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Dr. Ali Shariati: Khari@I

March 8, 2016

Khari@I : Khari-at-Islam!

C this:

>After graduating from college in 1960, on a scholarship he
>pursued graduate studies in France. Dr. Shariati, an honor
>student, received his doctorate in sociology in 1964 from
>Sorbonne University.

How could he do this, yet fail to see that SHIIT is anti-logic & anti-Islam?!

>For the second time, he underwent an eighteen month prison term
>under extremely harsh conditions. Popular pressure and international
>protests obliged the Iranian regime to release Dr. Shariati on March 20,

He would NOT have lasted even 1 day under KIRI regime!
He would've been tortured to death.

>Under such stifling conditions according to the teachings of the Quran
>and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), he realized that he
>should migrate out of the country.

If he followed Sunnah, then he could NOT have been Akhund SHIIT!
If he was Sunni, the Mullahs would've killed him very early on, so
he couldn't have been.
So he must've been another flavor of Shiit then, but Shiit is Miran has
belonged to mullahs for centuries & they hate 'sharik', when it comes
to their territory!

>Successful in his attempt, he went to England but was martyred
> three weeks later on June 19, 1977 by the ubiquitous SAVAK.

Is this the same SAVAK that burnt cinema Abadan?
Even if he was killed by SAVAK, he was lucky to live so long, coz he
would not have lasted even a month under KIRI.

But this is one of the major features of Miran:
u can never TRUST anybody or anything & u can never ever find the TRUTH!

I think the #77 is very significant here. This is too close to 78, so it can not
be just a coincidence! The Big Boys (BB) must've planned removal of Shah a few
years b4 78 & they must've known who Khari@I was , coz they r smart & they
know everything about their-region!

I bet he was one of 'cards' the BBs used to pull-off 78. They planned for the
KK Khomeini to take over, but there was NO Way KKK would allow Khari@I
anywhere near KIRAN & would have to kill him, which would've caused
problems for KIR.

So what to do, what to do?
Simple: have him killed so that SAVAK would be blamed for it, which would
be used against Shah later on, like cinema Abadan.

>Dr. Shariati studied and experienced many philosophical, theological and
>social schools of thought with an Islamic view.

Yet he failed to notice the MULLshit of Mullahs over the centuries?!
He failed to notice that Shiit was pure KOFR?!
No of course not, nobody can be that stupid.

So what to do, what to do?
Simple, invent another flavor of Shiit Islam!

>One could say that he was a Muslim Muhajir who rose from the depth
>of the ocean of eastern mysticism, ascended to the heights of the formidable
>mountains of western social sciences, yet was not overwhelmed, and he
>returned to our midst with all the jewels of this fantastic voyage.

I 1der if he was as arrogant & as Gondeh-Guz as the guy who wrote these words?
This is just classic Miranian Bot/Mordeh-Parasti: turn them into GODs & use them
to dominate others & to brag to raise u'r own EGO/status!

This is just classic, the guy was seemingly against the
"the opulent mosques and magnificent palaces of the Caliphs of Islam and turn to
the lonely, mud house of Fatima"
so he could've been a khaaki person, but after he dies, he is turned into a
"opulent & magnificent & Xpensive & all-knowing" Bot-GOD!

But he is dead, so he doesn't care, but it would be good for his supporters,
who could look important for years to come!

> he began his Islamic revival with enlightenment of the masses, particularly the
>youth. He believed that if these elements of the society had true faith, they would
>totally dedicate themselves and become active and Mujahid elements who would
>give every thing including their lives-for their ideals.

Had the idiot even bothered to read Kasravi?
If he was so smart, how come he didn't see the need for proper education of
millions of Gaav/Olaaq used by Mullahs for Daamdaari?!

The country needed caring educated people who would teach pee-pole to THINK,
so that they could have better lives & have better morals & ethics, not F*ing
shahid/mordeh-mojaahed for beheshteh-zahraa!

>Dr. Shariati constantly fought to create humanitarian values in the young
>generation, a generation whose values have been defaced with the help of
>the most scientific and technical methods.

