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Final Sexual Solution for the 21st Century
Decade Zeros (2000s)


Final Sexual Solution for the 21st Century, Decade Zeros (2000s)
Doctor's Prescription
Ahreeman X
August 3, 2007

Ok now you need a break from politics!
Sexual Evolution starts right here!

Yes, Dr. X's prescription for Final sexual Solution!

The Final Solution, prescribed by Dr. X! I have thought a lot about this issue, about how to adapt our sexual needs and behaviors to the modern times and the Zeros Decade (2000s)!

Why take medications when I have a natural answer to your problems?

For the sake of your body and soul, I had finally came up with this plan;

4 girls for every guy. That's right! Each and every guy needs 4 women to continue
his existence and it will be in this order:

Four Girls, For Every Man

1. The Main Squeeze

This woman would be the number one, the one who will organize your pitiful ass, organizes your finances, the house, your schedules, and basically manages your life. She gets things in order, and get you going. She will be your lovey dove, the love of your life and your main gal. She is your pretty face. Your ass is lost without her.

2. The Mistress

She will be your home away from home, the one who will be your main dish, your erotic and passionate partner, your love slave. You will squeeze all the love juices out of her, as much as you can feed. She will be your ticket to satisfaction. She is like your Bang and Luv-some! She will listen to all your problems and she will kiss it and make it feel better. She will trouble-shoot your life, you simply cannot do without her.

3. The Side Kick

This gal will be your bosom buddy, your pal to hang with. She will be your Batgirl and you will be her Batman. She is your secret keeper, your good old buddy ol pal. She will be your escort and chaperones your ass all over the place. She will keep you occupied and make you feel important. She will be your right hand. To have her on your side is a must.

4. The Date

This babe is necessary for your ego, you need her existence to prove to yourself that you still got it. Yes, "You The Man and You Got The Game." You will dip your bread in this gravy dish to re-energize. She is dishy and you must bag her! Her performance is crucial to your existence.

You see, this way you will be happy, they will be happy and even Haji Kuchike will be happy!

Yes, gentlemen, you need to get with the plan, the plan is tested and approved, so get with the program!

What the hell, I do not want to be chauvinistic, so The Doctor will prescribe the
same for the women, yes ladies you can have your candy too.

4 men for each woman; furthermore, the order will be;

Four Men For Every Woman

1. The Ugly Man

To take care of your million tasks and chores, to run your errands, he is the man for the job. He will do all your dirty deeds, do all your petty tasks, and get you organized, and why? Cause, to just be near you, and to enjoy your company! He will be happy doing all kinds of tasks for you and to just feel or touch you once a while! He is the slave for little bit of your company and touch and in returns, he will become your errand boy.

2. The Gay Man

This pitiful damn sissy-boy will have an open ear for all your gossips and your juicy chitchats. You can talk on the phone with this woos, all that you want. You will yakity yak, and talk behind everyone's back for hours. This Queen will be your talking, shopping, and run around town partner. This fag ol boy, will shop with you till you drop. He will satisfy your needs to gossip, Shop and to keep you up-to-date with the latest rumors!

3. The Rich Man

This old fart will be happy to spend all the dough that you need, on you! He will take care of your financial needs. Jewelry, leather, fur, clothes, shoes, bags and other presents will be bought, just for the sake of his ego to have a pleasure of your company. You being on his side is his need. He will get thrills by supporting your ass, providing for and protecting you, otherwise he cannot even get it up, so he will not even sexually approach you. Oh maybe once a while with the help of Vitamin E and Vitamin V (Viagra) he will get some nookie! You know what they say: When you get too old to cut the mustard, then you must start licking the jar! So he ain't no Casanova but he surely can lick it like a thirsty dog! All you have to do is to sometimes pad him on the back and tap him on the head, like an old dog! Just to show you off in public, makes his day! He'll be your Sugar Daddy!

4. The ManDingo Man

When everyone will leave, when all are gone, this man will show up. This man will knock on your door with his Luv Tool! Then you will open the door and he will come on in while swinging his tool from side to side and round and round! This man will rock your world. He has only one duty, only one purpose, and he has been well trained for it. His purpose is to bang the hell out of your Suzie Q, he will fangul the hell out of your blossom, until you scream: "It is enough, I am sore and ripped apart"! The ManDingo man will fudge the taste out of your mouth, screw your brains out, make you shiver like a cat in the summer heat and suck the sherbet out of your little kitty at the same time! The ManDingo man will frag the Shiite out of you until you scream Allah O Akbar! He The Man, "The ManDingo Man"!

So you see ladies, I was thinking of you gals too!

Now, that the Doctor had prescribed your medication for the 21sth Century, and the "Zeros Decade" (2000s), you can go on and do the nasty in order of numbers. Happy millennium to all you boys and girls. Follow Doctor X's prescription, and you will be a happy camper. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by the Doctor.

"You simply need Modern Ways, for The Modern Days!"

Always remember:

"It's Zeros, Everything goes!"

And that's Doctor's orders!


Your Family Doctor,

Dr. X

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