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Please Tear Blood, While Reading My Humor!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: November 19, 2008
2nd Edition: January 20, 2018


This is all about Ashura:

Ashura, this is Shiite Islam Series

I want you to go to this link, but only after you read my little article over here:

Ya! (Ya Husain)

On your left and top there are different links to different:

Aza Dari of Moharam Majles-e Aza around the world!
(Ashura Mourning and Mob Gatherings by Mullahs)

On the table on your left, you will find Majles-e Aza from Washington, DC all the way to Bangalore India!

Look at the links on the left, at the bottom and in the center!

Check out the links:

Upcoming Events (Possibly Rowzeh Khani, Aza Dari, Zajeh Zani, Shivan Zani) [Sing Mourning/Crying]

Majalis (All kinds of Majles-e Aza) [Mourning Banquets]

Nauhas and Marsias (Nohe Khani/Marsiyeh Khani) [Mourning Songs]

Duas and Ziyarats (Worship and Pilgrimage)

Other Events (Possibly involves Chains/Daggers/Blades and a Quran!)

Contact Info (this one is good! Possibly E-mail to Imam Jum’a)

Support (Possibly Religious Support for Shiite on how to Scream and Cry for Hussein at the same time!)

Site Terms (riot, killer! I dig this one! Terms: Must obey from Shiite Laws of Shari’a like good Cattle to enter the site!)

Tell a Fried (I love this one! Yes by all means tell a friend and add yet another sheep to the cattle of Allah!)

Feedback [Wow! Feedback some Bull Shiite to the Olama and Great Shiites about their Mull Shiites (Mullahs’ Bull Shiite) and propaganda site!]

Remembering Karballah, once again!

Then go to each link on your left side table and take a look at the Downloads of Rowzeh (Shiite Mourning Songs) and check them out, you have two choices (very high tech), to download or to listen online to Rowzeh Khani! (riot!)

Now, you can Mourn solo in the comfort of your home! This is like mourning in the comfort of your home for Hussein! In the past you had to actually get off your butt and go to Ashura and Tasua parade, mosque and rally to self mutilate, listen to bull Shiite by clerics and shed tears for Hussein, but not now! Thanks to technology, now you can mourn everyday from the privacy of your home. You don’t even have to wait until Ashura! Ain't Technology great?!

Shiite Fruits of Technology

The same as cinema porn had evolved to DVD and Internet porn, so did Shiite mourning! now you can:

* Mourn in privacy of your home.

* You don’t have to go to the mosque; you can do it in your room!

* Scream and Cream, Cry and Shout, Chain and Dagger bang yourself as much as you want in private.

* Express yourself as often and as much as possible.

* Cry your eyes shut, scream until you cream, head bang, chain bang and dagger bang until you climax and orgasm!

* You can do private, duo or group Islamic S&M (Sadistic-Masochistic) sessions with your friends in your home until dawn!

* You can all mourn and self mutilate, shout and cry all together in front of the wall decorated with large posters of the Original Imam Hussein ibn al Ali (3rd Shiite Imam) or the Neo Imam Hussein ibn al Obama (13th Shiite Imam) or both!

* You can jerk off, Oops pardon me, I meant chain off and cry your heart out for Seyed Hussein ibn al Ali or Seyed Barack Hussein Obama or both!

* Eat as much polo chelo after the mourning without behaving like a pig in the public mosque while munching on free food! Just guzzle down a bucket of Persian food without anyone watching you making a pig of yourself!

Special Advertisement for Internet Mourning!

You don’t have to hide your S&M desires developed by Ashura traditions, no more!

