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Middle Eastern Islamic Humor
Compiled by: Haj Seyed Reza
February 9, 2008

Haj Seyed Reza Etemadi Hezbollahi Asl
from Houzeh Elmiyeh Qom

Haj Seyed Reza Etemadi Hezbollahi Asl, the great Islamic Scholar from Houzeh Elmiyeh Qom enlightens:

Middle East

Middle East Map
No wonder Middle East is in Deep Shiite!


Joys of Siqeh
“No medicine, the same as Siqeh (Temporary Marriage) can cure the passion!”
[Imam Ali ibn al abi Talib (AS)]


Latest News: Nariman
Dr. Ahmadinejad had announced:
“As of next year, the name of the country will change! Iran is a feminine name. For 8 years, Iraq had invaded her and America has also bad intentions towards her; therefore, the name of the country must change to Nariman, because Nariman is both a masculine name and it also has faith!
Nariman = Nar (Male) + Iman (Faith) => Faithful Male

Phone Call to Allah

Dialogue of a woman with Allah on the Cellular Phone!

Praise be upon Allah

From Qom,
Haj Seyed Reza Etemadi Hezbollahi Asl

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