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Islam Recommends Pedophilia!

Islamic Pedophile Weddings, Hamas Style!
Islam Recommends Pedophilia!

Ahreeman X
August 21, 2009

No Islamic Wedding for Me!
Hell No! I don’t want to convert to Islam.
I’m too little to be ripped apart by the
big boned, filthy and hairy Muslim thugs!


The latest Hamas episode was conducting a mass pedophile wedding for 450 couples but these couples were not ordinary couples! Grooms were aged between 16 to 36 year olds; however, brides were aged between 6 to 10 year olds! The mass wedding was conducted in Gaza Strip!

Little Girls waiting to be wed! I am sure it is the proper age!

I wonder if these actions are blessed by Jimmy Carter?! Who knows, maybe at his last visit to Palestine, while trading hugs and spits with Hamas leaders, the Hamas local Imam wed a child bride for Jimmy!

A little child bride holding his molester’s, oops I’m sorry, holding his groom’s hand, going to the Islamic wedding ceremony!

I have to give credit to Hamas for keeping the legend of Mohammed alive! After all, Mohammed at 53 married Aisha when she was only 6 years old and supposedly (according to Muslim) he waited for 3 years until she become 9 years old and only then he had sex with her (child rape her); however, my personal opinion is that Mohammed with 21 permanent wives and unlimited number of Concubines, was too horny to wait for 3 years to bloom that child bride! Most likely the Holy Prophet PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) tore that child apart at age 6. Allah is passionate and merciful!

Islamic Perverts Parade!
I name this one: the Islamic Perverts Parade! The Perverts (Grooms) holding hands with their Victims (Child Brides) walking to the wedding ceremony and Reception.

Hamas boys are the true followers of Mohammed the Prophet. In fact the only true Muslims who line by line follow the Quran and Hadith, and follow the footsteps of the prophet are the Fundamentalist Muslims.

Statutory Rape is Halaal in Islam!
Look at the guy on the left, frontline! Look at his twisted smile! The question comes to mind: How can these Arabo-Muslim marry these 6 to 10 year olds who stand up to their waists and they are as old as their daughters or grand-daughters? But then again a good Muslim must follow his prophet’s lead! Mohammed was the Master Pedophile with a number of child brides and concubines!

Hamas, Al Jihad, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah and Hardcore Mullahs of Iran are true Muslims. The Muslim apologists speak of reforming Islam! They bring up the examples of Renaissance in the Christian Europe! The problem with this theory is that unlike Christianity, Islam is not a religion, but it is a dangerous political ideology! You can reform a religion but you cannot reform a Sadistic, Totalitarian and Fanatical Political Ideology such as Islam.

The Wedding Drive!
The poor child bride doesn’t know what’s in the store for her?! A torn mini vagina and rectum, plus years of repeated sexual, physical and mental abuse!

Example of Islamic Republic of Iran

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) has been in power in Iran for 30 + years. Compare to 8000 years history of our ancient land, 30 years is nothing, yet during this 30 years, so-called Islamist Reformists had done their best to reform IRI from the within! For 30 years they have done every effort to reform the regime; however, Fundamentalists who run the regime are true followers of Quran and Islam. Iran has been run by the Fundamentalists who obey and follow the Quran, line by line. IRI has been a true Islamist Theocratic regime. Reformists have obviously lost this battle, simply because Islam is not reformable! Now, reformists are down to open protests, national strikes, violence and every which way they can to eliminate the Fundamentalists’ power control!

Arabo-Muslim Perverts in Line!
Arabo-Muslim Palestinian perverts cheering and waiting in line to bang children! Oh was that politically incorrect? I am so sorry, I meant: They are waiting in line to be Islamically wedded to their younger brides!

What does this tell us? That a True Islamic Regime is not reformable. Reformists still do not understand that they are not fighting the Fundamentalists but they are fighting the Islam! Even if they win this war, then they will severely damage the Islamic Regime and pave the way for the second revolution which will end IRI’s reign and establish a secular regime. So even Reformists know that IRI is not reformable, but they are reluctant to openly state it!

Mass Wedding Celebrations in progress!

There is only one way to reform Islam! The only way to reform Islam is to end the reign of Islam and burn the Quran!

Little Muslim Girls’ Song!
All types of Arabic dancing is going on … dance and dance on little girls …. The big hairy thugs will bang you soon little girls … thanks to Mohammed little girls …. Allah is so kind little girls … Lala La, Lala …

Hamas Staged Child Rapes Disguised as the Mass Weddings!