Do Ashura ceremonies turn you on?
Do you get erections and then get wet due to all the head, back, chain, dagger and chest banging?
Does Hussein’s Holy face makes your juices flow?
How about Obama’s face?
How about Khomeini’s face?
How about Khamenei’s face?
Do you have a Thing for Holy Shiite Saints?
Do you get all hot and bothered down in your privates when staring at Imams?
Do all the self mutilations, pain and blood give you a boner?
Do you get woodies listening to Rowzeh Khani while Mojtahed calls for prayer or sings Marsiyeh (sad lament)?
Does your chador, under chador and tonekeh (Islamic female panties) get wet listening to Quran recited by Ayatollahs?
 Are you a male, female or Transsexual Muslim in need of Extra Ordinary Excitement during Ramadan and Ashura but way too shy to express yourself in public?

Internet Aza Dari

Well, have no fear! Internet Mourning to the rescue! Not to worry because now you can just turn on the computer, sit behind the monitor, tune in to Ya or similar Shiite sites, gather your tools (whips, chains, daggers, butt plugs and Quran), gather your mourning mates, hang the posters of Husseins (both of them) on the wall and do a private Islamic S&M mourning session in your little Shiite Shack O Love!

Let it all hang out for Hussein! Let us all do the nasty with the old Hussein (Ibn al Ali) and the new Hussein (Ibn al Obama)! Let’s all get Jiggy with it. Let us all do the Ashura Ceremonies in privates. Let us all get closer to Allah! Let us all Cum much and Cum together for Hussein while getting closer to Allah! After all, Allah is passionate!

Ya Allah!

Back to the Ya Hussein site,

On each link on top of the page, you will also find the picture of Your Favorite Imam Jum’a of your favorite Mosque in the city near you!

Shiite Islam Gone High Tech!


IPC Special Mourning (Aza Dari)

C'mon Folks, let’s do an IPC session of:

Ashura Mourning Majlis! It’ll be the "Saheb-e Aza", you be the "Aza Daran and I’ll be Imam-e Aza!!"

Tonight at IPC Mosque we will have:


Zajeh Zani for h'orderves
Aza Dari for Appetizer
Gerye Zari for Soup
Shivan Zani for Main Course
and lets save
Tu Sar Zani for the End of Majles-e Wa’z!

Let the Rowzeh and Wa’z Begin:

Ok, everyone all together, lets sing along:
(sing rhythmic with 6/8 Persian rhythm while banging your chests)

Vay Hussein-o Kardan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay Dul-e Moslem-o Boridan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay Tokhm-e Hazrat-e Abbas-o kandan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay Dulesh-o boridan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay inqadr gerye kardim, Ab-e Hussein ham umad!
Khak to saram, khak tu saram
Vay Ab-e Hussein-o Avordan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Tokhm-e chap-e Asb-e Hazrat-e Abbas ro ham boridand!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram .........

Dar Mazar-e Karballah, Hussein Hussein Guyam, Hussein Hussein Guyam.......
Bia baba……
Ya Hussein, Ya Hussein.............

Picture This!


I want all of you to think for a minute and think about the Depth and Sadness of our Cultural Poverty!

It is Sad, isn't it? It can make you cry, couldn't it?

Now, I want you to think about, how since 2000 (creation of IPC), we were preaching Persian Pride and preaching about our rich 8000 years of Persian Civilization!

8000 Years of Iranian History

Now I want you to look, take a very good look at this Shiite site (or similar Islamic sites), and observe about, what really our Every Day Culture is all about, will you?

Ya! (Ya Husain)

Now, I would love to see your face, your Aryan Persian Proud Nationalist Face, after observing this site and after pondering a bit about what has become of the children of Cyrus, today! Do you have tears in your eyes yet? Are the tears for Iran, for Iranians, or for Destruction of your Pure Persian Pride? Are you crying for yourself or for Iran?

Look what has happened to our nation from 1979 until today, will ya?

All I have to say, is that, this is so funny that I do not know if I should laugh or to cry? With all the humor in this site and my article, we cannot hesitate not to Bleed Tears for our Motherland and how the Cattle-Like illiteracy of our masses has caused our glorious nation to become the Shiite Hole which is today!

Take a Moment and Laugh out loud to my humor article,

and then,

Take a Moment of silence and,

Bleed for Iran!

Tears of blood ……..

