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The Liberal Sing Along Dance Song!
Conservative Made S&M Poetry for Liberals

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: April 24, 2009
2nd Edition: August 18, 2017

Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Old Pussy): Oh No You Don’t! Ahreeman No You Don’t! You will not recite yet another one of your rhythmic mockeries on Liberals! I’ll dare you! Don’t make me take off my clothes, show you my beautiful body and put on my black leather S&M outfit to show you how it’s really done! I be doing the Nasty to you!

Oh No, please don’t, have mercy on my soul, don’t take it off, for the love of God, do not take it all off! If you take it all off, for sure the Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe will come true!

GOP Elephant pees on Liberals!

Earth Day Special for Liberal Environmentalist Wackos!

C’mon folks, put on your SadoMasochistic black leather gear and sing along with Betty Boop 1930’s Rhythm. Ready? Let’s roll:

Uncle Sam pees on Global Warming Myth!
Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe

The Liberal S&M Sing Along Dance Song!

Oopsi doopsi boopsi roar
Make a promise to restore
Trun to reality some folklore
Don’t let em run door to door

Lure liberal to backdoor
Maybe a Junior Senator!
Get this eyesore off the floor
Grab that neck, like a boar

Push em in and close the door
Get this galore to outpour
Cries and moans, oh some more
Whips and chains and two-by-four

Shut em, gag em, not a snore
Catch the liberal like a whore
Lay em down, on all four
Strap em down on to the floor

Belly down, butt up, ready for sure
What a scene, it’s mindblower!
C’mon Commodore, get albacore
Shove a thick bat up em sore

Shove it way hard in the core
Ram it hard and cause uproar
Do it fiery like a flamethrower
Zoom zoom, wham bam, some hardcore

If they like it, shove some more
If they scream, shove all four!
Then go grab a two-by-four!
Shove that one same as before

If you shoved hard and they tore
Pour some salt in to the sore
Pain and scream, I adore
Jerk and joy, furthermore

Painful pleasure, to explore
Who needs movies cinemagoer?
But don’t make a sound in outdoor
It’ll all happen right indoor

Then you move on to encore
Keep on shoving more and more
Let them scream forever more
Oopsi doopsi boopsi roar ……


Gorg Ali the Exiled Wolf
The Sadistic GOP SOB

Screw Political Correctness!

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