In this mass wedding, Hamas dignitaries such as Mahmoud Zahar, a top commander, organized and congratulated 450 couples consisting of mostly adult males and little girls! More than 1000 guests were present. Here are some proud statements made during the speeches by Hamas leaders:

Mahmoud Zahar said:

"We are saying to the world and to America that you cannot deny us the joy and happiness,"

Ibrahim Salaf said:

"We are presenting this wedding as a gift to our people who stood firm in the face of the siege and the war with the Zionist Occupying Regime and its supporter the Imperialist America."

The wedding took place in Jabalia Camp were grooms and brides were dressed in identical garments. Each groom received a $ 500 present from Hamas. The Hamas Brothers also contributed 5 % of their monthly salaries as the wedding gifts to the grooms.

Legally and Religiously Recommended Pedophile Rape in 21st Century!
Can you believe the glorious ceremony? They are celebrating the forced rape of 450 little girls between the ages of 6 to 10 years old! Praise be upon Allah!

The Islamic wedding ceremonies were held elsewhere and then the brides were brought to the reception ceremony via taxies or private automobiles. They were paraded around as trophy dolls in their dresses and sat around observing their adult grooms mass dancing on the dancing floor with the beat of the Arabic music played by the DJs! Stay tuned for more mass pedophile weddings planned by Hamas and other True Islamist organizations.

Observe the staged ceremony of all these little girls, mostly standing tall to the waist of their grooms, walk hand in hand and get prepared to be torn wide open by these hairy Neanderthal thugs!

Hamas Pedophile Mass Wedding

Complete Islamic Pedophile Video

Here is Aljazeera’s politically correct version were it doesn’t talk about the little girls (child brides) but it shows them:

Aljazeera Islamic Pedophile Video

Now observe Dr. Ahmad Al’Mubi, a famous Saudi Marriage official and authority discusses Pedophilia in Islam and justifies it to the civilized world. In this video, he justifies Mohammed’s pedophile behavior and child rapes:

Islamic Scholar on Mohammed the Pedophile

Dr. Ahmad Al’Mubi states:

“A Mulsim man can marry a girl at any age even at 2 years old! There is no minimum age for marriage in Islam. Mohammed at 53 had married Aisha at age 6 and awaited for 3 years to have sex with her at age 9 and this action is absolutely Halaal!”

Highlight of the Children’s Quran!
Teddy Bear: Don’t worry little Aisha, it’s not a sin because Quran and Allah said it’s Halaal!
Aisha: Help me, Get this old pervert off of me ……
Mohammed: Allah O Akbar!

What Islam is All About?

Islam does not only allows child molestation but the Islamic God (Allah) and prophet (Mohammed) recommend it! To protect (traumatization) and serve (sodomization) of children is strongly emphasized and the more children you wed (up to 4 permanent child brides), the more rewards you will earn in afterlife and the Islamic Heaven! So where is the morality in Islam?! Actually, how can a Muslim be moral?

Adventures of Mohammed and Aisha!
Obayd: O Prophet, are you in need of anything else?
Mohammed: No, I am just training this little girl to properly sit on the center of my privates, so I can rub my Schlong habibati on her butt! Who knows, maybe I’ll get an erection and can do the nasty with her! In my old age, it is surely hard to get and maintain an erection but Allah is generous!

The complete religion of Islam is about Belly (what food to consume) and Under Belly (how and who to have sex with)! Therefore, eating and banging, child rape and killing the infidel is what Islam is all about!

Mohammed and Aisha
Mohammed: Here little girl, I brought you a new little doll! Don’t be afraid, lift up my robe and see it! Just touch it, I promise it won’t bite!
Aisha: But this doll is all used up and old. It’s so dirty that flies are hanging around it! This doll stinks, I don’t want it! I’ll stick with my old doll.
Mohammed: Forget about it, c’mon here little girl …

If you are stranger to the beautiful philosophy of Islam, not to worry, allow me to introduce you to the wonderful and amazing, complete world of Islam:

Islam index

So as you can see, and as I always stated:

The only good Hezbollah is a Dead Hezbollah.
The only way to Reform Islam is to end the Reign of Islam.
The only method to cherish Quran is to burn it down to ashes!

Not to worry, Allah is forgiving, merciful and passionate!

Dr. X

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