Intellectual Left, Then and Now

Now, you are ready to pick up the gun and go shoot every person who contributed to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, please start with members of Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front)! Go to Jebhe Meli sites, hold them down, and violently shoot them in the rectum so they can bleed to Death! Did it feel good? Hee Hee Hee Ho Ho Howw..... Howl (Ahreemanic Evil laughter!)

It would be nice, but let’s hold on to that thought. I do not want IPC Liberals to panic! (Killer!)
There will be plenty of times for our future Fun! (Wink, Wink!)

Every Intellectual of the left who dragged the Gav O Guspandan (average Iranian illiterate cattle) in to the streets of Iran (on 1978) is responsible for the creation of Government of Allah (IRI) in Iran, simply because Mullahs were to stupid and illiterate to create a revolution without the great power of the In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All Left’s aid!

Today, the same Intellectuals of the left as Iranian Americans are IRI Lobbying or voting for Democrats or both in United States of America! Voting for the same Democrats who destroyed Iran (Jimmy Carter and crew)!

These In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All leftists cry and mourn about Shah’s atrocities before 1979, but their lips are sealed when it comes to Mullahs’ atrocities 20 times worst than Shah’s and the Imperial Regime!

These In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All leftists believed that the reformable Imperial Regime was not reformable; therefore, they led the revolution, yet today they believe that the unreformable Islamic Republic of Iran is reformable! So today they are the reformists of Iran trying to reform the most blood thirsty inhuman regime which the world has ever seen since the Nazi Germany!

Today we have no shortage of In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All leftists such as Shirin Ebadi, Akbar Ganji, Trita Parsi, Jahanshah Javid and other human garbage …… in our mist! Gorillas in the mist!

Hezbollah in America

What purpose do Reformists serve?

Reformists (Hezbollah Reformists and Liberal Reformists) are pawns to aid IRI and only a block on the way of our Nationalist Revolution to free our homeland.

Iranian Reformists in America and their Mission

Today, the IRI Lobby Groups, Liberal Reformists, Pacifists, In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All leftists and other Dayus are voting for Democrats to put an unqualified empty suit (Obama) in the White House.

Now that Democrats have absolute control of America (Presidency, Senate, House and Governorships), then these Eye-Rainians, each expect some dough, grants, welfare, healthcare, food stamp, leftover, a doggy treat or at least a bone or two!

One Lost, One Down but not Out!

We already have lost one country (Iran); we already have one country down (America), but not out!

What happened in America of 2008 reminds me of what happened in Iran of 1978! Majority voted for Khomeini and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) had formed, also majority voted for Obama and USSA (United Socialist States of America) will form! We ran away from Islam and Socialism and escaped to America to live free, but now America of all places is turning to Shiite!

Barack Hussein Obama (Osama Obama)
Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Old Pussy)
Harry Reid (Harry Ridemoon)

May have America down (for 4 years) but not out … yet!

We the opposition to IRI, Hezbollah and Socialist Liberals will regroup and plan a new tactic and strategy to not lose our second country (America) to Islamists, Socialists and Marxists.

Iran had become a Shiite Hole. America is down in Shiites but we will try hard to not allow her to become yet another Shiite Hole! In a way it is good that Democrats got the absolute control (dictatorship). Americans have short memories! After 4 years, when America will hit the dirt, then Americans will once again remember that what Liberals are all about! For now, let them have their feast and celebrate their celebrity pop star president created by the media, while GOP will regroup, reorganize and with fundamental changes will rebirth like a phoenix for 2012.

So hold on to that thought to anally torture the In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All left with 44 Magnums (make sure to purchase as much assault and mega guns as possible before Obama bans them) ……

But for now,

Shed a tear,
Tear blood while reading my humor!

Bleed in silence,
and let your anger to pile up in your throat,
"pressure hold" your anger,
let it all pile up,
for the future Explosion!

Our Day will repay the Fathers of 1979 for The,

"Sins of The Fathers"


In Hope for Better Days,

Dr. X

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