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Iran Gay Galore - Part 2

Persian Gay , Lesbian and Transsexual Galore!
The Gay Pictorial Report of the Century!

Ahreeman X

1st Edition: July 23, 2007
2nd Edition: March 3, 2014

Part Two
Gay Islam and Gay Iran

Warning: This post is way too gay!
Youth 13 to 18 read with parental advisory
Youth 10 to 12 cover your eyes
Children under 10, what the hell are you doing in IPC? Get out!

(Ratings are enforced by Catayoun Razmjou, head of IPC Moral Majority)

Gay Islam Flag

After reading this report,

If you are a Homophobe or a Racist, you will be pissed and mad as hell.
If you are a Christian Fundamentalist or a pious person, you will choke on this report.
If you are a Militant Gay or a FemiNazi, you will explode in to rage and anger.
If you are a politically correct Liberal Democrat, you will surely pull out your hair.
The rest of you will get thrills, laugh and love this report!

Gay Iran Flag

Gayshess has old roots in Iran! It all started with the Greek invasion of Persia and the entrance of "Alexandra de Grape" to Iran! Greeks had injected and infected our culture with the Gayshess. Afterwards Arabo-Muslim had fulfilled and completed the task. Arab invasion of Persia had evolved the Gayshess and Mohammed led and established the Gayshess in to a documented Gayness!

Greek and Arab cultures, both with strong Gay influences had brought us (Persians) the present of Gayshess! They had turned their cultural Gayshess in to the Iranian local Gayness!

Classical Gay Persian Miniature Painting

In the protests, there were ancient Persian Achaemenid Chariots with Gay Persian cavalry! Persian Cavalry to the rescue …

Persian 6 horse War-Chariot, Achaemenid Era

Persian Gay Chariot Rider Cavalry

Persian Gay Chariot Rider prepares to ride

Horses getting ready to ride

Horses getting ready to ride. 6 horses will pull the chariot

Gay horses ready to ride

Persian Gay Chariot Rider Cavalryman in action!

At this point gays inside Iran are getting restless, jealous and they wish that they were here and participating in the activities!

Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah was even there!

There was even a response by the president of IRI:

Ahmadinejad: Vay che gondas!
President Ahmadinejad amazed at the size of certain males in the Gay Persian Parade!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a Fellow Hezbollahi Muslim!
If you can't beat them, then join them!

Gay Conspiracy

Many Iranians are not gay on the surface, but could it all be a front? They have girlfriends and wives and families but could all these be only fronts to cover their gayshess?

A Persian woman's view

I asked Blondie,

X: What do you think of Persian men?
B: Persian men are surely all gay but some are out, yet, most of them are still in the closet!
X: But aren't they the best lovers in the whole wide world?
B: They are good lovers, but surely those hairy bastards are all gays in hiding, waiting to come out!
X: You are mistaking friendliness with other men as gayness, no?
B: There are no mistakes. If they get a chance, their true gay nature comes out!
X: But why is that?
B: Islam and Islamic culture.
X: How?
B: Segregation of girls and boys in schools had caused boys to become gays and girls to become lesbians.
X: Even at Shah's time? We were not segregated!
B: Even at Shah's time, majority were segregated. Especially boys were all banging each other in boy's schools.
X: So what's the final verdict?
B: Persian men are all Gay.

Can you believe it folks?
Can you believe them Persian women?!

So could this conspiracy theory have some factual spice to it?
Let's dig deep

Zionist Lesbian Jews

Zionist Gay Jews

Even Fellow Jews where there!
Is that Peter Khan Zendran on the left waving the Star of David Zionist Flag?
You know how he always waves banners, no?

Peter Khan Zendran, a Solid Gay Activist?!

Welcome to the life of a Psychotic Wanna Be Persian!

On the surface, Peter is an Aryan Mongolian Beef!
On the surface, Peter is a pro Palestinian, homophobe, a racist, an anarchist and a macho chauvinist who insists on his machoism. But how about beneath? Could he be a solid Zionist Gay Activist? One can never know!

Peter Khan Zendran waving the Old glory Persian Flag

Peter Khan Zendran waving the Palestinian Flag

Peter Khan Zendran reading pornography

Peter Khan Zendran with a Japanese Sex Tool, I mean a mace!
Peter emphasizes on his machismo! Peter has a fear of homosexuality!

