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History Book - Photo Galleries
Mitra Persian Sun Goddess & Mitraism
Foundations of Christianity!
Ahreeman X

When Celebrating Christmas, Remember that it came from Iran!
Mitra & Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Book of Mitra in 5 Chapters: Pictorial History with 300 Photos
I am going to offer you two pills, take the Blue Pill and believe in whatever you want as the organized religion, Shiite Islam and the Christian Church have been preaching to you for millenniums, take the more

Jamal Khashoggi’s Death
Ends Justifies the Means!
Ahreeman X

True Story Behind the Media Lies
Complete Analysis and History
Jamal Khashoggi’s Death, Ends Justifies the Means!
In this day and age of liberal political correctness era, I am certain that by writing this piece, I will be bombarded with harsh criticism, nasty profanity and much more weekly “Death Threat” E-mails than usual; however, I am used to all the kindness! more

Fashion - Models
Nadia Malina Rojel Spicy Hot Persian Model
Nadia’s Wild Shots
Nadia Malina Rojel

IPC Hot New Model
Nadia’s Debut in IPC: Nadia’s Wild Shots
Nadia Malina Rojel is the IPC’s Hot New Model. Nadia is a wild and scandalous Persian girl. Nadia is athletic, fit and ready to Rock and Roll. Nadia Malina Rojel is a second-generation Iranian American from both Persian parents. Nadia was born in Los Angeles, California. Nadia lives and works at Raleigh, North Carolina more

Features - Philosophy
Understanding Alien Extraterrestrial Mind
Alien Perspective of Human Affairs
Nicholas Ginex

Alien Extraterrestrial Coverup by Deep State
An Aerospace Engineer’s Perspective
Who does the Coverup? Why do they Coverup? How to expose it?

Before we explore why extraterrestrial beings have entered our planet and why they have an interest in human beings, we have got to confirm if ETs (extraterrestrials) and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) really exist. The background information provided below verifies more

After Democracy, How to Avoid Tyranny in Iran?
How to build a powerful democratic foundation?
Sam Ghandchi

After the Death of Islamic Republic of Iran ……
How to Build a Strong Democratic Foundation in Iran?
How to Prevent Regeneration of Tyranny in Iran?

Let's assume we replace the current Islamic regime in Iran with a Futurist Democratic and Secular Republic and make a democratic constitution, how can we prevent regeneration of a tyranny? This is a valid question after seeing the experiences of Nazi Germany more

Cartoons - Graphics
California Sanctuary Banana Republic 2
Chapter 2: Land of Illegal Aliens
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists

Vote & Turn California Red, Make California Sane Again!
Chapter 2: Land of Illegal Aliens
3 Aces in Democrat Party’s Sleeve
I call it Democrat Party because it is not Democratic! Democrat Party has 3 wings which help him fly high:
Media, Hollywood, Academia
Fake News, Entertainment Propaganda and Indoctrination more

Cartoons - Graphics
California Sanctuary Banana Republic 1
Chapter 1: Land of Stoners & Eco Wackos
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists

Vote & Turn California Red, Make California Sane Again!
Chapter 1: Land of Stoners & Eco Wackos
Liberal Infested California
California Liberal State Government is resisting and defying Trump, America, 2016 election results, and Will of the People. An insignificant little bald man, an ex-hippie and a present yuppie, the liberal socialist bald-headed liberal bastard Jerry Brown (governor), his Sissy more

History - Photo Gallery
Seb Persian Castle
Historical Sistan & Baluchistan Province of Iran
Dr. Kaveh Farrokh
Historical Seb Persian Castle
A Qajar and Safavid Fortress
The province of Sistan and Baluchistan (Sistan is the northern part with Baluchistan the southern portion) is one of Iran’s driest regions.  The province’s coastal areas are distinctly humid with some increase in rainfall coming in from the east towards the west. This region is an ancient crossroads that has linked the civilizations the Indus more

