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Part 1: Humor: What Liberal Types are Out There?
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Who Voted for Obama?
Part One: Humor Piece - What Liberal Types are Out There?

Ahreeman X
December 17, 2009

Change, it’s all a big misunderstanding!
I’m just another Bum looking for some Chump Change.
People thought I brought a message to make a Change!

Who Voted for Obama?
Part One: Who Voted for Obama? - Humor Piece
Part Two: Who Voted for Obama? - Photo Album



Allow me to be very blunt. Let us analyze and discover about who voted for Barack Hussein Obama; furthermore, what liberal types are out there!

Hussein Obama is truly a phenomenon! When lying through his teeth, Obama reminds me of Bill Clinton, except that unlike Clinton, he has no clue about the economy, governing or even a trace of executive experience. Who can ever forget those legendary statements:

Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman!
Obama: I am not a Muslim!

Obama: I did not have friendly relations with Bill Ayers, Toney Rezko and tens of other Terrorists and Criminals, Chicago Style!

Obama: During the past 20 years of sitting in that Church, I have never heard Reverend Jeremiah Write bashing America or leak a single Black Militant Racist word!

etc., etc., etc. …….

On Peace Nobel Prize

Hey let’s not base too much on Obama, after all Norwegians granted him the “Piss Nipple Price” (Peace Nobel Prize)! But then again Norwegians also granted this prize to Carter, Gore, Ebadi and Arafat! Just bash America or apologize for America or both (like Obama) and Oslo erects you a trophy!

So as you can see, all the global opportunists, con artists, charlatans, incompetents and degenerates do win the Nobel Prize, so why not Obama? With all the money that Hollywood Liberals and George Soros handed the Nobel Committee, is there any wonder why Obama had won this award? This is Affirmative Action in the global level! Obama won this award because he is Black!

Who Decides and Hands out the Nobel Prize?

Basically a bunch of Old Fart, geriatric, bald headed, Socialist, In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All College Professors who dream of Social Engineering the world, seat around a round table, primarily do a group ejaculation and climax over a picture of Mao Tse-Tung, and then while still having half awake erections with their schlongs (due to the generic Viagra), they combinely decide the winner of the Up and Cumming future Piss Nipple Prize! This year, they got over excited about all the global grants which came their way from Hollywood and vicinity; therefore, instead of the picture of Mao, they came all over a wonderful portrait of Hussein Obama! They really had a hard on for Hussein! They simply could not contain themselves and withhold their enthusiasm, so they did wet their panties while getting an erection, erecting Obama as the winner!

“Why not erect the Chocolate Boy as the Neo Award Winner?” they moaned with passionate Norwegian accent! So what if he doesn’t have any qualification and he had done zilch to win this prize?! Hey, all we care is that:

a) He is Black.
b) He hates Bush…
and surely
c) He runs around the world and bashes America at every chance he gets!

This is how Hussein Obama had become the subject of the latest group climax at the round table in Oslo and got Erected as the latest Peace Nobel Prize winner!

Now, the question is that who did really vote for Hussein Obama to become the 44th president of USA; furthermore, who voted and supported Obama globally?

Who Voted for Obama?
What Liberal Types are there?

I. Old boys in their 20s, 30s and 40s still living in their mothers’ basement or garage, with one hand on the bong and the other hand on the keyboard, staring at the computer monitor all day long, puffing on Ganja and listening to Grateful Dead!  

II. Sour Puss, angry, hysterical, unbalanced and complexed old gals in their 20s, 30s and 40s still living in their little attic room under the roof of their parents, and heavily active in recycling, global warming myth, Green World, Animal Rights, Anti Fur, Wealth Distribution, Peace and Love, Free Love, One World Government, Organic Eating, Vegetarian preaching, Marijuana hemp clothes wearing, canvas hemp hat wearing, health and peace promoting, tree hugging and other similar Bull Shiite!

