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Part 2: Photo Album: Obama Voters
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Who Voted for Obama?
Part Two: Photo Album – Obama Voters

Ahreeman X
December 17, 2009

Hussein Obama, The Arab Hope
President of the Arab Oil
Change? Yes We Can!

Who Voted for Obama?
Part One: Who Voted for Obama? - Humor Piece
Part Two: Who Voted for Obama? - Photo Album

Now on to the Obama Voters Photo Album,

America Under Obama

Hope and Change, The Obama Way!

In Marx and Allah We Trust!

Obama Voters Photo Album!

Yes We Can!



Change has Come to America!

Hope and Change Under Obama!

Santa Clause: You have Obama, why do you still need me?!

Jesus: Now that you have Obama, you are self sufficient and do not need me!

Kool-Aid Jar: I am now the official drink of America!
Yes we can all drink that Government Kool-Aid!
Yes we can all eat that Government Cheese!
Yes we can all be on Government Healthcare, Welfare and Food-Stamp!
We Hoped and Now We Got The Change!
Yes We Can!

Hussein Obama: I’m sorry I conned you!

Obama, The Hope for Hamas!
Obama: I promised you Change. Have I mentioned that I meant an Islamist Change?!

Fruits of the Obama’s Change!

Obama’s Final Change!
Obama: Now you can never tell me that I have not accomplished Real Change!
Last week, I gave myself a B+ as the president but now that the (Sex) Change is complete,
I give myself an A+ …… !

This will bring us to the end of our presentation.

Part 1: Who Voted for Obama? - Humor Piece
Part 2: Who Voted for Obama? - Photo Album
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