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Top 10 Most Chauvinist Men on Earth
Ahreeman X and
Haj Seyed Reza
March 14, 2008

Talking about lazy, selfish, comfort seeking, no good, chauvinist men! Our top 10 list is as follows:

IPC List of Top 10 Most Chauvinist Men on Earth

Number 10 Iranian Man and Venezuelan Man (The International Coalition)!
As you can see, while these two world leaders (Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) are pretty busy locking arms and lips, hugging and French kissing, Oops I mean establishing diplomatic relations, at the same time, their wives are working hard as career women outside the house, running the whole household and also taking care of the children! But do little women get any credits?

Number 9 - Arab Man
Habib has a Harem full of little women at his mansion, but non of them tickles his fancy, the way his favorite Ayisha (female camel) does!

Number 8 – Serb Man
Hey, at least he is driving the tractor and the women are sitting comfortably in the cage!

Number 7 - Polish Man
Having a relaxing moment and a smoke, while the little woman rows the boat!

Number 6 - Turkish Man
Turkish camping is great! He is even keeping his bicycle under the covers and inside the tent, but c’mon now, at least he gave the little woman a bottle of water to drink and a plastic sheet to rest her bones, before he put her outside in the cold!

Number 5 – Greek Man
It is not that he does not want to help with the load, but he is way too busy smoking and site seeing! What’s a man to do?

Number 4 – Irish Man (Northern Ireland)
Ahhhh he is even holding her hand, while she carries his case of the Irish beer, so romantic!

Number 3 – Irish Man (Irish Republic)
Ahhhh he is even holding an umbrella above his head, so he won’t get drizzled on, while drinking his Guinness beer. After all, why bother holding an umbrella for her, because she gets wet carrying all those Guinness Cases anyway?

Number 2 – Afghan Man
Say hello to Afghan newlyweds. Faez (48) and Gulam (11) who had just got married (Islamic Style)! Of course in the civilized world, we call this act, pedophilia; however, Faez takes after the Prophet Mohammed (53) PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) who married Ayisha (6) for the love of Allah! Of course Faez cannot legally marry as many little women as Mohammed had done, to be exact 21 wives (only the Prophet can do so); yet, according to Islam, he is allowed to marry 4 wives. Ensha-Allah in the future, he will add 3 nore wives to his collection of little dolls, I mean women! Welcome to the Islamic World! “We needed the money”, Gulam’s parents said. Faez claims he is going to send her to the school. But the women of Damarda village in Afghanistan’s Qor province know better: “Our men don’t want educated women.” They predict that Gulam will be uneducated, barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen and bearing many children for Faez. Allah bless Afghan men!

Number 1 – Cossack Man (Kazakhstan)
Sacha Baron Cohen’s roots are in fact Iranian Israeli (Persian Jew) and he is a British citizen; however the character Borat (which he invented) is a Cossack from Kazakhstan! Over here, Borat and his mule are riding in the carriage while his wives are pulling the carriage!

Borat’s Wives are pulling the carriage

Ride em out, whip em out, ride em in, ride em Rawhide, Hee Haw, …… Borat’s Wives are pulling the carriage

Girls, Borat and the Kazakhstan’s Swimmers in their traditional sexy bating suits!

Borat the ladies man, a back view!

Borat the ladies man, a front view!

Sexy Time! Borat, the full view, wearing Kazakhstan’s traditional sexy bating suit!

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character, a true Cossack from Kazakhstan wins our Most Chauvinist Man of the year award.

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