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Islam and Sex with Infants!
Dr. Ali Sina
1st Edition: September 8, 2014
2nd Edition: March 4, 2018

Imam Khomeini was very fond of Infants!

Recently Mr. Richard Dawkins sent a tweet asking whether there is any truth to the story that Khomeini had allowed sex with infants. Someone said that he read this story on and I confirmed its authenticity. This fatwa is made by Khomeini in volume 4 of his book Tahrir Al Wasilah (The Means of Freedom). The book was written in Arabic and I have published this fatwa below. By copy pasting the first line of the paragraph, you ’ll be able to find dozens of sites that have published the entire volume online. I copied it from the site (Since the original publication of this article the site took the book off.)

An important selection of Fatwas and Sayings of Imam Khomeini in English is published here:

Little Green Book

Little Green Book by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

For more English books:

Iran Online English Library

Khomeini’s Book: Tahrir Al Wasilah

It is the question # 12.

لا يجوز وطء الزوجة قبل إكمال تسع سنين ، دواما كان النكاح أو منقطعا ، و أما سائر الاستمتاعات كاللمس بشهوة و الضم و التفخيذ فلا بأس بها حتى فى الرضيعة ، و لو وطأها قبل التسع و لم يفضها لم يترتب عليه شى‏ء غير الاثم على الاقوى ، و إن أفضاها بأن جعل مسلكى البول و الحيض واحدا أو مسلكى الحيض و الغائط واحدا حرم عليه وطؤها أبدا لكن على الاحوط فى الصورة الثانية ، و على أي حال لم تخرج عن زوجيته على الاقوى ، فيجري عليها أحكامها من التوارث و حرمة الخامسة و حرمة أختها معها و غيرها ، و يجب عليه نفقتها مادامت حية و إن طلقها بل و إن تزوجت بعد الطلاق على الاحوط ، بل لا يخلو من قوة ، و يجب عليه دية الافضاء ، و هى دية النفس ، فإذا كانت حرة فلها نصف دية الرجل مضافا إلى المهر الذي استحقته بالعقد و الدخول ، و لو دخل بزوجته بعد إكمال التسع فأفضاها لم تحرم عليه و لم تثبت الدية ، و لكن الاحوط الانفاق عليها مادامت حية و إن كان الاقوى عدم الوجوب .

The site had published the Persian translation of Khomeini’s book. (Since the original publication of this article the site took the book off.)

Here is a Persian translation of the book in 4 volumes directly taken from Imam Khomeini's Site:

Tahrir Al Wasilah by Imam Khomeini in Persian

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4

More Imam Khomeini Books:

Iran Online Persian Library

كسيكه زوجه اى كمتر از نه سال دارد وطى او براى وى جايز نيست چه اينكه زوجه دائمى باشد، و چه منقطع ، و اما ساير كام گيريها از قبيل لمس بشهوت و آغوش گرفتن و تفخيذ(4)اشكال ندارد هر چند شيرخواره باشد، و اگر قبل از نه سال او را وطى كند اگر افضاء نكرده باشد بغير از گناه چيزى بر او نيست ، و اگر كرده باشد يعنى مجراى بول و مجراى حيض او را يكى كرده باشد و يا مجراى حيض و غائط او را يكى كرده باشد تا ابد وطى او بر وى حرام مى شود، لكن در صورت دوم حكم بنابر احتياط است و در هر حال بنا بر اقوى بخاطر افضاء از همسرى او بيرون نمى شود در نتيجه همه احكام زوجيت بر او مترتب مى شود يعنى او از شوهرش و شوهرش از او ارث مى برد، و نمى تواند پنجمين زن دائم بگيرد و ازدواجش با خواهر آن زن بر او حرام است و همچنين ساير احكام ، و بر او واجب است مادامى كه آن زنده است مخارجش را بپردازد. هر چند طلاقش داده باشد، بلكه هر چند كه آن زن بعد از طلاق شوهرى ديگرى انتخاب كرده باشد كه بنابر احتياط بايد افضا كننده نفقه او را بدهد، بلكه اين حكم خالى از قوت نيست ، و نيز بر او واجب است ديه افضا را كه ديه قتل است بآن زن بپردازد اگر آن زن آزاد است نصف ديه مرد را با مهريه ايكه معين شده و بخاطر عقد دخول بگردنش آمده به او بدهد، و اگر بعد از تمام شدن نه سال با او جماع كند و او را افضاء نمايد حرام ابدى نمى شود و ديه بگردنش نمى آيد، لكن نزديكتر به احتياط آن است كه مادامى كه آن زن زنده است نفقه اش را بدهد هر چند كه بنا بر اقوى واجب نيست .

And the following is the translation of this fatwa in English.

It is not permissible to have sexual intercourse with one’s wife before she has reached nine years of age, be it permanent or temporary marriage. But there is no problem with all other sexual pleasures such as lustful touch, embracing, kissing and Tafkhiz (rubbing one’s penis against her thighs) even if the wife is still a baby being breastfed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, provided the girl is not permanently damaged. If she is, however, permanently damaged, i.e. if her urethra and her vagina, or her anus and her vagina become one, it will be permanently Haraam for him to have intercourse with her. This is however for precaution. In any case, by damaging her, the marriage does not become void, and all the laws of marriage are still applicable, meaning she will inherit from him and he will inherit from her and he can’t marry a fifth permanent wife. And he can’t marry the sisters of her, and other laws.

It is also incumbent on him to pay her expenses, as long as she is alive, even though he divorces her, or that she marries another man. He will be still obliged to pay for the damage which is the same as blood-wit. If she is a free woman, he has to pay her half of the blood-wit of a man plus her dowry for having penetrated her.

If a man has intercourse with a child after she reaches the age of nine and damages her, she won’t become prohibited to him and he has not committed any infraction. However, it is better that as long as she lives, he pays her expenses, even though it is not obligatory for him to do so.

The Arabic word for robbing one’s penis between the thighs of a baby is التفخيذ “Tafkhiz”. There is no equivalent word for Tafkhiz in English, just as there is no equivalent word for democracy in Arabic. Each nation invents words that it needs. Did you know, for example, that the Inuits have 15 words for snow? So we either have to invent a word for this Islamic practice, something like “Thighing” or simply use the Arabic word.

I asked my friend Mr. Sam Solomon to help me translate this passage from Arabic. Sam is an ex-Muslim jurist. He studied Sharia for 15 years and knows Islam very well. He told me that Tafkhiz is not an invention of Khomeini or Shiite Islam, but it is part of the Islamic jurisprudence accepted by all Muslims, Shiites and Sunnis alike.

It must be said that apart from Aisha, Muhammad attempted to have sex with three other young girls, but all three screamed, and to his credit, he let them go. He also lusted after a toddler telling her mother that when she grows up and if he is still alive; he would like to marry her. Fortunately for the baby, he died before she grew up. The details of these stories are in my upcoming book “The Life of Muhammad under the light of Reason”.

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