stage and doing the Liberal Arabic Belly Dance with Bernie and the Zeynab Sister sandwiching me while screams of erotic joy and Allah O Akbar filled the air and the socialist fists roamed the air, but suddenly Blondie and Brunetti slapped me hard, each on one cheek (Jesus Style)! They said, hey Ahreeman, wake up; you have been mesmerized by Bernie Sanders 1960s Erotic Rally Show! Looks like you were hypnotized, wake up boy, you been having a nightmare on the couch!

That surely brought me back to reality and woke me up! Damn, I almost lost it! Glad to be back on Earth …..

Back to life, back to reality,
Back to life, Back to reality,
Sing it boy,
Back to life …..

It was amazing how Bernie promised free everything, the Earth and the Moon to his people and they went along with this dream while cheering for Bernie to tax 90% to the Evil Rich and the working people so he could hand over all the free stuff to these free loaders!

The amazing Bernie Sanders Rallies, made in Retro 1960s Woodstock style!
Only with Bernie Sanders Rally Coconut Voters!
Only with Bernie baby, only with Bernie ….

And there’s your prayer …..


Dr. X

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