Politics - Cartoons
Iranian Joke of the Century
IRI Parliament’s Anti-Terrorism Measures!
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
IRI Parliament Passes Anti-Terrorism Measures!
IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Islamist Terrorist Regime has put on a new Tragicomedy Mask and displayed it to the globe as a Neo PR Tactic!
“Iran's Parliament Passes Measures Against Funding Terrorism”
“Then the IRI Parliament should sanction the complete IRI Government!”
(Ahreeman X) more

Politics - Cartoons
Is Google a Cult?
Cult of Censorship, Espionage & Mind Control
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
Google is a Dangerous & Powerful Mind Control Global Monopoly
Google Facts
I state the facts & you be the judge:
Google Indoctrinates Employees to the Google World View
Google Mind Controls the Public to the Google World View
Google Filters Search to Promote the Google World View
Google Promotes Own Liberal Globalist View & World Order more

Tech Giants’ Mind Control of the People
Nature of the Swamp
Ahreeman X
Nature of Tech Giants
Hi-Tech Giants are part of the problem and part of the Establishment Swamp. They draft hi-tech methods such as net censorship, rigged search system, filter the search and programming algorithm to silence the conservatives, national populists or any group who does not think like them (Group Think). They do their best to make conservative, nationalist, Anti Islam and other Truth Exposing Websites to more

Politics - Cartoons
Amazon Censorship, the Final Verdict
Globalist Greed Agenda
Ahreeman X
Story of Globalist Corporate Greed Sacrificing American Worker
Amazon Response, Ahreeman Analysis & Jeff Bezos Agenda
I have been an Amazon stockholder, associate, customer and reviewer since Jeff Bezos created Amazon. As an insider to the Amazon’s System, I know Amazon policies and business model like the palm of my hand, I know the palm of my hand very well! This is the story of Amazon’s censorship of conservatives. This is my story more

History - Photo Gallery
Iranian Opposition Massacre of 1988
Crime Against Humanity
Hassan Daioleslam
Summer of Blood: 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran
In February 1979 the ruling monarchy in Iran was toppled and while the nation’s democratic and secular movements were weak, Ayatollah Khomeini, and a ring of clergymen attached to him, seized control of the country. From the onset, the new regime sought to forcefully impose a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. But the Iranian society, which yearned for democracy and prosperity more

Philosophy - Science
Electron Began the Universe
Was there a beginning?
Nicholas Ginex
Quest for the Philosophy of Existence Continues …
Space Vortex Theory
This article introduces our IPC readers to the Space Vortex Theory (SVT) developed and quantitatively verified by Paramahamsa Tewari, an electrical engineer whose working carrier carried him into the world of physics. His SVT has been commended by many more

Iran Network of Islamic Centers in Europe
IRI Espionage Centers in Europe
Hassan Daioleslam & Kazem Moussavi
IRI network of Islamic Centers, seminaries & Mosques in Europe
UK, Germany & EU Flirtations with IRI
Iranian regime runs a large number of Islamic centers and Mosques in Europe that disseminate its fundamentalist ideology and generate grassroots support for its radical foreign policy. These centers provide Iran with a recruiting pool for the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force or other Iranian Institutions responsible for terrorism or more

What Would Cyrus Say?
Cyrus Way of Life
Amir Arsalan
Persian Patriotic Poetry
Imagine if Cyrus the Great was Alive,
How would he solve Iran’s Problems?
In the Spirit of Cyrus the Great
What Would Cyrus Say?
When insanity took over, in the year 1978
And the streets were filled with lies, betrayal, and hate more

Fashion - Models
Shermine Shahrivar Gold Album
Best of Shermine Sexy Persian Model
Shermine Shahrivar
Shermine Shahrivar 2 - Gold Album: Sexy Hot Shots
You are not a relevant Persian model unless you are published in IPC. This is Shermine Shahrivar’s debut in IPC. Shermine Shahrivar is a Berlin based model. Shermine is a Fashion Model who has done Runway, Print, Swimsuit, Commercial, Art, Nude, Catalogue and Fashion Modeling. Shermine Shahrivar started as a beauty pageant. She was Miss Germany 2004 and Miss Europe 2005 in France. Next more

