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Carter Wants My Donation!

What Would You Donate to Jimmy Carter?
Carter Wants My Donation!

Ahreeman X
August 15, 2009

Ahreeman: C’mon baby, in afterlife you’ll be all mine!
Jimmy Carter: This guy won’t stop unless he skewers me on fire top!



Amongst my hundreds of amazing weekly e-mails, this one truly stood out and I simply could not pass, not replying to it and publishing the reply! In fact I am going to publish the e-mail and my reply as an article and then link it to the famous:

E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Names and Addresses are abbreviated or blanked for respecting the privacy of the sender.

Dream of Carter’s 2nd Administration has come True by the …
Carter’s Illegitimate Son named Hussein!
See the resemblance? The Teeth, The Nose, …
It happened in one hot night at a Madrasah in Palestine!

So your favorite Chef, Ahreeman is cooking again and stirring things up. Voila, here’s your H'ordeuvres … Bon appetite! Open wide and say Ahhh……

Jimmy Carter: Ohoy city folks, JC the peanut farmer needs your donation to build his legacy! What will yous good city folks donate to me (Googly Eyes)?! What you’all gots for me? C’mon gimme some?

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi photographs
The E-mail

From: EB < … >
Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 7:48 AM
Subject: Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi photographs


I am contacting you on behalf of C Productions in …., VA regarding your pictures of the late Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.  C is a media production company that develops films and interactive media for museums and education centers across the United States.  We are currently putting
together an educational video that traces the life of our former president Jimmy Carter.  The image of the late Shah will be used to show the relationship between he and the US and the history of the turmoil that
occurred in 1979.  I am specifically looking for high resolution images of those on your website  These photographs are named as follows:

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Shah smile
Shah of Iran poses 1
Shah in uniform
Portrait of Shah
A portrait of Shah

We will most likely use only one or two of these photos for our video.  As stated before, this is an educational piece intended to be shown only in the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum, and is not intended to be duplicated for distribution or for profit.  Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Address: C Productions, ..., ….,  VA ….
Phone: (…) …-….

*      *      *

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi photographs
The Reply

From: Ahreeman X
To: C Productions

Dear EB:

I am extremely glad that you have brought up this subject! It is an honor to play a small role in donating to the Carter Meuseum, Library, Film and remembrance of this Great American President! Please allow me to on behalf of Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi and All True Iranian Nationalists, inform you of what we truly feel about Mr. Carter! I take this golden opportunity to express how I truly feel about Jimmy Carter …

Before I respond to you, would you please read the 2 quotes below from 2 of my articles?

1. Read below quote from this article:

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

{ Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Reasons # 16 and 17:

XVI. Carter's direct policy of Human Rights which he forced in Shah's throat, instead of backing him up against the Islamist Terrorists! Carter's Human Rights policy became Iran's main nightmare! Carter was also responsible for not supporting his major Ally, Shah. In a way, Carter had lost Iran (same as he lost Panama Canal and Panama). Jimmy Carter and his foreign policy caused America to destroy a great friend (Imperial Iran) and to create a new powerful enemy (Islamic Republic of Iran). Carter and CIA were directly responsible for creation and expansion of the Neo Islamist Fundamentalism in the world lead by Khomeini.

XVII. Carter's policy of creating a Green Belt (Islamist Regimes) around the old USSR to help fighting the communism. Eventually Communism got destroyed but a new enemy was reborn which named Islam! This policy backfired in the West's face! Carter and CIA were responsible for creation and aid of Khomeini, the father of Neo Islamist Fundamentalism and in return, Khomeini started the new wave of Islamism which gave birth to all Islamic fundamentalist movements such as Hezbollah, Al Hams, Al Jihad and every other fundamentalist group and organization around the world. Carter and CIA did the same with Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Green Belt Policy of Carter had created the new enemy far worst than Communism. This new enemy was in fact an old enemy, which was sleeping for centuries, but Carter did not just wake him up, yet also aided him to grow strong. Carter is directly responsible for creation of the new global Islamist Terrorism. It is funny that Norwegians and Liberals grant him the Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize)! }

*      *       *

… and then would you …

2. Read below quote from this article:

Why John McCain for US 2008 Elections?

{ Learn from the History – The Jimmy Carter Episode!