Peter to Gays: I hate gays, I hate gays, I …, I hate you, I hate you, I hate to love you, I love you, I love gays …

Peter Khan Zendran does heavy weight lifting and busting his balls and hernia!
Notice Peter lives in a basement dungeon, gets no sunshine and that is why he is a pale Gimp!

L. Peter Khan Zendran as Little Red Ridinghood walking in a field of prairies! Now admit it, that is way too Gay!
R. Peter Khan Zendran is weight lifting with a dress shirt and a tie! Is that gay or what?

Peter Khan Zendran in Kaboby, putting back all the weight that he lost during weightlifting!

So what's the verdict?
Peter Khan Zendran needs to stop Waving the Flag and needs to come out of the closet!

For more information read:

Peter Khan Zendran: Piecing the Pahlavi Puzzle

Hitler, Saddam, Peter Khan Zendran next?

Urgent: Peter Khan Zendran Needs to be Hospitalized!

Peter is now writing for! Just imagine how sophisticated (desperate) is that now Jahanshah Javid publishes Peter! But let's give Peter credit, I mean Peter's articles in comparison with other Kos o She'r by various Kos Khols (published there) are like Shahnameh Ferdowsi (Killeeeeer)!

Let's check out Peter's Gay sites, shall we?

Check these links:

Peter Khan Zendran Blog

Peter Khan Zendran Facebook

The Private Life of Peter Khan Zendran!

And now for something totally different, we will take you for a trip to a day in the life of a wanna be Persian Psycho! Peter Khan Zendran is a Turkmen who has never set foot in Iran but he insists that he is Persian! As self described, Peter Khan Zendran is a “Yellow Skinned White Aryan Persian”! At surface, Peter Khan Zendran is a homophobe racist but deep inside, he is a Gay Activist! Peter is a wanna be author and political activist at day and a Gay Bang and Bologna Bedroom Activist at night!

Important Note:
Below photos are real pictures of Peter sent by him to the girls whom he harasses online! Peter harasses many girls online and he sends naked pictures of himself to these girls. These girls mock Peter’s disgusting pale gimp fat body and appalling behavior; therefore, they send these photos to me to expose this Fake Gimp wide open! The funny thing is that Peter truly believes that he is sexy and he has a great body! Please enjoy the Real Secret Side of Peter Khan Zendran:

Peter Khan Zendran, the Drag Queen Ninja!
Excuse me, why is Peter in glasses?
The Hell with the glasses, why is Peter in bra?
The Hell with the bra, why is Peter holding a sharp Oriental Butt Plug (Kamas)?!

The Hell with the Kamas, why he's not embarrassed by that fat belly, but instead he's sending a kiss?
So this is what Wanna Be Iranian Authors and Political Activists do in private!
Is this pose gay or is it gay?!
Forget Gay, it is simply Way Out There in the Twilight Zone!

Peter Khan Zendran, the Drag Queen, Wanna Be Iranian!
This is a classic Retarded Pose by Peter wearing a bra while weightlifting!
Obviously Peter believes these pictures are Hot, because he is sending them to the girls online! Look at the face! That is a million dollar face! Peter just loves taking pictures of himself with the camera on the tripod!
Now if that is not gay, then I’ll change my name to Muhammad Ali!

Peter Khan Zendran, the Wanna Be Iranian Psycho!
What the hell is that face? Don’t scare me!
These are the samples of pictures which Peter is sending the girls online!
Peter truly believes that he has a muscular sexy body!

Peter Khan Zendran, the Gay Activist
Another sample of what Peter sends girls online!
The Man at the Background: For God’s sake, cover them pale fat belly and big tities!

Stay tuned for the future “Peter Khan Zendran Show, the Gay Activist” in IPC!

Saga of a Homo Hezbo

Talking about the devil! Let's talk about Jahanshah Javid. I know you gonna rebuttal that he has a wife and a daughter, a family …, but so did Rod Stewart while sucking David Bowie and Mick Jagger both! Rod Stewart had a family as a front, but in hiding, he was blowing his whole band while having homo orgies with David and Mick! Do you recall they took him to the hospital to pump his stomach, due to swallowing too much sperm in an orgy? One can never know!