What bullshit!
The whole culture was/is a big Mordaab, totally F*ed by MULLshit for centuries,
totally anti-LOGIC & BRAIN-dead & anti-Islam, yet this guy says "defaced by science"?!

They needed Science/Logic to learn to THINK for a change, so they could
wash-off the MULLshit.

Is this the same "humanitarian values" v saw after 78 in KIRAN?!

>He vigorously tried to re-introduce the Quran and Islamic history to the youth
>so that they may find their true selves in all their human dimensions and fight
>all the decadent societal forces.

If he was the F*ing saint/genius that this guy's talking about, he should've
realized that the biggest problem in Miran was the filthy Mullahs, not the
"decadent social forces".

He was brought up in Mashhad, where Shiit ruled (read hejaab & chaador &
all the restriction/chains, so many gedaa & so many idiot Akhunds & so much
Sigeh (K* Keshy!) ), then moved to Paris & got PhD in sociology. Surely he
must've seen how back-ward/behind Miran was technologically & socially, no?

Mashhad was full of amaleh/nokar/kolfat/gedaa/mordeh-khori, didn't the
has-RAT-e Jenaabe Doktor see them?!

I bet there were many nokar/kolfat in his Goh family too.

>He strongly believed that if the intellectual and new generation realized
>the truth of this faith, attempts toward social change would be successful.

How could he have a PhD in Sociology & not know about the need for
proper education for the mass cattle gaav/olaaq?!


Another part says:

>You spoke what was to be said but noone listened, You wrote
>what was to be written but noone read. The Islam of liturgy
>(mafatih) and petty rituals still prevail over the Islam of
>the Koran and Nahjol Balagheh. The corrupt (Safavi) Shiism
>still dominates the pure (Alavi) Shiism.

Is there any idiot who thinks the Mullahs would've let this guy live?!


Let's c what he wrote in his R&B Shiit:

>Islam is a religion which made its appearance in the history of mankind
>with the cry of "No!" from Mohammad (PBUH), the heir of Abraham,
>the manifestation of the religion of the Unity of God and the oneness of
> mankind; a "No" which begins with the cry of "Unity", a cry which Islam
> reiterated when confronted with aristocracy and compromise.

Muslims today have nothing but HATE & division & anger & mass poverty of
What U-nity?!

>Shi'ism is the Islam which differentiates itself and selects its direction in
>the history of Islam with the "No" of the great Ali, the heir of Mohammad
>and the manifestation of the Islam of Justice and Truth, a "No" which he
> gives to the Council for the Election of the Caliph, in answer to Abdul
>Rahman, who was the manifestation of Islamic aristocracy and compromise.

So he was PRO-Ali.

>This "No", up until pre-Safavid times, is recognized as part of the Shi'ite
>movement in the history of Islam, an indication of the social and political
>role of a group who are the followers of Ali, known for their association
> with the kindness of the family of the Prophet. It is a movement based
>upon the Qoran and the Traditions;

But if v r to follow Quran, then ALI was NOT DIVINE!

>Shi'ites turn their backs on the opulent mosques and magnificent palaces
> of the Caliphs of Islam and turn to the lonely, mud house of Fatima.

Where is he now?
Look how filthy rich the majority of the Mullahs have become in KIRAN?!
Yet his idiot supporters were pro KKK!
Many were Khaarej educated too!

>Ali: the manifestation of a justice which serves the oppressed, a sublime
>embodiment of the Truth who is sacrificed on the altar of inhuman regimes,
>and which lies hidden in the layers of the formal religion of the rulers.

So he too suffered from BOT-parasti!

>Hassan: the manifestation of the last resistance of the garrison of "Imamate Islam",
>who confronts the first garrison of "Islamic Rule".

What confront, didn't he SOLD-OUT?!

>Hossein: bears witness to those who have been martyred by the oppressors
>throughout history, heir of all the leaders fighting for freedom and equality
>and the seekers of justice, from Adam to himself, forever the messenger of
>martyrdom, the manifestation of bloody revolution.