Allow me to take you for a walk through the history …

Let me tell you a story about the God Father and Guru of the Democratic Party, worshipped and followed as a role model by all the Dems and let me tell you what he had done to America and Iran.

Jimmy Carter is one of the most indecisioned, weak, tragic and useless presidents that United States ever had! His global foreign policy had brought the US to her knees! His disastrous foreign policies caused America to lose the Panama Canal and along with it Panama in to the arms of a Dictatorial Drug Dealing Regime. His catastrophic so-called Human Rights policy had destroyed Iran (1979).

One minute he was supporting the Shah and giving him the green light to suppress the Islamist Reactionaries. The other minute he was singing his Human Rights tunes and lecturing the Shah to let the Islamists loose with a free hand to protest. This “Stop and Go policy” had eventually thrown Iran in to the arms of the Islamist Fundamentalists and brought Khomeini to power.

Shah was a weak and sick man with cancer. In his normal days, he could not make a decision, set aside in his sick days! Shah was always keeping an eye to DC for orders and unfortunately Carter was the Big Cajona in DC at the time!

It is strictly Carter’s bad policy and CIA’s sad policy that United States of America had lost her greatest Ally in the Middle East and one of her greatest partners in the world, the Imperial Iran. In returns, America ended up with one of her greatest and formidable enemies in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which after 30 years, they are still at each other’s throats! Carter’s sad policies had resulted in the Creation of the Fundamentalism in the whole region. Carter’s Green Belt policy around the Ex Soviet Union to create an Islamic Green Belt around the Communist Russia, was the main cause for the creation of the IRI in Iran, Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in the whole region! In a way, Carter and CIA are largely responsible for the birth of the Neo Islamist Fundamentalism.

Carter gave birth to Khomeini and in returns Khomeini gave birth to the global Islamist Fundamentalism. Carter’s horrible policies resulted in Americans being held as hostages for 444 days in Iran. Carter’s disastrous policies had resulted in astronomical rise in the price of gas and breakdown of the America’s prestige as a strong super power around the world. After Carter, every two bit political group or terrorist organization around the world, started to mess with America, challenge America, kill American military and civilians and hold Americans as hostages. They started calling America the “Paper Tiger”! So Carter had basically brought grand catastrophe to America. Carter is the father of Liberal Pacifism, Appeasement Policies, and Head Guru of the American Democratic Party. It is directly Carter, CIA and Democrats’ faults that destroyed the prestige of America around the world, but most important, they are responsible for the destruction of the progressive Iran.

The Imperial Iran was a dictatorship, but at least a progressive, nationalist and a reformable dictatorship. Islamic Republic of Iran is a reactionary and irreformable theocratic dictatorship, which despises nationalism and loves Islam and Islamist Fundamentalism.

I still remember that famous speech of Carter in Tehran! At a banquet with Shah present, Carter stated that: “Today, Iran is an island of stability in a troubled region!” Carter had made this statement exactly at the moment that the whole nation was about to be exploded in a bloody revolution! That was how out of touch were Carter, CIA and the Democrats.

Today, Carter as an Ex president is back-stabbing America by negotiating with Hamas, another terrorist group which American Administration had clearly banned!

Every time Democrats are in power, the United States’ Foreign Policy goes down the toilet and along with it the American benefits around the globe! Democrats have always been pro appeasement policies.
Today, Hillary Clinton wants to change the above common belief by tough talking to the media about Iran:

Hillary Clinton jumps the Anti Iran Bandwagon

These types of rhetorics are nothing but role play and cheap talk, to prove to the American public that she is not your average Liberal Pacifist and she can provide safety and security for America. The reality is that this is only campaign tactics for the election year.

Hillary Clinton has no clue about foreign policy if it would hit her in the face like a sac of rice! }

*       *       *

A Friendly Chat!

Now that you have read the above quotes, I will respond to you,

I. The best resolutions on any photos of the website are already on the website. That is all that we have.

Soon there will be much more photos of Shah published in the website.

II. The policy:

Duplication of contents are allowed, only by naming the source & link to IPC
All rights are protected & reserved by Iran Politics Club © 2000 - 2009 IPC

So you are welcome to use any material as you wish but obey the condition above.

