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Persianizing or FAQing the Language?!

Out There Pure Persian Terms!
Persianizing or FAQing the Language?!

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: July 15, 2008
2nd Edition: January 19, 2018

Where do these Persians bring these terms from?!


The other day, I was net meeting with a certain juicy Persian Lady Computer Engineer and she mentioned something cool to me that I must share it with you! Do you know, how certain Persians are way Over Persianizing the language? They are practically wanting to get rid of all the Arabic, Turkish, Russian and even French words in Persian! I mean imagine getting rid of all the French words in Persian! All the Western medical, technological and other terms got to go and they are often replacing them with bizarre Persian Terms created out of their Asses! These people are often the ones who constantly Balqur words like Sepas, Dorud, Bedrud, Serud, chahar rud, Panj rud, Shish rud, ..........

Check it out:

We might really force ourselves to use these weird words:

Sepas instead of Merci
Narm Afzar instead of Software
Sakht Afzar instead of Hard Ware

When she told me about "Sakht Afzar", I cracked up! This term sounds erotic, it sounds like a Boner! I told her:

Sakht Afzar-et Bedam! Ye Sakht Afzari bedamet ke bara akheratet ham bemune! (She cracked up!)

Where do they bring these Kos O She'rs from?

How about "Ruye-ye Do" or "Miyane-ye Se".............spare me! I mean I worshiped Aryamanesh, I loved him and respected him more than my own Dad, but I even made fun of him and openly mocked him and joked with him, when he went over board with these terms! He just used to smile and not say anything to me!

Now these Persian Ultra Nationalists went all the way..................

Do you know what they suggested to use instead of "Keravat" (Tie)?

Check it out, and don't choke on it:

"Deraz Aviz-e Zinati" instead of Keravat!

Now that’s pure Persian with no trace of French or Arabic but what the Frag!

Deraz Aviz-e Zinati
(The designer, hanging longy!)

Sounds like my Dad’s Dick Choker Belt hanging from his Shombool to keep his Schlong Rock Hard in his old ages! Sound like an artificial Dick Choker sold at the S&M Store!

What the Frag is that?

So if:

Keravat = Deraz Aviz-e Zinati
What’s Papiyon (Bow Tie)?


Papiyon (papillon) = Gardan Aviz-e Gere Dar!

or maybe,

Papiyon = Gardan Gerd-e Zinati

Sometimes, these Persian Ultra Nationalists kill me! Even though I am one of them!

These guys think they are cleaning up the language but the fact is that they are Fragging Up The Lingo!

I wish these Ultra Persian Nationalists would concentrate more on Freedom of Iran, than to create Persian Terms out of their Asses and then debate on them in their idiotic Iranian forums or Pal talk around the net!

Stop playing word games and Farsi-Parsi games!
Start evolving the mind of the monarchists so they don’t end up as thugs like Pirouznia!
Start teaching them Democracy, Free Speech, Humanity and Political Rights for All!

….. And if you guys continue these word games, what will you do with Khalij-e Fars? Ha?
Would you call it “Ab-gah-e Pars”?

That sounds like an Aryan sperm dumping ground, where Neo Nazis, all gather every Friday (instead of mosque) and jerk off in a hole together, and then that hole becomes the:

Ab-gah-e Pars”!

Give it up people, give it up!
Monarchists are too lazy to move their ass and start a revolution, so they sit around, create terms out of their asses to cleanup the Persian language!

Even if you clean up the Persian language from the Arabic words, yet you can never clean it up from Arabic rooted Persian words!

We have created Arabic rooted Persian words, which even Arabs do not know what the hell they are, and what do they mean?! We are more Arabs than Arabs themselves! We are more Muslim than Muslim themselves! The whole language is Fragged beyond repair!

Oh, what will we call Vagina?
Dool-gah-e Pishin?
And what will you call Ass?
Dool-gah-e Pasin?

You Ultra Nationalists, National Socialists and Aryo_Monarchists kill me! You simply kill me!

The words which you suggest to use are pathetically humorous, bizarre and makes no sense!

Check out these Internet terms:

Ruye, Miyane, Tar nama, Narm Afzar, Sakht Afzar, …………..

Sakht Afzar (Hardware) sounds like an erect hard dick!

You guys kill me!
You and your Pure Persian terms created out of the rectum!


I was just thinking on this issue and I had come to the conclusion that Ultra Nationalists such as some of yous need to create another cheesy fully Persian term for “Football” (Soccer) which of course will not make sense and will be as funny as tons of other terms created by Ultra Nationalists!

Terms such as:

Narm Afzar-e Moteharek = Animation Software
(That sounds like a Jet Turbo Vibrator)

Or who can ever forget this legendary one:

Deraz Aviz-e Zinati = Dress Tie
(That sounds like my Dad’s Hanging schlong! At his age, it is only decorative!)

I swear to you, every time I talk with IM to Iran and they use these terms, I either crack up laughing on the floor or get an erection size of Mount Everest, whichever comes first!

So if we create one for Football, then I propose:

Tup = Ball
Tup Pa = Foot + Ball => Football


Gerd-e Ravan = Ball
(That sounds like a “Runaway Testicle”)
Gerd-e Ravan Bazi = Playing + Ball => Football
(That sounds like playing with someone’s runaway testicle)

So there you go fellow Ultra Nationalists! There’s your prayer …..

From now on, you should be Pure Persian and distribute this term instead of Football around the Persian Forums! Specifically you need to distribute this term around Ultra Nationalist Cheesy forums such as …!

I insist that Iranians must begin to use this pure Persian term:

Gerd-e Ravan Bazi” instead of Westoxicated term of Football!

But in all seriousness, for real meaningful Pure Persian Terms which are put forward to replace the Foreign Terms, review:

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more Dr. Ahmad Kasravi books:

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Dear Lord! You Ultra Nationalists kill me (Riot/Killer!)!


Ahura, please save us from these Weirdoes with too much time on their hands!

Pure Persian X

Dr. X

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