Fashion - Models
Shermine Shahrivar Silver Album
Best of Shermine Sexy Persian Model
Shermine Shahrivar
Shermine Shahrivar 1 - Silver Album: Fashion Chic Shots
Shermine Shahrivar is a very expressive and photogenic fashion model. Her expressions and poses are very chic and bold. Shermine is an educated, talented, elegant and artistic Persian Fashion Model. Shermine Shahrivar is an Iranian German Model, Actress, TV Show Host, and Beauty Pageant. Shermine was born as “Shermine Shahrivar Tehrani” in Tehran, Iran and moved to Germany when more

How Had The Persians Died?!
How Had The Persians Lived?
Ahreeman X
New Edition: Nationalist Persian Poetry
This poem has been inspired by and based upon the true events of my life and the Persian History.
How Had The Persians Died?!
His eyes were anxious and he was wide-eyed,
When I spoke of history, he got bright-eyed,
I shouted of glories and he sharp-eyed, more

Place of Women in Islam!
Ghazali and Rumi on Women
Dr. Ali Sina
Where is the place of women in Islam?
Islamic Scholars on Women
There are two men in Islam that are indisputably the greatest in the annals of this religion. They are Imam Muhammad al Ghazali (philosopher, theologian and author) and Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi (poet, theologian, sufi mystic and dervish guru), both Persians. Let us see what they thought of women. Ghazali is so highly revered more

Islam - History
Twilight Zone, Iranian Style!
History is Written by the Winners of Wars.
Amir Arsalan
Why the Upside Down Bizarro World Exists in Today’s Iran?
Welcome to My Twilight Zone!
Submit for your approval, the following hypothetical world. A world centuries into the future. A world where Adolf Hitler is considered the "messenger of God" for the Jewish people. A world where Jews name their children after Adolf Hitler, Josef Mengele, Rudolf Hess, and Heinrich Himmler. A world where these men are regarded as Saints more

Islam and the People of the Book
Islamic View on Other Religions
Anwar Shaikh
Muhammad’s True Doctrine on Non-Muslims
There is a general misconception that Islam seeks friendly relations with the People of the Book, that is, the Jews and the Christians. In fact, Islam is hostile to the members of these religious groups as it is to idolators such as the Hindus. However, this is another matter that the Jews and the Hindus suffered terribly at the hands of Islam, but the Christians, though initially bore its brunt, eventually more

Taqiyah: Islamic Deceit of Non-Muslims
Peeling the Layers of Taqiyah Onion!
Dr. Ali Sina
Taqiyah = Islamically Recommended Lies (Halaal Lies)
Who has not heard of Taqiyah? But did you know that it is onion shaped? Taqiyah sounds and means the same as the Sanskrit word thugee from the root thag. They may be related. The idea behind the Taqiyah is to deceive the victim and when he is least prepared overpower him and subdue him. This was also the philosophy of the Indian thugs. Taqiyah has many layers. The most common form is more

Features - Economy
Iran’s New Cryptocurrency & Collapsed Economy
IRI Digital Money
Ahreeman X
Iran’s Currency Value, Then (Imperial Iran) vs. Now (IRI)!
Will the new Iranian Cryptocurrency be the answer to the Iran’s collapsed economy? The prospect of the Iranian economy is gloomy and obscured. When you put a bunch of fortune teller Mullahs in charge of a great economy, they will naturally steal everything except the kitchen sink and run the nation’s economy to the ground! Iran’s economy has collapsed, thanks to the Mullahs and now they are moving more

Iran Nuclear Lies
Mullahs’ Big Lie!
Ahreeman X
Nuclear Iran? Yes, Nuclear IRI? No
It is amazing that we have been screaming from the top of our lungs, now for many years, that IRI nuclear program is much more advanced and is fully about war and weapons than what it portrays in media. We have been clearly stating that Iran has one intention for nuking up and that is to create nuke heads for its ballistic missiles and to create bombs for its bombers. The goal is to create a nuclear Iran more