III. Piss Ant Teenagers in their late puberties experimenting with Goth, Mod, Punk, Death Metal, Dope, Makeup, Tattoos, Body Piercing, Gender Bending, Bi Sexuality, Homosexuality, Raves, Converses, Gay Colors, Black Magic, 60s Hippie Music, Free Base, Anarchy, Anti Establishment and similar fads, rebelling against their parents and society, believing that they know it all and they are destined to “Change” this depressing society in to a Utopia!

IV. Rappers, Hip Hopsters and other Wanna Be Gangsters, either Black or White Boys who wanna be Black, wearing baseball caps backward, baggy pants falling half way down their ass cracks and dragged on the floor with boxer shorts showing underneath, trying to identify with the Ghetto man, feeling his pain, making garbage music with crap lyrics, trying to make it big and become rich, all at the same time!

V. Wusballs in various cheesy hairdos ranging from thin or thick Mohawk, Hi top, Crown Top, Tintin look, all the way to skin shaved or some type of unbalanced and uneven due with short hair all around and going woosh huge on the top, trying hard to make a statement and shouting out loud without opening their lips that: “We are different” but indeed seeking “Attention”!

VI. Lookalike and Wanna be hardcore skinheads, anarchists and other punks by acting tough and looking tough, wanting to prove a point that they mean business to Change the World!

VII. Career Ghetto Dwellers, Veteran Broke Ass Drunks and Ghetto men on Welfare, Food stamp, government cheese and indeed Kool-Aid! Specifically them drunks who try to buy booze with food stamps at the corner liquor store owned by Arabs!

VIII. Rich White men living in the Suburbs, mansions and gated communities trying hard to identify with the poor Black Ghetto man by singing solidarity songs, yet keeping the ghetto man down and enslaved by maintaining the Status Quo, Liberal Socialism, Welfare State and Big Government alive! The same government which guarantees to keep the Ghetto man as dependant voter and make new dependant voters out of Hispanic illegal aliens who can’t even speak English! These rich boys play the Ghetto Santa Clause in the projects, keeping the ghetto man dependant on hand outs like drugs!

IX. Various Dependant Voters depending on the Big Government to run their lives, and hand them free education, healthcare, welfare, Medicare, sexcare and condoms, as long as they don’t have to ever work or pay taxes!

X. Foreign born, naturalized American Residents or Citizens who can’t speak a correct sentence in English, yet they are Government Employees, trying to aid you in the Courthouse, DMV, and other government offices while taking half an hour to do a 5 minute task! The ones who on their spare times or at work, read and write crap on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace (with broken English that is)!

XI. Average Brainwashed, below average intelligence, underachiever American Teen, zoomed on MTV, CNN, Video Game Joy Stick, Panoramic Game Monitor, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace!

XII. The Monkey See, Monkey Do viewers and readers of the Liberal Biased, State Run American Media such as NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Cheesy Blogs and similar Crap ala Carte!

XIII. Veteran Old perverts and Gay Ol Boys, seeking young boy toys and fresh meat on MySpace and indeed followers of the North American Man – Boy Love Associations and NAMBLA!

XIV. Bull Dykes, Butch Gals and other Professional Poon Tang Munchers fishing for fresh young teenage Suzie Q’s on places such as MySpace!

XV. Gay Lords, Gay Boys, Gay Beans, Gay Shas (Geisha) and other Proud Pinkos and Flaming Good Ol Fags having a Gay-La in places such as San Francisco or MySpace which firmly believe that they must drag their own sexual preference out of the privacy of their bedrooms, out in the open, into the public scene and enforce it on the American Society as a tradition and shove it down all American Throats and teach it in the Kindergartens! These Militant Gays are firm believers that they must gain “Minority Status” due to “Sexual Preference”! Some of their dwelling grounds are indeed San Francisco, MySpace and Senator Barney Fag, Oops sorry; I meant Barney Frank’s office!