The same idiot who got his entire family killed?!
Pls read my Ashura to c Y I think he made a big mistake.

>Shi'ites take their slogans ....
>Aware of the rulers, and in rebellion against them, they cry out:-
>"Seek the leadership of Ali and flee from the leadership of cruelty.

U must be kidding me, right?!
The old regime was a sweetheart compared to the filthy KIR regime, so y
aren't the Shiit crying-out against cruelty?!
He had no F*ing idea who the Shiit really were!

>Choose justice, and overthrow the system of paradox and discrimination in ownership.

Shiit is all paradox & anti-LOGIC & KOFR!

>Choose the vice regency of the Imam so as to have a responsible leader.

How could any IDIOT, let alone a Miranians BOaT-GOD, bullshit
about following Quran & Sunnah & yet talk about Imam?!
Imamat is nothing but KOFR!

>Choose mourning, to continue the constant historical struggle of the
>Shi'ites against usurpers, treachery, cruelty, and the sources of fraud,
>lying and degeneration, and especially to keep alive the memories of the martyrs.

1- Mourning my ASS!
Didn't he know that mourning has created business for the KK Mullahs?!

2- What the F* have the Shiit achieved when, after centuries of being
under-dogs, they took over?! They turned into ANIMALS !

Their feeders had to sell-out their own F*ing country in order to be
allowed to do so too!

>Remember Ashura, to humiliate the ruling group who call themselves
>the inheritors of the traditions of the Prophet,

What F*ing bullshit & KOFR!
What traditions of the Prophet?!
Prophet never 'mourned' like this! (c my Ashura)

>Ashura reminds us of the teaching of the eternal fact that the present
> version of Islam (in1972), is a criminal Islam in the dress of tradition,
>and that the real Islam is the hidden Islam, hidden in the red cloak of martyrdom.

I don't know whether to laugh or SHOUT :
U F*ing a*hole, y don't u come & c for urself what ur F*ing Shiit has done?!
U a*hole were responsible for what happened too!
U totally miscalculated the situation!
Maybe u had ur head too far in ur ASS & couldn't c that good?!

>We can see that for over eight centuries (until the Safavid era),
>Alavite Shi'ism was more than just a revolutionary movement in
>history which opposed all the autocratic and class-conscious regimes of

Shiit is shit, just like Mullah is Mullah!

>The religious body of the Sunni sect, which had from the beginning
>become 'the government's Islam', becomes a conglomeration of the
>most debased and prejudiced beliefs and harsh rules.

But the fact remains that Islam is about Allah & Quran & Prophet
Mohammad, not the god damn divine Imams!

>It becomes an opiate for the masses, and an instrument for murder to
>be used to prevent any thought or action that jeopardizes the interests
> of the strong and harms the landlords and feudal chiefs.

And this is egg-Zactly what the F*ing Shiit government, after centuries
of being under-dog & under God, became after 78 & more:
-instrument of murder
-vatan furush

Power has always corrupted & will always corrupt!
Millions of brain-dead Gaav/Olaaq could never have democracy!
But our BOat-God with his PhD in sociology could not c this?!

>It produces the revolutionary cries of A'shura and the aggressive
>mobilization of the masses against existing conditions. It invites people
>to await the hidden Imam who is in occultation. It raises the critical problems
> of the 'signs of appearance' and the 'end of time'. It keeps alive the hope of
>'redemption after martyrdom'.

Khaak bar sareh gohet!
Khaak bar sareh goheh all idiots who turned this guy into a BOat-God!

How could hidden-Imam be true ISLAM?!
The guy was totally BLIND!

> It promotes the idea of revenge and revolt,

How could any idiot call himself spiritual leader or religious leader &
think of nothing but revenge & revolt?!
What happened to:
mohabbat, bakhsheh, rahmaan, rahim, ensaaniyat ?!

Specially in Miran which has so much spiritual poetry!

>faith in the ultimate downfall of tyrants and the decrees of destiny against
>the ruling powers who dispense justice by the sword.

The SHIIT Gov of KIR has been the cruelest of them all!