Let's dig deeper

L. Jahanshah Javid during his Hezbollah phase when he went back to Iran to serve the Islamic Revolution by sacrificing his rectum at the backrooms of the mosques for the pleasures of Ayatollahs. JJ was a joy toy for the chubby chasing Ayatollahs. After his enlightenment at the backrooms of the mosques, Jahanshah had changed his Persian name to Mohamad Javid! I guess by this time, the Arabic seed had planted deep in his …, La Ellaha Ella Allah!
C. Jahanshah Javid's Gay Weasel look! Do you see the look from above the glasses, similar to Mullah Loqati looks? That is the Islamic look inherited from backrooms of the mosques during his militant Hezbollah years! I mean take one look at this face. I know this face! This is the face of a "fingered man" and I know what am I talking about, because Ahreeman fingers All! Look at this fact, will you? This is the face of a man who has been fingered by a large size index finger (all the way up) of another very large size man!
R. Jahanshah Javid, fat gorilla in the mist! The reason for that smile, is because he is remembering the good old mosque days in Feyziyeh Qom!

L. Said Amin, owner of Iranian Personals (The Gay Pimp)
R. Jahanshah Javid, founder of, owner of (The Fat Troll)

Could these two be more than friends and business associates? Look at the smooth, shaved, bald head of Said and faraway eyes of JJ! Could this be the explanation for all those business trips? Is Said Amin a chubby chaser who chased after Jahanshah Javid's dark, fat bun buns? Shake your bun buns? Are they a couple? You know the song:

I love you, you love me,
It's a perfect melody,
People think, we're best friends,
But we're Homo Sapiens!

Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin are a couple of opportunists, hazy con artists and shady characters. I had first hand experiences with both of them.

The is a tabloid for shallow Iranians with lower intellect level to read and pass time. is similar to "Etela'at Haftegi" Ragazine of before the Islamic Revolution back home!

For more information on Jahanshah Javid's Extracurricular Islamic activities back home, read:

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise! - Part one

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise! - Part two

More information on Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America Thread

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America thread

The Iranian (Jahanshah Javid's Old site)

Iroon (Jahanshah Javid's New Site)

Check out Said Amin's sites:

World Singles

Iranian Personals

Gay Dating Planet

Now there are no doubts in hell that these two good fellow Iranians are flaming Faggots:

L. Hootan, Iranian female impersonator
R. Mohamad Khordadian, dancer and dance instructor

L. Mohamad Khordadian Dace Video
R. Mohamad Khordadian and GayLas!

Khordadian smile
I dig his plucked eyebrows, beanie ski hat and sexy shirt in Gay Colors!

Reza Pahlavi II - The Gay Pahlavi
The Gay Prince of Iran

Please observe these next two photos carefully:

L. The Opie Pahlavi (Reza Pahlavi II)
R. The Dopey Pahlavi (Reza Pahlavi II)

Take one look at above faces and you can be assured that this man is being fingered right there at the moment that these pictures were taken! In the picture on the left, someone had stuck a thumb all the way up the crown prince's bun buns! Just take one look at the facial expression and you can feel his pain! In the picture on the right, he is way too confused due to fingering! The fingering had shattered his chain of thoughts and he is rambling frantics on CNN (as he usually does)! Over here, he talks about his urgent plans to overthrow Islamic Republic of Iran via his pasdar general friends and great brave monarchists (kiss ass boys and bache soosools) in a short time distance. Of course every few years he rambles on gibberish such as above, so far for 28 + years! Reza Pahlavi is a liberal pacifist, superstitious Muslim and the only thing he over throws is the fried steaks in the pan, while he plays the Gourmet Chef and Mr. Mom to his three daughters in the kitchen!

The Allahic Virus (Islam) transfers from superstitious religious mother (Queen Mother) to son (Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi) and the same story again …. From mother (Farah Pahlavi) to son (Reza Pahlavi II). Superstitious religious mothers infected with Allahic Virus, do produce Superstitious religious sons infected with Allahic Virus, weak, indecisioned, and absent in times of need. Like father, like son! The father had caused the Islamic Reaction of 1979 and the son had failed to do anything about it! This is why the legacy of a great man, Reza Shah The Great has been lost and his tomb and mausoleum has been destroyed!

For more information, read:

Reza Shah The Great, the Real Story

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Reza Pahlavi II has no balls. Well, maybe "Cotton Balls"! You don't believe me? Next time concentrate looking at his privates and trousers while he appears in public (if he ever appears)!

I am in need of something this long!

I am in need of large size Balls this big!

I wonder if Ahreeman ever stops fingering me?

