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A Solution to Stop Islam’s Ideology of Terror
Nicholas Ginex
February 18, 2016

Many people have a fear of Muslims due to mass killings by terrorist extremists in America, France, England, and Germany, to name a few countries whose culture and way of life are being threatened.  Muslims are human beings that have the same feelings, wants, and desires that other people have but there is a difference.  It is their value system and sense of morality that is different.  It is driven by an ideology set in the Qur’an and implemented by Sharia law.  The impact that these Islamic documents have on the Muslim people requires a brief history of Islam’s history.  It will reveal that from the very beginning of its inception, Islam instilled an ideology that cause the Muslim mind to believe that Islam is the “Religion of Truth” and that Allah will “make it prevail over every other religion” (Qur’an 9:33).

It is this ideology that promotes a sense of superiority over worshippers of other religions.  A superiority that is similar to the German indoctrination that they were a master race, which lead to WWII and the mass murder of millions of Jews.  The ideology that “Islam is the religion of Truth and will prevail over every other religion” forms the psyche of the Muslim mind.  Throughout the Qur’an Allah is referred to as “We, Our and Us.”  It causes Muslims to subconsciously associate themselves with Allah, which creates a feeling of unity with the Creator and the compulsion to impose this unity on all people with the altruistic belief that they are promoting the integration of mankind with the Creator.

But just as German ideology mentally transformed many German people into thinking they were a superior race that caused them to focus bigotry and hate on the extermination of millions of Jewish people, Islamic ideology has also indoctrinated many Muslims whereby they want to impose their religion on all people in the name of Allah.  The outcome of this ideology has caused the deaths of over 3,411 American civilians, firemen and law officers due to Muslim extremists that flew planes into the New York twin towers and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  This Islamic ideology, embedded in the Qur’an, has caused the destruction of many towns and cities of many countries as revealed by Islam’s past history.  It is briefly provided below.

An Overview of Islam’s History

Contrary to the pronouncement by President Obama that Islam is a religion of peace, history reveals this is a lie promulgated on the American people.  After the death of the prophet Muhammad in 632 CE, Islamic armies conquered many lands to become an Islamic Empire by 750 CE.  Muslims conquered the Byzantine and Persian empires, and along the Mediterranean as far west as Spain, they conquered all of North Africa, which included its east coast down to the island Madagascar.  This conquest extended further east to the northern half of India.  Islamic conquests were never through peaceful means, but by force whereby conquered people were given two choices: death or convert to Islam and pay a tax.  

Figure 1 illustrates the expansion of the Islamic Empire throughout the Eastern world by 750 CE, a period of only 118 years after Muhammad died.  In today’s world, President Obama’s lie becomes sadly poignant as the ideology of Islam has grown like a cancer and has become a threat to all freedom loving countries.

Figure 1. Expansion of Islam Map
Expansion of Islamic Caliphate 632-750 Map

More Expansion of Islam Maps:

Atlas of Iran Maps – Chapter 6: Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia and Rome

Islamic Terrorism in the Modern World

Americans and people around the world are starting to wake up that the ideology of Islam produces Islamic extremists with an objective to dominate the world.  On October 31, 2015, Russia felt the arm of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reach out by downing a Russian plane with a bomb over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula killing 224 people.  A series of ISIS planned terror attacks in Paris France on November 13, 2015 caused the brutal murder of 141 people and wounding 352.  A day after the Paris attack, France declared war against ISIS and launched its biggest bombing raid in Syria.

On December 2, 2015, a terrorist attack by two Islamic Muslims killed 14 and injured 21 people in San Bernardino California. This stunned the American people even though it was not as lethal as the 9/11/2001 terror attack, which caused the deaths of more than 3,400 Americans.  These terror attacks make it very clear that it is the ideology presented in the Qur’an, implemented with Sharia law, that has transformed the minds of Muslims to exhibit bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of innocent people.  Due to their ideology, wherever Muslims migrate, such as England, France, Germany and Belgium, they are unable to assimilate the values, civic laws, and culture of another country

Figure 2 illustrates the ideology of the Islamic religion is to prevail over every other religion and eventually dominate the world.  This ideology leads Muslims to reject the norms, values, laws, culture, and morality of another country.  It is the Qur’an that is used to indoctrinate the minds of Muslims with an ideology that runs counter to the American Constitution and the freedoms of many democratic countries.

Figure 2.  Islamic ideology seeks to establish religious dominance.
Angry Muslim Protestors demand Islam to Dominate the World

But what is written in the Qur’an that causes many Muslims to unquestionably follow its beliefs?  True, there are many Muslims that have a peaceful nature and many are educated enough to break away from the indoctrination that causes others to even die and commit suicide for their religion.  Still, it is the passages in the Qur’an that infect unsuspecting minds to be totally committed to their god Allah.  Let’s examine some of the passages that cause many Muslims to become bigoted, hateful of those that follow another religion, resort to violence when the Qur’an or prophet is slandered, and murder people who have religious beliefs other than Islam.