>This marks the beginning of the Sarbedaran liberation movement.
>He is a preacher who is in revolt against everything that teaches people
>to bow to ignorance and oppression, a revolt backed by a faith, a School
>of thought and a "Red" history: Shi'ism. Slowly, the deprived masses begin
>to understand, to find their way, and as a result, to become a threatening force.

The solution is not REVOLT/KILLING, but proper education of masses.
(provided the regime allows it, or else it MUST be changed)
Killing only begets killing & HATE, as v've seen in KIRAN!
But if the system can only change by killing, then so b it!
The old regime did allow education & should've been used to do so.
This idiot should've known this!

>The official pseudo-clergy start their usual game of spreading
>rumors and then issuing religious decrees, and at last, calling
> for authorised murder, saying:- "This Sheikh discusses worldly
>affairs in the mosque", "This Sheikh conjectures in the mosque
>and defiles the house of God", and "This Sheikh confuses the
>religion of the people".

So perhaps he knew about the filthy Akhunds/Mullahs?!

Honestly, I'm shocked that the mullahs allowed him to talk in the
Hoseyniyeh Ershaad for as long as they did. How they must've
HATE'd him then!

I bet the BBs forced KK Mullahs not to kill him to early.

>They write to the Mongol ruler saying that the Sheikh has strayed
>from the true Sunni Religion, and is not prepared to repent and
>retract in spite of their best efforts. They say he is propagating
>worldly ideas in the mosque, and spreading the work of the protesters

So maybe this was another factor for the spread of Shiit in Miran:
the ruling party was Sunni, so pee-pole turned to Shiit.

Perhaps Shiit started as being 'protesters', but end up being pure
MULLshit after Safavi. But the fact remains that Divine-Imam
theory is pure KOFR & shouldn't have been followed.

>After the Sheikh's assassination, his disciple Sheikh Hasan Juri
>continues his work. He gives an immediate call to arms, organizes
>his disciples and goes underground. He starts roaming the towns and
>sowing the seeds of understanding and revolt wherever he goes, on the
>basis of Shi'ism. The minds of the people are prepared.

Pure bullshit: how could pee-pole who believe in Shiit have Minds?!

>The hearts of the enslaved masses are throbbing for revolt under the
>curtain of secrecy. One spark will be sufficient.....

When u deal with millions of Gaav/Olaaq, stampede is often a major problem!
Mullahs not only try to make pee-pole BRAIN-dead, but they raise/feed them with
pure adrenalin/hormone! Just look at any Shiit crowd:
-They sit passively listening to MULLshit
-When they fall sleep, some idiot shouts something, then they all wake up & shout
-Gradually they could be worked-up to do anything & 'stampede'!

>The masses have made up their minds.

Masses of Shiit can NOT have MINDs, only adrenalin rush!

>They kill the whole group at
>one attempt. As they know that there is no turning back, as they know
>that they have already chosen death, they stop wavering. The choice of
>death gives them such energy that their single village revolts against that
>bloodthirsty regime and is successful. The villagers overrun the town,
>fighting against the Mongol army and the decrees of the pseudo-clergy of
>the religion of the state. They are victorious.

What stupidity!
One should plan these things & do it right, not just get angry by
choosing-DEATH! Life is for living, BRAIN is for using.

>And for the first time, a revolutionary movement based on
>Alavite Shi'ism, against foreign domination, internal deceit,
> the power of the feudal lords and wealthy capitalists,

An-qollaab/revolution always results in shit & killing & HATE!
One needs smart educated people to properly plan opposition to
remove tyranny, not brain-dead cattle who believe in Shiit.

U can NOT build a nation on Shiit & LIES, coz it won't last long.
Not these days, when BRAIN & LOGIC & technology is the name of the game.

>And this is the last revolutionary wave of Alavite Shi'ism,
>Red Shi'ism, which continued for seven hundred years to be
>the flame of the spirit of revolution, the search for freedom, and
>justice, always inclining towards the common people and fighting
>relentlessly against oppression, ignorance and poverty.