Muslims Justify Muhammad’s Pedophilia!
Was Muhammad Attracted to Little Girls?
Dr. Ali Sina
Is having Sex with Children OK in Islam?
Some Muslims are embarrassed of the fact that their prophet had sex with a child when he was 53 years old. However, instead of leaving him, they lie about the age of Aisha and strive hard to prove that she was much older than what she herself said in countless hadith. Others are so shameless that they don’t even try that approach, but rather go on justifying their prophet’s pedophilia. Muhammad more

Cartoons - Politics
Tech Giants Cyber Censorship
Tech Giants are Great Danger to Democracy
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
Tech Giants are the Biggest Threat to the 1st & 2nd Amendments
There should be checks and balances on all free market entities, or else free markets will not exist. Government used to be the greatest threat to the free speech but now, the Tech Giants are a bigger threat than government! At least in Trump era, there are checks and balances on the Government but there are no checks and balances on the Tech Giants and they do as they please! Tech Giants are censoring more

Politics - Cartoons
Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship!
Tech Giants Internet Censorship
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
Tech Giants Internet Censorship Must Stop
Amazon is an Online Retail Business, it doesn’t need ANTIFA!
If Amazon loves to take the conservative money, then Amazon must also allow the conservative reviews on their site. By openly discriminating against the conservatives via Amazon Community, Amazon is risking to alienate majority of the American people who are conservatives. Amazon must allow conservative voices post more

Humor - Photo Gallery
Who Wants What for Nowruz? – Chapter2
The Sequel to the Original
Ahreeman X
Nowruz Persian New Year Special Sequel You been Waiting For!
Nowruz with Ahreeman X: A Special Ahreemanic Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz Persian New Year 2577 Shahanshahi PIY and Happy Persian Cultural Month of March. I always keep you in suspense and you always wonder what will I do next and what will I write next, don’t you? Well here it goes, this one for Nowruz. So, you boys and girls want Eydi presents again? Not to worry, I give you Eydi every year more

Politics - Photo Gallery
Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History & Gallery
History of International Dirty Deals & Illegal Lobby
Ahreeman X
What Media & Politicians Don’t Want You to Know?
Baquer Namazi, Siamak Namazi & Namazi Family, the Real Story
Who are the Namazi Family?

Namazi Family known as the “Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family” are one of the most corrupt and criminal, double dealing international crime cartel families of Iran in the modern history. The family are double agents betraying both countries (Iran and America) only more

Military History - Photo Galleries
Persian Immortals Come Alive 2
Persian Achaemenian Military Reenactments
Ahreeman X
Chapter 2: Persian Achaemenian Imperial Guards & Army
* Gallery 2
* Epilogue
* Sources
Our goal is to revive the Persian Culture. Our duty is to inform and enlighten the public about the Persian history, military history, culture, art, philosophy and traditions. Our goal is to expand Persianhood more

Military History - Photo Galleries
Persian Immortals Come Alive 1
Persian Achaemenian Military Reenactments
Ahreeman X
Chapter 1: Persian Achaemenian Imperial Immortals & Takabara
* Definitions
* Prologue
* Persian Immortals Come Alive
* Gallery 1
Happy Nowruz Persian New Year 2577 Shahanshahi PIY and Happy Persian Cultural Month of March. Eternal be more

Poetry - Photo Gallery
A Nightmare, Together We Share!
Reminiscing the Dreams of Yesterday
Ahreeman X
New Dark Persian Poetry
It has been a while since I have written a poem. Inspiration is needed for creation of a poem. Inspiration came and the poem was created. This poem is our story; the story of our fathers, us and our sons, 3 generations doomed by the “Sins of the Fathers”. I put this moment over here …
A Nightmare, Together We Share!
On the edge of a broken dream, I live more

New Model


Mitra Persian Sun Goddess
Foundation of Christianity!
Behind the Scenes Story

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Largest Iran Online Library
Persian Myths John Hinnells
Mitra Mysteries Franz Cumont
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Banned in Iran Books
23 Years Muhammad Career
Islam: The Arab Imperialism
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Shah of Iran Books
Pan Turanianism & Azerbaijan
Islam: Sex & Violence
Quran & System of Universe
Psychology of Muhammad
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle
Ayatollah Khomeini Books
Persian & English Texts
Iran Online Persian Library
Iran Online English Library
Iran Online Library

Why Trumpism Works?
Trump Border Wall Battle
Judge Jeanine Statement
Judge Jeanine on Caravan
Rush Limbaugh Interview
Shelby Steele + Mark Levin
Tomi Lahren Educates Libs
Candace Owens Black Revolt
Diamond & Silk Rocked NRA
Conservative Women CPAC
Ahreeman X to Maz Jobrani
Trump Propaganda Works!