III.  EB, let me be very frank with you,

Let me tell you all about the relationship between Shah and Carter …

If Mohammad Reza Pahlavi could have contacted me from the beyond, he would have surely told me:

“ Dear Ahreeman, please do not Piss on Carter, even if he would be on Fire! For God’s sake, let him burn and do not put the fire out, even via piss!”

Dear EB, this is how the late Shah of Iran, myself and every other Nationalist Iranian feels about Carter! This is also how every true Patriotic American feels about Carter!

Carter did not only destroy Iran but he also damaged the American foreign policy and prestige, beyond repair! Not that he lost Iran, Panama and trashed the US myth abroad, not that he is directly responsible for the rebirth of the Islamic Fundamentalism, yet he still flirts with the Islamists and trades French kisses and spit with them. His latest episodes with Hamas leaders are all have to state to rest my case!

IV. I do understand that you are only an employee of a production company, doing your job and I do appreciate your position and what you are doing, but would you please play the role of an Errand Boy and deliver this message directly to your supervisor and Jimmy Carter? I surely would appreciate it! After handing him this e-mail, please make sure that he will read this part:

Another Dear Jimmy Love Letter!

Dear Mr. Carter:

I can bravely state that you are the worst president which America ever had! You are a true symbol of weakness, indecision, disastrous foreign policy, cowardice, appeasement, and catastrophe for USA. You have played a great role in rebirth of the Islamic Fundamentalism; therefore, your hands are drenched in the blood of tens of thousands of Iranians which have been murdered by IRI since 1978. You also destroyed the whole Middle East and empowered the Islamist Terrorism (Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.). You damaged US Foreign policy and I even go one step further and add that you are somewhat responsible for 9/11 because your actions in 1978 resulted in 9/11.

Mr. Carter, you have blood of Iranians, Americans, Israelis and Middle Easterners on your hands, but have you ever learned anything from your past mistakes? Hell No! You have just travelled to Middle East and undermined Israel by jumping in a King Size bed with Hamas! You openly embrace Islamist Terrorism and condemn the Democratic Process and democratic countries.

Your so-called Human Rights Policies had brought nothing but disaster and chaos to the world!
To be frank, you are not even worth my time, to drop a few official lines or to write you an open letter and this is why I am sending you this message through a middle man.

When I read this e-mail request from this production company, my eyes popped out of my skull and stayed wide open from surprise of how much nerves it takes for the promoters to even create a library or a museum for you!, set aside a tribute film I bet that after your death, they will have a great memorial and mausoleum for you! After all, you are the Spiritual Guru of the Democratic Party!

Mr. Carter, you are an old horse which refuses to die! I believe you are so old that you are rotting from the inside! Hopefully you will die soon and even though I am an Atheist, yet I wish that you rot in Hell!
A Promise to Jimmy!

… but I will promise you one thing, I am a dead busy journalist but I will do my best to find the time to personally drop by to your resting ground and sneak a little pissing on your grave! Somehow I will manage to either directly piss on your grave or bring on the urine in a container to drop on your grave!

Omar Khayyam’s Tradition for Jimmy!

As you know, in tradition of Omar Khayyam, when drinking wine, us Iranians are famous for dropping a few drops of Prime Persian Wine on the ground for the Dead to quench their thirst! In your case, I will respect the Persian Tradition but I will personally on behalf of Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, All Revolutionary Martyrs of Iran, All who murdered by IRI, All Living Nationalists of Iran, All Free Thinking and Freedom Loving Citizens of the World, will promise to drop more than a few drops (maybe a container full or a bucket full, depending on how much I can sneak in to your mausoleum) of pure Persian Piss on your Grave!

After your demise, I shall read this Persian Prayer on your Grave Top:

“May Jimmy Carter’s great spirit be flourished via these few drops of PPP (Pure Persian Piss) and by shedding these few drops, I will now bless The Good Old Boy and baptize him via these Holy Drops of Persian Aryan Urine!”

Usually we bless people with PPP (Pure Persian Pride) but in your case it will be (Pure Persian Piss).
After reciting these few good words, I will dance on your grave, thus “Grave Dancing Ahreeman”, they call me!

Dear Jimmy, see you at Down Under, stuck on top of the Pitch Fork, struggling to avoid sizzling in the fire!
And now, with these drops of Holy Persian Urine, I bless thee ….


With Respect to JC,

Ahreeman X

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