XVI. Islamists, Radical Fundamentalist Muslims and other types of Muslim bozos which have found “Safe Heaven” in Politically Correct Liberal America, Liberal Internet Communities and Forums to preach Bigotry, Fundamentalism, Terrorism, Islamic Religious Studies and Islamic Values, yet scream “Racism” and “Insult to Islam” every time an opposing voice confronts them! Under Obama, Muslims have special status and it shows everywhere in every aspect of the society, even in the net communities such as AOL, Yahoo and MySpace!

XVII. Cougars, Saggy Old Gals and Female Senior Citizens hunting for Young Roosters and Submissive Boy Toys on Internet hangouts, fancy bars and indeed solid believers in Obama’s “Change” prescribed for America!

XVIII. Illiterate Americans, illiterate to global or even their own history, geography, philosophy, and culture, running around like hens with heads chopped off, barfing rhetorics just to state that they are alive and have an opinion!

XIX. Know it all and general experts who have an opinion on everything. Those liberal Social Do Gooders whom are always helpful to everyone about all subject matters! Those loving open minded American leftists with open hearts and open minds and indeed open arms for the humanity and every petty baboon from every corner of the world except patriotic Americans born or naturalized here!

XX. The Bleeding Heart, Pacifist, Politically Correct, Brotherly Loved, Passionate, Gentle and Calm, liberal educated and educators of America, always ready to Social Engineer America also have their share of presence amongst the Obama-maniacs army!

XXI. The average boy, down the street with the earring and a nose ring, gay haircut which looks like a Parrot, who wears his shirt backward (not on purpose), has his zipper open (not on purpose), forgets to wipe his ass (due to absent mind), has sticky fingers (from fruit rollups), wears converse and has a rip in his jean where one of his butt cheeks are showing while he walks down the street and nods his head to you while mumbles: What up dude?! You know, the typical not know anything about anything who voted for Obama and his “Change”!

XXII. The typical liberal Internet Geek, Hacker, Haxor, Stalker, Cheeseball and other bozos with no lives, coke bottle glasses and nerd outfits, zooming on cheesy net communities, blogs and forums to bash any opposing voice. Some of these bozos also play Moderators on these forums or other similar sites. They are determined to establish absolute Social Justice for all humanity, protecting all’s rights by all means possible (specifically Muslims)! These bozos bend over backwards for Islam and Islamists. They provide tribunes for Islamists and Leftists to preach and to grow.

XXIII. Your average mellow yellow Internationalist, Pacifist, Liberal “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All” couch potatoe with a large bong water pipe, marijuana pattern hat, “Yes We Can” Obama Rainbow T-Shirt, a Rainbow Handkerchief in his torn back pocket, pink flip flops on his dirty feet with toenails full of fungi, but a big smile, showing his yellow teeth while breathing beer fume on you! This guy lives on baseless Internet Bang and Bologna Forums such as AOL, Yahoo and MySpace!

XXIV. Your neighborhood Dominatrix, Submissive, S&M Artist, Bondage Enthusiast and Golden Shower Experts always residing in Dark Alleys or on Facebook and MySpace searching for clientele!

XXV. Shemales, SheBoys, Lady Boys, HeShes, Transsexuals and Ugly Transvestites with hairy legs (Burt Reynolds in skirt), all and all seeking customers and lovers in all the wrong places such as the local tabloids’ classifieds, CraigsList’s free ads,  Internet Matching sites and indeed MySpace!

XXVI. Lost and Confused, Wasted American Teenagers seeking love and Happiness in the arms of older men, also firmly believe in Obama’s Change and Obama as the Messiah!

XXVII. Young Punks, just reaching their late puberty, fingering each other in Junior Colleges and also on Facebook and MySpace, Cyber Making Up and Shooting Shiite while having an opinion on everything including politics, global affairs and Global Warming Scam!