Jamal Khashoggi’s Death
Ahreeman X Editorial
True Story Behind Media Lies

New Iran Sanctions Effect
Trump Maximum Pressure

New Trump Speeches
Trump vs. Media Controversy
Trump Controversial Rallies

Iran Fashion Models News
Nadia Malina Rojel Hot Spice
Top Sexy Persian Models

Ahreeman X Famous Quotes
New + Thread + Ahreeman X

Sam Ghandchi Futurist Iran
New + Updates Thread

California Sanctuary Toons
California Banana Republic

Iran Protests IRI Got to Go
Iran Assassination Chains
Iranian Joke of the Century
IRI Executed Rape Victim
IRI Secret Atomic Warehouse
Protests & Riots Across Iran
Iranian Women Hejab Protest
Ahreeman X to Hezbollah
Islam’s Death = Women’s Lib
Moral Police Beats Woman
Ahmadinejad now Opposition
Iranian Anti Hejab Women
Bita Qabus Official Statement
Iran Protests Photo Gallery
Ahreeman X to Protestors
IRI Got to Go Thread

Kaveh Farrokh News
Updates & Links Thread

Welfare & Food Stamp Fraud
Funds Islamic Terrorism

Persian Kabob Machines
Automatic Machines & Grills

Amazon Cyber Censorship
Amazon Espionage with CIA
Amazon Funds Islamists
New Update + Thread

Is Google a Cult?
Update + Google Mind Control

France Freezes IRI Assets
Maryam Rajavi Terror Plot
France + Terror + Thread

Labor Day with Ahreeman X
Retro Labor Day Special

Deplorable Choir Trump Girls
Country Western Girls Band

Nicholas Ginex Updates
New + Updates Thread

Shapour Bakhtiar Memory
Last Imperial Prime Minister

Debate Nicholas Ginex vs AX
Philosophy of Existence
Ginex Force Awakens
Return of Ahreeman X
Philosophy Debate Thread

Funny Haloo Persian Poetry
Mohammad Reza Ali Payam

Desert Dancer Movie
Afshin Ghaffarian True Story

Iran Lobby & Agents in USA
Iran Islamic Centers Europe
Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family
Namazi Family = Iran Lobby
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh IRI Spy
Trita Parsi & NIAC Activities
IRI Centers Network in USA
Iran Lobby Groups Thread
Hassan Daioleslam News
New + Update Thread + Index
IRI Hezbollah Lobby in USA
Iran Lobby + Iran Movement

Iran Nuclear Lies
Trump is Solution to Chaos
Trump ends Iran nuclear deal
Nuclear Iran? Yes, IRI? No

Persian Slangs Dictionary
New Funny Iranian Slangs
Yadullah Name + Y Words
Duff Meaning + D Words
Jindagani Terms + J Words
Encyclopedia Ahreemanica

Kourosh Aryamanesh News
Great Persian Historian
News + Thread

Why Islam Can’t Coexist?
Anwar Shaikh Unveils!
News + Thread + Index

Admzad Iran Political Art
Admzad Graphic Art Galleries

Iran will defend Syria to the
last drop of the Syrian blood!
Zarif vs. Netanyahu + Thread

Remy Munasifi (Comedian)
New + Parody & Stand Up

E-mails to Ahreeman X
Nutty, Sexy, Educational

Europe or America?
How on Earth did you?
Why IPC not on Social Media?
Democracy in Middle East?!
Interview with Ahreeman X
Washing Toilets, Beneath You!
Why Bash Bahaism?
E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Shah of Iran Final Interview
Full Interview + Others