So how did Iran turned into the Mordaab of Miran then?
They still didn't have BRAIN power!

>A century later came the Safavids, and Shi'ism left the great
>mosque of the common people to become a next-door neighbor to
>the Palace of 'Ali Qapu in the Royal Mosque.

So is this y he was anti-Shah?!
Look what happened when pee-pole took over the royal mosque?!
They completely F*ed their own country & religion!

>Red Shi'ism changes to Black Shi'ism!
>The Religion of Martyrdom changes to The Religion of Mourning.

nah in khubeh nah ishun,
la'nat be har dotaa shun!

Didn't he ever think about Y in 1900 most Muslim countries were down
the drain with mass poverty & mass illiteracy & cruel/corrupt governments.
Or was it that he did & concluded that it was due to corrupt Sunni government?

Didn't he know that non-developed countries will always fall victim to
technologically advanced countries?

Didn't he know that Iran was invaded in early 40's?
Didn't he know that the whole damn region belonged to the BBs?

And what is he really saying:
-The only real Islam is the Alavi Shiit(AS)?
-The vast majority of Muslims r not real Muslims?
-All AS Muslims must become Alavi Shiit, then half of them should get
themselves killed & the other half should mourn for them, in order to fight
-Who is the tyrant:
all the non-AS Gov?
all the non-Muslim Gov?
all the western Gov (including Israel)?
all the above?
-all AS Muslims must fight against tyranny?

In what way is he different to Usama Bin Laden then (al Qaa'idah),
other than he saying that AS is the real Islam?

So what happened to his idiot supporters after 78? Didn't they see how
corrupt & inhuman the new regime was? Y haven't they been fighting
the new regime? Maybe they were Shir in the old soft regime, but turned
into mush in the new hard regime?! So they r/were all talk & bullshit?!

But hang on, isn't the hidden Imam supposed to come at the end of the
world when corruption rules? But isn't AS going to fight to rule the world
to bring justice? So r v saying that AS could never rule the world, or that
AS will become corrupt (like KIR is)?

How could he get PhD in sociology from Sorbonne but not know that
religion & politics don't mix?!

Look at the world, new world order with extremely smart & powerful
people in control, yet this idiot talks about Martyrdom & Mourning?!

U must have BRAIN & proper education to survive.
God gave us BRAIN to use so we could have better lives, and
not waste the gift of LIFE with Martyrdom (due to our own stupidity,
like in Hoseyn's case) or Mourning (mordeh khori/parasti).

If he'd studied Chemistry/Physics, I could say he didn't know any better, but
how could he get Pee-hd in 'sociology', yet fail to see the Mordaab of Miran
being full of Goh & Shiit ?!

If he had any brain, he should've:
-worked with old regime to clean up the filth & SHIT!
-seen the 78-Goh-Khori coming.
-seen the millions of BRAIN-dead Gaav/Olaaq
-seen enemies of Miran planning against her
-known that KK Khomeini had Kasravi killed
(or maybe he approved?! In which case he was an A*hole idiot!)
-seen that the filthy Mullahs would kill him if they could
-known that Islam in Miran could only be MULLshit
-known that the filthy Mullahs would NOT allow a HOT-shot bache-Kuni
(this is how they would think of him) tell them what Islam should be!
-Known that Mullahs even HATE other mullahs, but they HATE non-Mullahs
even more & would never ever tolerate non-Mullahs running their-show &
(I bet the Mullahs hated him giving talks in hoseyniyeh ershasd!)
-known that without Shah, the LEFT would take over the Mordaab, like the BBs did!
-known that BBs will not allow LEFT to take over & will NOT allow 'democracy'
coz millions of Gaav/Olaaq can NOT have democracy, so they will destroy the whole
region with their damn EGO & hate/division & stupidity.
-known that the Mullahs would have to kill him & could NOT possible allow
his ideas to spread.

His best bet was to work with the old regime, but
it's too late baby now, it's too late
(sing it!)

But the fact remains that he still believed in Shiit!
Didn't he ever read Kasravi?!

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