RP: Why do you always finger me?
X: Ahreeman fingers All!
RP: Will you stop mocking me in public?
X: Ahreeman enjoys pulling shorts!
RP: Will you give me a break?
X: Begu To?
RP: To!
X: Jigar-e To, Fada-ye To, Safa-ye To, Hava-ye To, Boobool-e To, …
RP: Dast az sar-e kachal-e ma var midari?
X: Never baby, never … Ahreeman just loves-e loves-e loves you!

Islam and Homosexuality

The funny ting is that Islam condemns homosexuality, yet all Ayatollahs, Hojatol Eslams are Tolab are gay! Hypocrisy is ultimate! How can you evolve in cleric schools without gayshess?

Maybe they do not wear Gay Colors at Religious Study Schools, but they surely have action pact nights!

You have to get banged by Hojatol Eslams to become a Talabe (Religious Study Student). You have to bang Tolab and be banged by Ayatollahs to become a Hojatol Eslam. You have to bang Tolab and Hojatol Eslams to become an Ayatollah and you surely end up banging the whole nation when becoming a Grand Ayatollah or Velayat-e Faqih (Supreme Spiritual Leader)! Islam is one large Holy Bangarooni for the Kunis!

Islam is religion of Belly and Under Belly.

How ironic it is for the clerics to condemn gays, yet they bang one another all night longs!

Islam and Transsexuality

Ironically, as much as Islam is Anti Gay, yet it is pro Gender Bending and Sex Changes! Islam encourages Sex Change. Ayatollah Khomeini even released a fatwa to make it legit, not just in Shiite Islam but in Islam in general! Transsexuals are protected by Islamic laws and Shari'a laws of Shiite IRI.

Two Gay Imams of IRI

Imam Khamenei was the Boy Toy of Imam Khomeini. Eventually he became his earl, replaced Khomeini and end up as the next Islamic spiritual leader of Iran! How delightful for Iranians that so far (28 + years), they had a couple of Gay Clerics as Supreme Spiritual Leaders! Just like Monarchy, each Imam erects the next Imam, which is coming after him! Shahollah, Hezbollah, same Bull Shiite at the cost of democracy and human rights in Iran and at the expense of the Iranians!

L. Imam Khamenei, the submissive lover or Maf'oul (Kuni)
R. Imam Khomeini, the dominant lover or Fa'el (Kun Kon)
In the middle, you got the ignorant religious Muslim Iranians who allow themselves to be Fragged by these two, so far for 28 + years!

Imam Khomeini frenching Yasser Arafat, Islamic Style!

Imam Khamenei in a romantic pose, frenching an injured martyr!

Imam Khamenei look
Do you see the smirk and the look on Seyed Ali Geda?
This is the look of a man who has been fingered and anguled!


Fingered: Being fingered around and straight up the rectum.
Anguled: Being Angulaked (fondled) around with.

Shirin Ebadi and The Bull Dykes

Shirin Ebadi and The FemiNazis

Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize) winner, Shirin Ebadi posing for cameras in the west, while failing to hear the excruciating painful screams of the Iranian political prisoners under the tortures in Tehran! Shirin Ebadi, the same as other Islamist Reformists such as Akbar Ganji, Mohamad Khatami, Jahanshah Javid and other Whore Liberal Reformists are a part of the Islamic Regime and believe in the myth of Reforms under the framework of Islam and the Islamic constitution.

Islam is not reformable. Islamic Republic of Iran is not reformable.

Hezbollah is Hezbollah

Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist makes no difference. All of them are a block on the way of the future Nationalist Revolution of Iran. The only Good Islam is No Islam!

Shirin Ebadi (Shashid Ezafi) is a useless Muslim con artist, a new fad, a new Hee-Row of Reform riding the ignorant masses of Iran.

Reformist Liberal Democrats, Liberal Reformists and Islamist Reformists are the same Shiite! Peace Nobel Prize is also worth Shiite. Any two-bit charlatan (Carter, Arafat, etc.) had won this prize, erected by Norwegian In-tell-egg-chew-alls!

Have you ever seen a grand Bull Dyke, who had conned the globe, same as Shirin Ebadi had done? Lesbian Power!

An Iranian Transsexual in Inxile, still in the closet

An Iranian Transsexual in Exile, way out of the closet!

The Super Lesbian
An Iranian Super Heroine

Muslim women are watching the Gay Parade!
Don't you want your girlfriend be as chic as me?
Don't you want your girlfriend be a freak like me?
Don't you?

And the struggle shall go on …

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