Reza Shah the Great Memory
Father of the Modern Iran

Nowruz 2577 PIY Special
Persian Parade New York
Trump Nowruz Message
Nowruz with Samad Aqa
Nowruz with Ahreeman X

Cyber Censorship Cartoons
Tech Giants Internet Filters

YouTube Shooter Real Story
Nasim Aghdam True Episode

Sarah Palin News
Sarah Palin + Tea Party

Rolling Stones: Black & Blue 1976 Rare Live Music Videos

Funny Gay Hot Dog Vendor
Bache Baz Irani Rhymes
Parts 1a, 1, 2, 3

Phil Collins Live in Concert
Top Quality 2004 France

Genesis Live in Concert
Top Quality 2007 Germany

Who wants what for Nowruz?
Persian New Year Humor

Persian Immortals are Alive!
Military History comes to Life!

My Uncle Napoleon TV Series
Dai Jan Napoleon Top Quality

Iranian Islamist Music Videos
Hamed Zamani Propaganda

Ebi Live in Concert (Pop)
Youth Life World Tour 2016

Alien Factor New Updates
Ancient Aliens Theory
US Gov. Confirms UFO!
Ancient Aliens New Links
New + Thread + Philosophy

Trump Iran Visa Ban Update
End Green Card Lottery
What Iranians Must Know?

Ahreeman X Poetry Update
New + Persian Poetry

Ashura Special Funny Bloody
Psychotic Shiite Islam Festival

Trump vs. Hitler
Historical Case Study Thread

Nurollah X Humor Updates
Bull Shiite for Good Shiite!
Islamic Revolution Special
Logic of 72 Virgins + Thread

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
Baha’i vs Islam Revise Quran
Greatest One + Thread

Fake News Media Cartoons
Fake News & Lies Central

History of Islamic Terrorism
Where is Moderate Islam?
Brigitte Gabriel Warns USA
1400 Years of Islamic Terror

Is Islam Religion of Peace?
Shocking Debate

Clarification Islamic Comedy
Alireza Rezaei: Shafaf Sazi
New + Thread + Site

Welfare States of America
Ahreeman X on Entitlement
WSA on Verge of Collapse

Iranian Soccer Babes
Persian Football Girls

New Iran Historical Docs
Shapour Bakhtiar Doc
Fereydoun Farrokhzad Doc
Farah Pahlavi Doc
Nostalgic & Retro Memories

Emma Stone Teaches Math
Funny Emma Stone on SNL

Theory of Everything - New
Beginning of Existence!
New + Thread + Philosophy

Pan Iranism vs. Islam!
What it Means to be Iranian?
New + Old + Update + Thread

You could be Persian, if …
New Edition Persian Humor

Islam vs. Democracy & USA
Islam Contradicts Democracy

Historical Iranian Scientists
Iranian Masters of Science

Monarchy or Republic?
Iranian Democracy? + Thread

Moral Revolution New Edition
Alternative Update + Thread

Anti Persian Gulf / Israel Atlas
Penguin State of Mid East Atlas
Collins Atlas of Middle East

Break IRI Internet Filters
Break IRI Net Filters Thread

Best Browser to View IPC
Update + Thread

Susa is not Elam Updates
Iranians are not Arabs!
Purification of Mind & Race
Historical Evidence + Thread

Iran Nazi Movement History
New Updates + Thread

Qom Humor
Asking for Address, Candy Man

Iranian Girls 1910s - 2010s
100 Years of Iranian Beauty

Nadia Bjorlin Lesbian Role
Venice Web Series

Funny Animated Prank Calls
Ownage Pranks Voice Comic

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Great Iranian Prime Minister
Memory of My God Father

Reza Shah vs. M. Reza Shah
Pahlavis Historical Judgment

Persian Art Masters Series
Hojatollah Shakiba Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Gallery 1, 2
Mahmoud Farshchian Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Biography, Gallery 1, 2, Index
Abbas Derissi Tribute
Iranian Master Painter
Interview + Derissi at Work
General, Art Review, Index
More: Art & Literature

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