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Nurollah X Series

Similarities between Farts and Mullahs!
Nurollah X Series

Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X
Ahreeman X
February 27, 2012

Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X
The Great Islamic Scholar

Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X enters the Mosque ……
Let the Khotbah begin ……

Ya Umma’

Pull up your shaliteh and tonbans, and then pay attention to the holy words …….

Bism Allah al Rahman al Rahim


Today, I want to enlighten you about Farts and Mullahs!

Have you ever wondered about Farts and Mullahs?

It is amazing that how similar are the Farts to Mullahs!


- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Primarily cause curiosity but afterwards cause embarrassment

* Are loaded with gas

* Are rotten to the core

* Are loud and alarming

* Get the public’s attention

* Make the public to gather around and look for the source of the noise

* Have glorious voice but are spoiled to the core

* Have heart aching sounds which sometimes make the public to mourn and cry

* Make a lot of commotion and upset the stomach

* Are Tax exempt


- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Exit with a big bang

* Put up a loud show

* Sound in stereo

* Are organic in nature

* Speak through hairy surroundings

* Make the public to stand still and listen

* Fascinate the public

* Sound pleasant but hazardous to your health

* Want to be the center of attention

* Come before the Shiite hits the fan


Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X Passionate Look

- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Are Loud but have very little to say

* Release a lot of pressure but they are useless

* We bend over and bow when they exit

* Are funny to public and embarrassing to intellectuals

* Have Revolutionary Demands

* Flow to the direction of the wind

* Silence the opposite party

* Are in touch with the belly and under the belly

* When enter we feel heavy and when exit we feel light

* In power will stink up the whole place



- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Sound goes through hairy filters

* When silent, stink more

* Start sounding low but end up sounding loud

* Repeat the same old sounds

* Have nothing new to say

* Have no shame and keep on coming

* Make the public laugh

* Are reactions to public pressure

* Roots lies in stomach gas

* Are the common factors amongst different nations, ethnicities and languages


Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X Finger of Allah
Nurollah Fingers All
Hoy Kid, sit in silence and lend your heart to the sermon.
Ahay Bache don’t make me finger you!

- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Have Beautiful Facade but rotten inside

* Are great entertainers

* Are loud but empty shells

* Attract simple minds

* Cause chaos in public

* Tell wondrous stories

* First make you feel full but next make you feel empty

* Sound holy but smell evil

* Are harbingers of Shiite

* Are prophets of doom


 - Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Come right before the exit of a spiral brown turban

* Feel no shame

* Love to preach

* Are explosive to fire

* Relate to stomach and intestinal gas

* Demand followers

* Can be dry and acoustic

* Can be wet and messy

* Are boldly to exit without warning

* Are likely to damage the environment


Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X Deep Look
Don’t I a little bit look like Elvis Presley?
Hoy Sister, don’t go out with the rival, I’ll work on you later!
Ahay Zaifeh, ba raqib birun nari, ba’dan rut kar mikonam!

- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Come in packs

* If don’t exit cause infection

* When exit bring us joy

* Make revolution in our system

* Change the atmosphere

* Cause global warming

* Could be epidemic and repetitive

* Come before the group prayer

* Become public nuisance

* Destroy your public image and prestige


- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Make amazing statements

* Have been present throughout the history

* Tempt us so they can come out in public

* Spread through sound

* Are not much to look at but they make intriguing sounds

* Give you a warm feeling when exit

* Are addictive

* Leave a nasty odor behind

* Come out in classrooms and mosques

* Sound supernatural but remain biological


Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X under Pressure from Gas!
I lectured so much about Farts that the pressure got me!
I got gas, need to release it …
Hoy Kid, bring over the enema!
Ahay Bache, khoshk biyar ……
Akh, Akheysh ......

- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Have mysterious roots from the unknown

* Make you feel good

* Can be condemning in public

* Can be blasting

* Come and go

* Follow no schedule and come in random

* Sound sweet to the children

* Sound attractive but become deadly

* Leave a horrible stench in your environment

* Can make you suffer in pain if they get stuck in to internal power and don’t exit


- Both Farts and Mullahs:

* Are historical ills

* Are news to the ears

* Are environmental threats

* Are full of hot air

* Are holy to the seeker

* Are relief to the needy

* Are deadly to the society

* Are amazing to the ignorant

* Are catastrophic to the intelligent

* Are heartwarming to the lonely


Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X Beady Eyes!
Nurollah is passionate!
Hoy Kid, come sit on Haji’s lap and give me a kiss!
Joon labat koloft shodeh, ye boos bedeh Haji?!

Fel Khatemah
Hazrat-e Hojatol Eslam Nurollah X leaves the Mosque ……


Dr. X

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