Abominable Beliefs in the Qur’an

To assist the reader to understand the ideology of Islam, several abominable Qur’an verses (suras) are listed below with a brief title.  The suras have been extracted from an early translation by the Honorable Muhammad Zafrulla Khan published in Great Britain by Curson Press Ltd in 1970.  Those of you who desire to read the sura verses in full should obtain a copy of the Honorable Zafrulla Khan translation.  It would serve as a superb reference of the Qur’an because it is one of the earliest translations that has not been altered to be politically correct.

Sura 3:105. Party of Men is Sanctioned in the Qur’an to Control Muslims.

Sura 96. Party of Men emphasize Intimidation and Fear.

Sura 2:106-108. Party of Men Abrogates God’s Commands.

Sura 2:217-219. The Religion of Peace Sanctions Fighting and Killing.

Sura 7:5-7. A Party of Men Destroys Towns and Punishes Disbelievers.

and Sura 7:97-100.

Sura 5:34-35. Severe Penalties for Those Who Wage War Against Allah.

Sura 3:119. The Qur’an Promotes Suspicion and Animosity.

Sura 3:150-152. The Qur’an Advocates Terror against Christians.

Sura 4:47-48. The Qur’an Advocates Hatred and Violence.

and Sura 5:52-54.

Sura 4:67-69. The Qur’an Promotes Muslim Suicides to Kill for Allah.

Sura 63:4-5. The Qur’an Incites Anger and Creates Enemies.

Sura 8:7-15. The Qur’an Commands Muslims to Behead Disbelievers.

Sura 8:16-19. A Party of Men Control Muslims to Commit Atrocities.

Sura 9:33. Allah sent the Religion of Truth to prevail over every other religion.

The above suras are a sample of the those contained in the Qur’an.  To fully comprehend the impact of these suras, the book Obama, Islam and Benghazi is recommended.  It provides a history why Islam is the source of discontent in many countries; reveals the ideology of the Qur’an that incites bigotry, hatred, violence and murder of innocent people; describes how Muslims are indoctrinated with the belief that “We, Our and Us” is Allah; presents details of the Benghazi attack in Libya, and contains thirty-seven questions that should be addressed by the Select Committee on Benghazi.   This book may be accessed as a free read by going the Iran Politics Club website.

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History reveals an obvious conclusion to the logical mind that Islam is not a religion of peace.  Many Islamic leaders use the Qur’an to indoctrinate the minds of Muslims whereby many have become extremist terrorists throughout history.  Today, Islamist extremists are invading many countries around the world.

Islam, an ideology taught from the Qur’an, causes Muslims to reject assimilation of other cultures and seek to dominate the world.

No other religion but Islam has abominable beliefs, taught by Islamic religious leaders, that denounce and eliminate other religions.  These beliefs cause a mental view whereby: Muslims will kill believers of another religion or those that defame their prophet Muhammad or the Qur’an; a father will kill his own daughter (or brother his own sister) for wanting to date or marry a non-Muslim; women and men are stoned to death for a sexual indiscretion; Muslims who leave their religion will be killed as apostates; non-Muslims will be killed or pay a tax and their houses of worship destroyed; homosexuals are killed, and Muslims will commit suicide to kill others in defense of the Islam religion.  These abominable actions sanctioned in the Qur’an and Sharia law run counter to the U.S. Constitution.  Until Islamic religious leaders eliminate the abominable ideology that exists in the Qur’an, Americans are fully justified to shut down mosques and exclude Islam as a religion in the United States.

Freedom of Religion is Not a Right.

As long as Muslims are indoctrinated to believe they have the true religion and that Islam will prevail over all other religions, they will never assimilate the moral, civic, and religious values of another country.  It is wise and prudent for American Congressmen and the U.S. President to prohibit Islam to exist in America as long as the abominable suras in the Qur’an continue to exist and ingrained in the minds of Muslims.  This Islamic ideology threatens all religions in the United States and around the world.  While the U.S. is fighting a war against Muslim extremists, laws must prohibit any Muslims to enter the United States if they insist on following the Qur’an and Sharia law.  History and the events of Islamic extremism in our world today dictate that it would be foolish to endanger the safety and lives of Americans with an influx of Muslim immigrants.  When the United States is threatened by an Islamic ideology that is incompatible with its own constitutional laws and undermines the existence of other religions it must not be given the constitutional right to exist.

There is a Solution for Islam to be Accepted by All Countries.

For those who believe the religious ideology of Islam cannot be changed; who insist the Qur’an was given to the prophet Muhammad from the archangel Gabriel, then the eventual outcome will be WWIII.  This outcome would reveal that Islamic religious leaders are not astute, wise, and compassionate to understand that scripture can be changed.  On the contrary, this outcome would validate that Muslim leaders do not desire to assimilate and love people of other countries but want to dominate the world as the only true religion that will prevail over all other religions. 

A Sound but No Easy Solution.

Islamic religious leaders must revise their Holy Qur’an.  They must eliminate abominable suras and instill God’s greatest command -

Love one another

This solution will improve the mindset of their worshippers and open many wonderful opportunities for Muslims to coexist and function within any country

If Muslim leaders are unable to revise the Qur’an, then All Muslims must take the initiative to revise the Qur’an to achieve peace.

This solution will avert World War III and

Promote love and peace for people around the world.

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