XXVIII. Hollywood Liberals who already did spend a lot of money as grants given to Socialist so-called Scholars in Oslo, Norway to “Erect” Obama as the winner of the “Piss Nipple Price” (Peace Nobel Prize) for no reason at all whatsoever, except being Black and being a Socialist! Each of these liberals has a cheesy MySpace or Facebook page promoting their Socialist agenda amongst the brain drained Zombie kids with their eyes glued on the net!

XXIX. Americans who either don’t work or don’t pay tax, yet feel that society owes them free things! They would love Obama to take your hard earning tax money and give it to them for free! They are a solid bunch of Welfare State residents with too much time on their hands, no lives, no employment and all receiving hands awaiting handouts from the government. They just love them free government cheese and Kool-Aids!

XXX. Unpatriotic Americans, Internationalists, Globalists, Liberal Pacifists, American Flag Burners, Anarchists, Marxists, Islamists, Socialists, Liberal Educators, Environmentalist Wackos, FemiNazis, FemiTazis (Female Islamists) and other left overs from the 60s and indeed yesterday’s hippies and today’s yuppies of the world gathered under the Rainbow “Yes We Can” Banner of Obama, assuming that they are destined to change the constitution of United States and reshape it in to a Socialist Friendly version!

XXXI. Last but not least, the politically correct, bleeding heart, sissy faggy, touchy feely, wussy pussy, environmentalist wacko, global warming jacko, brotherly loved basket cases who hold hands, singing either Kumbaya or We are the World, while drooling on their Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore and Hussein Obama protest placards!

…. I’m just warming up, give me more time and I’ll come up with more liberal types! There is no shortage of shallow, superficial, artificial, cartoonish, bleeding heart liberals lurking around US of A!

GW: Peek-a-Boo, Miss Me Yet?!

The Bad News and The Good News

The bad news is that we have to deal with this buffoon, Hussein Obama for 4 years (3 more years left).

The good news is that in a Democratic Republic, you the people have the power to choose the Head of State and Government, so you can get rid of this Marxist Muslim Residue in 2012 and elect a Real Man or a Woman to do the job of this Boy!

End Notes

Liberals are idealistic and they lead a life of fantasy. They love to reform and reshape America in to a carbon copy of the Socialist European Union!

Bleeding Heart Liberals, In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls of the Left and Deranged Underachievers of America cheered for Obama while the Liberal Biased Media had sold Obama to the gullible, uninformed and naïve American Public.

Go to the streets and ask the average American and you will find out that at least a third of Obama voters did not know who the Speaker of the House or the Vice President was at the time! They do not even know that the capital of USA is Washington DC! They are the MTV and CNN Brain Washed viewers. They don’t read and they get their information from MTV and CNN!

American Liberal Biased Media had sold Obama to the illiterate American public! These are the dependant and uninformed public who had searched for a Messiah and saw the light in Hussein Obama’s face! These are the people who put a Narcissist, Arrogant and a Fake Closet Marxist Muslim in the White House. A man with no executive experience, 2 months of experience in the legislative branch and a history of wheeling and dealing with the con artists, crooks and criminals of Chicago as a so-called “Community Organizer” has been put in the office as the leader of the free world!

This empty suit radical has been put in the US Office of Presidency by the Arab Oil, Liberal Media and Special Interest Billionaires such as George Soros to serve their agendas such as Energy Dependence to the Middle East, Social Engineering of America and Europeanizing the USA!

It is no secret that Liberals despise me! This is the reason that from time to time I do drop a line or two about them, to torment these lost souls and residents of the LaLa Land in desire to change the American Constitution. After all, I am only doing my share to interrupt liberals’ homeostasis and Sweet nap in the Fantasy Land of the American Prairies!

I am doing my best to make liberals bleed more than their usual monthly share and when they do, as a compassionate conservative and a gentleman, I shall always offer them:

Band Aids
Cotton Balls
Giant Sponges …

… depending on the amount of blood!

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Liberals, let’s face it,

Who loves you babies?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?!

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Loves and Kisses

Ahreeman X

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